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You Must Watch THIS!

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This fabulous little man can WORK IT!

Check out Fame Monster-in-training Timmy doing our GaGaloo proud by singing and dancing to Bad Romance on his kitchen floor with a banana-turned microphone!

Wait until the end - that's when he really brings it home! FIERCE!!

And we love the commentary from his family!!


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214 comments to “You Must Watch THIS!”

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  1. 1

    whatever, perez. this is just footage of you 10 minutes ago. and i like that "man running around in underwear behind timmy" is a tag for this.

  2. 2

    Good LORD, how can he be so young and yet so gay?!

  3. 3

    this is embarrassing to watch. seriously, kids singing lady gaga, AND hes wearing mickey mouse? what kind of gullible parents does he have? seriously, stop making your kids sing along to that radio googoo

  4. 4

    get the kid out of the kitchen, give him a banana that isn't brown so he can eat something healthy (because he obviously lives on cookies and candy) and make sure he gets some exercise……..at that rate, he'll have a heart attach at 20………….

  5. 5

    what a bunch of fat fucks.

  6. 6

    so cute. his dance moves are highly amusing.

  7. 7

    I like how theres a person running around in their underwear in the background!

  8. 8

    Looks like Perez.

  9. 9

    Holy shit balls. Sooooo good. he nailed the dance. just imagining him watching the video over and over lol.

    WOOOHOOO for childhood obesity!!! rock that belly

  10. 10


  11. NDmom says – reply to this


    How disgusting is it that there is a dirtbag running behind him in his tight blue panties??

  12. 12

    soo cute! great parents

  13. 13

    That kid's gonna HATE his parents for filming and posting this on the world wide web..

  14. 14

    Oh my…why would his parents put this up? He's in his underwear, a grown man is in his underwear in the background…This is disturbing on so many levels. But Perez, if he's doing Lady GaGa, then I guess he gets a free pass, huh?

  15. 15

    work it out timmy–love it!

  16. 16

    looooveeeeee him! cute cute cute

  17. 17

    Someone get this kid a shirt that fits please.

  18. 18

    Oh timmy ! you're so amazing!!! :o )))

  19. 19

    The embarrassment I felt for this kid brought tears to my eyes. Even worse the banana was close to being rotten. Bless his heart.

  20. 20

    I am slightly disturbed by this.

  21. 21

    Im gay, and thats the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Theya re laughing at him, and im shocked he's not singing into a Snickers. DUMB

  22. slite says – reply to this


    I swear if there was a turd floating in the toilet that looked like Lady GaGa, you would post it here.

    BTW this video is horrifying. Im glad your mom dug it up from your attic, youve never looked better.

  23. Visa says – reply to this


    If you recognize this kid or have any ideal where this kid is located, call CPS immediately. His parents should be arrested immediately and deported to Cuba.

  24. DM201 says – reply to this


    they've cloned Perez, fat little fuck in training…

  25. 25

    first again. that's twice today. i'm on a roll!

  26. 26

    LOL!!! The "snapping" got annoying, but it was still funny…do you think his parents know he gay? :)
    I agree with "april20th" Get the kid out of the kitchen and make him eat a banana!

  27. 27

    it's great to see supportive parents who encourage their boy to "sing it loud" instead of ridiculing him

  28. 28

    Re: nezzie – and FAT!

  29. 29

    HAHA awww… maybe its just baby fat! That was awesome

  30. 30

    embarrassing to watch.

  31. 31

    hahahaha its STILLWELL! The best part was the fat guy in the background running by in his undies.

  32. 32

    oh wow..that was weird.

  33. 33

    fat & gay ..life wont be easy!

  34. 34

    Ya know, this kid is going to catch hell with his peers, and will probably find this video as a source of great embarrassment well into his teenage years. However, there's no denying he has natural talent. With the right balance of guidance and a solid support system, he can grow into being a fantastic performer. Growing up the gay, awkward, fat kid won't be easy, but it doesn't automatically equal failure. Good luck Timmy!

  35. 35

    Dumb ass parents allow a child to have a channel on YouTube that will make his life a living hell in the years to come.

  36. 36

    1.) You're VIDEO TAPING your CHILD! Get him some clothes that FIT!
    2.) These people are so obviously unhealthy that the fucking banana is BROWN (meaning no one is eating it)
    3.) I have kids, so I hate even saying this, but can you say "You're ENABLING your child to have a 'kick me' sign on his back daily?"
    4.) This is an example of child obesity & future childhood diabetes!
    5.) And lastly, before you decide to embarrass the hell out your kid, LEARN HOW TO VIDEOTAPE!!!

  37. 37

    That kid needs to go on a strict diet asap!

  38. 38

    Thanks Perez, this just made me think that atrocious mickey mouse gown you wore…with your hairy ass legs showing. *throws up*

  39. 39

    i liked it when the mom asked about zooming the camera in.
    "youre ruining it!"

  40. 40

    Well, THERE'S 4 minutes of my life I will never get back! I cannot believe that you (Perez) encourage this crap!

  41. 41


    love it.

  42. 42

    I thought it was great! Hell, this kid has more talent than all the tards on idol right now.

  43. 43

    Re: JMFuller – no, its a fat baby.

  44. 44

    Re: nicoleeee09 – He is in his pajamas.. they are just far too small for his 150 lb frame.

  45. 45


  46. 46

    Haha!!! What a cute kid

  47. 47

    Hmmm…fat, gay and untalented….yup, that sure sounds like the average GagGag fan

  48. 48

    i cant believe people are being so mean to a little kid! work it boy, you are fabulous !!!!!!

  49. trace says – reply to this


    that was awesome. made me smile!! screw everyone else who said mean things about this kid. i bet he has some kind of personality!!!

  50. 50

    That little boy can work it! I love this so cute.

  51. 51

    Love it! hes a future talent!

  52. 52

    Awwww so adorbs:) love the part when he does "i want your vertical stick"…. laughed so hard. The kid needs to do more

  53. 53

    Aww, its like a little Perez. Lol. The banana is black but it doesn't mean it's rotten. If you touch it too much it will turn. He's gonna be in drama class, watch.

  54. 54

    You guys are so mean. Why are you even on this site if you are going to bash Perez, and this kid? Seriously, grow up. Hes fat yes, but he'll grow out of it or he won't, whats it matter to you? I can almost guarantee that atleast one of you calling this kid fat is quite obese yourself. I do not agree with the full grown man in the background in his underwear, thats kinda disturbing, but most kids that young wont even talk or sing out loud in front of people so props for belting it out

  55. 55

    Adorable but, I couldn't watch the whole thing. Got a bit boring towards the end. Kudos for having the courage for doing this.

  56. 56

    Umm.. wow. Was the dad wearing a thong? I cant really put into words how I feel about this.

  57. 57

    that's disturbing.

  58. 58

    Perez, is this you when you were little? awwwww how cute!!!! :D

  59. 59

    Is this your newest crush Perez?

  60. 60

    He's so great. so young and SO GAY! I'm obsessed!

  61. 61

    Love IT LOVE IT! LOVE it! GO TIMMY!!!

  62. 62

    Singing to Gaga put ASIDE. . .

    That poor boy was out of breath from just singing a song.


  63. 63

    Hey look its Perez!!! BARF!

  64. 64

    um ew

  65. 65

    OOO and screw all you people who keep saying this little boy is gay and geez get over the underwear, the boy and Man are both covered! If you're that damn conservative get off this site!

  66. 66

    I think a bit of corn and maybe some chicken without the skin might be good for him. It's so corny I'll bet the kid gets the shit beat out of him at school for being such a fat fucking little dweeb.

  67. 67

    What is sad, is the myriad of douche bags above me taking cheap shots at a kid.

    Timmy should be proud of himself, and it is certainly cool to see his parents enabling his confidence.

  68. 68

    People are really mean and cruel. It makes me sick.

  69. 69


  70. 70

    Kids are just so uninhibited and I LOVE IT. All you butts talking about a little boy and his baby fat, shame on you. At least he is moving himself. In the process he has turds like you lot saying he is a fatty. Go little guy and family for getting him moving no matter how. Kudos to the parents for complimenting to him also and telling him to get into it instead of just shying away.

  71. @v@ says – reply to this


    He was pretty good for his age. Shine on.

  72. 72

    these parent have got to learn healthy eating. kids now a days are so nastyly obese and its sad.

  73. 73

    Why is it that obesity in children has become acceptable in America? This should be a punishable offense, like the form of child abuse it is. At least the poor little thing enjoys movement. Whoever is in charge of this child's nutrition should be publicly humiliated for what their excess has done to this child. If this obese child is fed a healthy diet and encouraged to keep moving he'll be far healthier. Did anyone notice the huge bruise on his arm and the people running around in underwear? Fat kid, bruises, half clothed adults … No wonder Perez put this one up.

  74. 74

    hes almost to gay to function :') haha,

  75. 75


  76. 76

    Maybe he'll get a cameo on "Glee"

  77. 77

    For the record, baby fat is usually gone by the time a toddler begins walking. This is not baby fat, this is obesity. The kid seems to have such a great sense of self it's a shame that his parents don't want him to be the best he can be and quit shoving crap into his little body.

  78. 78

    poor little chubster; when he's older this will come back to haunt him. 'Im so glad I'm a 90s kid and there was no such beast as YouTube when I was wee. Phew!

  79. 79

    he has a great voice and he hits the notes just fine, thats much better than Cheryl Cole at her last live concert with Owl Citys fireflies…that sucked.

    Way to go Timmy !

  80. 80

    So, I'm pretty sure that is the best thing I have ever seen. In my life.

  81. 81

    The kid is ok, but his parents are fuckwits letting him become so obese, and for the love of GOD, recording him in that outfit and putting it on the internet. Nice going getting your kids ass kicked.

  82. 82

    OMG he is SO FREAKING PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone needs to stop being such ignorant haters… he's a cute little kid singing… wtf is wrong with that? You probably did the same thing when your fat ass was little, too.

  83. 83

    That child needs to seriously loose weight pronto!He was mostly out of breath, just singing a few notes. And his Daddy(?) in the background needs to lead by example,he is also obese. I wouldn't be surprised if "voice over" mummy turned out to be obese too. Ship the whole family to weightloss clinic ASAP>

  84. 84

    completely amazing i must say

  85. 85

    This is the cutest effing shit I've ever seen! That boy is gonna be famous.

  86. 86

    you ppl are sick! insulting aa poor child… I bet you never had a nice childhood so you're taking it on the kid!! he's just singing and having fun, also he rocks the dance steps! hahahahahaha and he could train the voice and become a famous singer xD

  87. 87

    He is amazing!And I love the other guy running around in his pants!looks like a very happy family.Hope GaGa sees this little monster!!!!!

  88. 88

    Aww, Perez, how sweet of you to share home movies of your childhood.. How did you splice together the video of you as a chid and as an adult with you running around behind yourself in underwear?? Stroke of genius you chunky monkey you.. LMAO

  89. 89

    Serious… Not a bad little voice, but, fat little baby boy in underwear and a grown man running around in underwear behind him kind of creepy. And the littl chunky nugget was so out of breath for that small a person.. At times it was cute, other, disturbing. At least if mom and dad keep him performinglike this, might help him stay active and lose weight and will help to improve his voice because he does have a little voice there…

  90. 90

    OMG people!!!!! He's a little kid!!!! He's proud of what he's doing and so are his parents, so Kudo's to them. As to everyone telling him that he is gay is so not right. I have video of my husband around that age singing to Cindy Lauper and he is far far far from being gay!!!!! He may be a little chubby, but kids grow out of that. He's having fun singing and dancing to his favorite artist right now and I am pretty sure that 90% of you hating on here have done the same thing.

    Grow up people and stop picking on a little boy. I am ashamed of you all for doing that and so are the rest of the decent people in the world. What if that was your own son, nephew, grandchild, friends kid…. would you still be saying the mean and degrading things that you are posting on here. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  91. 91

    amazing, that made me smile. that kid has talent!

  92. 92

    isn't the end the time when people normally "bring it home"? nothing special!

  93. 93

    Re: vanessa.julia.lutz – ROFLMAO…Stillwell my angel…LMAO.. Oh, you had e rolling here laughing.. LMAO

  94. 94

    Perez u are a sicko

  95. 95

    Re: Mimi1984 – That kid's gonna HATE his parents for filming and posting this on the world wide web..

  96. 96

    I cant blv ppl call a KID a fat fuck. Yall are the work of satan!

  97. 97

    Wow, all of the horrible comments people make about a child and, I could be mistaken, but aren't some of these people the same ones that slam Perez for talking about celeb kids? Huh..I smell hypocrisy!!

    Anyways, that kid has a really good voice! Wow. Although, was that a pants-less older individual I saw running behind the camera? lol.

  98. 98

    This is stupid as shit.

    Somehow a video featuring a fat kid poorly dancing, singing and sashaying through a Lady Gaga song happens to be the most surprisingly unfunny video I've seen in a LONG time.

  99. 99

    Fame Monster-in-training? How degrading.
    So much for liberation and self-expression.

  100. 100

    work it little sista!

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