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Brian McKnight Is A Baby Daddy?

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He's been keeping that pretty quiet!

Brian McKnight has been paying child support for a 1-year-old boy and the mother is using Kevin Federline's lawyer to get the ca$$$h!

Miriam Moreno hired Mark Vincent Kaplan to represent her at a hearing last week for her son's child support.

The son has Brian's name, Evan Brian McKnight, so we assume that it must be his kid! Especially since he's been paying child support for awhile.

We guess mama wants more money!

[Image via Johnny Louis / WENN.]

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74 comments to “Brian McKnight Is A Baby Daddy?”

  1. 1

    Miriam Moreno offered up her scorching griddle and Brian McKnight was more than happy to pour his man batter all over it and, presto, a pancake is born.

  2. 2

    Good for Brian ..I hope SHE get every dime he has…He's washed up as a singer…

  3. 3

    cant take the ghetto out of the man lol i sware wat is up with these ghetto celebs who have "baby mommas"…. seems like if you get money you would get class but it doesnt seem to happen that way

  4. 4

    I don't get this sort of thing… If you want your child to grow up with the luxury of the rich spouse, let them live with the rich spouse…

    Why do you want his money to raise the child in a life you would never have been able to give a child? Let the child live with the father, if that is what the father wants (in this case)… A baby shouldn't be a vehicle for $$$, but our courts seem to think its ok.

  5. 5

    Re: philonious1der – Phil: What makes you think a child is better off with one parent because they have more money? Any parent regardless of wealth is responsible to care for their children monetarily. No one is looking for luxury here, just what is fair. (In this case) maybe you should get your facts straight first….

  6. 6

    Well HERE we go again, another irresponsible so called MOTHER recklessly having unprotected sex, can barely take care of her 1st child, now bringing another kid into this world that she can't take care of yet she wants to have Brian Mcknight be her golden ticket. She should be ashamed of herself, get 2 jobs if you have to but don't get mad at Brian, like he wanted to have a kid with her??? Show me a celebrity that has outside kids and I'll show you a gold diggin trifling chick.

  7. 7

    Re: responsibleadult – responsibleadult: Why is the mother irresponsible? Brian is without fault? If he didn't want to have a child with her, you'd think he would know better BY NOW! No one is after any "Golden Ticket" just trying to get a responsible adult to man up and pay what is owed! And BTW she does have two jobs, one full time and the other taking care of BOTH her beautiful kids!

  8. 8

    re:yourahotmess — SHE, is a grown azz woman, why is she recklessly sleeping with celebs WITHOUT protection??? how is that being responsible? She is old enough to know better. To make matters worse, she proved how irresponsible she is to post HER private legals matters all over the internet INCLUDING her son's name!! What kind of mother is that? This SCREAMS gold digger. Never in her wildest dreams would she have EVER made the kind of money she is trying to collect from this man. I have no respect for any so-called mother who whores herself out to celebs in hopes of getting preggers just to collect the money. She ought to be ashamed of herself and no good will come to her for this scheme.

  9. 9

    Re: responsibleadult – Ha Ha you are as clueless as Brian. What do you think? She went strolling the street of Hollywood looking for celebs and slept with the first one that came along? LMAO What a joke!

  10. 10

    Re: responsibleadult – And nothing SCREAMS gold digger like a supposed 14 year relationship with this man when he was only divorced from his wife in 2003! Um can someone do the math? Moving in on a married man with newborn twins of your own as you sit back and tolerate this dead beat dad cheat and disrespect you as well as other woman and his own children. Yup, you said it…GOLD DIGGER! Can you say HOME WRECKER too? (And by the way, Evan's Mom didn't leak her son's info! (After court it became accessible to the public. Go to school!)

  11. 11

    Re: yourahotmessb – my oh my you sound like a jilted lover bigtime, what's wrong, he dumped you too? Now you are on a mission to air his dirty laundry all over the internet.. I thought this post was about this woman tryin to juke him out of some cash for that azz that she gave up over 9 months ago? Either you or her or maybe it is you, but 1 of you posted the information today once you got so pissed that your little plan didn't work and you aint getting that cash you conspired to get. P.S. how can somebody be a homewrecker when there wasn't a happy home to be wrecked? now YOU do YOUR homework, matter of fact, get off the net and take care of your kids, go get a new scheme, get a job, get a life.

  12. 12

    Re: yourahotmessb – let the record show that she has 2 kids, 2 different baby daddys so it doesn't really look very positive for her.

  13. 13

    I know for sure that Miriam had this baby with the sole purpose of getting paid. I also know that Brian asked for shared custody and she said NO!!! why? so she can get paid more money. She tried to get $10,000 a month, the courts laughed her out of the court room, she lost and the judge ordered in favor of Brian, realized that this woman was a gold digger and gave her a realistic amount, then told her that she needs to be more responsible as a woman and a mother and to stop having kids with different fathers. The court also told her that she needs to get a job to support herself and her children and stop relying on others to support her and a lifestyle that she is not qualified for.

  14. 14

    I cannot stand to see women getting preggers by celeb men for money. It is shameful, quite honestly. What is even more amazing is the fact that a man as smart as Brian can continue to be so foolish, all for some you know what. Get something snipped, if you want to sex women UNPROTECTED (again - DUMB. And SHAME on the women that let him do this!) Brian has done wrong by so many women, it is not even funny. And for the poster who tried to justify having an affair for years with a married man by saying he was not in a happy marriage, that is TOTAL BS. Women need to stop making dumb excuses like this. If a man is married, HE IS MARRIED. Stay away. Otherwise you get what you get, which in this case is a card carrying cheater and multiple baby daddy. But, hey maybe for some that is good enough. Brian, get it together man. You are better than this.

  15. 15

    Re: luvinlife2thefullest – Funny, because I was in court that day, and like everyone except Mom & Dad were escorted OUT! So I find it funny that you have all this info! Wrong info. Maybe like so many you too have your information wrong and might want to second guess what others are telling you?

  16. 16

    Re: responsibleadult – Jilted? No. By Brian? Laughable. I just got a little fired up when you started bringing up the kids, which you OBVIOUSLY have no heart for and OBVIOUSLY know nothing about. I didn't air any laundry dirty or other. So I'll let you get back to wrecking! Again, laughable….

  17. 17

    If he would have just stayed within his own "community" he probably wouldn't be having this much drama like Tiger. When will these men learn…

  18. 18

    Re: yourahotmessb – well it looks like your girl is gonna have to sell a lot more Avon to support herself and her two iligit kids, maybe you can help her? I mean, she shouldn't need to make that much livin on the east side of LA right?? what in the heck was she thinking? did she think she was gonna move on up to the west side with brian mcknight??? now THAT is laughable.

  19. 19

    Re: yourahotmessb – well it looks like your girl is gonna have to sell a lot more Avon to support herself and her two iligit kids, maybe you can help her? I mean, she shouldn't need to make that much livin on the east side of LA right?? what in the heck was she thinking? did she think she was gonna move on up to the west side with brian mcknight??? now THAT is laughable.

  20. 20

    Re: responsibleadult – Your such a joke and a hypocrite! We'll see who gets the last laugh! Know much about Karma?

  21. 21

    Re: responsibleadultRe: responsibleadult – How sad it is for this "irresponsible adult" to feel the need to be on this site 24 hours trying to justify what Brian. This matter is between Miriam and Brian. Not Miriam, Brian and his horse face fiancé. Besides shouldn't u be taking care of your iligitmate kids too. You should also ask Miriam to sell your ugly ass some Avon it might help. and as far as her trying to move to the west side to be with Brian I doubt that. unlike u she has some dignity she'd rather live in the east side than to try to move in a home where he lived with his former wife and kids. Maybe instead of monitoring this site you should be monitoring your man so he doesn't keep creating babies all over the place. Pretty soon there be no dough left for u "horse face homewrecking low self esteem bitch"

  22. 22

    Re: Shuturass – Wait I'm supposed to help Miriam…"Hey "RESPONSIBLEADULT" Avon Calling!" LMAO!!!!

  23. 23

    Excume Me!!!! Hey Ms. Mona Lisa…Goldigger huh? well who is the one that's job less, and has bryan supporting 2 kids that are not even his?????YOU ARE…so who's the GOLD DIGGA NOW???? Instead on being on Stand By mode, to catch up on the progress of all these on going comments, let me suggest a VASECTOMY on Bryan, to avoid you guys ending up on the street after so many kids being left stranded…Thank you china cochina.

  24. 24

    Re: responsibleadult – by the way dumb ass Brian doesn't live in the west side he lives in the Valley like u. So get your directions right. The west side is to expensive for a " has been" and a "coat tail rider" like u.

  25. 25

    Re: Shuturass – wow another jilted jump off, what happened he hit and quit you too? You thought it was gonna b more? It's funny how you would bring up the fiance, how typical, you just told on yourself, sorry he broke your heart too. Yall are hatin on her cuz it isn't you hilarious. Get over it already you were a one night stand, a hit it and quit it, so move on he doesn't want you. Apparantly his fiance comes from money y would mcknight stay with her that long and confess his luv 4 her publicly and now want to marry her if she was a gold digger. Ya'll were just groupies hoping to lock him down but you couldn't not even with a baby, you still can't now that's laughable

  26. 26

    Jus saw this, i got2 comment, i play ball with my boy Bmac and thru the years seen hella nasty ass white and asian hoes come thru ex-wifey takes the cake she is busted dont even fix herself up no wunder he rolled out but new wifey looks good he came up so i say good 4 u bra i dunno how he pulled that 1 but i want one cuz girlz in LA are gold diggas 4 real 4 real

  27. 27

    Re: responsibleadult – Oh yes we're so hating on her. How hard is it to find an ugly man with money who is always cheating. NOT! very hard. Besides if this chick comes from so much money would'nt she have some more self respect for herself and her 2 kids and finally move on to someone who really loves her. You talk about that pitty proposal on stage come on, that's the least she deserves after "PUBLICALLY" being humiliated multiple times by a trifling man that cheats in public and has kids that everyone including herself know about. Hurray!! for you girlfriend you'll be married to a man that will be paying over 30,000k a month in child support for the rest of his life to all of his ligitamate kids. You should have jumped on the groupie band wagon. You would have been better off. 14 years. Please. now who needs to get a life.

  28. 28

    Wow, it's really sad to read how some people only blame the woman here. Let's not forget that Brian had the choice to protect himself and he didn't. I feel sorry for the person defending the "Fiance" who as someone pointed out, that once the math is done, she was having an affair with him, while he was married, but she accepted his proposal and she knows about this childs existance, so she doesn't really give a damn that he's a cheater, and well that is just sad, because no woman deserves to feel that low about herself.. this is a matter b/n Brian and Miriam and how it will affect their Child… and if I read all these postings, the negativity stems from the person who "Knows" the fiance and I just hope that person is never around the Child, because that person is full of anger and is very toxic.. good luck and next time you cheat, becuase honey you did (do the math again) wear a condom…

  29. 29

    Why would anyone defend Miriam. What she did was and is completely wrong. Bringing a child into the world for a steady paycheck is morally wrong. I am not defending Brian, but in all his years in his career, he should be able to tell the deference between a decent girl from a liar and golddigging groupie/whore. It's so sad to know that she needed to get pregnant twice in order to keep the men or get some money. Unfortunately it back fired on her both times. Maybe third time is a charm,lol. Karma is a bitch, everything eventually catches up. All the shit talking you do Miriam is eventually catching up, unfortunately you are not looked at as a victim, but as a goldding whore.

  30. 30

    Re: luvinlife2thefullest – That is funny!!!!

  31. 31

    Re: laughingmyassoff1 – well you speak of Miriam as if you personally know her. Who knows maybe you do, you're probably one her her last loser ass friends that used her when they needed a place to stay or a car to drive I wouldn't doubt if it was even a relative that after so many years has never been able to accomplish even a 1/4 of what Miriam has. with or without the help of a man. If you call a gold digging whore, someone that was with an average guy and had a child while in a 10 yr relationship, than you really need to update your dictionary. As far as your comment about Miriam being a shit talker, you're right she is and a dam good one. But u want to know what the difference between u and her are. It's that she has the balls to say it to your face, not like your chicken shit ass that needs to make up an alias on this site and vent here anonomously. You must have been one that she ripped a new for right?? Well I hope U feel better inside and feel that u finally spoke your peace. Next time grow some balls and call her directly. I'm sure u have her number. And if u really want to know who's defending her it's the other shit talker. I'm sure u know who I am. I dare u to write something again. Do I know how easy it is to find out who u are. Try me…

  32. 32

    I can not believe the hatred on here -you are forgetting who this article is about! If Brian did do the cheating then why are you bashing the fiancee and baby mama? Yes they are both wrong but ultimately -he was married…you never know exactly what was being said to the women at the time. People really should never speak on other people's relationships. Sidenote: yes he should have been safe but unless he forced himself on "Miriam" she should have also taken precautions to protecct herself from this and much worse, a disease -especially if she is already a mother. LADIES! act responsibly protect yourself especially from men who you know have a reputation especially celebrities! AND just because he is a fool and be unsafe, it doesn't give you the right to make your P****y a paycheck! Your kid will be the real victim!

  33. 33

    Re: Shuturass – I'm so glad miriam has you as a best friend, i like how you have her back that is so nice. i was wondering tho, maybe you can answer this, what is wrong with your girl? Why is it that she can't keep a man? Baby Daddy #1 didn't marry her and Baby Daddy #2 was just a 1 night stand with a groupie, does she have low self esteem? Is she here legally? Does she need these kids to stay in the country legally? Who in the hell wears Avon these days? Minimim wage aint cuttin it probably huh? Can you help her? Maybe you can get her a job as a maid? Maybe there are some lawns she can help cut or some oranges on the highway she can sell? I actually know who you are and I've seen you downtown selling in Santee Alley can you hook her up? Just wondering.

  34. 34

    Baby Girl Lisa stop Bashing on your girl Miriam. Move on from her. You know your man B has many other baby mamas out there. Move on down the list grl its a long one. But you have the list Brian gives it to you and you are still there. Try baby mama Tennessee or Baby mama Arizona or soon to be Oklahoma. Oh yeah they where 1 night stand too. Lisa that shit gets old honey. Only your dum ass buys that shit from Brian. I could have been 1 too. I would rather have a kid from a trashman than his ghetto black ass.

  35. 35

    Im back baby, guess who I am. Let me tell you no not a 1 nighter 8 years guess where since your man is all over the map. ( we will talk about babies in other countries later). Im in the East Coast honey. Bingo thats me. Girl you cant keep up with all this baby mama drama. There are to many. Oh yeah your loser ass has all the time in the world. Grow some ball and self esteem like these other women and get your shit and run.

  36. 36

    im back to blast your ass some more. You should stop honey way too many women have dirt on your man. Stay tuned for the book im gonna hit him with.
    Congrats on your engagement you won baby. What a winner you got.

  37. 37

    Re: bahamianblood78 – I completely agree with you. The only victim is the baby. It's just upsetting how these women throw themselves at rich men, not caring if they are married, engaged or in a relationship as long as they get money from them. Unfortunately the only way to get money from them is by bringing an innocent child into world. I don't understand why they are bashing on the fiancee either, she's not the only women who has stood by her man after he has cheated on her. There are plenty of celebrities out there that have cheated, why? because there are all these money hungry women whom are willing to have a sexual relationship with them, either for money or for their 15 minutes of fame. I am not justifying what Brian did, he shouldn't be spreading his seed around. Him and all these women are irresponsible adults whom are just bringing children into the world, that will someday suffer the consequence of their parent's actions.

  38. 38

    Re: Shuturass – A dare is a dare. Yes you are a really good shit talker, I'm not a family member, so obviously I have accomplished more than what you have. Besides, I do not know about these accomplishments you speak of and I can say more, but the truth is too hurtful. There is no need to call her and tell her what she already knows. Don't like the drama, just like amusing myself.

  39. 39

    "Responsibleadult" back off and stop talking about Miriam and her race. If you are so smart and of high class, then you need to show it girlfriend because isn't "supposedly" your dad a doctor well known in the L.A. area. Then I'm sure you were educated better. Don't be so ignorant. The issue here is the baby/baby daddy's who is a disgusting man who boosts your self esteem because you have none. Miriam isn't with her baby daddy's because she does NOT put up with any man's crap and does not need a man, as she's a hard worker and definitely doesn't need Brian's money. She is a responsible, loving mom and doesn't need to prove herself to no one but her kids. She is not fighting for your man, oh, excuse me, so you think he is your man because according to all these comments, he has many more women and children out there that we will ALL hear more about real soon. I don't know how proud I would feel to be with a man like Brian but obviously you can have him because no women here is fighting for his ugly, diseased self. For all those bashing the mommy, Miriam, she is just doing what is best for her child. And you fiancee, get a life, attend to your so called man and kids of your own. Don't you have a life and work? Yeah, she works for Avon but she works hard! Mexicans may do the dirty jobs but they WORK with dignity to provide for their families. Is their something wrong with that? You are NO better as your kind are minorities as well.

  40. 40

    Isn't it funny that Brian's fiancee finds plenty of time to be on this site making her ignorant comments? If you are the fiancee of a man that declared his love for you in public, then I would imagine you would be using your time taking care of your man who is a washed up celebrity (by the way, his talk show sucks!!! share that with him!)…or is it that he is too busy attending his other women and children?

  41. 41

    Lisa I see you havent hit me back. You are probably still crying to Brian. And yes he is feeding you the same lyrics from his lame as songs."Baby we have a good thing going. "they dont have what we have. Blah Blah Blah. He played that same song to all us 1 nighters. We just hit the PAUSE button on his sorry ass songs. Your dumb ass is the only one that hit the REPLAY button. And yes girl he palys you over and over. And he doesnt even hide it. He does it in your face. Pathetic ass. Hit me back girlfriend.

  42. 42

    Re: responsibleadult – I see u haven't had enough. Well first let me start off by answering your question. Miriam isn't trying to keep a man, if she moved on from the first one it was her choice not his. 2nd.if u call a one night stand multiple dates on multiple occasions, and spending time at his house with his 2 sons and his son Evan. Than I'll tell u just like told your friend get an updated dictionary. and now let me address your concerns of miriam being a maid, orange seller, lawn mower and illegal immigrant, let's just say if she is any of these things (which she's not) doesn't it even make u feel worse about yourself that Brian is even more fullfilled by a person like this than by your sorry ass. Obviously there's a problem here?? Don't u think. Like I told u before u might want to try some Avon 4 your hideous ass. Oh and by the way, u may have seen me selling shit on santee (not) even that career choice is better than the 1 u have chosen of a "4th stringer, so called wife/fiace)

  43. 43

    Re: laughingmyassoff1 – so u gave yourself away. U are one her past loser ass friends that used her right? Let's see.. Could u also be a bitter girlfriend that also has a man that cheats on her over & over again?? And that also has multiple kids around the states with multiple women, except with u. Are u pushing 40 and still putting up with a mans bullshit because u can't do shit for yourself. Are you also mad because your man also has a relationship with Miriam that u will never have?? Just like u said I have alot more to say but it is also to hurtful. As far as my accomplishments I have many. Unlike like your sorry ass. Get a life. Get a real job. Pay your own bills and stop depending on others to fo it for u.

  44. 44

    Re: Shuturass – Unfortunately, I am not that woman. Who ever the f**k she is, she has some issues and needs to get her shit together. I am a past friend that got backstabbed by so called friend Miriam. It sucks that she's going thru this and hopefully she keeps the baby, no mother should have their child taken away, but unfortunately she put herself in this situation. Like I said, it's upsetting that children are used for money, and if you are not her and have some morals, you would agree. She is not fighting for what her child deserves, a child deserves a stable home with a father figure. But, she's so in love with money that she looks past that. As much as you defend her (or defend yourself) that's the truth and everyone sees that. Instead of being online just checking what other people wrote about her or you, you should focus on your life and work, not on other people's issues, i'm pretty sure she can defend herself, since she is a good shit talker right? So you shouldn't tell other people to get a life and that they have nothing to do but write comments her, when they at least have or had something to do with Brian directly, you are just sticking your nose on someone else's business. As for me, like I said, this is just for my amusement.

  45. 45

    By the way, you talk shit about his fiancee's looks and advice her to buy avon. Well I guess cause avon is doing miracles for you right? At least she has something to show, her hot body, you unfortunately the saggy boobs are not attractive, unless you are from some tribe in Africa and the ass well unfortunately you don't even have one.

  46. 46

    I do not understand why women name their child after someone who wants nothing to do with them?? You obviously don't care about the father otherwise you wouldn't have gone public with this information but will name your baby after him?? Oh I forgot he is a celebrity -that's why! And that's why you had his baby in the first place! And I agree with Perez - you must want more $$! You are just going to go through more heartache when your son asks "where's daddy" and "why am I named after him if he doesn't want anything to do with me??" My advice to you is to move on and change his name before he understands what's really going on! SMH

  47. 47

    Re: ShutUrAss2 – Miriam is nothing but a gold digger. She left her other baby daddy because he had no more money, oh wait i think he left her when he found out she just wanted the money. She is nothing but a groupie who would let anyone rich and famous bang her in an attempt to get pregnant and collect child support. She claims Brian gives her 30k a month for child support please. Her life revolves around money and believes that it is the essences of happiness. As for her success, what success she lives in a beat down house, and is always at her parents house. Drives an 1980 Mercedes Benz, and her gangster avon car. She does not do anything with her life her life goals to get pregnant by someone rich and famous so she would not have to work. As for her being a good shit talker she must be because she does it to bring people down and make herself feel better bout her sorry life. Really what the hell does she have going for herself 40 yrs old 2 different babys daddy both of them black at that, and works for avon. Who would envy that a homeless person maybe. OH YEA AND SHE STEALS MONEY FROM HER FAMILY NOT 1, 20, OR 100 DOLLARS BUT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS……….KNOW WHO I AM NOW B**CHES

  48. 48

    Re: ohyeah123 – This is great! I can't believe there is someone out there with enough balls to say all of this about her! It's totally true! Oh! You left out the part on why she stole the money and wait! How she tried to nail Prince! So Brian was not the only one. Just the lucky one lol.

  49. 49

    Re: ohyeah123 – what an idiot u are Marcy. I'm surprised u can afford the Internet. Did u steal your dads credit card to pay for it? Or did you go return some gifts that your son may have gotten? Oh wait u probably sold some if your prescription pills?? That u more than anyone really needs. Are u still sad because Miriam made u cry. You should be embarresed of yourself if o were u I would move somewhere very far away from everyone that knows your crimal corrupt past. You talk about miriams house, at least she has one, u talk about her cars. Once again, at least she had one. Get off the net and go get a job, and stop depending on your stupid little lawsuit. Or wait is that $20.00 child support getting u by. I doubt it. Leave your dad alone, and stop using your son to get shit from him. Be like every other welfare and go wait in the county line to collect your cheese. Oh I forgot. U can't cause your broke ass can't even pay your tickets. Next time u want to talk about saggy titties, look in the mirror because from what I recall those nasty as shits almost hit the ground.

  50. 50

    Re: ohyeah123 – you also forgot to mention from whom she stole the money from. From the aunt that has helped her the most. Hhhmm maybe that's why she kisses her ass a lot. Like I said Brian was the lucky one. Brian you got the hungriest golddigging groupie who does not care how she gets money even if it means stealing from the only aunt that has helped her through her tough times. She was desperate to show you that she had money and convince you that she wasn't just another groupie trying to get your money. Cause honestly prince wasn't convinced lol she would have to steal from a bank to convince him. Wait! According to her she was dating prince. Not all bitches are as fortunate as you miriam.

  51. 51

    Re: Shuturass – Wait you were on welfare yourself what an idiot. Are you not, or did you not lose your house, and know have your uncle buying it so you can stay there. Talk about living beyond your means. You couldn't afford to pay your own house. Ha at least I don't pretend to be rich like you and your family. Your whole family is all about money you guy think your better than everyone else but guess what your not, you are just as ghetto and broke as most people out there.

  52. 52

    Re: ohyeah123Re: ohyeah123 – Marcy obviously I did not loose my house if I'm still there. U should know u and your runt if a son where there mooching like you tried to do with Miriam and my aunt as well. Were u not sticking around in hopes of getting some hand me downs from all of us. I believe u were. U are just an ungrateful excuse and waste of a human being. Go take care of your kid instead of hating on us because we have what u will never have. It's not our fault you're as pathetic as your mother and will never amount to shit. If u have more shit to say you have my number and u know where I live. If u do visit I might have some scraps for I and your son. Sorry ass loser.

  53. 53

    If you have something to protect u do what u need 2 do 2 protect it. Children are not pawns and afterthoughts. They are the ones who suffer in these situations. I wanted to give Brian more credit as a mature man. Whatever moves he makes now it will be for his benefit. You can go all over the world and still not understand life. He needs to slow down and really get his life in order. For all its worth, he could have stayed with his first wife. He's right back where he started. That's called regression not progression.

  54. 54

    Re: philonious1der – Brian wants this because he doesnt want to deal with issues of child support. If the mother has sole custody he has 2 pay her support. This is unfair to this child. Brian should know better. First having unprotected sex and sex with a person that u havent given a thought of seriously having as a life mate. If he marries, it will look better in regards to custody. I had my thoughts about him, but sometimes u have to wait for confirmation. Children and marriage is nothing to play with. These are life altering situations. He knows this, hes been through it. Why would you put yourself, the mother of the child and then another women in the middle of this. There is no way I would marry him. But some women just want to get married and dont stop to think about how circumstances could affect their lives. Just silly!

  55. 55

    Re: responsibleadult – Both of them are irresponsible. Him more than her. He has more to lose, so he had more to protect, therefore he should exercise more discretion.

  56. 56

    Re: responsibleadult – and he is a grown a@@@ man! He's gone through divorce, rearing his children, building his career. He's the foolish one. She stands to gain in this situation if it doesnt fall in his favor. Children are not chattel. He shouldnt want any child to go through that cuz he knows how hard it is. Then having a women who has 2 step in as a step mother. What kind of relationship do the two women have? Its a mess! I guess cuz Im older and have been through alot I understand life. This is 18 years or more. All this girl thinking about his she getting married, has she stopped to assess this entire situtation? That girl can make her life a living hell. I dont know all of this cuz I dont know the set up. I just wouldnt be so hot to jump into a marriage. I got too much sense for that. I weigh everything!

  57. 57

    Re: ohyeah123 – One thing about it and two things for sure nobody put a gun to Miram's head or Brian's head and made them have sex. She's the one that has sense, he's the one that's the fool. She has nothing to give him but a baby, but he may be forced to pay an exsorbuant amout of child support. Trust me, she can walk out this smelling like a rose. Some ppl just cant discipline themselves in the area of self control. It will be their downfall if they dont master it.

  58. 58

    Re: yourahotmessb – If this girl he's going to marry had an affair with him while he was married, thats a seed thats been sown. You reap what you sow. God honors the sanitity of marriage. She might get him but she's never have peace with him. God dont like ugly and cares less for beauty.

  59. 59

    I've dated a guy on and off for 10 years. We are very good friends and we get along swimmingly. He is a the only person standing on the planet right now in my mind that I wld marry. We just have an issue that we are at an impasse at. God will work that out. However if this girl had an affair with him, do they really think that union is going to be blessed? What God joins together let no man put assunder. I dont care how much somebody tell u they love u, get sick or have some other life changing event and see if they stay with u. Thats why you have vows. U make them before man and God. Maybe they forgot that God has seen their indiscretion? If it indeed happened.

  60. 60

    Re: responsibleadult – You seem 2 be the one who is deluded. Its not that you get a MAN its what kind of MAN u get. He has dispplayed he lacks temperence (self control). Marriage doesnt curb your weakness for whorishness. Selflessness says Im not going to bring ANYBODY else into this situation until I get myself together and give this child a chance to get acclaimated to his relationship with his natural mother and father. I thought very little of his proposal. Why? Because if u were going to marry someone it should be the child's mother and if u wasnt going to do that, then dont marry anyone until matters in ur own life get better sorted out. If something is for u, its for u. So saying no doesnt mean never. It means your using wisdom. The bible speaks of "SILLY WOMAN" there are plenty of them out here. The first thing a desparate women does is yell yes and really dont give a damn. You never let a man choose you, you chose him. Look before you leap cuz the hole might be too deep to dig yourself out of. Nobody is using wisdom and common sense in this mess and unfortuately the little one will be the one to suffer. Some women are so desparate to have a man marry them, they take anything he brings to the table. Who needs the drama?

  61. 61

    Re: responsibleadult – Let me give you a lesson about life and about men. It's more important that a man respects you, than loves you. If a man respects you, u already got his love. If a man doesnt respect you, the love words mean nothing. When a man RESPECTS you he does nothing to humiliate you, he does nothing to damage the relationship, he doesnt have a string of children on you. Get it! Come off of that LOVE THING! its a fairy tale to mold and twist your little head. A man doesnt have to speak so called words of love, but he will respect me. Thats what you go for honey, cause words are just what they are WORDS! People tell people they love them all day long and treat em like smut. I'd rather have respect and honor than empty words of fairy tale love. He shows me he loves me because he RESPECTS ME!

  62. 62

    I've been in the company of Brian McKnight. I just looked at him because I knew he had some stuff with him. I may not be of asian decent or latina but Im very attractive. Nice hair, body and pretty face. I walk right past him and when I seen him again I still didnt have anything to say to him I just watched him cuz my spirit was telling me there is something about him. Guess what I was right. Im not no young girl screaming and jumping over him. I aint pressed. Looks mean nothing 2 me, I'm used to good looking men so what. I look past looks and look into the heart and spirit of a person. That's whats matters and if u happen to have looks, thats gravy too.

  63. 63

    Re: responsibleadult – Just because Miriam has two children by two father's isnt the end of the world. A decent man would still marry her and do right by her and her children. However, if the fiancee had an adultrous relationship with Brian, SHE has the greater SIN. God honors the santity of marriage whether the home is happy or not. You reap what you sow.

  64. 64

    All I can say is there are some very silly women out here who will see a train coming to run them over, and they will stand there like a deer caught by headlights and get ran over. They will justify anything that man does. Thats not standing beside ur man, that's being a fool. Like my mother wld say, 9 times out of 10 when the grits hit the fan, a man will do what is best for him. If he makes any rearragnments in his life, its for something that will benefit him especially if he's been reluculant to do so in the past. Pay attention!

  65. 65

    Re: runasfastasucan – You don't seem to understand. This child is only one of I think FIVE kids he has or is about to have outside of the two he had with his first wife. (one I believe is not born yet). So he has about FIVE baby's momma's - it's not just this chick.

  66. 66

    Re: Stopthamadness – O I C. What makes it so bad is that his fiancee is trying 2 justify this mess. The reality is she doesnt want anything 2 do with this child and she is not going 2 want him to having anything 2 do with the child either. What women wld tell another women 2 move on? He has 2 deal with stupid women like her cuz any other women that got any sense wld get off of that merry-go-round. What makes it so bad is have the issue of this 1 yr old child come out and then under the same breath say oh by the way He proposed to his longtime gf like the two of them go together. I thought it was distasteful. (continued)

  67. 67

    Re: Stopthamadness – (continued from my last post) If this fiancee was my daughter, I wld have 2 pull her 2 the side and have a heart to heart. I can tell this girl is stupid and he has her head all turned around. Those are the types he deals with cuz a women with life experience can see right thru him and wld turn him down cold. I feel sorry 4 this baby cuz I can see that this fiancee really has disdain 4 the child's mother. She is not even mature enough to realize that she has to treat this childs mother with diplomacy for the child sake and visa versa. She ranting and raving about him professing his love for her. Please! She knows him and knows what he is about. Im just disguised with the whole thing and really dissapointed in Brian Mcknight. I knew it was something about him and I couldnt put my finger on it, but I had no idea that he was out there like that. Any descent woman would NOT want him if all of these allegations are true. So while his fiancee is pointing her finger at Miriam she needs to take a cold hard look at herself. Is she as decsent as she tries to set her up to be? A decsent woman wants a decsent man.

  68. 68

    Re: responsibleadult – Every1 ur talking 2 on here is not some young adult. Some folks are old enuff 2 be ur mother. Perhaps that what u need is some1 2 sit down and talk 2 u on that level. You show ur immaturity by virtue of the fact that u are trying 2 down this mother and not hold Brian responsible. Let me hip u 2 something. Every woman dont want Brian Mcknight. There are two sides 2 him. The celebrity and the man. A grounded and mature woman understands the two. A wise woman is looking at the MAN not the CELEBRITY. U have nothing 2 say about Miraim that you cant say about Brian. One thing about it, he must have wanted 2 b her "golden ticket" cause he didnt have sense enough to protect himself. Like I said, if anybody was foolish it him. He has more to lose and more to protect. If you dont have sense enough to do that, then u get these types of situations when you dont exercise self control. I know men young and old who you will NEVER catch them in this kind of situation. They protect themselves.

  69. 69

    Re: yourahotmessb – Your right. What goes around comes around. If Mr. McKnight has any sense, he wld pay very close attention to the women he's about 2 make his wife and the step mother to his children. That is the FIRST thing a parent pays attention to. She really doesnt want him to have anything to do with Miriam or that baby. I call that selfishness and immaturity. A real "responsible adult" would'nt come off like that. She's looking her nose down at this girl because she thinks she's better. God has a way of turning things around. The first shall be last. I pray Miriam and all of his children get everything they deserve and that anyone that wld try to impede on that process gets turned aside. The children are innocent even if the parents are not.

  70. 70

    So what Miram has two children with two different fathers. After enough time has passed it wont make any difference anyway. They will be grown andit will be a mute issue. That's life. Also, someone can come along and marry her accept her children, not be a cheater, support her and do right be her and her children. So folks need 2 get off their high horse, cuz life has a way of knocking u off of it.

  71. 71

    Re: responsibleadult – It's so sad when u find women who will go thru great lenghts to make someone else look bad while turning a blind eye to a man who clearly has bad behavior. I ere on the side of righteousness, and God judges rightly.

  72. 72

    Re: responsibleadult – I have a long time friend too. Over 10 years we have dated on and off. If we came to an agreement as 2 how we want to deal with a relationship I wld be proud to be with him. He's established, he's responsible, good with money, good credit and his children are grown (no small babies) he dont play that and we both are at a good place in our lives. However, he knows Im not taking no mess off of him. He is also super fine and women are going 2 be attracted to him. He knows Im not going to deal with no nonsense from him. So I rather wait it out, til we can work it out. If he cant say anything else, he will say I RESPECT HER! So when u get a man, you dont a man thats brings bunch of drama 2 the table. You want peace in ur life and if u cant have that, he'll have 2 keep on stepping. Im choosing him, he NOT choosing me.

  73. 73

    Re: Shuturass – I wld really have concern about this women being the stepmother to my children. She's wants to love the part that is Brian and separate herself from the part that is Miriam. It takes a hell of women to understand that both of them are a part of this child, so u have 2 love the whole child. This young lady needs someone older with some life experience to talk to her. She's not ready for primetime. I wld have concern about how she wld treat my child if I wasnt around. To prove Im right, she wld say anything negative about Miriam. Why?? Because both Brian and Miriam made this child. She might treat the child ok when he is around, but mistreat the child if he has to be left with her because she dispises Miriam. She thinks she is better. I just dont think Brian is thinking clearly. This is serious business. It takes a mature well rounded women to take on a situtation like this. She wants Brian, but she doesnt want anything to do with this child. I pray that the Holy Spirit reveals all things in the hearts of everyone involve for the benefit of this innocent child.

  74. 74

    yeah Perez is right baby mama wants more $$ and is angry! I love Brian Mcknight for his music just like I am a big Tiger Woods because he is an incredible golfer. Everybody needs to mind their own business and stop hating on these men and their women when they don't get what they want. You are all adults and knew exactly what you were doign messing with celebrities. Looks like Miriam Moreno has a few skeletons in her closet too… stealing money from your auntie?? karma is never good for stealers!