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Adam Carolla Slams Filipinos On His Podcast!

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Uh oh.

When ranting about professional boxer Manny Pacquiao on his podcast, former Loveline host Adam Carolla may have crossed the line with his insensitive remarks about the people of the Philippines!

Check out some of Carolla's discriminatory comments from his podcast below:

Here’s how you know when your country doesn’t have a lot going for it: When everything is about Manny Pacquiao.

Get a fuckin' life as a country.

All you fuckin' got is just an illiterate guy who happens to smash other guys in the head better than other people.

Really, you want some guy with brain damage running your country? Why don’t you get your shit together?

All they have over there is Manny Pacquiao and sex stores.


Was Adam trying to be funny or…????

Because we don't get the joke! At all!

What do U think?

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269 comments to “Adam Carolla Slams Filipinos On His Podcast!”

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  1. 1

    Completely funny! Get a sense of humor Perez.

  2. 2

    not cool man… not cool. i'm not even filipino but i take offense to that because of my in-laws and many friends who are filipino.

    adam, why don't you culture yourself a bit about the people of the philippines and maybe you'll find out that they are more than just "manny pacquiao and sex stores". what an a-hole.

  3. 3

    Mario your a PUTTS. Your are much more vile then that.

  4. 4

    lighten the fuck up, everyone is wound so fucking tight. Its funny….AND kinda true.

  5. 5

    It saddens me when No-Talent, unfunny shitty people fall ass-backwards into opportunities like AC has had in life.
    one of the luckiest man on the planet hands down.

  6. 6

    Re: MsJillian – by the way: first!

  7. 7

    Isn't Adam Carolla the douchebag sradio idekick of Dr. Drew, the sleazy therapist? Because that guy is one BIG douchebag.

  8. 8

    i'm filipino and i do agree that we shouldn't let manny run the country. i think it's great that he represents for the country and that he's such a great fighter, but i think it should stop there. i mean, what would that say about the philippines? let him run just because he's famour, not cool!

  9. 9

    His comments are SICK! My best friend is from the Philippines and she is the most awesome person in the world. She is extremely kind and very clever. She has a heart of gold. People like Adam should wake up and realize that the world does not turn around them.

  10. 10

    all our leaders have brain damage too, so what's the problem?

  11. 11

    Maybe you would have appreciated the artistic content of his statement if he were buck naked in the street?

  12. 12

    He's right.

  13. bexii says – reply to this


    i am filipino and this is not in any sense funny. i will not lighten the fuck up and it is not true at all. unfortunately people like this think it is okay to put down an entire nation of people, and that is completely ignorant. people like him have no idea about life and culture in the Philippines. and btw, there is a huge difference between Tailand and and the Philippines seeing as they are entirely different countries asshole.

  14. 14

    idiot. of course we have something else to do. yes, we're in a fucking poverty, yes everything is about pacman over here not because we don't have a life, we just need something to make us feel better from all this poverty bullshit we have to deal with every single fucking day. it's not like we're lazy, we work thrice as much as you people in the first world country just to have a decent meal a day. and pacman is an idiot for running for congress, but not everybody supports him to it. he's just being used by power hungry corrupt greedy politicans. Thailand and the Philippines is not the same you idiot!

  15. 15

    by people like adam is that it u.s.a is the mos hated country in the world.

  16. 16

    this coming from a guy who lives where the terminator is guvnor

  17. 17

    This is not offensive! Get a sense of humor! This politically correct BS is the problem.

  18. 18

    Radio shows all over the country say this kind of stuff about cultures, religions, etc. on a daily basis. So don't get offended Filipinos we're all made fun of :) and it really seems like he's making fun of Pacquio, not Filipinos.

  19. Jai says – reply to this


    Very offensive and ignorant. His comments demean a rich culture and a whole nation of people.

  20. 20

    Super funny! Kinda like you used to be, Perez…

  21. 21

    hese right. people need to have a sense of humor

  22. 22

    Re: MsJillian – When you are dealing with international audience you have to be wary about things you say. Mr. Jillian, what kind of sense would you suggest for us readers to have - humor? that is in what so ever way or form positive? Perhaps you need to reassess how you are addressing your crowd and the people you'd suggest having a 'sense of humor'.

    As for the broadcaster - is it jealousy that drives you to say that? Ignorance of the world excuses no-one. I strongly suggest that you visit the country on subject prior to making comments that are greatly offensive.

  23. 23

    hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! get a sense of humor Douche,if it was some Hispanic making fun of White People you would think its the funniest thing in the world You Bigot!!! why do you only hate White People,you only make fun of White People why is that You Bigot!!!!!

  24. 24

    Re: MsJillian – Listening to this garbage and thinking it's funny shows how cheap you are and can't process that's it's discriminatory. This mirrors your persona. An ignoramus. Have you ever been in Philippines do you know anything about Philippines and Filipinos. Filipino's are smart hard working people. thinking it's funny is just like saying it's alright to mock others.

  25. 25


  26. 26

    Re: shorelinebeads – Oh yeah what if I call you a racist cause you are. What if I call you moron and have aids just for the fun of it. What if I call you retarded and a loser cause I think you are. What if I think you have dumb bastard cause it's so fun. Oh yeah fuck you.

  27. 27

    Um… Perez… don't you make your living saying awful shit about other people?

  28. 28

    haha I love Adam Carolla

  29. 29

    Re: lilian_liliy – it is funny. it is satirical. Obviously Manny Pacquiao a suspected steroid using fighter should not be leading a country.
    That would be as crazy as someone like Arnold Schwarzenneger being a government leader— oh wait……

  30. 30

    Re: missbee16 – Hey man you are Filipino but you think Filipino's are stupid. We are being insulted and you don't know it. Manny have already run for office before and he lost Filipino's are smarter than you give them credit for. We are just proud of his accomplishment. No one in this lifetime or the next will achieve what he'd done, seven title belt. If you think you are smarter or better than Manny I hope your life is better.

  31. HW3 says – reply to this


    fucking genius…. too funny. suck it up p that's some funny shit!!!!!!!!

  32. pepo says – reply to this


    Re: shorelinebeads – are you serious? Have you ever been to the Philippines? Do you even have Filipino friends? Ignorant idiot!!

  33. 33

    He's being funny…he's comedian, that's what they do.

  34. 34


  35. hEn says – reply to this


    what a fucking asshole.

  36. 36

    Re: goodgirl27 – Oh yeah by saying were dumb illiterate, that our world revolves around Manny, like saying our women our prostitute and we are so poor we live in trash. Please by saying it was only a joke is just like saying we eat shit. those comments are insulting

  37. 37

    i say next fight should be pacman vs carolla.. now that would be funny .

  38. 38

    Im philipino and im very offended this are tacky and tasteless comments made by a very ignorant individual

  39. 39

    Re: TRUTH-TELLER – We'll no Filipino is laughing is there?

  40. 40

    This is not really funny…but just as a counterpoint…people make fun of the US like this all the time and it really doesn't bother me. When Bush was around I actually agreed that some of the US jokes were kind of funny. People make fun of my former state (Lousiana) and although I love where I am from a lot of the jokes about LA are pretty funny and have more than a grain of truth to them…and I am not offended. Anytime we generalize people can get offended but if comedians didn't generalize where would we find humor?

  41. 41

    Adam WHO? ? ?

    He's a NOBODY. The words comin out of his mouth are not worth SH!T.


  42. 42

    How is this that offensive? He's saying that MAYBE someone that probably has some head injuries shouldn't be the president-that's it! How is that any different than when the US elected Bush and the COVER of one of England's newspaper said something like how can "x" million people be so stupid? (meaning how can so many Americans be that dumb that they elected Bush).We joke about Arnold being a governor, Ronald Reagan,etc.

  43. 43

    me and sarah jessica parker control the entire south street of manila. i bet u just jealous cos we beat them bitches wen they step out of line. sometimes thou sjp gets drunk and takes it 2 far, but god damn she works hard and has more class than pakio, the filipines and all u sad american fuks who are probally whacking off readin this.

  44. HW3 says – reply to this


    Wow just read the comments.. you people need to get your panties out of your ass. he's only saying that using Manny as the face of Philippines is almost as bad a using George Bush for the united states. All you die hard fanatics should switch from Perez to CNN if your that tight!!!!!!

  45. Rokk says – reply to this


    He makes much more sense than you do perez.

  46. mikem says – reply to this


    yea really, if you ever listened to him you'd know that's his sense of humor. he's not trying to be racist, i mean he talks shit about alot of ethic/cultural backgrounds, even his own.

    people need to calm the fuck down. its on his podcast, no one has to listen if they dont want to. maybe if it was a radio, then i would understand. he, and every other dj in america, make fun of mexicans all day long but dont get much shit for it. but all of a sudden filipinos get made fun of and its not cool. you guys need to chill the fuck out. im sure you never listen to him besides hearing him on loveline anyways.

  47. 47

    Re: MsJillian – It's people like you that create the stereotype of ignorant white american idiots. And Adam Carolla is the absolute epitome of it. what the hell do you mean 'get a sense of humor'? how is this funny?it's stupid and gives people the wrong impression about the philippines. would you laugh at a bully calling a smaller kid names and pushing them around? if you would you are a sick person and deserve to go to hell like adam carolla, who by the way wouldn't last 3 seconds in the ring with pacquiao. why you would find it funny to pick on a poverty-ridden country is beyond me.

    p.s- im not saying all white people or americans are ignorant racist idiots.

  48. 48

    Why dosnt packio put them fists to good use and fist perezs ass, that fat twat wud have a ass hole bigger than that big tunnel in new york. perez if u r wackin off this i will kill u. put away that jergens lube u filthy homo.

  49. 49

    Re: MsJillian – Ok first of all Manny is only a suspected on using it nothing is proven yet. second making fun of a whole nation and thinking it's funny and satirical have a hitler mentality thinking other nation are inferior. I don't fucking care about Manny he's a famous boxer like tiger woods they are subjected to this kind of trash. But making people believe who never heard or been to Philippines giving them an impression that Philippines is only about prostitution and poverty. It's insulting and demeaning don't agree to anything when you don't know a thing about it. YOU look dumb

  50. 50

    it was funny for a second- then he just kept going…smooth move dumbass. Who is he to talk? We (americans) are not perfect either.

  51. 51

    This is insensitive but hardly news-worthy. I have had FAR worse than this. I am sure radio station's in other countries put the US down on a daily basis!

  52. 52

    Re: melonia – Ok we have cultural differences Asian countries are more conservative. You;re country is more liberated but you can't force us to your way of thinking. We can't always bow down to US. That is way you have many wars. You don;t respect others belief

  53. 53

    This reaction is hysterical. I'm going to leave these comments now in order to continue living my life. I suggest you all do the same.

  54. 54

    He needs to stick his BIG nose where it doesn't belong. He doesn't live in the Philippines or nowhere near it and it doesn't effect you in any way so why does it piss you off so much????Mind your own business….

  55. 55

    I'm a Filipina and I agree on not letting Pacquiao run the country. But what Adam said is really harsh. Yes, the Philippines is not a rich country but it doesn't mean that we're all about SEX and PROSTITUTION and stuffs. That's totally offending. We are proud of Pacquiao because its not everyday that a countryman gets famous. If you hate Pacquiao, just hate him. Not our country. Yes, we hate you but we don't hate your country.

  56. 56

    My two best friends are Filipino and I do not see this funny. Adam Carolla needs to think about what he says next time!

  57. maki says – reply to this


    well..im a filipina! not all filipinos are for manny pacquiao.. im for perez haha

  58. 58

    I'm filipino and I have to admit he is right. Even though he said it in a kinda rude form but from what I experienced, he is absolutely right with some filipinos who worship him. And he really is kinda illeterate, thats why even some people in the philippines LOVE it when he gets mocked and parodied.

  59. 59

    What does Adam have against a country that loves their hero and a hero who loves them back. What does he care? Is he in love with Manny? I also don't get people on here that think it's 'completely funny'. If you think that's funny then YOU SHOULD GET A LIFE.

  60. 60

    Wha the hell was so bad about what he said. He's absolutely correct. The country has nothing going for it but this bum so called fighter. There was nothing racist or wrong about what Corolla said. Your fishing for publicity again fat boy.

  61. 61

    Adam Corolla, such an ignoramus!

  62. 62

    Re: njpaul129 – HOW THE HELL IS THIS RIGHT? it's completely WRONG and RACIST. that just shows how little you know. Hes is extremely worng and you are a total idiot. go jump off a bridge.

  63. 63

    I've never gotten why people think insulting jokes are funny. I guess it's just my sense of humor.

  64. 64

    Re: njpaul129 – Oh yeah have you ever been to Philippines? You racist against poverty and Filipinos. We never chose to be poor and we work hard to make ourselves better you guys keep stepping on the little guys.

  65. 65

    I am from Puerto Rico and we have had many fight with the Philippines… We RESPECT Manny and have much respect for the Philippines…. Manny and th Philippines don't deserve this ignorant CRAP!!!…Adam Carolla deserves his ASS beaten up!… What a fuckin Asshole, not any different form the biggest AHOLE Glenn Beck !!!… Carolla, Glenn Beck and Jesse James are 3 big American Assholes!… Congratulations USA for having the 3 biggest assholes on TV!

  66. 66

    This is not funny at all. This Carolla guy is just jealous of Manny Pacquaio because Pacquaio is definitely more popular and richer than he'll ever be!

  67. 67

    Actually Yes, Adam is a comedian he was being funny. It's even funnier to see how people react by acting as if it's a attack on themselves because they might happen to know something about the subject. He IS making light of a ridiculous subject and how ANYONE could find a personal insult in his rant is a even more RIDICULOUS Joke. What Moron is writing these articles? The Perez Hilton website seems prone to ALways Attack WHITE people and examine every word that comes out of there mouth with a magnifying glass. He's not racist, he's a Comedian who is making light of how the country is over glorifying a BOXER. THIS WEBSITE A JOKE!

  68. 68

    I think Filipinos are taking so much offense because they would never EVER let Manny run the country. Yeah, he's as popular as Jesus right now but it's doubtful he'll even win his seat in Congress. He's not illiterate but he's sure as hell not the sharpest pencil in the bunch, and everyone in the country knows it. But way to stay classy, Adam Carolla, picking on third-world countries and their heroes.

  69. 69

    ovb white people would say its a joke
    you guys are so ignorant
    every joke has a truth to it, so his not joking
    nor is he indicating that it was a joke,
    what a no name asshole

  70. 70

    Your feigned moral outrage isn't charming, Perez. You're all in a tizzy over this comedian making a (unfunny) string of comments in jest, but not a hint of anger or being upset over Chris Rock's "Crackers" song, which was equally as unfunny, and a whole lot more racist (and dangerous!). There's a comment about geese and ganders that would go well here, not that I condone it from either side of the fence.

    Furthermore, I wouldn't be at all shocked if, in the days to follow, Adam Carolla is put through the ringer about this, has to make an apology, and possibly loses his job. What have we heard about Chris Rock? Diddly, that's what. This sends a very dangerous message to youth of all colour and backgrounds, and that message is that equality is a lie.

  71. 71

    Never like Carolla anyway, masochistic asshole.

  72. 72

    Wow.. That was NOT funny.. It was racist and bigoted.. Not to mention ignorant.. It seems someones a bit defensive that his country's fighter lost to a filipino fighter.. N no,the country is not just about manny n prostitution.. Obviously he has no idea what he's talking about.. There's nothing wrong with them being proud of their nation's hero.. It's not everyday some from a poverty-stricken country can become that famous n successful.. This guys even gloats that there's so much in America,n nothing in the phillipines.. What a douche.. This is what makes a lot of people have bad impressions about americans.. Because of ppl like this guy who thinks that America is the only country worth anything..

  73. 73

    This Adam Carolla guy should just jam with our filipino sensation Charie and sing PYRAMID. ;)

  74. 74

    This Adam Carolla guy should just jam with our filipino sensation Charice and sing PYRAMID. ;)

  75. 75

    ..ADAM CAROLLA!! shame on y0u!! assh0le!! ..

  76. 76

    Did anyone else notice that Perez wrote "sex stores" in the transcript when it is clearly "sex tours" on the podcast? They even put up a visual with the words "sex tours" on the video when they say it. Come on now, did you even watch/listen to it or just cut and paste someone else's poor job at transcription??

    Also when they first mention giving blood they totally show someone getting a TB skin test, not giving blood.

    Does anyone edit this crap before it goes out???

  77. 77

    what a dickhead! my babies are 1/4 filipino…but yeah PacMan shouldn't run the country and he's a kickass fighter…so adam "butter teeth" carolla can shut his grimey pie hole up! and be a lil more respectful next time…

  78. 78

    I lol'd at what Corolla said, some of you people really need to lighten up around here…you act like the man burned a cross on the White House lawn!

  79. 79

    Re: NotAIdiot – then why are you in perez hilton stupid

  80. 80

    who the hell is adam carolla???

  81. 81

    OUCH!!! As a "celebrity" you have to know when to say and when not to say things. This is something that you maaaaaaaaaay be able to get away with when you're with your close friends. If you're talking to the public, it'll be smart for your career to keep your nasty comments to yourself. :-/ A lot of people say jokes about other races, but it's about location, location, location!

  82. 82

    Oh, and the filipinos have some BOMB @SS lumpias!!!! That alone makes me love the Philipinnes! (sp?)

  83. 83

    Oh shut up Perez, I heard the entire podcast and this is totally taken out of context.

  84. 84

    Re: pixxiemeat – So he can say whatever he wants and it is "suppose"to be funny. Just because he is a comedian does not make it ok.
    Besides he was being serious because on the video he was saying how much the Philippines piss him off. He was being serious.

  85. 85

    I'm filipina and can take a dig at a few jokes, I guess it all comes down to the tenor of Adam. I've ALWAYS been a big fan of Adam Corolla since his work with Dr. Drew and have always found him hilarious, but until you hear his tone of voice when making these comments, you can't really decide if he was joking or being serious.

  86. 86

    It's true, if you ever had the misfortune of having to live there you'd know. There are people that are scarred for life being stuck in the filipins, it is ALL about sex to the majority.

  87. 87

    Shut Up Perez, it's an effing joke.
    Adam Carolla is the man!

  88. 88

    Re: coqauvin – women in Philippines are not loose. Man where do you get these facts you are mis informed. a pity

  89. 89

    I'm Filipino (and fucking proud!) and now that I think about it, I'm so proud of my ethnicity that this shit stick who I have no idea about doesn't phase me. For all the Filipinos out there (and everyone else): don't worry about this ugly guy, he's just trying to get some laughs. Just remember, Filipinos grow up to be such successful people (like Manny)! Although this man may think that Manny would be a terrible president, I would some what have to agree with him. Manny is amazing but I don't think he should be a president. He should just enjoy his life and hang out with his family. The current president f**ked the Philippines so much, it'd be too much for him to fix it.
    Dip shit Carolla, please don't make jokes about nothing that you know. You must be a Mayweather fan that is why you are so butt hurt towards a man you have never met. Go cry in the corner about how no one knows you because thus far, I've only heard about you from Perez Hilton. So go envy Manny cause he makes more money throwing punches than you ever will by making shitty jokes.

  90. 90

    Translate this ADAM Carolla!


  91. 91

    I'm glad people are questioning his taste in comedy. I hate this idea that comedians get a free pass to offend people. It's not right, it's not funny and it's stupid.

  92. 92

    I'm Filipino and VERY offended by this BULLSHIT. First of all, Adam Carolla needs to get his shit straight. How does he even know that the Philippines is just full of sex stores?!? Wow, if he has ever been there, then he didn't really check out the REAL Philippines. My country might be poor, but I gotta say that we're one of the most hardworking people IN THE WORLD with more than 7,000 BEAUTIFUL ISLANDS. Everywhere you go, there are always Filipinos working. It might be hard work and labor that a lot of people don't really prefer, but we get the job done. How will hospitals and IT companies work if the Philippines do not produce any nurses, doctors, engineers, IT people and more. He might've said that as a joke, but for us Filipinos IT'S NOT. Manny Pacquiao may not be good at speaking english, he may have stopped schooling at an early age, but what is he right now? One of the richest people in the world and he's still down-to-earth. He actually WORKED HARD for the money he's earning right now. That's how resilient Filipinos are. We are hard-working, resilient, and VERY talented. I guess he's just jealous that Filipinos are actually starting to make a name in the international scene, while he is still trying to make one of his own. It's demeaning to a whole nation who has done nothing but help to the whole world. Silently, yes, but definitely helpful. Don't have a big head Carolla, not a lot of people know you outside of the USA.

  93. 93

    Adam Carolla is right.
    I've been to the Phillipines and the place just sucks major balls.

  94. 94

    There is no humour to what Adam has stated about the Philippines. If people find this funny, then there definitely is something wrong. There is a lot of bad things in the Philippines, yes, but also a lot of good things that people do not know. Yes, some of his statement are true but some are not. Like Manny Pacquiao running the country? Where did u get the information from? Manny isn't running for a president, he is running for a congressman where he grew up, where he helped a lot of his people with everything. Since when did a congressman run a country? Presidents/prime ministers run the countries just so u know and not the congress people. Filipino people show big support to MP, and quite frankly it is unbelievable how there is no crime in the Philippines when MP is on tv. If he knew the crimes that happen in the Philippines everyday he probably would not be saying that. Philippines is not the greatest country but so does every other countries. The way people talk or the way people express themselves show how educated they are, and clearly enough AC isn't. Shame on people that find this humourous. Philippines and Thailand are two different countries. Go to school and learn some culture differences. Before you speak out about a certain country, you might want to know first what the country-people are going thru and be a little sensitive about it.

  95. 95

    Re: Serrenity

    have you even been to the Philippines? Know any Filipinos? Have actually had a conversation with a Filipino?

    stop judging. YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT.

  96. 96

    I'm filipino and I'm definetly not the biggest supporter of the Philippines (we could have better leaders). But these comments are disgusting. Be it serious or not. Referring to the country as nothing more than Manny Pacquiao and sex stores is despicable. We have much greater Filipino's we are proud of. Your fluorescent light bulb was invented by a Filipino scientist. The UN was once led by a Filipino. These comments are uneducated and racist. No race or country deserves this tone of ridicule. I live in Canada and I've never heard a radio station dj talk like this. Because of this incident do I now have the right to say that all comedians or dj's are racist, close-minded, stupid idiots looking for attention? No and I don't ever want to apply those adjectives to him as a person. But this situation should not be tolerated. I will not lighten up. I will not get a sense of humour because if any other race or ethnicity recieved this same attention the mass reaction may be different.

  97. 97

    Re: coqauvin

    wow you need to get your fucking facts straight. i'm a filipina and we're definitely NOT LOOSE. if you've really been there and not the AMERICAN INFLUENCED areas like Subic bay OR Clark Air Base, then you would know that the Filipino culture is one of the most conservative cultures there are.

    Stop hating just because Manny Pacquiao has beaten every American favorite in boxing. Even GAYWEATHER is scared of him.

  98. 98

    Re: LHUV59 – So all of a sudden we're to respect any racist remarks because they're just jokes?

  99. 99

    ADAM COROLLA IS AN ASS! His comments are totally insensitive and the least bit funny. Yes the Philippines is a poor country but its not all about Manny Pacquiao and sex stores! Please learn some culture and something about the country before you poke fun of the people. I'm sorry if Filipinos all over the world are proud of their countryman and he can kick your ass!

  100. 100

    I see the anger and frustration as a reaction not in support of Manny Pacquiao but because he decided to comment on all Filipino's and the country of the Philippines. He is obviously unaware to the skits, parodies, comedies in the Philippines all taking stabs at Manny Pacquiao. He is also unaware of a small scandal he went through in the Philippines.

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