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Weir vs Lysacek! Amazing!

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Watch Johnny Weir get a little catty about his rivalry with Olympic champion Evan Lysacek on Chelsea Lately!


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32 comments to “Weir vs Lysacek! Amazing!”

  1. 1

    Weir is funny.

  2. 2

    Johnny Weir constantly talks about how "Edgy" and "In your face" he is…but he's just a little coward hiding in the closet. The fact that somebody so flamboyant still feels that he has to lie, clam up and say "None of your business" when anybody asks him if he's gay shows that no matter how "Edgy" he THINKS he is, he's still just the same, small town, scared little boy from podunk PA. he always was.

  3. 3

    I'm on team Lysacek. One is good-looking and brought home an Olympic gold medal. The other is just plain too gay to even be a cute gay guy and the only achievement that I'm aware of on his part is being a bitchy little queen. Team Lysacek! (And yes, I realize that Evan is also more than likely gay, but he doesn't act like a "gay guy". He acts like a decent human being who probably prefers fucking men to women. No big deal)

  4. 4

    Did you see this interview? He was very open and comfortable with the fact that he is gay–Chelsea certainly didn't dance around it, neither did he.

  5. 5

    Re: Spindoc – you should watch his show on Sundance, he is for sure out on his show. Walking around in high heals and wearing furs. I think he just doesn't feel the need to declare himself to the world. There is no need.

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Re: TheGenYgirl

    at least he doesn't hide the fact he is gay, and have girls around him to hide it. Also Weir talks his mind, instead of Lysacek who can't even express 1 percent of his own thoughts or opinions. Every interview Lysacek gives sounds like a corporate commercial. Lysacek… 'interview responses sponsored by Honda'

  8. 8

    I like Johnny Weir, i don't think he's coward…..he's obviously special, he don't make nothing to hide how he is , it takes courage for do this.

  9. 9

    Im kind of shocked and dissapointed Evan does not come out that he is gay. He is very talented and deserves a lot of respect in his sport. Johnny Weir reminds me of Johnny Makeup. Love him or hate him.

  10. 10

    people should care about the way they skate, who cares if one of them or both of them are gay. Evan is the better skater, although neither of them were at the world championships

  11. 11

    Lol. I love Johnny Weir. he's hilarious :)
    I'm so tired of PC boring celebrities. finally someone with some confidence and unapologetic balls.
    His tv show be good johnny weir is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
    also I can't *stand* Evan Lysacek. good lord he sounds like he's had a lobotomy 90% of the time. I've never seen anyone who lacked any shred of personality before. I'm really not surprised that they aren't besties.

  12. jian says – reply to this


    I loooooove Johhny. He is talented and funny. Lycekek won but I didn't love either one of his programs. Johhny's short program ROCKED and he got robbed. I love him. Evan is clearly in the closet and that is his business. I am not for outing anyone, it is a private matter. If you're out and proud great, o/w its no ones business. Frankly, Evan's gay vibe is very evident on DWTS. Evan is classy, diplomatic and well spoken but I find him boring as a skater.

  13. 13

    Ugh I don't know why everyone is hating on Evan! He seems like such a nice and classy guy. Who cares what his sexual orientation is?? I also like Johnny Weir cause he seems really real and funny, but Evan is definitely the better skater!

  14. 14

    Good for him. Lysecek was asked by Bonnie Hunt on her show during an interview if he was gay and he wouldn't answer it.

  15. 15

    guys lemme tell you something, little miss honey Johnny Weir is just mad because he got the interviews, and tv bits, and sound bytes, BEFORE THE OLYMPICS claiming that he would take home a medal, guess what, all that talk and no medal, not even close, placed 6th in each round, FAIL, EVAN ALMIGHTY AND EVAN ALL THE WAY

  16. F18 says – reply to this


    Evan is totally 100% gay. You have to be blind not to see that.

  17. 17

    Don't get me wrong — I think Johnny's a hoot. But seriously, rivalry? He's eats Evans' dust he's that far behind him. Who is the Olympic champion and who didn't come close, nor will he in future, to medalling anymore? It's not about gayness, or looks - it's about better skills and talent.

  18. 18

    @ thegenygirl: is there really such a thing as "too gay"????? bc i don't think so. don't be jelly that he has nicer handbags
    Johnny is amazing, I LUVS me some weir :)

  19. 19

    Re: Spindoc – i dont think he is trying to be 'edgy' by avoiding the question. it simply is none of the media's business. he is an athlete, and thats all he needs to be judged on. he probably is completely out of the closet with his family and friends, but is just declining to make his private life public. obviously he is gay and he knows and is open about it… he just hasnt made a public announcement of it

  20. 20

    That was a totally asshole move for Weir. I've seen Lysacek in many interviews and he has never bad mouthed anyone. Not even after the Russian dude blasted him for winning gold by saying he didn't deserve the medal because he didn't have a quad. He responded with grace and eloquence and has consistently taken the high road. I know you love Weir because he is an outspoken gay, but Weir was way out of line. Plus, who is he to out Lysacek? That is nobody's choice except Lysacek. I hate when gays force other gays that aren't ready out of the closet. It's not like Lysacek is a gay basher like so many in the closet politicians…those dudes deserve to be outed. Perez, I wish you wouldn't encourage Weir's childish behavior.

  21. 21

    Re: Bud_Fox – yeah, lysacek does seem gay and his interviews are not the most interesting things in the world. however its not up to u or johnny weir to dictate when and if he should "come out". johnny weir constantly comes off as a very angry , jealouse queen who is mad because he is too effeminate to "pass" i have known so many gay men like him and they are self hating and lash out on people they are jealouse of. theyre much worse that a catty woman. its all about their self hate. they make it very hard for gay men who are simply trying to live a drama free life.

  22. 22

    Re: imagineallthepeople – but then he tries to out lysacek with his winks and inuendos which totally contradicts everything u are saying. that is, if he doesnt want to be out in public (as if nobody knows) then he shouldnt be trying to out someone else. gays who out gays are the worst and are so 1990s. weir is just an angry jealouse self hating queen.

  23. 23

    Most male figure skaters are out in their private lives, the homophobic skating federations keep them in the closet in an attempt to 'butch up' the sport. These federations are run by wealthy neo con geriatics, with very strict guidelines on behaviour. Don't blame the individual skater - they're looking out for their carers.
    Here in Canada, there is actually a PR blitz, and the message is "Gay boys need not apply".

  24. 24

    ladygagag is right. weir's job (figure kating organizations) doesnt allow 'out' people, sort of like the military. so give him a damn break and send an email to the figure kating federation to protest them, instead of llagging johnny.. he was not invited to the 'stars on ice' tour,,,, which is ridiculous considering how he can move a crowd.

    and he wasnt trashing evan he was just saying they dont get along.

  25. 25

    Re: decora – Whatever! I don't think the skating federation is anti gay in the slightest. Stars on Ice is a private entertainment venue that is separate from the skating federation. Weir is just jealous because Lysacek is a better skater and has more opportunities like Dancing With The Stars. I'm surprised Weir isn't crying because DWTS didn't ask him to compete.

  26. 26

    Johnny's just your typical bitchy queen…..nothing amazeballs about that!!! Evan won…deal with it!!….

  27. 27

    that brought the laughs …love weir so honest

  28. 28

    bla bla bla. none of you people hating on johnny have any idea how stuck up and full of himself Evan is behind the scenes. they dont get along for a reason. and johnny is not at all in the closet you dumbfucks.

  29. 29

    You are easily AMAZED! Amazing? Hardly.

  30. 30

    Re: PerezuBitch – said…
    and johnny is not at all in the closet you dumbfucks.

    Sorry Dumbass, but when somebody asks if he's gay and he says "It's nobody's business" thats not being out. He constatnly tells people that he's "Edgy" and "In your face" but on a REAL issue he's still a slinking little coward. What he does by telling us he's edgy is the same thing as Lindsay Lohan telling us she's smart. Yeah, she can say it all she wants…doesn't make it true.

  31. 31

    The thing about Johnny is that he never actually says he's gay. He may behave like the most stereotypical gay in the world but he still leaves it for people to assume. He won't say it; he never said it last night when he had many opportunities to. His business he says. Apparently Evan doesn't deserve that right though because he's not acting gay enough for Johnny's taste. What a tool!

  32. 32

    Oh man, what a bitch he is!!!!