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Want To Go On Johnny Depp's Yacht This Summer?

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It's gonna cost ya!

Johnny Depp's private yacht Vajoliroja is available for charter this summer for a whopping $130,000 per week!

The 156 ft. yacht has accommodations for 10 guests and a crew of 8 as well as a formal dining room, an outdoor seating area, a master suite, four guest cabins and a library.

Now that's a summer vacation we can get on board with!

But do U think it's too costly?

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39 comments to “Want To Go On Johnny Depp's Yacht This Summer?”

  1. 1

    If he was on it I would pay that much xoxoxoxo

  2. 2

    Why don't you rent it Mario so one of the crew can harpoon your stupid ass and throw you overboard?

    Of course, even the sharks wouldn't be interested.

  3. 3

    Looks like the boat they shot Swept Away on (that shitty movie with Madonna by Guy Ritchie)

  4. 4

    What a deal! Especially if Denny Hecker financed it along with Bernie Madoff.

  5. 5

    hell no, this thing looks rickity

  6. 6one9 says – reply to this


    In this economy????? That boat will be sitting “` most of the time.

  7. 7

    Paid for by all the boneheads who waste their money going to this guy's movies. Then he insults his fans and call them names and says Americans are "greedy.

    Johnny Depp is a SCUMBAG, but stupid people make him rich.

  8. 8

    PPL would pay 130,000 just to sleep in a bed that johnny depp has slept in..fuck the boat

  9. 9

    Not too expensive. For 10 people that's $13k a week or about $1,860 a night, which is what some luxury hotels charge.

  10. 10

    That's pretty standard for a yacht of that size. Would you expect to pay less to rent a $10 million house for a week? With professional staff including chef and probably masseuse, AND fun toys?

  11. 11

    Does it come with Johnny? Is he part of the package? Cause if so i'll pay that kind of money!!! If not i'll pay double!!

  12. 12

    Who cares how much it is, Its Johnnys boat!!

  13. 13

    Forget the yacht. With your righteous rackage, I'd rather go motorboating. bwbwbwb!

  14. 14

    friggin' in the riggin'
    friggin' in the riggin'
    friggin' in the riggin'
    there was fuck all else to do

  15. 15

    If you break it down per guest, it actually isn't that bad at all!

  16. 16

    What is it with all of these celebrities coming out with things that cost a million dollars thinking that anyone can afford it in this economy? it's like it was created JUST for other celebrities and high rollers.

  17. 17

    no!! creepy ass bas****

  18. 18

    I'd go if he agreed to dress as the mad hatter.

  19. 19

    oh helll yeahhh…if the sexiest man alive is included.

  20. 20

    Of course it's costly - it's a private yacht…

  21. 21

    you obvioulsy don't know anything about classic yachts (which this is) and the charter buisness. $130,000 for a week on a yacht this size is a really good deal. These yachts are professionally taken care by a full-time crew (yes, people rely on these yachts for employment, too) and have absolutely gorgeous interiors. If someone thinks that this is a rediculous price then they would never appreciate the hard work that goes into maintaining of and safely running these yachts… maybe they should just stick with Royal Carribean and their 'all you can eat 24-hour buffet'.

  22. 22

    i've been on that boat several times before johnny bought it and it's amazing!!!

  23. 23

    I agree 100% with Cheeky77 - it's a beautiful classic yacht. The price is totally average as to what is out there. This is totally the boat I'd picture Depp in!

  24. 24

    Yeah sure. Why not! I would spend all the money I made from the board game 'Monopoly' and wish upon a star. Too costly? In a recession? Yeah d*ckhead!

  25. 25

    For that price…Can we ALL SEE JOHNNY DEPP'S BABY MAKER TOO? Wink Wink!

  26. 26

    I'll go if he's there :)

  27. 27

    No, it's probly filthy and stinky- like him.

  28. 28

    why does the name sound like red vagina? lol Vajoli

  29. 29

    Re: Marmoseta
    The name actually stands for each of his family member's name: wife VAnessa, JOhnny, daughter LIly Rose,and son JAck. I read it in Vanity Fair and I think it's totally sweet. These are just one of the reasons why he's my favorite actor. =)

  30. 30

    If it's his private yacht, why is it available for charter? Makes no sense. It's not like JD needs extra cash!

  31. 31

    Johnny: No need to get rid of the boat just cuz you're dumping the little lady for Skanky. Remember the Winona tattoo? Just change the Va to An and you've got Anjoliroja - even more lyrical! Adding Pazamashvikn could be problematic, though.

  32. 32

    It was obviously private previous to the switch to a charter yacht.

    He might not need the money but if he is to busy to use the boat now, its great to charter it out. Plus the crew makes 20% tip from the charter price - do the math. Keep the boat moving is great but to keep the crew with a couple of extra grand in their pocket each month on top of salary is even better! (that's why I made $8k this past month)

    I know people who've worked on this boat, and $130,000 is chump change for something so classic.

  33. 33

    Re: lopezfanyeah
    When the fuck did Depp insult his fans or call them names?

  34. 34

    I'm sorry, but I really hate the name of that yacht.

  35. 35

    NO. are you effing STUPID, Perez? 130 is the going rate on a boat that size… (50 meters) it ain't no Athena, Meteor, or Maltese Falcon….. someone's gotta pay the crew, asshole… do yourself and the world a favour and do not comment on any aspect of the marine industry… thanks.

  36. 36

    and by the way, Cheeky77. you're a complete moron. the boat used to be called Anatolia… it was built at a yard in Turkey NINE years ago… it has a steel hull. Classic Yacht? Not at all. No pedigree whatsoever. Stinkpot? Yes. why don't you go apply for a job as a shammy jockey or 4th stewardess on it… it was in Snort Liquordale this winter. Classy.

  37. 37

    oh, and American Yachtie, change your user name and go back to SxM… if you knew anyone that worked on the boat, you would KNOW it wasn't a classic. i think i've said my piece.

  38. 38

    Re: gigidi – You are a dork. Who does SO much reserch on a smelly used yacht? My goodness, seems like you have too much time on your hands!

  39. 39

    only if you can't afford it!