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Jesse James Is Cruel To Animals?!

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He just keeps digging himself into a bigger and bigger hole!

Now Jesse James is being accused of cruelty to his pet pit bulls with claims surfacing that two of them fought to the death! Supposedly his dog Rudy was so battered that the fight almost tore his leg completely from his body!

Jesse apparently treats the whole tragedy as a big joke!

TERRIBLE! A source says:

"Sandra [Bullock] was horrified and in tears when she first heard what had happened to those animals. She believed he was this gentle biker with a heart of gold. But if he can let this sort of thing happen to his dogs, that tells you who he really is - Jesse IS heartless."

We're so relieved that Sandy is going through with the divorce — this guy really does sound like the scum of the earth!

And somebody save CinnaBun!

[Image via Patricia Schlein / WENN.]

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88 comments to “Jesse James Is Cruel To Animals?!”

  1. 1

    Tell Chris Brown I said what's up, asshole.

  2. 2

    If this turns out to be true, I hope he gets arrested. Animal control should take is dogs away from him.

  3. 3

    Yes he's a douche but come one…..quit making stuff up. He's not the devil, he cheated on his wife (which yes, is a huge deal) but to pick apart everything he's ever done. Give me a break.

  4. 4

    i pray and hope this is a fabricated story to make people hate him more…….i have no tolerance for animal abusers (any animal…..) and think the repercussions are nowhere near hard enough. i know people are gonna jump on me for it but……vic shouldn't be playing ball based solely on how he tortured and killed helpless creatures…..and if it's true about jesse, his limbs should be yanked and pulled from his body until he's unconscious………

  5. 5

    THE GUY IS A SOCIOPATH. He has all the signs:

    crazy stare: check
    cruelty to animals: check
    mask of sanity he shows to the world, crazy, amoral, behavior behind closed doors-CHECK
    having numerous affairs-check
    exposing his wife to diseases-check
    pathologically lying to his wife-check

  6. 6

    If sandra was all teary then why she stay with him? if thats true shes a loser for condoning it, and as for Jackass james we should lock him inside a cage with 2 pitbulls for a death match.

  7. 7

    Hurting Pits??? Mother fucker! SAVE CINNABUN!

  8. 8

    Does anyone else feel like the media and these "sources" are scraping the bottom of the barrel? COME ON! What's next? He runs over babies? If it's true then I will eat my words but these stories are getting ridiculous and lame.

  9. 9

    Tiger Woods mixed with Michael Vick PLUS a little Nazi thrown in? It's funny that Perez talks all this shit about him, because we all know he would still bang him! hahahahahahaha! Or is he too busy with gaga's cocka in his mouth?

  10. 10

    I love Pit Bulls, I own one. But, I know that even if your Pits are best friends they should be kenneled separately when left alone. Pit Bulls are bred to fight other dogs! If Jesse is a responsible pet owner, he would know that.

  11. tasha says – reply to this


    I highly doubt Sandra would have stayed with him had this been true. Your printing stories like this without knowing if it's really true though is more disgusting than the actual act.

  12. 12

    This is absolutely horrific. What sort of person finds watching animals, he called his own pets, fight to the point where they are suffering. I have no remorse what so ever for this man, cheating on his wife is one thing, but that does not justify putting innocent animals in danger.

  13. 13

    If this is true, someone needs to duck tape his hands and feet together, duck tape his mouth shut, and then lay him on the floor, and let a pitbull or two attack him til he almost dies, but let him live so he can suffer through the pain. They should do that to every dog fighter!! I wish they would've done it to Mike Vick.

  14. 14

    no wonder that dog keeps running away.

  15. 15

    They've been together for a while. If this stuff is true then it's making me not support her as much since she obviously must have known something about his character.

  16. 16

    Talk about digging deep to destroy someone with gossip. If anyone wanted to do any kind of research you would know that Jesse HIMSELF talked about this on his own reality show many, many years ago. He explained how they were unable to save his dog when they got into a fight…. he was devastated when talking about it. It's no secret, it's been out there for all to know. Karma's a bitch…. keep it coming. You guys make me sympathize with him more and more each day. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT… Oh wait, it's Perez… he's agains all straight… including facts..

  17. 17

    So everyone is bashing on Sandra Bullock’s husband (and rightly so) but doesn’t this reflect just a tad on Sandra too? She must have accepted that he was an animal batterer, nazi, white supremacist kinda guy. It’s not like those things just sneak up as things go along, right? Cheating is one thing but the others are fairly extreme traits to decide to get into bed with. Maybe Sandra has some unsavory ideology as well?

  18. 18

    Seriously, people are really reaching at this point.

  19. 19

    When will this end?

  20. 20

    Give me a break people - has anyone ever watched the dog whisperer. Dog fights can happen without encouragement, even between dogs that live together especially when dogs aren't raised together and are taken in and given homes. Sometimes they fight for attention, or they fight for domanance, over food. There are many reasons. I in no way condone anything that JJ has done to Sandra Bullock and hope she does divorce him, but JJ is a huge dog lover & i seriously doubt he is the reason his dogs fought. He saves stray dogs all the time.

  21. 21

    no wonder his dog keeps running away! poor thing.

  22. 22

    Re: saralizg – @ 10 - while I do agree with you that originally pit's were bred to fight - you don't have to kennel them or have them separate when alone. I have 3 - 2 boys and a girl and can leave all three of them together, whenever. The only reason I have to kennel one of the boys is because he get's into shit when no ones home……not because they may fight…….my dogs all understand who's boss in my house and they know it's not them…..

  23. 23

    heb should be put to sleep after all that !

  24. 24

    Re: BJB0825 – Thats what I think too. We get that he is a bad guy for cheating on Sandra. And now he is a animal abuser, Nazi, and who knows what else the media/sources are going to report. None of this stuff was mentioned before the cheating stories came out.

  25. 25

    Maybe this is why Cinnabun keeps running away?

  26. 26

    Parasite, you've veered yet again into the irresponsible. We get that you have a hard-on for this guy (probably in more ways than one). But stop posting stuff to whip up your readers into a hating frenzy. CHECK YOUR SOURCES AND GET SOME PROOF before you post shit like this. Asshole.

  27. 27

    I think Perez got this from the National Enquirer…go to google and google Jesse James Cruelty to animals…it's on some gossip sites, so how do we know if this sickening story is true, should it be, throw his ass in jail just like they did Michael Vick's.

  28. 28

    I'm so glad that Sandy is getting away from this guy. I pray she does go through with the divorce.

    He is not even a handsome man. He looks like an old fart, I never understood what Sandy saw in him.

  29. 29

    thats why his dog keeps running away>>>to get away from his loser owner!

  30. 30

    asshole big time.. i dont care about humans but animal cruelty i have zero tolerence for. throw the fucker to the lions you piece of shit Jesse! i hope you rot in hell!

  31. 31

    Here in Canada we legislated laws against pit bulls.As such all of these dogsl are illegal to own and are euthanized. There is something psychologically wrong with an owner , who would select this type of dogs.
    All pit bulls should be euthanized.

  32. 32

    Re: nuaseau

    I agree he's a sociopath. It's the first thing that crossed my mind when I heard about this. I seriously doubt Sandra could have known what he was like. Sociopaths are so attuned to deception they can pass a lie detector test. I'll bet he still doesn't think he did anything wrong.

  33. 33


  34. 34

    He's a douche but I'm sure they'll also say he throws kittens into stump grinders just to embarass him more.

    Frankly I just don't think he pays attention to his animals seeing how Cinnabun keeps running away!

  35. 35

    Perez, SHUT THE HELL UP! This is a man who when his puppy was brought to him CRIED. Is that the kind of man you'd see allowing his dogs to fight? Now you're just finding any little tidbit to try to make this man sound like the devil! What's going to happen when someone tries to sue you for defamation? This isn't even a legit tidbit to write about!

    Where the hell are you getting your information? a 1-800-Fake-Shit hotline? Leave them alone!

  36. 36

    i do not tolerate animal cruelty. he needs to be locked up, fucking prick.

  37. 37

    TorontoMark you and PEREZ are both fucking idiots. THIS IS GOSSIP. Think of what you will about Jesse's flings, but he is a DOG LOVER. Quit whipping people into frenzies. And pitbulls do NOT have an enzyme that makes them fight. They were bred to grab and let go, that is all. They are naturally people lovers. It is all nurture and owners. I'm so fucking sick of all this false gossip being spread around.

  38. 38

    This fuck should move in with those Gosselin idiots and then move to China.

  39. 39

    yeah if it is true, i hope they come down on him hard but it seems like the reporters are scraping for anything to make him look as bad as they can. the obviously joking around with his hand raised. maybe he just raised his hand. but they say it is nazi salute. now this. seriously If Sandra was in tears she would't have stayed with him. I am sorry she is a strong rich women she would have left and taken Cinnabun with her.

  40. 40


    ~I supposed his CHARMS & his BIG WADDLE~~ lolzzz hahaha and that's all..don't even know if he's smart enough ~ cuz he got caught…stoopid~ blech…poor sandra I really love her…tant pis~ she deserves a better one …one that won't cheat on her~!

  41. 41

    If any of this is at all true, how in the freak did Sandra not KNOW?! She did date him before marrying, right? How can you not see beyond whatever it was that she found attractive? I've been with guys who eventually bring out their dark side and you want to kick yourself for being so blind, but give me a break! This guy has some major, major problems. I really do hope rehab helps him, but how convenient that he chooses to go now. Stay strong SB!

  42. 42

    no wonder cinnabun wanted to get away from him!!! oh boy!!

  43. 43

    No wonder poor Cinnabun keeps running away.

  44. 44

    ok, now - its a problem.
    he's a douchebag, for sure - but now, shit - they really need to go after this sociopath. like michael vick, he should be punished. take away his sweet little pit - poor thing keeps trying to run and hide anyway - and he should never be allowed to be NEAR an animal without supervision. fuck him. i hope peta gets on his ass real fast. prick.

  45. 45

    Now I REALLY don't like him!!!!!!!! I'm a HUGE animal lover– not that he wasn't an ASS already for what he done. J… OFF.

  46. 46

    ummm….seems a LITTLE far fetched, doncha think? When did Sandy find out? Before the affairs??? Wouldn't she have done something about it. I mean, if my husband would make our pets fight to the death I would get him committed. Just sounds REALLY unlikely.

  47. 47

    Re: torontoMark – I don't own pitbulls but have known many and NOT ONE of them ever exhibited vicious behavior in their whole lives. In fact, they were ALL loving, loyal and sometimes comically goofy. A male actually nurtured a litter of kittens after the mom went missing. Those kittens would crawl all over him and he would patiently tolerate all of it. Pits, and any dog for that matter, are a result of the manner in which they have been treated by humans. To senselessly put any animal to death because it happens to be born a certain breed is nothing less than barbaric. There is nothing wrong with people who select this breed, but there is something seriously wrong with people who have the same mindset as you.

  48. 48

    I remember when that happened. That was YEARS ago, long before he met Bullock. I think it was before he even met Janine L. I think he was married to his first wife at the time. He had pit bulls, and I guess two of them got in a fight in the garage one day, and one of the dogs died. They talked about it on some show they were making about Jesse at the time.

  49. 49

    I would love to know who this "source" is. Keep milkin' it Perez. Keep milkin' it.

  50. sevgi says – reply to this


    wauw…. this guy makes Tiger Woods look like a saint hahahaha…. he keeps bringin the LOLZZZ

  51. 51

    JESSE IS A MORON!!!!!!!!! Sandra must be stupid too to fall for this ugly fuck.

  52. 52

    go to hell fuck-wad

  53. 53

    That's almost as cruel as having a tortured elephant at a birthday party. Wait a minute…

  54. 54

    I originally suspected that's why the dog kept running away, but there was no proof. Poor pooch :(

  55. 55

    I am being bantered in this topic somewhat, though I did comment publicly so I guess I asked for it.
    In my country , we made it illegal to own pitbulls.Thank god.Pitbulls cannot be owned , sold or homed.Owners turned in the dogs left right and centre ( spelled with the Queen's english)I offer this to both challenge and encourage the american public to see that just because things have occurred in a certain way , doesnt men they cant and shouldnt be CHANGED.
    There seems to be a personality trait to those who choose to own pitbulls.
    I trust neither this breed of dog , nor the humans who house them.
    There is many things wrong with this breed of dog.Euthanize these dogs nationally.

  56. 56



  57. 57

    I love animals to death but I don't believe this one. If this were true then it'd be Sandra we'd have to be mad at for staying with him long ago.

  58. 58

    Re: torontoMark – One response hardly makes banter. You only reiterated the same phobic nonsense in your second post. Thank God America has more sense than your country in this matter. Senseless, barbaric killing of animals who are innocent, and CAN be trusted if given the right chance. It has been proven over and over and over that this breed has the same loving nature as any other. There are more stories of loving pits than there are of vicious ones, and those that are vicious have been trained to be that way by HUMANS. It's not the dog's fault, it's the fault of the people who raised them, so perhaps it's those people who need to be euthanized and not the animals. That breed has been given an bum rap and doesn't deserve the bad press.

  59. 59

    he should be arrested for animal cruelty.

  60. 60

    100% NOT TRUE!!!! Why make up stories when there's so much "story" out there?

  61. 61

    I offer that both Jesse and the dogs exist under loose environment that leaves them all , and others at risk. I will fold from commenting on this further.
    Sign me a friend from the larger country to the north.
    No hard feelings ,I hope.

  62. 62

    while i certainly don't support jesse james and think hes a complete sack of shit. i think these rumours are getting a bit out of control. people are probably just adding to the fire to make him seem like a monster.

    but, if this is true, he deserves to have his ass in jail.

  63. 63

    Re: torontoMark
    You are simply an idiot. I detest when morons make blanket statements that are completely wrong. They are NOT banned by Canada, but SOME provinces have controls about their ownership or breeding. In Ontario it's called the Dog Owners’ Liability Act (regulation 157/05). To breed you must be licensed, all non-breeding pits placed as pets must be sterilized, they must be muzzled in public and owners must have liability insurance. In my opinion, people who are stupid enough to spew crap out of their mouths without knowing the actual facts should be banned, and sterilized so not to pass their inferior genetics to the future generations.


  64. 64

    Say It Ain't So
    Trust me, he's wrong…not true at all what he's saying.
    Oh, and my last few words got cut-off last post, meant to read;
    Pit bull controls, NOT bans.

  65. 65

    Give me a break!!! Who in their right mind is going to intervene in a pit bull fight?!?! Put your fat ass between those dogs and get torn to bits if you want, but any sane person wouldn't get in the middle! ! How the hell do you expect him to break it up?

  66. 66


  67. 67

    Re: Xandria – Thank you for setting the record straight with your intelligent post.

  68. 68

    no wonder poor cinnabun kept running away :(
    let's make jesse fight to the death w/ michael vick. whoever wins gets shot in the face.
    It can even be pay per view. I'd pay hundreds to see an animal abuser get what they deserve. thousands even.

  69. 69

    Re: RobPnMeShouldB – i fully agree. anyone who hurts animals should be put to death in the most painful way possible.

  70. 70

    OMG! Just when you think you couldn't possibly think any less of this guy, the racist, cheating, liar, now he's an animal abuser too. What's a worse word than repulsive and hideous, because he's that! Blech! Barf! Run cinnabun, run!!!!! :(

  71. 71

    I hope Cinnabun bites his dick off.

  72. 72


  73. 73

    Say It Ain't So
    Thank you, and you're dead right too with your comments. I run an animal rescue/rehab and over the last couple years have had a few Pits dropped off due to the legislation Ontario has…a lot of people can't afford the insurance. I've never had any problem, even though while they are here they mingle with 40+ cats, different dog breeds, goats, horses, etc. My first was a brindle lady named Duchess who was brought here when she was already 10 years old. She completely shattered my stereotype of 'vicious' Pits, taking a nurturing role to kittens as your friends did (would groom them sloppy wet) and really any scared new arrival she would make comfortable. No one ever adopted her, because she was already elderly (but I didn't mind) so she spent the remainder of her life with me. Last year she died, and I still get teary thinking of what a special dog she was and how much she is still missed.

  74. 74

    If this is true, where's the proof it was an intentional fight? You should really quit posting half-ass stories.

  75. 75

    one of his pitbulls got out of his cage and managed to attack another. It was a complete accident. This happened several years ago and aired on one of his tv shows…he was devastated….perez u really should look into things before u print them…the guy might be a complete dick but don't accuse him of shit that isnt true

  76. 76

    Not that any of this - mistresses, dog-fighting, etc. - is her fault, but how could she not have known about all of this?

  77. 77

    Vanilla Gorilla, Nazi and now the white supremacist Michael Vick?!?! Is this guy the anti-christ or something?!?

  78. 78


  79. 79

    Re: nuaseau – I SAID THAT ALREADY TOO.

  80. 80


  81. 81

    NO WONDER Cinnabun keeps running away!!!!!

  82. 82

    IF (!) it's true then I hope he gets run over by a car. hard.

  83. 83


  84. 84

    That's worse then his cheating! The fucking scum-bag needs someone to beat his ugly,sorry ass! ANYONE who hurts an animal needs to have the same thing done to them! UGH! This just makes me sick!

  85. 85

    If this IS true I seriously hope he goes to jail.
    Definitely glad this got out in the public!

  86. 86

    That Cinnabun is a smart dog..she's tried running away twice….lol

  87. 87

    I'm so sick and tired of all of the "poor Sandy" bullshit. She was married to this douchebag for years, and it's very difficult for me to believe that this is suddenly all "new" to her as the public finds out. Come on, he had Nazi paraphernalia in the house and she "didn't know"? FUCK OFF! He was cruel to his dog and she "didn't know"? Give me a fucking break.

  88. 88

    Ok, we get JJ is a heartless ass, I think that fact has already been established. What's next, "More proof! JJ didn't' help an old lady cross the street!" He's already hit rock bottom.