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Michelle McGee Fires Back At Chelsea AGAIN

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Why can't she just give up?!

Even after Chelsea Handler put her in her place, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee posted something new on the funnylady's Facebook page.

And it's stoopid!

The whore wrote:

"Dear Chelsea, glad to see my grandma's old clothes put to good use in your wardrobe. Her mu-mu's look AMAZING on you. P.S. You need to hire another midget to hold up those saggy boobies of yours…all that breast feeding from Chuy has really taken its toll"

You're no match for Chelsea, you dumb bitch!

Pipe down!!

[Image via WENN.]


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131 comments to “Michelle McGee Fires Back At Chelsea AGAIN”

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  1. 1

    haha she needs to stop. so lame.

  2. 2

    Do us a favor mario..stop calling her 'bombshell'. She's a fucking waste of ink.

  3. 3

    I enjoy Chelsea's comdey but those zingers from the McGee are priceless!
    Can you say….CAT FIGHT!!!

  4. 4

    that was a shitty retort……

  5. 5

    Oh yes, because looking like Herman Munster in drag is SO hot. Face it McGee, even your butchered fake rack can't save your face…

  6. 6

    So Michelle, what did you do after you dropped out of 7th grade?
    You might be able to enroll at Mo' Nique's Charm School.

  7. 7

    How can you try to top Chelsea? Michelle looks like something that got caught in a drain…her comments aren't even the least bit amusing…But what to you expect from a tramp that makes a living from opening her legs?

    She should stick to keeping her mouth shut or when it's open, she should stick to keeping it full of d*#^

  8. 8

    Poor Chelsea. She's funny but she is NOT good looking. Just look at that mug on her! She says she's 35 but I think you could add another ten years to that easy. She also says she has never had botox or plastic surgery - I think it's time for her go in for a little facial tune-up.

  9. 9

    That's the best she could do ? Wow, how old is she ?

  10. 10

    Is she still trying? So unfunny, she just sounds like a mean girl in high school now. Chelsea was just doing her job making fun of celebrities, most of them who have no business being celebrities! Someone should tell Michelle Bombshell McGee that you can't make fun of a comedian because they are the most self-deprecatory people on this Earth. Everything mean people try to say about Chelsea Handler, she's already said about herself. Chelsea has made the breastfeeding Chuy joke before, so, how is this helping Bombshell's case? Come up with your own material, don't steal it from the person you are trying to insult!

  11. 11

    Tits McGee needs to shut her face….She must not know Chelsea, she's crazy…shit, in a fight I think she would win..hands down!!!! GO CHELSEA!!!!

  12. 12

    Oh and I love how McGee doesn't know how to use proper grammar…"mu-mu's?" Michelle, that means "mu-mu is"…or the apostrophe implies ownership…I guess rules of grammar aren't necessary when your career consists of opening and closing your legs.

  13. 13

    woooow…. holy shet that michelle girl sounds like the girls from jr high…..say those types of things to someone who doesnt have the ablilty to rip your face off, tits mcgee.

    im SHOCKED with how HARMLESS her comments are.

    after that one, chelsea is just going to laugh. she doesnt care about little girls

  14. 14

    LULZ McSlut is pathetic.

  15. 15

    *Yawn* on Michelle's behalf. I hope this cat fight keeps going for a while.

  16. 16

    the nazi pigtrash is lame. chelsea owns this bitch. GO CHELSEA.

  17. 17

    Team Handler all the way!

  18. 18

    seriously, fuck chelsea handler. bitch comes out of nowhere expecting us to think shes funny, no, i dont think so bitch. i dont respect anyone who has gotten where they are by fucking their way across every casting couch in LA until they finally suck the right dick who ends up giving them their own show on E!. by the way, how were your ratings last quarter? in the shitter, thats where.

  19. 19

    I hate Chelsea, she thinks she just knows everything about everyone and her opinion matters, its nice to finally see someone talk shit about her cause she deserves it

  20. 20

    Oh honey, give it up. You're no match of wit for Chelsea. What you said is like straight off of an elementary school playground. I would say "nice try" but sadly, it was just a fail.
    You kiss your fuhrer with those lips? lol Saddo, get back under the rock wence you came.

  21. 21


    and i fucking hate michelle mcgee

  22. 22

    Boo! stupidest comeback ever! Chelsea is gonna light her up on her show i can't wait to watch!

  23. 23

    Pipe down or put a thick man pipe in your mouth and shuddup trollop. She is not going to win this one. Chelsea should not engage this loser either.

  24. 24

    I'm sorry, but is a dumb bitch covering in tattoos, and Jesse James old dried Jizz, while wearing Nazi inspired assesories really going to try to even diss on someone? Have you seen her? She looks like common trailer trash, and like she needs to be bathed. Filthy skank.

  25. 25

    someone should take that nasty piece of s— mcgee to the car wash and spray her off along with that trash ass biker jesse james…..

  26. 26

    someone should take that trash ass mcgee to the car wash a spray her off with that low life biker jesse james……gross pig

  27. 27

    ha! can't wait to see what chelsea has to say back

  28. 28

    I don't like either one of these individuals… McGee is a slut & Chelsea just isn't funny imo.

  29. 29

    Chelsea's gonna fire back 1000x harder, ugly bitch!

  30. 30

    God, I wish this women McGee would just disappear like BEFORE! There are not enough words envented to describe how disgusting she is! With that tatt she supports and those tacky photos, perhaps she will have the same fate as her idol!

  31. 31

    Michelle "makes me vomit" McGee that was the dumbest comeback I have ever heard. My nephew could write something better than that and he's 9.

  32. 32

    Chelsea is a comedienne…it's her JOB to make fun of trollops like her. She can handle pretty much anything flung in her direction and Bombshit is no exception. Attacking someone that works in comedy is like releasing the hounds on yourself. WHAT….AN IDIOT.

  33. 33

    Let the stupid bitch keep opening her mouth. The more she does, the more disgusting and stupid she appears. Obviously if she had half a brain she'd shut the hell up and go away. But she's a whore, so what else can we expect from her? Not much.

    It's not enough that she's downright ugly with all those tatoos, her mouth is ugly too.

    What a waste of space on this planet.

  34. 34

    OFFICE NINJA - where are you?
    Office Ninja came up with "Crabshell" McGee, which I'm still laughing about. Perez, you need to pick-up on this.
    Crabshell - LOLOLOLOLOLOL !!!!!

  35. 35

    Chelsea is pretty….just because she doesn't look like a plastic doll like all of the other hollywood types - doesn't mean she isn't pretty. She's hilarious too…and she didn't sleep her way to the top as some people have stated, she worked her ass off for it. Her books are hilarious, she is an advocate for gay marriage, and supports women in comedy and tries to help them along in this f*%ked up world. I love tattoos and I think they can look pretty cool on women, however - that Michelle McGee bitch has the worst, hacked up face I've ever seen. If she can't handle being made fun of in the media, she shouldn't have gotten involved with America's Sweetheart's husband! You dug your own grave you crazy natzi bitch….

  36. 36

    Stfu McGreed,like to know what you will be doing in 20 years…working as a whore in a freak show is the only thing you will be able to do.

  37. neg says – reply to this


    I love Chelsea- she is witty and smart.within a few months everyone will forget about this skank mcgee.What an awful, vile "woman".Is she aware that she looks like marilyn manson?At least manson produced some decent music from time to time!mcgee sounds like an angry 7th grader.

  38. 38

    Chelsea could hobble the ghee with me anytime of the day. She could bitch slap me with her boobies till I cried uncle. She could sit on my face and cut farts just so I could see her asshole pucker up.

    McGee is a total skank. I would run like hell if she ever showed up naked at my front door.

  39. 39

    A skank covered in tattoos shouldn't throw stones

  40. 40

    Go back to the valley, with those bikers that love to pass you around. That's all you are good for. I heard YOu love getting F*ckd HARD in the butt and passed around in there orgy's.

  41. 41

    I cannot wait to hear what Chelsea has to say about this tattooed trash bag now. Shred that cun*t!

  42. 42

    that girl needs to be hit by a mac truck… oh or trampled by little people! shes so nasty! Chelsea may have saggy boobs Skanks McGeee but atleast she doesnt have saggy vag lips and sexual atraction to hitler!

  43. 43

    The cool thing to do is to shut up and not say anything.
    Her going back to Chelsea with her dumb comments
    shows just what an ass she really is. I love Chelsea
    at least she is normal and not some witchy/ tattoo dancer/prostitute
    or whatever this creepy looking thing is. Just shut up lady
    and do us all a favor and crawl back under that rock you came

  44. 44

    I thought the word celebrity was over used-but to call this skank a "bombshell"is insane.Shes obviously piggy backing on Cheleas fame. With all these new "girl friends" coming out-shes becoming irrelevant & needs to extend her 15 minutes!!

  45. 45

    Team Chelsea - witty, smart, sarcastic - what's not to like?

  46. 46

    Ffs. god now shes jealous cause she doesn't have a sidekick >

  47. 47

    hahahahaha .. she's fugly too ;)

  48. 48

    Chelsea- is she nuts??, OMG she thought she had some funny on you; wow she needs a whoopin, Chelsea go get on that would ya~~
    Team Chelsea Handler/Lately

  49. 49

    is this how she's going to stay in the news now? hahaha sooo lame don't mess with Chelsea - you'll get it back ten times worse =] hahah

  50. 50

    they are both so gross!

  51. 51

    both chelsea and sandra are women that worked to get where they are and that scumbag mcgee is nothing more than a user trying to get attention off of someone elses fame. there is no competition here!!

  52. 52

    when you argue with a shitty slut with no shame, they'll only drag you down to their level. good thing it's chelsea handler, she can handle whatever this fuckin bitch has to say when this bitch's mouth isn't full of dick. how could sandra EVER fall for a man who has a relationship with a woman like this?! gaaaahhhh lost a bit more faith in humanity

  53. 53

    I think BOTH of these broads are horrible looking and have no room to be talking shit about anyone. Both are pigs in their own way. It's kinda like Courtney Love vs. Lindsay Lohan. Who's the bigger pig? Who knows. Both piggy, both different. Sad.

  54. 54

    skanks mcgee is not exactly the wit. she wanted the "fame" and now she has it…keeping it going still I see. sad really that this is her *best*.

  55. 55


  56. 56

    This girl is lame on so many levels. First her digs a Chelsea are terrible. Second because she is pissed off because people are talking about her.. well then I guess she shouldn't have been f*#king a married man. She brought it on herself. If she didn't know he was married she must live under a rock. The fact that she talked about the affair to the press makes her a bigger whore.

  57. 57

    ugh Chelsea isn't even tv ugly. she's pugly.

  58. 58

    TEAM CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. 59

    what in the fuck is she talking bout? first flabby arms, then saggy boobs and mu mus?? who is she looking at? bitch got nerve. for real.

  60. 60

    Can someone please off that waste of space? I mean really, the world wouldn't be mourning the loss of trash like that

  61. 61


  62. 62

    Re: DANNYGLOVERSDICKBLOOD – Chelsea Handler is hilarious and witty. How can you even say you hate her for sleeping around WHEN IT'S THE EXACT SAME THING THAT MCGEE DID. At least Chelsea's not trying to hide it. McGee is still trying to pretend like she didn't sleep with Jesse to get a pay day.

  63. Jaded says – reply to this


    Please Chelsea don't respond. It's not worth have an argument with stupid people. It brings you down to their level and lets face it they have nothing to lose.

  64. 64

    the mu-mu IS amazing!

  65. 65

    Chelsea does look a lot older than 35 but her arms are not like chicken wings…whatever that means, Tits McGee. Perez, seriously - from one human being to another - please stop writing about Miss Tits. I think it's unfair to Sandra for her to have to see and hear about this stupid retarded bitch on a daily basis. Isn't it bad enough already? You are perpetuating her 15 minutes. She needs to fake her own death to escape death…people are so stupid. LMAO

  66. 66

    ps - i think it's really funny that it took this long for tits mcgee to come back with this *zinger*. she's really not smart. no wonder she sells her body rather than getting a real job because for sure she'd be a janitor or something. nothing against janitors.

  67. Aries says – reply to this


    I can't understand at all how people think Chelsea handler is remotely funny. Bitch needs a bra. I saw her appear on Rachel Ray yesterday, was watching with three other people and not one of us were laughing at her tiresom, lame attempted humor.

  68. 68

    Only an attention whore would pic a fight with Chelsea everyone else just laughs about what shes says.

  69. 69

    oh does this whore ever shut her pie hole? dont mess with CH!

  70. 70

    When will this skank stop? Chelsea owns you honey, just give up while you still have some pride left. Ok, well you never had any pride or dignity to start with otherwise you wouldn't have been screwing a married man, but still, you get it.

  71. 71

    Chelsea Handler isn't the most traditionally attractive woman, yet her confidence makes her HOT and respectable. This Michelle McGee thinks she looks good now, but let's think about what she's going to look like in 5, 10, 15 years… Those tats aren't going to stay where she got them! Gravity sucks baby.

  72. 72

    yeaa bombshell isz no match 4

  73. 73


    What, did Chelsea not call you back after raping you or something? Your butthurt and bitterness is priceless.

    I want McGee to go on Chelsea Lately. That would be the BEST show EVER.

  74. 74

    McGee is a nasty, STD ravaged, white trash, no-class, adulterous slut. Nobody gives a fuck what she has to say, the stupid bitch!

  75. 75

    How trashy.

  76. lje says – reply to this


    Michell McGee looks like she's about to spew pea soup.

  77. 77

    Re: DANNYGLOVERSDICKBLOOD – damn What is your problem? Jealous cause they didn't ask you to suck d.

  78. 78

    Wow, she really "got" chelsea.. for once fat perez and i agree

  79. 79


  80. 80

    Too bad Mcgee is making those old jokes towards Ms. Handler. Just wait until SHE ages, she is going to look ridiculous with all of those tatoos on her body
    ( I am a nurse and I have seen plenty of old folks with tatoos). Any body part that has a tatoo will especially look bad shen she sags! Besides, Ms. Handler is not 24, she looks great for her age anyway.

  81. 81

    ok chelsea please don't talk about her or show her pic on your show again, thats what she is after!! attention. she knows you are hot right now and if u talk about her others will too. could everyone just please ignore this horrible, opportunistic, ugly, piece of trash?? maybe then she'll go away. o

  82. 82

    Michelle you need to shut the fuck up. I've seen shit in my cat's litter box that looks better than you. Chelsea you served this bitch already, no need to respond further!!

  83. 83

    Who does this woman think she is? First she screws Sandra's husband, then she tries to take on Chelsea Handler? No one takes on Chelsea Handler and wins! :)

  84. 84

    Whatever you say, Scribbles McNasty, we all know how 'gorgeous' YOUR going to look in ten years! *shudder!*

  85. 85

    once again…dumb bitch.

  86. 86

    Re: RioDeGe – I couldn't agree more. What did this slut think would happen when she came forward with her allegations. She may have slept with him once and I'm starting to think she roofied him to do it so she could get famous herself.

  87. 87

    (checks watch) Is this wharf-whore's 15 seconds up yet? I'd rather see one of Jon Gosselin's sluts (or Jon Gosselin himself) than this dimestore version of a human being.

  88. 88

    yall are doing exactly what she wants, to be famous, for nothing

  89. 89

    damn just look at yall, talking about this whore like she is famous, my advice? drop her name from your vocabulary , dont let her get famous for being a whore

  90. 90

    This trashy tattooed whore needs to shut her dick sucking whole! Chelsea is a million times hotter than her and not a home wrecker! This bitch needs to get used to people making fun of her ugly self and hating her since she was the one who fucked jesse james and messed with sandy!

  91. 91

    Chelsea already won this battle so the skank tats mcgee should just give up. It's like someone gave a tat rat a voice and now she is just trashing every female in Hollywood. Girl haters are always sluts. I can't wait til Howard Stern gets a hold of her, he will make Chelsea sound like Ma Teresa. I wonder who is on her radar next…hmmm, maybe slutty tats mcgee can go after Julia Roberts or Miley Cyrus. She seems to be making the rounds of Hollywood heavyweights. Although I would really like to see her in the ring with Pink, or any other female in Hollywood who is trying to achieve fame and recognition by hard work as opposed to fucking the husband of a famous actress. Tats McGee is such trash who couldn't even sleep her way to the middle, but will continue to bottom feed. I wonder if any of the OMP photographers want to do TFCD now bitch, probably not. Bet she'll be at the local strip club dragging around like an old worn out stripper. Too gross to be a promo girl and now too famous to do anything but strip for bikers…classy life.

  92. 92

    Hahaha, she needs to just give up now. Chelse is going to rip her a new one.

  93. 93

    McGee = Whore
    McGee = Gross
    McGee = covered in stupid ass "art work" that will look asinine in a few years.
    McGee = 32 years of age, not 24
    McGee = homewrecker who could give a shit about the kids involved in this
    McGee = Drug user
    McGee = a stupid stripper who can't strip. Watch her video. She looks like a drunk cow
    McGee = lame ass gold digger who has no shame
    McGee = Shitty "mom"

    Chelsea wins. Hands down.

  94. 94

    In a battle of wits against Chelsea I'm afraid the bombshell is unarmed.

  95. 95

    McGee you are so fugly and gross. Shut your trap!
    America thinks you are white trash!

  96. 96

    Re: DANNYGLOVERSDICKBLOOD – Butthurt much? Damn. Calm yourself! I see you commenting on anything and every thing Chelsea; about time to move on with your life, you sound so pathetic. I'm sad for you!

  97. 97

    big up bombshell
    chelsea is a bitch

  98. 98

    Is that all this lunatic ho can do, write a paragraph of elementary insults. Chelsea wasn't kidding when she said DUMB bitch.

  99. 99

    Also Michelle Mcwhore looks like Marilyn Manson, she needs to crawl in a hole already.

  100. 100

    OH SNAP!!!!!!!

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