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Simon Cowell Knows How To Treat A Lady!!

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Happy birthday to her!!

Mezhgan Hussainy has seriously hit the jack pot!!

Her fiancee, Simon Cowell, has reportedly bought his bride-to-be a special prize for her 37th birthday - a luxury 1954 Jaguar XK convertible priced at over $120,000!


And apparently the American Idol judge didn't stop there!

A source says:

"Red roses, French lingerie, Prada bags, you name it. He gives her something new practically every day. One particularly sweet surprise was private his-and-hers Swedish massages in their London hotel room."

She needs to seal the deal and get married ASAP!

[Image via WENN.]

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52 comments to “Simon Cowell Knows How To Treat A Lady!!”

  1. 1

    wow sooo jealous

  2. 2

    To put up with this douche of course you need all the gifts in the world. What Simon makes that gift was like a cracker jack's prize for her and it wouldn't put a dent on him bank account. Then again these two are in your typical honeymoon phase (I know they're not married yet) where everything is peachy which figures.

  3. 3

    Simon's beard.

  4. Merab says – reply to this


    Circus …

    If even Ricky Marin could admit who he is, why can Cowell not?

    That old gay is really a douche …
    And that girl,,,haha…well, at least she is well paid for her "job"

  5. 5

    look! Simon has a beard!

  6. 6

    yes it would take alot more than that for most women to pretend to be his gf when he is obviously homosexual… he needs to come out!!

  7. 7

    He needs to stop walking around in his undershirt and buy himself a decent shirt.

  8. 8

    Not really surprising. Simon's famous for being very generous with the women in his life, and not just the ones he's involved with. Remember when he helped bail Fantasia out of her tax troubles a while back? And he's given very expensive gifts to Leona Lewis and Susan Boyle. So of course his fiance is going to be unbelievably spoiled.

  9. 9

    Having someone cover up your gayness sure is expensive….I wonder is they share lingerie

  10. 10

    Uh…nice stretched out T-shirt, idiot. Where does he buy those fuck ugly things? He needs a stylist BAAAAD.

  11. 11

    Well.. meaby she knows how to treat Simon.. I like that He is in LOve.. it fits for him! I hope them all the best!! Don't be jealous!

  12. 12

    I am usually not the jealous type and Simon is older (and less educated) than I usually like but DAMN am I jealous. To be treated like that….wow. It's more than just being showered with expensive gifts. In this society CASH IS KING and people willing to part with it for you signifies a lot.
    And to those saying Simon is gay - LOL!! Just b/c he doesn't act like a misogynistic neanderthal does not signify he is gay. What people mistaken for gayness is actually CLASS. Mezhgan is one lucky lady.

  13. freak says – reply to this


    Try to keep up Mario you moron.
    That quote is old. He gave her the french lingerie, the Prada bags and got the massage over a month ago.
    If you're gonna copy BS, get it right, dumbass.

    Happy Birthday you lucky girl.

  14. freak says – reply to this


    p.s. he probably did give her the car and let her blow him.

  15. 15

    He should not marry her AT ALL. Rich guys should never get married because once they do it changes the relationship right away with the wife knowing she now has half ownership of all the money, and the slightest problem can cause her to make rash decisions and before you know it they head to court.

  16. 16

    No self-respecting gay man would ever wear a sloppy blown-out shirt like that. He's definitely 100% straight.

  17. 17

    What most people do not know about Simon is that he remains an actual human being while moving through a pit of vipers in the "business. " Good for you both. I hope you make each other very happy.

  18. Merab says – reply to this


    Re: papatoony – right…and that walk is very straight,too…haha

  19. 19

    if kara lets him. she hangs all over him on AI

  20. 20

    I have a secret fantasy that one day I could score Simon Cowell. Bummer, I am too late.

  21. 21

    Please. It is a well known fact in the industry that Simon is gay. It just doesn't match the image he's made for himself and he is so powerful that everyone keeps quiet about it. Those gifts are a thank you for not outing me.

  22. 22

    So when Mariah is getting pink porsche, people are saying she's annoying, snobby and such and she needs to spend the money on some hungry kids and poor country. Yet, this wanker is spending it on someone who he HASNT even married yet, where are the same sentiments? You lot are just hypocrite bitches! NC gave the porsche to his WIFE, not some FUTURE WIFE, like this scenario. Why aren't any of you slags criticizing Cowell for not spending his $125k on some poor kids in some BFE country? You lousy bastards!

  23. 6one9 says – reply to this


    SOMEBODY sounds “` likes like a “` gold digger!!!!!! Trust me on this one ““““` $$$$$
    does not buy LOVE “` when he'll be running around “` the world alone, once she has kids,,,, IF she has kids? I bet he's “` a bitch “ to live with on a daily basis.

  24. 24

    he's gay. this is just publicity.

  25. 25

    he doesn't realize that he looks like sh.. with his t-shirts and long sleeve tops !

  26. 26

    This isn't a gift for a woman!! This must be something that he wanted. Who wants to drive some old car that probably doesn't even have power steering or air conditioning? She'd much rather have a pink Porsche, I'm sure.

  27. 27

    She looks a lot like Kim Kardashian in that picture.

  28. 28

    Simon could dress just a little better.

  29. 29

    gold-digging whore.

  30. Ammie says – reply to this


    Who knew!? Lord, I'd even marry him.

  31. 31

    A lot of "out of pocket" to keep this beard happy! When will this end in Hollywood. Oh right its when MIDDLE-America wakes up and stops believe this shit!!! (Yes Middle America, there are GAY people that walk this earth and are among you)!!!

  32. chlyn says – reply to this


    @ Merab: Are you OK? Is your family OK?

  33. 33

    This is such a boy gift! Still, Simon is a good guy people. I wish more people were as honest and open as him. The world would be a better place knowing where you stand instead of being bs'd by phoney people!

  34. 34

    "She needs to seal the deal and get married ASAP!" - no mario, she needs to be an independent woman and try buying some of those things for herself…….

  35. 35

    why the FU*K does this guy always dress like a fu*king slob???? he has millions of dollars and he dresses like a hobo!! it's great that he is generous with his money and buys gifts for his women, but maybe take a little bit of that money and buy some decent clothes FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!! and don't get me started on that hair! apparently he spends $700.00 to have that done? WTF???? my 3 yr old could do a better job for half that price….!!! some people just have way too much $$ and no taste at all!

  36. 36

    I look forward to being spoilt like that. I'm fucking fabulous and deserve it.

  37. 37

    Re: WildAngel

    I like your attitude! You ARE fabulous, and deserve to be treated great!!!

  38. 38

    Simon does know how to treat a lady!
    If women would just get it in to thier heads!
    Men do not want tramps…………..they wed, ladies!
    So ladies,,,,,,,,,,,,,cover up, and dress and act like a lady, and maybe you will find a nice man too!

  39. 39

    oK. so that would be fun for about 5 minutes. and then i would have to move on because it sounds a bit claustrophobic. high priced, luxious claustrophobia, sure! but still, if i were here i would start to wonder if there was a private investigator following me or gps on my car or whatever. his actions reek more of desperation than love.

  40. 40

    Re: old men are gross – You're an idiot.

  41. 41

    Those are all very STYLISH presents and I hope it works out for them.

  42. 42

    i wonder if she even bothers trying to tell him all the gifts aren't necessary, or if she's milking this cow for as long as she can. hmm.

  43. 43

    LOVING the fact that he isn't an idiot like so many of these celebs who date these 22 year olds then wonder "What went wrong?". People give him crap for being honest on AI with the singers, but better he tells you to your face than what other people would do. Praise them then cut them down in private. He seems more level headed. Good luck to the two of them.

  44. 44

    he can give her all the presents he likes but it's never going to change the fact that he's gayer than a tangerine.

  45. 45

    A '54 Jag? I hope he also bought her a mechanic to ride around with her.

  46. 46

    What a lucky girl! I envy. :D

  47. chlyn says – reply to this


    Gayer than when gay came to gay town lol

  48. 48

    Simon Cowell is obviously gay - this holding hands with a woman is a farce for all the country bumpkins in the USA.

  49. 49

    Re: old men are gross – A pink Porsche? You're a moron. I would love to own a vintage Jag. Not all women are pathetic Paris Hilton wannabes that want to drive pink cars.

  50. 50

    is it just me or does she look a lot like eva longoria there haha.

  51. 51

    Can Mezhgan PLEASE do something to keep Kara from slobbering and hanging all over Simon CONSTANTLY?? It is so incredibly obnoxious and I can't stand it anymore! Why oh why can't Paula be back and Kara go away to a deserted island???

  52. Moron says – reply to this


    Why buy the pig if you can have the sausage for free?