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WTF? Woman Robs Bank To Check It Off Her Bucket List!

| Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & True

There are some crazy, crazy people in this world!

Check out this BIZARRE clip above about a Florida woman with leukemia who robbed a bank because it was on her bucket list!


Of course, then you find out the cancer is not terminal, and she also is bipolar and doesn't take her meds!

Might want to rethink the first excuse for your behavior, bb!

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13 comments to “WTF? Woman Robs Bank To Check It Off Her Bucket List!”

  1. 1

    Dis ho'z gotz my dough! I's gunna bitch-slap dis sistuh soonz I gitz my munay. Las time dis bee-yatch pull dis shit me an mah homies done get our crunck on and rat-a-tat-tat-dat-ass!!! Jay-kwon done loss hiz gold teeth gittin bizy, ya'll!

    George Bush hatez black people!

  2. 2

    Lol. It was on her list. She had to do it. Lol

  3. 3

    LoL… Why is it that most crazy stories take place in Florida? I'm a little ashamed to say I live here in Florida.

  4. 4

    Ah yes, well do I certainly hope that her bucket-list included getting arrested, going to court, and sentencing to some jail time. I did not yet view the video myself, but the video is currently paused on a frame of what appears to be an african-american who seems quite distraught. The frame also depicts a FOX HD news icon in the lower left corner, leaving it safe to assume the woman was in fact arrested and tried in court. And because George Bush hates african-americans, it is also save to say that she was or will be convicted and sentenced to jail. I also hope that she has saved all bucket-items that can be done in jail, so that she can at least continue to work on her list while imprisoned.

  5. 5

    That's a woman? Perhaps a make over shoulda been on that list

  6. 6

    nice mustache

  7. 7


    I want to fuck Ian Somerhalder
    thats on my list

    ajjajajajajajaajjaa ….!!!!! you go girl…

  8. 8

    hah id expect nothing less of a person from the state of florida..the majority of you are uneducated idiots. i moved down there for 4 months and couldnt deal with the stupidity down there. now im happily back on long island :)

  9. 9

    andddd to back up what i just said…watch chelsea handler tonight she talks about ANOTHER rediculous story from that state.

  10. 10

    LOVE IT!

  11. 11

    Crazy mare!!

  12. 12

    i like how they claim this dude is a woman, fuck no!! that's a man baby!! black people are more often than not very very ugly!! monkey time!!

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Should have just bought a damn bucket.