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Meet The Lezlicious Ladies Of The Real L Word

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Here come the real life lezzies!

Showtime has revealed the cast of their upcoming reality series, The Real L Word, and some of these girls have some serious dykonic status in the Hollywood scene!

Here a description of the gurly gurls (clockwise from the left):

Tracy, 28: Smokin' hot film and television development executive Tracy is the newbie to the lesbian scene, and still struggling with the aftereffects of coming out to her family. Throughout The Real L Word, we'll watch Tracy juggle career, a new relationship and her ambivalent mother.

Whitney, 27: We're bound to see some drama with this one! The Hollywood special effects artist is a self-professed terrible girlfriend, saying she's "always looking for love, but losing to lust." Keep an eye on this street-smart wild child.

Nikki, 37: Already famous in her own right (she's a rep/manager/producer/industry bigwig, and publicly came out on The Oprah Winfrey Show!), Nikki is now engaged and planning her wedding to Real L Word costar Jill.

Rose, 35: Listen up, fans of the original L Word—Rose was actually the inspiration for Papi. This real estate advisor is a "lotharia" who wants to settle down, but can't seem to shake her old habits. She's currently in a loving relationship and has the full support of her family.

Mikey, 34: Also a bit of an L.A. celeb, Mickey is the founder of The Gallery Los Angeles and produces LA Fashion Weekend. She's also engaged and trying to plan a wedding…reluctantly. We'll see if she can balance her fiancée, clients and the motorcycle she loves so much.

Jill, 33: This Jersey girl next door is engaged to costar Nikki and enjoys her career as a writer in Los Angeles. She, too, has the support of her family.

These women look hardcore! We don't think we'd mess with any of them!

It's like trying to watch Sex and the City after having too many cocktails with the lingering feeling that you forgot to pick something up at Home Depot!


What do U think?? Are U interested in watching The Real L Word??

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61 comments to “Meet The Lezlicious Ladies Of The Real L Word

  1. 1

    ps..hahahah love your last comment. made me laugh

  2. 2

    Am I interested in watching the Real L World? No thank you. I'll pass.

  3. 3

    Not a heckuva lot of diversity in this cast.
    Am I interested in watching? No.

  4. 4

    ew. they uglee.

  5. 5

    been waiting for this for awhile! I'm excited!

  6. 6

    Sweet! As if the hottest one Jill, is spoken for. I live watching Gimmie Sugar,so if this is on when I'm home, hell yeah I'll watch.

  7. 7

    Mikeys the only one who looks like a Lez

  8. 8

    The Real L Word doesn't seem very real. All lipstick dykes

  9. 9

    They all look hot. Too bad they're dykes. No, I hate reality TV. I'll never watch this crap.

  10. 10

    Looks like a scary bunch…is there a black one?… what….how racist

  11. 11

    I've had enough of reality shows. They are boring as hell and make me want to throw the TV out the window. I can't even find anything decent to watch anymore because everything has become reality. I can't believe there's an audience for this nor why we turn everyday people like us into celebrities as though they have a special talent. There is no talent in reality TV. In fact, even some that are considered actors, singers etc have no talent. Please bring back the real actors to TV ….. Please…Pleeeeeaaase.

  12. 12

    no diversity at all!! as if all lesbians look this way…again not the image of reality!

  13. 13

    fuck. yes.

  14. 14

    Get em liquored up and I’d do every one of them.

  15. 15

    wow - a bunch of skinny white femme lesbians (maybe a futch and a latina woman).

    i'm a dyke and i can watch a medium built white femme lesbian any time i look in the mirror.

    where are the butches, the trans folk, more than one lesbian of color and lesbians who are working the curves?

    this isn't Bravo - seriously Showtime, i'm disappointed in you. a bit bored.

  16. 16

    In this case, "L" is only for lame

  17. 17

    I loved the L word. Even though I don't have Showtime I've watch seasons 1-5. I'm renting the last season now. Any one can watch this. Its more about love and strong women to me than Lesbians. I'll watch this too.

  18. 18

    Papi was based on Rose???? I find this extremely hard to believe. I dunno how I feel about this show. No diversity, and all of their descriptions are the same.

  19. 19

    Same ol' crap … now with "real lesbians" … can you believe it ? Put some butches in there and that will make it real. Where's Rosie when you need her … she wants to be on tv bad … there's your chance kid ?

    If you hadn't guessed I just might pass on this garbage.

  20. 20

    LMAO your "Sex and the City" comment was taken from afterellen.com and reworked to make it sound like your own. You suck at this.

  21. 21

    Stop treating homosexuality as a fad

  22. 22

    They are all a bunch of femmes except for Mikey where are the rest of the lesbians?!?! were not all lipstick lezzies ! I think I would be more interested in single partying lesbians! Thats where the real drama and love triangles occurs! Its more exciting then watching them pick out flowers for their wedding. I might watch the first few episodes but doesnt quite interest me.

  23. 23

    they all look like they need a fat one! Yuk!

  24. 24

    looks like a gaggle of ugly geese

  25. 25

    UGH I just started watching The Real World on the weekend & I come on to this site reading this?? Definitely not watching it so count me out.

  26. 26

    I'm so excited to see this! If any gay n lesbian fans want to talk, add me or sign on thru my profile www.woohim.com/atldude20 and we can talk!

  27. 27

    Re: Miss_J – More manly dykes are the ones you can identify, but I think there's more lipstick lesbians (fem) then manly. I've heard directly from a lesbian that the butch dykes are always in shortage, and are popular. But just like the men you can't tell because they aren't swishy and in flamboyant clothing, there are also the women you can't tell that remain invisible. I think a lot of lipstick fem lesbians like the anomalous aspect because so many men are disrespectful and won't accept they're lesbians. Which is so weird because the moment I hear a guy is gay, DONE, he's gay and I wouldn't even want to attempt that conversion. Men and their egos.

  28. 28

    I'm sure they're all fem because they want to draw the male audience just like in The L Word. I don't know why they are always catering to the male audience, don't females make up 50% of the population? Maybe more men watch television but this is CLEARLY pandering to male viewers.

  29. 29

    HELLZ YEAH I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 30

    you r a bastard but a HIGHlarious one, I have to admit. Your last comment just cracked me.

  31. 31

    i wish there could be a "shane-look-like".

  32. 32

    is it micky or mikey?

  33. 33

    "It's like trying to watch Sex and the City after having too many cocktails with the lingering feeling that you forgot to pick something up at Home Depot!" LMAO! Perez, I don't typically laugh at your nonsense, but I must admit this is witty and spot on! Yes, I look forward to and will watch every moment drooooooooooling………

  34. 34

    I don't know how they will behave but as far as representing the community? Aw yeah. Tracy? Good Gawd! lol :0) I'm thinking this is going to be fun. Bring it on

  35. 35

    Re: lolagyrl – EXACTLY….!!! You said it sister. . .

  36. 36

    Oh yeah, I see no diversity. Except maybe for rose. Idk. I don't see a 'Max' or a 'Bette' or a 'Shane.' Lol. I'd go gay for Shane. They're all white lipstick lesbians.

  37. 37

    As in The L Word, I find the lack of diversity disturbing. I agree with you all. They tossed in an ethnic character now in then for a story line on L Word, but not a repeat cast member. Our community is diverse and we all embrace different cultures and races, so why doesn't Hollywood? Hmmmm…..it begins in June, so not too late…….

  38. 38

    just because they slap lesbian on a reality show doesn't mean i'll be any more inclined to buy a television.

  39. 39

    WTF is wrong with Nikki's face?


  40. 40

    well i think dykes are worst than gays

  41. 41

    theres a diff in dyke and lezbo perez

  42. 42

    Boy they sure mostly casted lipstick lesbians! Where's the very butch mullet wearing one!

  43. 43

    Looks cool, and to the previous poster-I'm very happy they don't all look like a bunch of overweight butches, who the hell would watch that? No maybe not very diverse but they r hot. The L word was anawesome show that i miss, and even the more masculine chicks were hot. So, if you want to see a bunch of butches look elsewhere, keep it off my show.

  44. 44

    hi whitney

  45. 45

    ohhhh ilene chaiken.

  46. 46

    I'll never forgive Chaiken for the moronic way she ended the L word. And this seems just as stupid. And just like others have said, they're all lipstick lesbians. Is it really THAT hard to put together a diverse group of lesbians?

  47. 47

    see what happens when you
    try to follow up a fictionalized hit show…

    with the "real ladies who lick"

    2 outta the bunch are telegenic…

    the other 4 - - not so much

    if Showtime wants viewers…they need to rethink their casting

  48. 48

    who the fuck would like to see lesbians living their scripted lifes? only gays, I am not interested thanx I would preffer another flavor of love really!

  49. 49

    whitney looks like she needs a bath

  50. 50


  51. 51

    GREAT is the original L WORD producer / creator involved or did the steal the title 'the l world' and add REAL in front..?

    I hope it isn't junk like many reality shows..too much fake acting and i won't watch..keep it dirty dark and real :)

    CANT FrEAKINg WaiT to WaTCH this whiLE inToXicated :)

  52. 52

    Tracy is hot!!! So glad they are doing a show with Lipstick lesbians, so fed up with everyone thinking all lesbians look like those gross man faced butches!!

  53. 53

    I might check it out and if I do, will I get hooked? Only time will tell. However, no butches (maybe in bed but…), no economic class diversity, and the color palate is beige. I'd love to see what the people who say these gals are ugly look like. Compared to who? Jeez. And scary? You clearly have never seen scary!

  54. 54

    All of these supposed dykes are skinny and well-dressed. What network is showing this, SyFy?

  55. 55

    Mmm, I love the L word, but I don't know how interested I would be in this.
    looks like another "real housewives," even if they are all dykes. No diversity = not entertaining…

  56. 56

    really????the whole gay in your face thing is getting old… all of them look very desirable, to bad they bat for the other team. wish i had a shot of changing their pref

  57. 57

    Finally! Real Lesbians! Love them!

  58. 58

    Re: FloridaLady – What about Bette and Kit, 2 main characters were black. Obviously Jodi was Deaf and they managed to make her Deafness a natural part of the storyline rather than identifying her by it. I mean they did better than a lot of shows, but I agree I'd like to see a bit MORE mix. and Rose looks NOTHING like Papi LOL, I don't mean facial structure, I mean the swagger and style, Papi was hood this lady looks suburban!

  59. 59

    I am excited about watching this show. I am psyched to see what Whitney gets into, she's beautiful and trouble what more could we want!

  60. 60

    umm rose is kind of hot!

  61. 61