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Tiger's Latest Ho Claims More Women Are Coming Forward

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And we're already at #15!!!

Devon James, the latest woman to come forward with deets of her affair with Tiger Woods, claims she has audio tapes, pics and texts - and that more woman are coming out of the woodwork!

"I promise you there will be plenty of other girls coming out," said James.

She met with Tiger when she and another lady of the night received an "out call" from the golfer, for which they were paid $2,000 each.

That's it?!

Devon really let the deets fly:

"I had another girl, that I was good friends with, who was also a porn star in the Tampa area and she called me and said, 'Hey girl, we got an out call… come with me, come with me, let's go and make some money.' I walked in and it was like, wow… It was kind of awkward."

I "benefited on a regular basis" from Tiger.

"Dirty, dirty, he was pretty nasty. He was dirty, bad, bad, bad - in the bedroom."

She [Elin] isn't aware of everything that has gone on and if I were her, I would take everything she can and run. That would be my advice.

He talked a lot about his personal life… I guess it was sort of embarrassing. I felt bad for his wife, I felt bad he had two kids, I felt bad that she (Elin) was pregnant with his first kid (at the time)."

I don't feel it [the public apology] is genuine because several people have contacted me and said stuff. Who has he actually apologized to. His family? His wife?

What does that mean for the countless amount of girls who he has done this with? It doesn't really mean anything to any of us. You're sorry (Tiger) because you got caught!

You're not sorry for the heartache you put your wife through, or what your kids are going to say about you in ten years from now."

Ha! Come out. Come out wherever you are, ladies!

[Image via WENN.]

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46 comments to “Tiger's Latest Ho Claims More Women Are Coming Forward”

  1. 1

    bring it on, ladies. give us what you got. i love that this is all timed to make his master's experience hell on earth. he should retire from golf and slink into a cave somewhere and hide his face for the rest of his life. he's fucked every which way. hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. 2

    there are over 500 women coming forword now!!!

  3. 3

    What is he doing out? He should crawl back into his little hole of shame.

  4. 4

    obviously his wife got the hint when he gave her a new STD every time they fawked.

  5. 5

    I had sex with Tiger, too. My name is Francine Fishborne. I guess that makes 16.

  6. 6

    Are you ever going to catch up with the rest of the gossip world and report that Elin is supposedly pregnant again?

  7. 7

    seems guys are kinki! they dont tell there wives about there fantasies.

  8. 8

    He is so fucking repulsive. Look at his fucking face and his hairy nasty fucking chub nipples. I am going to vomit just thinking about his. Good God WTF is wrong with people. Who would fuck this mongoloid looking douche

  9. qcguy says – reply to this


    Lol, a friend of mine had sex with Tiger also but this was years upon years ago before he was married. I always tease her asking if she buys Tiger Juice gatorade.

  10. 10

    Re: papatoonyI didn't have sex with Tiger Woods but I sure probed him.

  11. 11

    who gives a shit, he took a woman who lived as a nanny, brought her into a world of riches and he knocked her up. He gave her everything her heart desired, riches beyond belief and made her famous and she still couldn't repay him by being wild in bed. Everyone feels bad for her, well I say the hell with her, she has lived the life of a queen due to him and she still wouldn't keep him sexually satisfied…..why not, cause she is now a rich priss (due to him) she can't give him a bj anymore. I'm sure she did it lots when she wormed her way into his life, but once her hook was set in, she stopped. It's the only thing she had to do. She didn't have to bust her ass to provide for the kids, he did all that, so suck it up princess, you blew it and unfortunately for tiger, he has to pay through the nose for it. Life blows for rich men getting lured into relationships by manipulative whores………. aka, erin

  12. 12

    I'm sorry I think he's a total dog but these hoes should not even talk about what he did to his family, because they did it too! They are so concerned what he's going to say to his kids WHILE they are creating more things for him to explain. These women are the scum of the earth.

  13. 13

    PUH-LEASEEEE!! This skanky whore feels so bad that she hooked up with him from the time Elin was pregnant to the time their son was born??!! AND why the FUCK should his apology mean anything to any of the chicks he was SCREWING??!! They all knew he was married and they all participated, so FUCK THEM……This skank will probably try to claim "emotional abuse" or some stupid shit because Tiger didn't include her in his apology. BULLSHIT!

  14. 14

    Tiger should just let them all come out!! The worst is over everyone knows already!!Don't give them a penny!! You are an amazing Golf player and thats all you have to prove to the world!!! You have to just be honest with your wife and tell her all your encounters and only deal with what she has to say!! Thats what any normal person would do. Screw them desprate money hungry hoesssssssss!!!!

  15. 15

    Re: suck_it_fatty_the_fairy – First of all, I am not going to defend the lady. She is obviously with him for money…and she has very little self-respect by going back with him.. BUT men who are cheating dogs do NOT cheat because they aren't getting it properly at home. They are DOGS and could be married to the most sexym amazing woman and they will still serial cheat!!! He is a pig. P-I-G.

  16. 16

    oooo-em-gee…get over this shit already……honestly this is getting so fkin annoying!!! no matter what happens elin is gonna stay with him & all these stupid tramps just want some of the limelight…..dumb ass girls i swear. he prob has thousands more girls out there & i really dont want to hear each one of them come out & tell their side. IT DOESNT MAKE U CHICKS LOOK 'COOL' SO STFU & JUST GO AWAY!!!

  17. 17


  18. 18

    Why do these "women" feel they need an apology? They were paid for the services rendered. The only person he really needs to apologize to is his wife and family.

  19. 19

    Re: Luv My White Cotton Panties – lol..they sure can be, but some men actually have the balls to ask for what they want and fantasize about. I have donned wigs, and costumes for my baby…whatever he wants, he gets. Its more fun for both of us when there's a little spice;)

  20. 20

    Hmmm, I am thinking Jesse had to pay someone else to come forward saying they slept with Tiger? Hahahaha wouldn't that be HILARIOUS!

  21. 21

    I think the tide of public opinion swayed when Tiger gave such a "nothing" of an apology. If he'd come across as honestly sincere, I think the public - regardless of his skank behavior - would be a little more non-receptive of the next-and-next-and-next outings by these women.
    But he didn't - and with that, the door was wide open.

  22. 22

    I love how these mistresses aren't showing remorse and are blaming everything on him. They are acting as if they had no choice in the matter. If they knew he was married with child on the way and they still had sex with him, how foolish that they are putting all the blame on him

  23. 23

    he's a piece of work alright! and he looks miserable too

  24. 24

    She wouldnt take his rod up the pooper and wouldn't take a load across the face, but she would dip her hands in his money pot at any chance she could, so he went and got what he wanted…… the hell with her, she is a user

  25. 25

    He is scum.

  26. 26


  27. 27

    Really? Aren't we tired of all these skanks coming out? Yeah yeah he's a man-whore….NEXT!

  28. 28

    These bitches are nothing but gold digging whores.

    Seriously, why didn't they come out earlier???


    so whorible

  29. 29

    he gets them in the hole baby!

  30. 30

    If she really felt bad, she wouldn't have fucked him in the first place. When she walked in there like she said, she should have walked away. But she didn't.

  31. 31

    Only white women snitch on their man when they have an affair. black women (except karine steffans) typically keep their mouths shut. We know who is buttering our bread $. This is exactly what tiger gets for messing with white bitches. LOL! LOL!

  32. 32

  33. 33

    hahahah whats so funny is that ealry on when Elin went to rehab with Tiger, i am almost sure the theapist asked… "how many others were there?" tiger thinking its the end of it all said "no more, this is it, i love my wife and im coming clean to save my marriage. " hahahaHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! FUCKING MEN. HIS ENTORAGE,… ALL FUCKING CHEATING TRASH THAT NEVER ADMIT UNTIL THEIR CAUGHT. EVEN THEN THEY DONT ADMIT. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH HOW DO U THINK THAT ONE BASKETBALL PLAYER CAUGHT AIDS…SAME WAY TIGER IS.

  34. 34

    I get it…..he slept with thousands of women while he was married. The story has been broken. The shock value is gone. Can we PLEASE move on?

  35. 35




  36. 36

    i think they should just leave tiger alone. just because he is a celebrity people wont leave him alone about this. give me a break. people cheat everyday and no one cares. i feel sorry for him. He gave his wife everything she ever wanted!! and more! Everyone feels soo bad for her, well i dont, she has such a great life and will forever be famous! and she didnt do her job of a wife and keep him sexually satisfied.. poor tiger needed to get some action in his life while his wife was spending all his money. She didn't have to work or anything! tiger supported her and those kids. so im happy for him now that he can finally go out and do his thing! GO TIGER!!!!

  37. 37

    I seriously think it's time to move on. Elin and Tiger are trying to rebuild their marriage, those women should keep their mouths shut.

  38. 38

    give me a break ladies you knew who you where screwing married or not.

  39. 39

    Re: kaylzx – no they need come forward.

  40. 40

    Re: kittenish – why you gotta be so racist? I am sure there are both types of women in not just both white and black groups, but ALL races. Just because he is black and his wife and mistresses are white, does not mean race needs to be brought into it. It is an issue of a man cheating multiple times on his wife. He not only betrayed his family, but also likely exposed that woman to disease. This is a horrible thing because rich men think they can act like this, and yes it has been happening since the beginning of time, BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT.

  41. 41

    If Devon James was so concerned about his wife and children……is the word "hell no" a stretch of the imagination. She had no problem taking the money then…..she'll have no problem taking it now. Yes Tiger was "WRONG!" At the same time none of them were right! Really isn't it all about the money!

  42. 42

    sick of this apes face

  43. 43


  44. 44

    dont forget , this lady talkin all this shit is a goddam whore

  45. 45

    Tiger is the epitome of stupid.I hope he goes down in flames.

  46. 46

    Yeah the worst is over, elin chased him down the street with a golf club. LOL. Next it will be some type of weapon to cut off his ding dong. Tiger is going to be a new reality star in which he helps other stars through their sex addiction. His first client?? Jesse James…