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When Bad Wigs Happen To Good People

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AnnaLynne McCord stepped out Saturday night showing off a much darker 'do accompanied by her sister The Amazon Woman Angel.

Hates it!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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55 comments to “When Bad Wigs Happen To Good People”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    i notice Perez is against posting anything about TALENTED young actresses… i wonder why…

  3. 3

    Loves It!
    Only some z-list pink haired homo would hate it.

  4. 4

    but she's pretty and looks fiiiiiiiine!!!

  5. 5

    I think its hot and a great disguise. I would have never recognized her.

  6. 6

    I love it!

  7. 7

    love the wig! MMM Id have her switch it up for me some nights….

  8. 8

    What darker Do? AnnaLynne's the one that's blonde there…

  9. 9

    who the hell is this?

  10. 10

    im pretty sure thats not annalynne mccord but her costar

  11. 11

    i think this is her best look yet

  12. 12

    I actually think it looks fantastic.

  13. 13

    No matter what you say Perez, the woman is freaken hot, no matter what color her hair is.

  14. 14

    Re: Noosiekins – The blonde is her sister.

  15. 15

    omg, weird.. i thought the tall one was her and the shorter one was janice dickinson. lol.. wow, her sister is a giant!

  16. 16

    isnt she the taller blonde one?
    the brunette doesnt look like her.

  17. 17

    Re: mysterygrl1 – im prettysure its not her costar. It is Annalyne mccord or whatever

  18. 18

    I like her with the dark hair.

  19. 19

    Wow she actually looks great with darker hair.

  20. 20

    GODDAMN! She is unbelievable HOT as a brunette. I mean as a blonde I always thought she moderately attractive - kinda weird looking but WOWIE WOW WOW she looks aaaaaamzing. Maybe she dye her hair dark permanently?

  21. 21

    loooooooooooves it!!! so hot and makes her look a lil older

  22. 22

    as if this d-list attention seeker was famous enough to need a disguise

  23. 23

    I think she looks gorgeous. :)

  24. 24

    I like the dark hair. BTW, is her sister a giant?

  25. 25

    I think she looks even better with the wig!

  26. 26

    she looks sooooooo much better!!!!

  27. 27

    jesus christ perez she doesn't look THAT bad! i actually think she looks beautiful!

  28. 28

    Great pins

  29. 29

    Perez Hilton (fake) grow the hell up! You sit on the computer all day stealing other reporters information and post it on your site always calling someone names. How old are you? Your around 40 right? Lets act like it. You do not appreciate when people bad mouth you calling you a fa**ot (a word i do not like) but you do it to all these hollywood stars?? JEALOUSY! The only people you dont talk like that about are openly gay stars. Stop hating because youll never be anything great and have to beg to be on a show.

  30. 30

    OMG I thought it was the actress that plays Adrianna on 90210! She looks just like her! Creeepy! But she looks much better!

  31. 31

    Angel and Annalynne are friends of mine…and Angel is FAR from an "Amazon woman! Both women are GORGEOUS, regardless of hair choices. Don't hate!

  32. 32

    this is superrrrr old and I think she looks fine. don't be mean

  33. 33

    She looks good with the dark hair.

  34. YUCK says – reply to this


    I love it, she is STRIKING. SHUT UP PIGSTER.

  35. 35

    AnnaLynne looks so very innocent as a blonde and a vixen as a brunette. Pick either one honey, according to mood… You are blessed either way!

  36. 36

    I think she looks great.

  37. 37

    Not any worse than some that the "Wifey" has worn.

  38. 38

    She looks gorgeous!! I think I read an article about her and how she loves wigs since her hair is so curly. Dark straight hair is what she always desired so it's not surprising that she's working that wig!

  39. 39

    AnnaLynne isn't short either. She's nearly 5'8". Her sister has to be easily over 6'.

  40. 40

    Wow before I even saw her name I thought the tall one was AnnaLynne lol..

  41. 41

    Both have fantastic legs!!

  42. 42

    so pretty!!

  43. 43

    Isnt Annylynee the blond on the right?

  44. 44


  45. lolli says – reply to this



  46. 46

    she's very pretty.

  47. 47

    i thought her sister was her.

  48. pj88 says – reply to this



  49. 49

    Tres fabu! C'est magnifique!

  50. 50

    Anna Lynne McCord is a very tiny petite woman. Her sister has the body of a statuesque model. Hardly and Amazon woman people!! I think both have rocking bodies! They look amazing.

  51. 51

    I think she looks amazing!! And those legs are to die for!! ;)

  52. 52

    Looks good on her (kinda).

  53. 53

    Re: erin_marie – she's not. neither are over 6ft.

  54. 54

    ewh. she looks about 50 years old. she naturally looks old anyway but damn, with that hair..just ewh

  55. 55

    girls just wanna have fun.