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Pay John Malkovich What He's Owed Or Else!!

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John Malkovich is PISSED and wants to be paid what he's owed!

The actor was a victim of greed-miser Bernie Madoff's nasty little Ponzi scheme, which he used while he stole millions of $$$ from various people including Kevin Bacon and Elie Wiesel.

Malkovich has already appealed to trustees and has been granted the $670,000 he originally invested with Madoff, but wants the significantly larger cut he was fooled into thinking he would receive - $2.2 million!

Although the trustees and courts agreed that investors were entitled to the difference of what they invested and withdrew, Malkovich's lawyers claim:

"A customer generally expects to receive what he believes is in his account at the time the stockbroker ceases business."

Hmm. We think if he didn't lose anything he probably has nothing to complain about and should just be grateful he got his cash back at all!

What do U think?? Is Malkovich entitled to that much money??

[Image via WENN.]

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54 comments to “Pay John Malkovich What He's Owed Or Else!!”

  1. 1

    he looks gross!

  2. 2

    I'm scared of this man. I'd just give him the money NOW!

  3. 3

    gross old man looks crazy

  4. 4

    he is entitled to the original amount he invested and nothing more. Anything else is stealing from the other Ponzi victims.

  5. 5

    John should be gratefull he broke even, However, his lawyer fees already chewed up a chunk of that so now he has to go for more. These days there is not much difference between actors and scummy lawyers.

  6. 6

    I think greedy people, who pour this kind of money into a scheme, with the belief that they're getting the inside track because they are rich and famous, deserve to lose their money. I don't even think he should have got his $670K back period. And to sue for $2.2 mill? Reverse Maydoffism!!! Suck it, Malkovich. You and everyone else who's "poor" now.

  7. 7

    ok well there are so many other people who lost alot more than $2.2 million, why does Malcovich think he is special? There are hundreds of other victims who arent' creepy looking celebrities, just your hard working business professionals

  8. 8

    There isn't enough there to give everyone back what they originally invested so don't be greedy! Take what you got and feel free to sue for the balance but you ain't gonna get what you didn't earn legally. Get the drift?

  9. 9

    he is lucky to have gotten anything. he expected unrealistic returns. boy what a greedy guy. somepeople lost it all.

  10. 10

    Ha he's lucky he's getting any $$ back. There is no get rich magic, other wise we'd all be rolling. if it sounds to good it almost 99% of the time is to good to be true. NERD!

  11. 11

    Yep, he's BROKE! HAHAHA!

  12. 12

    did he ever seal up that passage way into his head?

  13. 13

    The people who invested with Madoff were just as greedy as he was - who really thinks you can get 20% on your money legally? Come on, how stupid can you be.

  14. 14

    Alright, I guess you guys are all ignorant of the law. If you sue in contract law, you have the right to sue for exactly what you were promised in the contract. There is also tort law, which will only reimburse you for your time and investment. He has every right to sue. In fact, I'd be pretty pissed and sue him in contract law. I hate how Perez and all you little twats think that your little half-hearted PC thoughts are even remotely close to the law or how the world works.

  15. chlyn says – reply to this


    This isn't like returning something at Macy's - this was a scam. He's lucky he got anything.

  16. 16


  17. 17

    He can ask for it when all the other investors get their initial deposits back. What a fuckwad.

  18. 18

    Re: novacat2003 – pardon us simple folk, mr. ivy league fucktard.

  19. 19

    oh John….welcome to the big scary worl of bussiness

  20. 20

    Well, technically he DID lose something… they should get their initial investment PLUS interest in order to make the argument that he didn't lose anything. But hey, at least he didn't invest multi-millions like some did.

  21. 21

    umm hello bigger issue that greedy dude stole money from a holocaust survivor!
    google elie you will see that much worse

  22. 22

    Is this dumb-fuck for real? Useless has-been actors making demands like this are a perfect example of why this web site exists. At this point, shithead should be happy to be getting ANYTHING back, and the only other people who will now be getting rich are the scumbag lawyers. Wouldn't bother me in the slightest if they all just died ha ha.

  23. 23

    Malkovich should be grateful that he got his original investment back—I don't think many other investors got theirs back. Malkovich is just as greedy as Madoff if he thinks he's going to get more.

  24. 24

    cant blame him for trying but hes not going to get his money. in a situation like this there are hundreds of people who are owed money and if he wins and gets his 2.2m there would be the danger that other people further down the chain would lose out. usually the people who are owed money and dont have the cash for pricey lawyers.

  25. 25

    Tell John to dial 1-800-ASS-FUCK when Bernie gets his clap-infested dick out of Denny Hecker's mouth.

  26. 26

    Re: novacat2003 – - Get your facts straight before calling people names moron. Madoff never entered into contracts with any investors. he took their money and made up false statements. Good luck suing a guy that is going to die in jail. You probably got you "law degree" from a cracker jack box.

  27. 27

    why is this old fart dressed like a teenager from 1998?

  28. 28

    Mr. Malkovich? Did you miss the "memo" namely thousands of people who lost way more than you and don't even have money now to save their homes? Did you read the stories of the elderly who had to move into their childrens' homes? It's called speculative investing. Anyone who believes different is a moron who does not need to be speculating at all. Even if you spent most of it on your lawyers, you had to spend on them. The other losers are goners. Btw, you could make that money back with, oh, nowadays, around 10 films. Welcome to the workforce, diva!

  29. 29

    novacat2003 #14, yeah, smartypants law student, how'd that work out for everyone? All those people who followed the letter of the law, hmmm? I think we pretty much know how the world works, kiddo, without a smartypants like you breaking it down for us. You'd be surprised, but many of us went to college and graduated. We know stuff, you arrogant little turd. I am just so very curious how many of your "clients" received a nickel back, much less a half mil?

  30. 30

    So John Malkovich would like to pretend the Ponzi scheme was true then? At least until he can reap the financial reward of that fantasy? Sorry, John, life does not work out that way - especially over the age of 10 years old. Be grateful you received your own money back - when others did not - and have the dignity and grace to move on.

  31. 31

    Re: joee60 – totally agree with you.

  32. 32

    not unless all the regular folks who invested their retirement portfolios are getting the same treatment.

  33. 33

    Re: novacat2003

    I don't think the rate of return would be a term or implied term of an investment contract….that would just mean anyone could sue their broker when they took a lost.

    You should think through what you are saying before making a total douche out of yourself by acting like a know it all.

  34. 34

    From what I read about Bernie Madoff, John Malkovich is lucky to get his original investment back. Ther's a lot of old people who are ruined and got nothing back. I could see how, if you're told you have $2 million, you would want it, but if the $2million was fake, and you get your actual money that you invested in the first place, yes, you lost, but you did recover your original investment. Malkovich should count his blessings and shut up. This didn't only happen to him.

  35. 35

    The moral of the story? Don't F*** with Malkovich.

  36. 36

    I say good luck and stand in line.

  37. J W says – reply to this


    im in the middle of being in a ponzi scam right now and he should be friggin happy he got anything back from his original investment. should he get more than his original investment NO…… at least he broke even. celebrity has its advantages. when the rest of get .03 cents on the dollar of our original investment……

  38. 38

    he,shold get it all right up his selfish ass–

  39. 39

    boo hoo hoo i lost $670,000 but I want way more back, get a life you dick !

  40. 40

    I work at a bank that deals with fraud and disputing charges. Now in his defense he's not the only person to get greedy and think they deserve more money then what is truely owed. His chances of getting more money then what he gave in the first place are next to impossible. He definetly should be thankful he got what he actually lost. Be happy you don't have to count your losses rather then trying to find out what you could have gained IF it was legit!

  41. 41

    He`s lucky he got his money back, probably more than a lot of other victims.

  42. 42

    LOVE John!! He's what a real man looks like

  43. 43

    Get with the program. Just think of the loss as your civic duty for the redistibution of funds to the needy. Much like you think it's a good idea for Obama's confiscatory agenda to take our money and pay for someone else too lazy to work. Yeah, I know the ACORN and SEIU people aren't really needy but their needs are just more important than yours.
    Get used to it. You voted for these people your whole life. All your smarter than smart Democrats think it's a great idea.

  44. 44

    Greedy bastard go as Obama for some Obama $$

  45. 45

    Just because he's been "granted" the original amount, doesn't mean he'll get it. You have to find the money. Second, he could have invested that original amount elsewhere and made a substantial amount. He should be granted damages for those lost profits. He's not hurting the other investors by seeking the full amount. In fact, in bankruptcy court he'll most likely only get a fraction of either amount, so it's in his best interest to pursue the larger amount.

  46. 46

    Re: truelovebabydoll – I actually saw him walking around Harvard Square a few months ago. He does look like sh*t.

  47. 47

    What kind of idiot would invest in something with "guaranteed returns." So basically he thought Madoff was precognitive? Come on. Why should he get his money back, over anyone else? Fuckoff

  48. 48

    Great day he should go off and count his blessings.

  49. 49

    He's so damn freaky looking and weird acting.He hates America anyway so who cares if the freak atheist doesnt have a pot to piss in now!

  50. 50

    Johnny boy has enough money anyway and he should be thankful he is getting any back when most normal people are getting fuck all.

  51. 51

    Ha! Good luck with that Johnny boy. You live with snakes, your gonna get bit.

  52. 52


  53. 53

    Hey John, relax your greed. Let them pay to all the people the money they invested and then if there will be anything left, it can be distributed. You are fucking lucky that you got any money at all from this scumbag Madoff. Don't push it by saying "I expected I will get the profit from 670K I invested". John, cool off.

  54. rutsa says – reply to this


    No, he should be THRILLED to break even, and if he gets 2.2 million that means someone else or several somebodies (Possibly nonfamous, less rich) don't get their money back.