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Kate Gosselin Sucks On DWTS! Butchers GaGa's Paparazzi!

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All right, America! That's enough now - put her out of her misery and do NOT vote for her!

She's SOOOOOO bad!

Kate Gosselin performed an ATROCIOUS paso doble to GaGalupe's Paparazzi with partner Tony Dovolani on Dancing with the Stars last night.

We admit that she knows the steps better than she did last week, but she still has NO personality or rhythm when she's out on the floor.

We're OVER it!

Hopefully she gets voted off!

Check it out above!

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200 comments to “Kate Gosselin Sucks On DWTS! Butchers GaGa's Paparazzi!”

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  1. 101

    It was really very bad. The faces she made were so terrible. I think she puts too much thought into it and then she just looks frigid.

  2. 102

    Go Pamela Anderson! Vote for Pam! She rocks…

  3. 103

    hhahaah that was so bad!! she like stomps her way onto the middle of the stage. wow that was really bad

  4. 104

    Walking is NOT dancing. A couple leg lifts? That's NOT dancing. She is an embarrassment. I hope she gets it through her skull now that she cannot act or dance. What's next>? Trying to sing?!

  5. 105

    I agree, she was horrendous - but the people singing the song sucked too….

  6. 106

    her kids must be so embarassed

  7. 107

    She sucks hard!!! Poor Tony I bet he wishes he was dancing with Buzz instead of that fame whore diva wantabe!!! Go home and take care of you eight children!!!!

  8. 108

    If she moves in bed the way she moved on that dance floor - I DON'T BLAME JON FOR LEAVING. She is just annoying and by looking at her, it is just sooooo obvious that she is a huge BEYOTCH! I hope she goes home already.

  9. 109

    OMG.. That was so painful to watch.

  10. 110

    Re: Rican31 – Oh dear God … twice in a row. I can't believe that I agree with you AGAIN. Am I going soft, or are you … um … nevermind. There's no polite way to say that and have it "sound" right.

  11. 111

    She sucks hard!!! I bet Tony wishes he was dancing with Buzz instead of that famewhore diva wannabe… Go home and take care of your eight kids!!!

  12. 112

    If ABC lets this train wreck stay on all-knowing how horrible she is and even Carrie Ann had bad things to say you know its fucking rigged. There was NO way "Brenda Walsh" should have been let go before this C-hag.

  13. 113

    I watched and the chemistry was so awkward that I had to change the channel in the middle of it.

  14. 114

    And this is why you'll never host important shows like AI and X Factor. If you have a distaste for anyone then you'll want them gone. Especially if they get anywhere near anything related to GaGa. Grant ya, Kate needs to up the moves but she didn't do bad. Let's see your ass get out and do what she did.

  15. 115

    LOL! Horrible! When she gets the boot, I'll bet she will hold a press conference with Gloria Allred.

  16. 116

    Re: Starlit – I agree. It's clear she has no natural dance ability, but I do, and I strongly doubt that I'd have the guts to do something like that in front of millions of people. She's gone WAY out of her comfort zone, and is making what I think is a sincere effort. I don't much care for her, but I admire her courage.

  17. 117

    I love Kate..so she can't dance..she admitted it…she's got a lot of courage to even try in front of all those people

  18. 118

    Wow…that was bad. She walked the whole time and did not dance. I hope she gets booted!!

  19. 119

    She dances like a ROBOT…stiff as hell!!

  20. 120

    Who did she blow to get on this show?

  21. 121

    I am no dancer.. but wow.
    I could have done better! I at least would have sped up and not walked through the steps.

    She is getting paid for this no?
    Would it kill her to smile?

  22. 122

    Re: sobrietyisacrutch
    Your hubbie's quote…Priceless!

  23. 123

    i have to give her credit for atleast trying. She is not a proffessional dancer, actress or singer so give the girl a break. No I have to agree that she is not good at all but maybe with time she can improve.

  24. 124

    She dances much better than GagandBarf. Probably sings better too.

  25. 125

    Ok, I am not a Kate hater. I think her husband was an idiot with how he acted after the breakup and all, and I really wasn't a watcher of the show. I mean I had heard she brow beat him and all that, but I kind of think she had to do so. He is one of those guys who is a douche bag. So whatever. Now on her dancing, well um, she needs lots of work shall we say. First of all she needs to loosen the heck up. I don't care what she has to do. Maybe she had better drink a couple drinks or do some valium or something. She is like so tight and has such a stick up her butt it is ridiculous. I get she has had a lot of pressure with all those kids, and then with an idiot for a husband, but if she even thinks she will ever win over anyone she had better show a happy personality if there is even one in that body of hers, and so far it does not appear to be so. She does not move like she can do this, and she has all the dancing ability of Forest Gump.

  26. 126

    wow…I don't watch this show…but that really sucked

  27. 127

    Not feeling any flow whatsoever. There should always be a flowing undulation that is exchanged with each swing. ya dig? Kudos for trying tho. =)

  28. 128

    Let's see you do it tubby.

  29. 129

    Gaga's, 'Bad Romance' would have been a better song to dance to… plus, picking a song that is definitely not even close to a Paso Doble tempo, wouldn't really matter with Kate's walking around antics.
    Kate wearing the red Flemenco dress really should have been danced to the one and only original Paso Doble song they always use in real competition. The song she chose, 'Papparzzi' did not have a strong enough tempo for her to find the down beat at the right time either…bad choice, just to make a statement.
    Poor Tony…but he is getting plenty of publicity, so that's a good thing for him…we all feel sorry for him. Him being gracious last night was a smart move on his part. Well played, Tony!

  30. 130

    WTF is this shit?

  31. 131

    Perez get your head out of Lady Gaga's ass before you suffocate, your a pathetic ass kisser

  32. 132

    I guess this leaves no doubt that she is as bad a dancer as she is a mother. She sucks out loud at both things.

  33. 133

    my teeth were clenched the entire dance…she is atrocious on here.

  34. 134

    Once again, Kate danced like a constipated, drunken, mother goose. America, please vote her out already. She is an eyesore to watch.

  35. 135

    Yup, simply atrocious, but then again, America loves a trainwreck hence the needs for shows like 'Jersey Shore'………………

  36. 136

    ergh! why is she stomping like an elephant throughout?

  37. 137

    Go the fuck home and take care of your kids

  38. 138

    she looks like a zombie monster.. i hate her

  39. CyN78 says – reply to this


    This is Dancing with the Stars!!!! SHE IS NO STAR!!!!!!!!!!!! RAWWWWWWW

  40. 140


  41. 141

    Terrible performance, can we just vote to kick her off? lol

  42. 142

    Wow I am reading some of the comments and can't believe what I see she is a mother whos jackass husband ran out on her for a young trashy girl Haylie now if that wasn't enough she is being persecuted about her dancing when she has never even acted or danced EVER! I think we should give her a break and allow her to enjoy herself on the show and stop being so judgmental she didn't do anything wrong its Johns fault he married a woman with her own mind and its for sure not her fault her husband went outside the marriage everyone just needs to take a chill pill seriously!!!

  43. 143

    Dear Lord, that was terrible.

  44. 144

    holy hell. she dances like a retarded robot.

  45. 145

    According to Dialidol.com, Kate got the highest number of votes last night. Must be some "vote for the worst" movement going on….
    Kate's going to be around a while……Poor Tony!!!!

  46. 146

    That was neither dancing nor a star.

  47. 147

    eek…and I'd say that the cover singer was pretty bad aswell. D:

  48. 148

    Re: NicoleDorian – What do you call that guy with the red lips that your profile pic is like? Its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  49. 149

    Im more annoyed at how your calling Lady Gaga "Gagalupe"…jesus, just suck her cock already and get over it!!

  50. 150

    She was WALKING. She was trying to look mad and sexy but she ended up looking like a constipated b*tch!

  51. 151

    Not sure what was worse, Kates dancing, or that horrible version of Lady Gagas song.

  52. 152

    OMG that was seriously horrible..someone remind me, why is she famous again? She should NOT be on dancing with the "stars". She's just a women with 8 kids who's craving money..really if you think about it, not much different than octo mom, I'll admit I used to watch her show..but when it went of air I became terribly bored of her. I agree with Perez..please American do NOT vote for her, I wish Canadians could vote..but we can't =(

  53. 153

    U wouldn't do any better, Mario! I would cringe having to watch your fat azz flop around that stage! Zip it!

  54. 154

    She needs to be voted off!!!!!!!!!!!! She horrible!

  55. 155


  56. 156

    While I know that Kate is trying, Tony has to be saying in the background, "FML, FML, FML"!!!!! Damn…..

  57. 157

    Wow. It's like she doesn't even want to be there. So uninteresting to watch. She goes through the steps without any expression whatsoever.

  58. 158

    oh God that was horrible….I don't like he,r but I was actually embarrased for her….that "I'm a single mom trying to support my kids.." is getting old real fast….ing to support her kids, Yes, she is a single mom trying to support her kids in a million dollar home, her plastic surgery, her staff of nannies and cooks….when are people going to learn and tell her to shut the F*&K up! Downsize Bitch!

  59. 159

    the thing is, she is not sexy. she has a beautiful face and body, but she doesnt have that OOMPH that you need in order to be sexy. girls of all shapes and sizes can have it, but kate does not. something about the way she moves her shoulders, hips and ankles. its droll

  60. 160

    I am shocked that there is nothing here about Niecy and Louis' dance considering the message being portrayed I was sure you would have jumped all over that.

  61. kland says – reply to this


    If she butchered the song that would have required her to sing the dam song… just cuz someone is a bad dancer has no reflection on the dam song… yes, kate gosselin is a terrible dancer, but ur only pissed cuz she danced to your current obsession poptart gaga… if she had danced to anyone else you would have been all over the other person that danced to gaga… come on mario… pop music is not the be all to end all, generally its a flash in the pan with no lasting effect on the music industry whatsoever… i personally dont llike gaga and i dont think she'll be around in 5 years but thats just me get over it, and actually talk about what really matters in dwts, the dam dancing… i mean is buzz aldrin really better than kate?? i think not… just cuz he's old u dont talk shit about him… that's never stopped u before… get a grip douche bag

  62. 162

    She should go back to making babies.

  63. 163

    thats so sad :(
    she needs to loosen up for sure. she's SO stiff!
    she just walked through it.. it wasn't even dancing!
    too bad.. I love her :(

  64. 164

    She dances like she's angry, not a passionate, latin kind of angry, but the drunk kind of angry where you can't form a sentence and only have enough dexterity to throw random punches.

  65. 165

    I never thought she was that bad!!!

    She was like walking!!!

  66. 166

    Re: La Garse – LMAO……Thnk you La Grase… It's ok, we can agree to agree or disagree.. Its ok and I appreciate you for that..

  67. 167

    ugh. gross.gross.gross. that woman covering GaGa sucks too. all around a horrible 2 minutes.

  68. 168

    LMAO… Someone should write a book with some of the comments posted on here. Some of the things you guys post cracks me up big time. Yall can be some creative, funny people…LMAO.. Thanks for the laughs folks..

  69. 169

    The one who butchered the song was that DWTS singer, yeah but KG is execrable.

  70. 170

    Although she a million times better than last weeks, staring at her partner and copying his steps. She just is not a dancer and sorry to say she probably won't ever be. Most of her co-stars have had at least some dancing experience in their lifetimes but Kate clearly has not. I could not help
    cringing and thinking "god she is really really bad"..I feel bad for her partner,
    I wouldnt be surprised if he quites after this season or before…LOL..

  71. 171

    oh. my. god.

  72. 172

    okay, so i get that she's the new sacrificial lamb, but can the media just kill her already so we can finally get to Miley?

  73. 173

    I agree, she needs to loosen, and the song choice was absolutely horrible! Tony should've picked a better song than that crappy Lady Crackhead song, one that was a bit slower for Kate's pace, and perhaps taught her at least a dance walk so she looks a bit better when she walks.

  74. 174

    I could only watch her walk down the stairs maybe they are keeping her to make fun of her???

  75. 175

    wth is that show always that terrible?
    she just walks around in circles slowly and looks like a cow

  76. 176

    who the hell is this woman? LOL that was painful to watch

  77. 177


    I wish I could have back those two minutes of my life I just lost watching that.

    So so so so SO bad.

  78. 178

    Someone pass me a barf bag. That was bloody awful.

  79. sj15 says – reply to this


    i dont know about the dance, but that song!! horribly butchered, i couldnt stand it i had to stop the clip.

  80. 180

    Poor Tony. He is too good of a dancer to get saddled with her. She is like log stump on that dance floor.

  81. 181

    that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO horriibblle .she looks bored and like she doesnt want to be there. go home

  82. 182

    She just kind of lumbers around the stage.

  83. 183

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMMMMYGOD!!! Absolutely WRETCHED!!! That was indeed painful–she is stiff and lackluster… terrible… *SIGH* I was hoping for more… awwwwww… she does better with being a mom.

  84. 184

    Is this a recording sung by Gaga? It's even more dreadful than what is on the radio

  85. 185

    Salinger described it best 60 years ago, "dancing with her is like dragging the Statue of Liberty across the dance floor."

  86. 186

    Wow… she is truly awful.
    Just sort of clomps around like some kind of barnyard animal.

  87. 187

    omg it was so bad i had to stop it and i was only at the part where she tossed the magazines. uhhh kick her off the show!

  88. 188

    it looked like she was in slow motion

  89. taday says – reply to this


    omgawd…. why is she on the show…shameful… and she looks like a tranny

  90. VIKOR says – reply to this


    Dear Kate,

    Seriously? A robot could dance better. All you did was slightly kick your legs in the air. So embarrassed for you. But then again, if you stay on the show, you'll give us something to laugh at. :)

    PS ~ Jon has my sympathy.

  91. 191

    OMG, I have not been watching this but she is absolutely horrible. She was so stiff and moves with no rhythm whatsoever, she even walked bad. Jeez, she's like a robot. And I like Lady Gaga, but that was a horrible choice to dance to.

  92. 192

    Damn!!! she's so BAD!!! she's stiff, and move's like a robot, even a robot could move more and better, it's seemed like a little child was playing dancing and still trying to make a fool of himself, i feel sorry for her, it's like when u feel embarassed for someone else's actions lol

  93. 193

    HA HA HA SHe sucks so bad. Maybe this will adjust the attitude she has. Poor John don't know how he put up with her that long. She's a bitch

  94. KEO says – reply to this


    How can anyone expect her to be a great dancer?! She has been dancing for what, 5 or 6 weeks? Give her a break! Evan is a olympic gold medal figure skater who has been dancing for years! How can you compare the two? GIVE KATE A CHANCE!

  95. 195

    She is so awful. Painful to watch.

  96. 196

    Or do we want to keep her, so that we can see more of this trainwreck… lol
    jk nah I think that she should be off ASAP!!!

  97. 197

    Who keeps voting for this chick? She is horrible!

  98. 198

    Really?? go homme and watch ur 8 kids…instead of lookin like a stiff doooof!

  99. 199

    I feel sorry for her partner having to try and work with THAT

  100. 200

    Me likey!

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