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Americans Rejoice! Heidi And Spencer Plan Move To Costa Rica!

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The Real Heidi Doll graced the airwaves with her presence Monday as a guest on On Air With Ryan Seacrest and, as is expected, unloaded all sorts of crazy on the American Idol host!

Girlfriend talked about her plastic surgery, Spencer's suspension from shooting The Hills, her shiteous album's disappointing sales, and to the relief of millions of Americans, her plans to move out of the country!

She said:

"I think we're gonna move to Costa Rica, or somewhere in Latin America. I'm not exactly sure where…it's a new change, it's a new life, I think that we've had so much going on and so much craziness, that we just need to transition, and who knows, maybe we'll come back after a month or something, but I think for a while we're gonna go there…and figure it out, it's going to be a whole new adjustment."

And another delightful gem:

"I actually have been training with guns and knives for years, no really, I go to the firing range and work with a guy who started the original Delta Force, and have been training with my M4, my GLOK 19 for years."


We absolutely CANNOT get enough of this delusional My-Size Barbie's crazy!!


Click here to listen to the unfiltered interview with Frankentittays!


[Image via WENN.]

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41 comments to “Americans Rejoice! Heidi And Spencer Plan Move To Costa Rica!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    Hates It!
    Move on.

  3. 3

    you may love it, perez, but the rest of us couldn't be more sick of it. how much do they pay you to keep this shit on your page constantly?

  4. KR0D says – reply to this


    do us all a favor and go to afghanistan AND DONT EVER COME BACK!

  5. 5

    Not only will they tip the balance of the ecosystems in Costa Rica, but they will not do anything to contribute to its society and return as soon as they see a day without their faces in the news.

  6. 6

    I highly doubt Charlie would give her the time of day! This is just too much!

  7. 7

    I always thought Spencer may be psychotic, they will go down there and start a crazy cult. Then they will force their followers to drink suicide kool-aid. They are both clinically insane.

  8. 8

    You can't be serious. Now I have to deal with them? great…

  9. 9

    Ohhhhh, please let it be true!!!!

  10. 10

    This girl is delusional or either really damn gullible. The guy who started the original Delta Force - 'Charles Alvin Beckwith' aka "Chargin' Charlie" died in 1994.

    So yeah he really came back from the dead to train this bimbo. Idiot needs to think before she speaks.

  11. 11

    PLEASE SHUT THIS BITCH UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wouldn't it be HIGHlarious if she accidently stabbed or shot herself during one of her "training" excursions. WTF!!!!

  12. 12

    The craziness is in them so they cannot start new somewhere else ’cause it goes with them! Don't know if I believe the training with guns stuff, but she will need it in the jungles…ha ha ha They are very funny to read about, though. It is hard to believe they think what they do is ok.

  13. 13

    Seriously, this crazy bitch has a record out????? Is the record label deaf??????

  14. 14

    Never thought anyone could annoy me more than Lindsay Lohan but this girl, whatever her name is, does the trick. Could you pleaze stop writing about her and her husband, they are both so silly - a real disgrace to humankind. I could also do without ever hearing about Lohan again. White trash that's what they are and I feel ashamed for them. As a white person I feel they give us a bad reputation.

  15. 15

    Maybe they will come back after a month? That is a vacation not a relocation.

  16. 16

    OOPS I must be on the wrong website I thought this was a "Celebrity Gossip Website."

  17. 17

    She wants to move to Costa Rica and then "come back after maybe a month." Ummm….that's not moving you stupid bitch! That's called a vacation! What a waste of space!

  18. 18

    the day their plane takes off should be a national holiday

  19. 19

    They'll move to Costa Rica - with a whole camera crew.

  20. 20

    I guess Spencer realized he had no ability to go to USC and major in Computer Science (Security). That would require, brains, hard work and dedication.

  21. 21


  22. 22

    These are the dumbest people..but smart enough to keep their names in the media. According to a recent poll they are in the top five of hated people in America. I think Jesse James is number one. What have we come to? And yet I keep reading…

    "It's the end of the world as we know it"…sing it with me…"and I feel fine."

  23. 23

    *places hand over her mouth and tries hard not laugh. Fails miserably* WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! your shitting me right?! I mean now thats one more destination to cross off my list of places to visit, if they're there and i see them i might do something bad. But on the plus side, if they leave, we'll see less of them!! But this could also be a lie because they love publicity and enjoy drama, imagine them being out of the spotlight for more than 2 days. Their world would end. *gets down on knees and prays* Dear Lord, I will find religion and be devout if you make this come true.

  24. 24

    Wait a moment!!!! Sorry people, but I have to say this in spanish: "Q putas van a venir a hacer a Costa Rica??? si aquí tenemos nuestros propios estúpidos que se creen estrellitas y son suficientes!!! Por favor, que alguien los detenga!!! Nada le hemos hecho a los norteamericanos como para que nos amenacen de esta forma!!!"

    Really, we don`t need any more stupid persons, we have enough… :-/

  25. 25

    Vaya con el diablo.

  26. 26

    Hey Heidi, i also have precise location with arrows, throwing knives and grenades, I can use the best of guns including an AK-47 and have endless friends in the military, I think when they hear what you can do they might shoot you. So tell me why you play with guns, is it to be the next Tomb Raider girl? Give it up woman, you can't do anything, you are going to be remembered for being an idiot.

  27. 27

    Please GO and take Rush Limbaugh with you!

  28. kland says – reply to this


    i am more convinced now than ive ever been that you definately get paid to write about certain ppl mario… i dont think i have ever seen any one that is actually a fan of these two idiots.. but i do get how you and speidi are similar mario, youre both shameless famewhores… bottom line.
    and by the way, to that dimwit that is about to bring a shitstorm to beautiful costa rica… relocating to live in another country lasts longer than a month… a month is a vacation… but what can one expect from someone that promotes a psychic (or whatever he is) to be her manager… even if it was for 3 days… THIS IS SHIT I DONT NEED TO KNOW YET I DO THANKS TO YOU POSTING ABOUT THEM 30 TIMES A DAY… I JUST WISH THEY WOULD DROP OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH AND ARE NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN… AND THAT THEY TAKE U WITH THEM MARIO

  29. 29

    i'm from Costa Rica…i know my country is beautiful but this stupid people need to STAY AWAY!!! first Rush Limbaugh, and now Speidi…hmm. all others are more than welcome :) haha

  30. 30

    That is just terrible, Costa Rica is such a beautiful country, why would anyone wish to defile its image with such filth?

  31. 31

    Her face is always greasey and her nose looks awful. LEAVE. NEVER COME BACK if only…if only….

  32. 32

    Ross Perot, believe it or not, actually funded the Delta Force rescue.Sorry, bb.Quote, " Two employees of EDS were in a contract dispute. Perot organized and sponsored their rescue. The rescue team was led by retired U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel Arthur D. ('Bull') Simons."Are you saying Ross Perot trained you? 'Cause let me tell you, I've met the man, I worked with him a bit. And while, yes, being QUITE kooky, he is the nicest & most honest man. And before anyone jumps on my back @ how he jumped in, then out, then back into the election, let me tell you that there were political hijinks involved with that. Anyway, in other words, he probably would not be associated in anyway with you.

  33. 33

    Ummm … she's been firing an M4 since she was 4 years old? It is sure starting to sound like silicone was injected into what ever she has that passes for a brain during her tranny surgery.

  34. 34

    What did the people in Costa Rica ever do to deserve this torture. Beautiful country by the way, great choice!

  35. 35

    Wish they would move to Dubai, UAE. They are bound to end up in prison…

  36. 36

    I feel like her and Spenser's life is one huge publicity stunt. Let's see how much different crap we can say to get people's attention! She's a moron and her and Spenser can go to the f*cking moon and stay there for all I care.

  37. 37

    Oh, and it's spelled "Glock." One so educated in weapons of destruction would know that now, wouldn't they? Shouldn't they? This is why we have gun laws.

  38. 38

    yay!! thank goodness. and please stop writing about these tittays!!

  39. 39


  40. J W says – reply to this


    who cares

  41. 41

    Two more quick thoughts:
    She has a record deal? WTF???
    How can she live in Costa Rica when she couldn't last more than one day in the jungle during her reality stunt gig?