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Kelly Taylor Can't Even Properly Pretend To Like Brenda Walsh!

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Kelly Taylor, you aren't fooling anyone!

That awful tramp, who in real life is Jennie Garth and probably lovely, took to Twitter to 'lament' Shannen Doherty's devastating early exit from Dancing With The Stars, as if the two are actually friends! HA!

She tweets:

Just back from vacation with our family. Had a great time. Just found out my friend Shannon got eliminated from DWTS …BOO!!!

EXCUSE US? Shannon?

You two only ripped each other's hair out starred together on 90210 for HOW many years and you can't even spell her name correctly?


Watch your back, Kelly. A beat down of Brenda Walsh-epic proportions is coming your way when girlfriend gets wind of this bull shiz!

P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!

[Image via WENN.]

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33 comments to “Kelly Taylor Can't Even Properly Pretend To Like Brenda Walsh!”

  1. 1

    Ha, you dictating to her about correct spelling??? Thats rich.. LMAO… You are a walking contradiction..

  2. 2

    that coming from the queen of grammar

  3. 3

    You're pointing out someone's typo… you? Seriously?

  4. 4

    pot calling kettle black here — Perez, your face is next to "typo" in the dictionary

  5. 5

    so she spelt it wrong..big deal..it happens.

  6. YUCK says – reply to this


    this does seem a little snarky but it reeks of kellys petty bitch act from 90210, when everything would annoy the fuck out of her, she was so fucking petty and all her problems were always more important than anyone elses. she was just playing herself.

  7. 7

    OMG REALLY? I misspell my bestie's name as Stephanie instead of Stefanie all the frickin time!
    Look. If I made babies with Dr. Carlisle Cullen, I wouldn't give a shit about spelling either…..

  8. 8

    If a beat-down was warranted every time YOU misspelled someone's name, misquoted something, or just plain fucked something up, you'd be in a puddle on the floor by now. Get over yourself. You must be having an incredibly slow day to make a post about THIS. *yawn*

  9. 9

    shut the fuck up, you R-tard. You're making something out of nothing. Also, I HATE it when people try to be unique and MISSPELL their kids' names. It's not unique, it's retarded.

  10. 10

    Fuck off already Perez

  11. 11

    Anyways, pot meet kettle, it must be a slow day in the world of gossip if you are that hard up to blog about someone using o instead of e. Your site is getting boring and not very creative. I think it is time to fire that sister of yours. Get la Coacha to blog, girls got no boundaries which is what your site used to be like. YAWN………But yeah do us a favour and make this site more interesting if not people may be tempted to read up on tila tequila more casue that bitches break down is becoming quite the guilty pleasure ;)

  12. 12

    I echo all the comments about the hypocrisy of you correcting someone's grammar and spelling. (I wouldn't be surprised, either, to dig through your archives and find that you misspelled Shannen at some point, too–and you two are supposedly BFF!) And, for the record, Shannen and Jennie starred on *90210* together for less than a year. They starred on *Beverly Hills 90210* together for just four years.

  13. 13

    BFD, most people do spell it with an o.

  14. 14

    Wow.. Stop trying to make something out of nothing.. All you are is a shit starter!!

  15. 15

    i've always liked brenda over kelly. brenda and dylan forever!!

  16. obama says – reply to this


    Let it go, Mario. Their sort-of catfight was eleventy thousand years ago and nobody cared even back then.

  17. 17

    it was just a stupid tv show..there prob friends

  18. 18

    thats how you spell shannon. shannen is a misspell

  19. SF90 says – reply to this


    Perez, ever thought about the fact that phones correct words?

  20. 20

    I really don't think it matters….get a life Perez

  21. 21

    I remember you spelling Shannen as Shannon not too long ago douche.

  22. 22

    Re: pooorez – LOL yeah Brenda and Dylan forever!

  23. 23

    you're giving spelling lessons Mario? gawd you're a moron

  24. 24

    Perez..it's called MOVING ON…you should try it sometime.

  25. 25

    OMG DesPerez, you're talking like you and Shannen are such great friends and you KNOW she and Jennie aren't cool. Their feud was YEARS ago. Unlike you, people grow up and they mature. Who knows, they could have patched things up like grown ups and could actually really be friends now. P.S Shannon is the common way to spell that name. Its an honest mistake. Get over it shit starter.

  26. 26

    like she cares

  27. 27

    seriously perez wtf? who cares besides you… i spell my own name wrong on occassion. stop creating unnecessary drama.

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    Pssst, Perez, 90210 wasn't real…it was acting.

  29. 29

    Just looking for drama to report where there isn't any. If you got off your fat ass and went out and ran down a story instead of cut and pasting stuff from other sites you might actually get something decent.

  30. 30

    Um, Perez has a good point. Her name is distinctly spelled. If it was YOUR "buddy" who you filmed with for like TEN YEARS, you'd know her name.

    Quit acting all high and mighty, douchebags.

  31. 31

    Re: squeezedajuice – Jennie and Shannen worked together on Beverly Hills 90210 for four years, not ten. They worked on 90210 together for less than a year. Maybe check your facts before calling someone a douchebag!

  32. 32


  33. 33

    so says the Piggy that cant ever spell anything right