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Wilmer Is Rolling!

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Considering his free schedule, we're not surprised Wilder Valderrama showed up to lunch at paparazzi haven The Ivy on Wednesday.

But we were shocked to see him roll up in his brand new black Lamborghini!

The guy must be packing a really small peen tons of $$$$!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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32 comments to “Wilmer Is Rolling!”

  1. 1

    actually as a mom of 4, I know he doesn't have a free schedule. He does the kids tv cartoon Handy Manny. I guess Disney pays really well for voice overs.

  2. 2

    It's from royalty payments from the constant re-runs of 'That 70's Show.' He's fuckin' sexy though. Always has been.

  3. 3

    LOL I love u perez!!

  4. 4

    He's the voice of Handy Manny on the Disney channel.

  5. 5

    He's so fucking hot.

  6. 6

    I wonder if he spent…. One… Thousand… Dollars…. CASHHH MONEEEYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!… Seriously… HOW did your EFFING writers miss out on that joke???

  7. 7

    yea im pretty sure I helped pay for that car, with all the handy manny toys I bought my 2 year old for christmas and his birthday, lol…

  8. 8

    He's sooo fine! Jealous much you hideous tub of lard?!

  9. 9

    as usual perez doesnt know what he's talking about… He came up with the Cartoon Handy Manny which is VERY successful… so… yea… kno what ur talkin about first

  10. 10

    Uhh, you obviously have no inside info on anyone. You go off of guessing. First, he has shows he produced and That 70's Show. Also, he, Danny Masterson and others invested in some very famous and hot restaurants in L.A.. He is no idiot. But you are Perez.. Please, if you gonna comment and say something, have proof. Oh, and it is widely known he is packing a good 10 inches in his pants. A blind person on Mars could see he was packingwith those tight 70's pants he wore on the show..

  11. 11

    i think he has been very productive with his time…..and by the car…..he doesnt have to be clubbing, in rehab, or in front of the paps 24/7 to prove it…..and yes….HE'S F**KIN HAWT:)

  12. 12


  13. 13

    I can imagine he makes quite a bit since That 70s Show has been in syndication. I once read that the singer who wrote the theme song from that show makes 60.00 each time it's played. And they show it several times a day on different channels. Imagine how much the stars of the show are earning.

  14. 14

    Uno, Dos, Tres…Handy Manny has got it hands down!!!!! Wilmer is no slouch either!!! Maybe Perez should have those writers he hired do some RESEARCH about someone before they blow off nonsense. OR, can they only blow off massive amounts of fart gas and pretend that it's journalism. Yup, Disney pays good and Wilmer has created a new sitcom called "Earth to Pablo" for Nickelodeon. Yup, Wilmer knows that kids have their hand in the wallets of every relative they have!!!!!

  15. ganza says – reply to this


    whoa chunky monkey. nice to see him bulking up. zeksi.

  16. 16

    come on, perez. he is handy manny!

  17. 17

    Celebrities lack creativity when spending their coke money. A lamborghini?

  18. 18

    Good for him.

  19. 19

    Since when is a guy going out for lunch newsworthy? Get a life Mario

  20. 20

    Wilmer is one SEXY Mojado! He's also toting a big basquet of groceries, if you know what I mean. I say, Tu vey, Chico! Tu vey!

  21. 21

    Wow - he got ugly.

  22. 22

    Aww, he's hilarious and very cute;) Bet he has a bigger peen then u:)

  23. 23

    Good looking guy!

  24. 24

    Lamborghini? Now there's a pathetic cry for attention, but it's usually by small-dicked old guys thinking that a ton of metal makes them hot. Is Wilma feeling a bit insecure?

  25. 25

    Really spiteful with this man huh what did he do to earn that reject your oh so kind self?
    Re: Ashleykate – Only because he pays you to write 1 good comment.
    Re: Rican31 – Haha well said. ;)

  26. 26

    Well he does have a steady job! He does the voice of Manny on handy Manny on playhouse Disney on the Disney channel in the morning! It is my daughters favorite show! So I guess I can understand how he had money!

  27. 27

    If I had That 70's Show and Handy Manny royalties, I'd be rolling too.
    Do your homework.

  28. 28

    i want him to fuck me! he will fuck me lol

  29. 29

    how pathetic
    lunching at the ivy with all the other z listers

  30. 30

    Hello……he's co-owner of several restaurants. He doesn't have to be acting to roll in it.

  31. 31

    Why do u always hate on other Latinos ? It makes you look so pathetic & sad. Sure he'll ALWAYS be hotter than you but you'll always be ……??????….. perez.

  32. 32

    big & girthy…