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Papa Lohan Planning A Baby With Kate 2.0????

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OMG!!! NO!!!

For the love of everything holy, Kate Major, do not give this man another offspring! Look how terribly he screwed up the ones he already has!

News came this morning that Michael Lohan is now engaged to the sloppy seconds of Jon Gosselin, Kate 2.0. But making this airhead a part of his family isn't the only plans Michael has for his future. He intends to get her PREGNANT as soon as possible! He explains:

“Kate wants a baby. Since I’m getting no younger, we practice at least four times a night. We agreed, that if she does get pregnant, one is enough."

No! One is not enough - one is too much!

And EWWW! TMI! We so didn't need to know how many times you guys get busy! Course, that sounds like a lot of crap to us! How could you get through all of that and still have time to scheme and plot ways to use your daughter for your own personal, fame-grabbing gain?!

Please, please, please don't do this Kate! Just look at poor Lindsay! He did that to her, mostly! Do you really want to bring another life into the world that he can ruin?!

If you want him to sour your existence, that is your business. But take pity on the fruit of your loins! No child deserves such shame for a father!

[Image via WENN.]

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31 comments to “Papa Lohan Planning A Baby With Kate 2.0????”

  1. KR0D says – reply to this


    this is disturbing

  2. 2

    Compulsory sterilisation for shit heads please.

  3. CodyW says – reply to this


    another lohan kid would be as useful as a football bat

  4. 4

    They both reek of self-loathing and desperation.

  5. 5

    AAAhhh shit. This man is out of his mind. The poor kid to be.lol. I bet his other children are pleased. look for Lindsay to show her disdain in pure Lindsay fashion. I wonder where she will be denied entry tonight?lol. These people are creepy.

  6. 6

    somebody needs to get their hands on this asshole and sterilize him before he foists more of his goddamn DNA on the world.

  7. 7

    Whatever happened to that kid a couple of years ago who was supposed to be his illegitimate child? What ever happened to that?

  8. 8

    It's not "practice." if you are trying to conceive, you FORNICATE four (or however man) times a night, or you "inject" or "copulate" but you don't "practice." also, sperm count builds up if you do it less often. in any event, he has his allotted 1, should not have had more. and he is "not getting any younger;" it would be instructive if he cited some human (or animal, or plant) who IS.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    here here Perez! I totality agree.. what a distrubing image yike!!

  11. 11

    Poor kid.

  12. 12

    WHY DID YOU POST THIS?! Fuck!!! I so did not need to read that, thank you so much for the unwanted visual aid, now i'm going to open my skull and brand my brain. Thank you *takes a bow*

  13. 13

    that baby is officially the Anti-Christ!!

  14. 14

    ummm also she is lindsay's age… eww.

  15. 15

    I can't imagine wanting to fuck that pepaw, much less carry his demon seed. I don't know, though. Look how well Lindsay turned out! Ha ha!

  16. 16

    They sould name the baby LINDSAY! That regardless whether it is a boy or girl!

  17. 17

    he looks so much on cocaine..please don t make a baby with your face of asshole duuhhh

  18. 18

    God, Please No!!!!!

  19. 19

    michael lohan already has about 10 kids with different women. first he has 4 or 5 children with dina. lindsay has other siblings under the fatherhood of michael lohan. then he got some lady pregnant in montana. so lindsay has a half sister living in montana. how many more children does michael lohan want. how much child support does he want to pay? i think since lindsay slipped past him he wants another star child he can breed. i bet he will make his new children with this 16 yr old kate girl into hollywood stars to make money from them. its sick the man has a 25 yr old daughter, he does not need a 27 yr old wife. linsday is basically the same age as his new wife. cant he find a woman whos older than 35 atleast. this is straight out of a scene from the parent trap. where the dad was going to marry a snotty 26 yr old woman and lindsay told the woman oh are you my new adopted older sister

  20. 20


    Aw HELL NO! Lord please don't let this pile of crazy come to pass!

  21. 21



  22. 22

    Listen to us, Kate. DO NOT DO IT! Michael is NOT RIGHT!

  23. 23

    This dude is no doubt a old geezer with severe mental problems. But I think she's worse than him. WHO WOULD FUCK THAT DUDE?????????? I bet he smells like corned beed.

  24. 6one9 says – reply to this


    How old is this B!TCH? Lindsay's 23,4,5,? WTF? He should be getting ready to be a Grand `Dad ““ not a father. POOR kid!!

  25. 25

    This guy should never be allowed to have kids.

  26. 26

    "Practices at least four times a night" my ass… Old man probably can't do it once. Who's he trying to kid?

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    What about being able to support the first kids before producing another?

  28. 28

    Really like 3 lives wasn't enough to screw up. Why is the answer to get a younger woman prego to really prove your a f***up…for realzzz…LMAO. RUN CHICA…RUN..no pay day there. Just migrains!

  29. 29

    Does he mean he thinks about it four times a night??

  30. 30

    i actually agree with you on this one perez.. this is just wrong.

  31. 31

    I think he was a Fundie Christian?? What kind of Fundie admits to "fornicating" and deliberately trying to have a child out of wedlock?