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Horrendous! Polish President Dies In Fatal Plane Crash

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Polish President Lech Kaczynski was killed in a plane crash early Saturday morning in western Russia.

Kaczynski, his wife, a number of military officials and the head of the national bank were among the victims of the plane crash in which 97 people lost their lives.

There were no survivors.

The aircraft was attempting to land in Smolensk, Russia when the plane was believed to have hit trees and crashed.

Bronislaw Komorowski, Parliament Speaker and now acting president of Poland told reporters on Saturday morning that this is a time of "great national tragedy" with Monday being declared a day of national mourning in Russia.

[Image via AP Images.]

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128 comments to “Horrendous! Polish President Dies In Fatal Plane Crash”

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  1. 1

    r.i.p :(

  2. 2

    It's terrible, though i was not a fan of that president. The plane was built in the 60's !

  3. 3

    wow… late reporting perez……….and how is this celeb news? used to love this blog…..now……..not so much

  4. 4

    Someone woke up finally, Hello? On the sad note, it's really horrible what happened to the president his wife and all people. President had a twin brother so I can only imagine his pain. My thoughts are with you Poland, polish people and everyone who died in this horrible plane crash.

  5. 5

    he was assasinated most likely, yesterday he made a huge decision regarding the euro which would have badly effected alot of export businesses, plane crashes are incredibly rare, very suspicious!

  6. 6

    Horrible!!! May they rest in peace.

  7. 7

    We're Polish, and my whole family is pretty sad. Poland has had a really tough past. Probably one of the toughest.

  8. 8

    I am so sad for the families. Very sad and tragic. :(

  9. ehare says – reply to this


    i was wondering when you would finally post something about this! a little late perez! as a polak, this is a terrible day for us. so sad!

    and yes the plane was from the 60s but the government got flak for wanting to buy a new one from the press saying that they were not spending the money in the right way.

  10. 10

    Wow you've really got your finger on the pulse lol

    useless turd sandwich, if you're waiting this long to post it…then don't fucking bother.

    Like you give a fuck anyway, don't think there was any gay people on it for you to blindly defend, so surprised you even care.

  11. 11

    your's so laaate.
    it's around 130 people that lost their lives.
    The pilot didn't listen to the instrutions to go land elsewhere for 4 TIMES. He also attempted to land 4 times then crashed !

  12. 12

    I'm Polish and have been deeply affected by this tragedy.The president was a GREAT man.He was pro peace and pro peaceful relations with European countries such as Russia that keep trying to bring Poland to its knees and be submissive.Regardless of whether this was a planned attack or accident/coincidence 96 people have lost their lives today.The Polish political party P.I.S. will most likely never rebuild itself and all its great efforts will be forgotten.The most important politicians including the president and his wife have died and now Poland may suffer chaos in its govt.The most people should be doing is praying for these peoples families.Its a tragedy,no ones looking to blame anyone so please keep the conspiracy theories to yourselves.

  13. 13

    That is so sad, I have been out of town and I only now have I heard of this tragedy!

  14. 14

    wouldn't monday be declared a day of national mourning POLEN not russia?

  15. 15

    terrible news

  16. 16

    its a real tragedy. i didnt like him but still him his wife and so many important people governing one country died at once, horrific. those familys must be in much pain now :(

  17. Calle says – reply to this


    So sad.. :(

  18. 18

    you took your bloody time posting this! RIP!

  19. 19

    Re: hajj_3
    altho that is one possibility, its far more likely that it was a mechanical failure. poland is notorious for under-servicing their aircrafts. their medical helicopter is grounded like 75% of the time with failures. Tragic loss for the family, and a nation. My thoughts are with them.

  20. 20

    Did not support the policies of President Lech Kaczynski, but when I learned of this tragedy started crying and crying until now. It is a terrible tragedy! Katyn is a place of eternal tragedy of Polish! During the Second World War and now!

    May the Lord President, First Lady and the distinguished Poles who perished with them MAY THEY REST IN PEACE

  21. 21

    Re: Kathagr – its spelled POLAND firstly and secondly it happened on Russian soil which is y i guess theyd ecided to commemorate it

  22. 22

    Re: Kathagr – In Poland, the national mourning will last from Saturday for 7 days!

  23. 23

    Re: Kathagr
    Its spelt "P O L A N D" and we have a week of mourning you fool

  24. 24

    people read your news, stop relying on perez, who the F cares what he has to say, is it more important whos sticking their what in Bullocks ass or whats really going on in the world?/

  25. chlyn says – reply to this


    There will be a week of national mourning in Poland. There is no mourning period declared for Russia, but I'm sure Russian people are saddened, as are we all.

  26. 26

    Thanks Perez for this note. This means a lot for your Polish fans!

  27. Jaded says – reply to this


    At least Perez isn't participating in the conspiracy theories that are being tossed around. Not sure if it's because he doesn't care or because he's too stupid to know where Poland is let alone why anyone would be tossing around conspiracy theories in the first place.

  28. 28

    Re: perezisafatass – Out of all the things you say you HAD to bash Perez? Seriously … it's not the fact that he posted late, it's the fact that the President of Poland, his wife & others DIED in a plane crash.

    Rest in Peace (L)

  29. 29

    its awful we're broken hearted :(

  30. 30

    assassination served up as an accident

  31. 31

    I'm from Poland and though I didn't like this president , I feel sad for what happend. And I think that's terrible that so many people has to die. I'm in shock. That's a sad day for Poland :(

  32. 32

    So sad :( found out about this after a good day, just shows how fleeting life is. RIP

  33. 33

    Finally you wrote about it! -.- I'm Polish but my family live in Germany and we are shocked. It's sad. R.I.P :(

  34. 34

    Thank you Perez for posting this news. It means a lot to me and all your Polish Fans.

  35. 35

    Re: perezisafatass – "How is this celeb news?" Awww, yeah it sucks when Perez stops posting vapid shit for two seconds. Sorry this story has taken up space where you could be reading about Khloe Kardashian discussing her genital herpes scare. How ignorant and insenstive can you be, no-one gives a crap about how you feel about the blog.

  36. 36

    Thank You Perez for posting this sad news, it means a lot to me, and all your Polish fans.

  37. 37

    But thank you for posting this. Dziękuję!

  38. 38

    Am I the only one to think this smells fishy? The Polish President had pissed off the Russians by getting tight with Nato; he had pissed off the European Union leaders on a regular basis…and the Russians have lately (again) gone around assassinating journalists they didn't like, poisoning leaders of eastern European countries they didn't like, they even had a guy poisoned while sitting in a London restaurant…hummm, and how convenient that the accident took place on Russian soil, thereby allowing the Russians to have first dibs on the investigation scene…I don't know, this smells to the high heavens…may all the dead rest in peace.

  39. 39

    Re: cleanteeth – If you think Perez's blog is so stupid then why bother to even have an account here? And today should be a day of grieving and commemorating this horrible tragedy. My thoughts are with the Polish people and the families of those who died.

  40. 40

    Who Cares how long it took Perez to post it as long as he respectfully did!!!
    I am Polish as well and this has been a very emotional day for all of us. It is extremely painful to wake up to something like this. I am a law student and was suppose to meet President Kaczynski at an event at the end of the year in Chicago and unfortunately will not be able to now. No matter what kind of President he was he was our President and respectfully served us well.
    Regarding comment about national mourning day -> Russia is only Monday and Poland will be mourning for a week as stated by many newspapers.
    R.I.P President Kaczynski, First Lady Maria Kaczynski and all the great people that have served our country that died in this plane crash

  41. 41

    so sad :( RIP

  42. 42

    Taka Tragedia! :(

  43. 43

    This is very sad indeed and may they all rest in peace.
    Just an FYI, this president was very much against homosexuality and feminism for that matter and he forbade homosexuals to demonstrate, parade etc.

  44. 44

    Lech was a huge, conservative douchebag (and his politics won't be missed by me).

    The accident is (of course) horrible regardless of what I think about him.

  45. 45

    The most important people in Poland were killed in the plane crash: the president, his wife, all members of the president chancellery, deputy parliament speakers, several dozen politicians, commanders of the Polish army, head of the national bank, ombudsman etc. … 96 people :( The biggest tragedy in the post war era in Poland.

  46. 46

    Tragedia dla Polski

  47. 47

    I am not sad because of this accident and neither is any member of my family.
    Lech Kaczynski was a homophobe, he was against feminism and giving women the right to abortion. When his wife went to a meeting supporting pro choice, the priest that has his own college and national radio station called her a witch ! It was the same priest that managed to gather all the old ladies called sarcastically by people in Poland "Moherowe berety" (mohair berets) to vote for that man to be a president.
    Many of those who died were not good politicians. Thay cared only about their money - not what's good for Poland. What can You say about a government which gives more money for prisoners than kids in orphanages? Thay gave huge amount of money to build a new gigantic church (Swiatynia bozej opatrznosci) but public hospitals don't have enough money to perform operations all year round.
    I am sorry that the president's wife died because she was a good and empathetic woman but I can imagine what she would feel if it was only he who died. I would prefer to die with, than live without my spouse.
    Many people hated the president who died but now they are in mourning. All I see in media is a gigantic cyrcus of hypocrites ! One of the great exaples is Jerzy Buzek, president of the European Parliament - he says that he is sad because his friend died - well…he was not happy when the same "friend" and his twin brother kicked him out of their party so he had to find other allies.

  48. 48

    Re: RandomNYgirl
    Dear Perez,
    Thank you for posting about this! I am a big fan and happen to be polish.
    An accident of this magnitude has never occurred in history! To have the leaders and top officials of a country gone in a few minutes is unimaginable.
    It is ironic, that they were going to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Katyn Massacre. In the Katyn Massacre, over 20,000 polish officers and top military officials were mass murdered by the Soviets. The information about this massacre was kept secret and came out in the 1990’s. Till this date Russia has not released the official list of those killed. Perhaps an event of this magnitude will pressure Russia in opening their files about the Katyn Massacre. I think the WHOLE world ought to demand of that!

  49. Bren says – reply to this


    Most large companies do not let their high ranking officers fly on one plane together for exactly this reason. Why would these people?

  50. 50

    thank you for posting that… I am, as a Polish citizen, grateful the world headlines give such a huge account on what happened. It means a lot to us …

  51. 51

    thanks perez, this means a lot to me as I am Polish. Thank you for showing respect. Komorowski declared that national mourning will last a week.. everybody's shocked cos' it just doesn't seem true. The Presient might have been funny and we liked to make fun of him on many occasions but now nobody will say one bad word about him.

  52. 52

    I'm from Poland… And maybe I didn't like that president, but it's not important right now… He was a human, and that's the only one that matters… People supposed to forget about theirs political views and just try to be humans… May Them rest in peace…

  53. 53

    One more thing about those blaming old plane, Russians and other conspiracy theories…
    In 2008 an important incident took place. While in Georgia, Lech Kaczynski told the pilot to land on an airfield full of holes (created by bombs). The pilot refused and landed on alternative airfield, the presidet was extremely angry. The pilot was taken under disciplinary ivestigation. Perhaps this time the president didn't want to be late and once again demanded landing, the pilot took orders as he was a soldier and his superiors were on board.

    BTW - I am writing to present the views of my family and friends. I am not happy reading that EVERYONE in Poland is in mourning because it's not true.
    We (me, my family&friends) are sorry that so many people died but the only thing we feel is wonder - what will happen next. It will be hard to replace people who were at the top of army ladder and national bank leaders.
    As for the government - I am still waiting for politicians who would care more for citizens' well being than stuffing their own wallets. I also wish that Polish soldiers would not participate in war conflits that have nothing to do with Polad's safety.
    At last - during 2002 Warsaw's major election, Lech Kaczynki said to one of the members of election meeting - F#@$ off beggar !
    His equally smart brother said in parliament speech: Nobody will make us believe that black is black and white is white…
    Politicians to be proud of… :/

  54. 54

    This is so sad. I'm partly Polish and my grandfather died in a plane crash. There are NO words to describe the horror . . . years of crying and wondering if they were scared . . .hoping that it happened fast . . . hoping that they're safe and happy now. My thoughts are with you, Poland. You've had a difficult past.

  55. 55

    Re: jeezlol – And may you live in peace. Blaming the Russians is so low. The event was to commemorate the assassination of Polish officers at Katyn in 1943 and Vladimir Putin was present at the ceremony. The Russians are not THAT foolish, nor are they THAT cruel. I suggest you stop being such a xenophobic Russian basher and start thinking that flying on a plane built in the '60's is not safe. My heart goes out to Poland today but I don't appreciate your comments. Peace and Love !

  56. 56

    i heard that the reason the Polish Airplane went down is because the rubber band in the propeller snapped

  57. 57

    Re: lina23Re: cleanteeth – uuum POLEN means Poland in german…

  58. 58

    national day of mourning in russia?? don't you mean Poland?

  59. 59

    Re: Teeebs
    Very well said. I'm sure there are people who wouldn't even have heard this tragic news if it wasn't for this site. Awful to think a whole generation of Polish politicians are dead, and what that must mean for the future of the country.

  60. 60

    Everyone complaining that this is late- maybe he was sleeping/taking a day off? Not as if this blog is rolling 24 hour news.

  61. 61


  62. 62

    And it wouldn't surprise me if the Russians had assisinated him for some reason or another- their government is fucking nuts

  63. 63

    I've never understood why airports even leave trees anywhere near the runway.

  64. 64

    So sad, a whole country torn apart by tragedy.. God Bless them!

  65. 65

    Re: MidnightPeace – It is so refreshing to read a post by someone who knows about foreign affairs. Thank You. Truly.

  66. 66

    Re: Livia1 – just so you know Poland is a very Catholic country and has remained so throughout all the years its been under attacks.Poland will not be a very open minded country when it comes to gays and therefore Kaczynski would not be voted president had he spoken about homosexuals and if he supported them.The fact that a country,my country has different views does not make him any less of a president and man that he was.Obama doesn't have much good to say about homosexuals either last time i checked.

  67. 67

    Re: MidnightPeace – honestly ur a very sad and cold hearted person to not find 97 people who died in a horrible cicumstance to be tragic.they were not murderers,rapists,etc.they were people with families,thats what is most important so shame on you

  68. naima says – reply to this


    My condolences to my Polish friends and to the entire nation of Poland

  69. L-Mom says – reply to this


    Love to Poland - my sympathies to you all, on this dreadful tragedy :( ((,

    ~Louisiana Mom

  70. 70

    Re: MidnightPeace – Wow he was against giving women the right have an abortion? That's ridiculous! [irregardless of that fact] Rest in Peace.

  71. 71

    Re: cleanteeth – Actually, Polen is German for Poland. AND SPELT (Triticum spelta) is a species of wheat.

  72. 72

    R.I.P. This is really sad for all Polish people. Niech zyje Polska!!

  73. 73

    why is russiadeclaring a day of mourning when hes the polish president?

  74. 74

    so many companies don't even let managers fly together. why would so many important politicians be on one plane? everything about this seems so odd and not right. regardless though it is incredibly sad, and may they all rest in peace.

  75. 75

    A story laden with tragic irony. The delegation of political leaders and relatives of those murdered was headed to commemorate the sad anniversary of the slaying of 22,000 Poles by the KGB. Thank you for posting…

  76. 76

    How the hell does it matter now what kind of politician he was? He didn't kill anyone and yes, I never liked him and disagreed with him on many many levels! But Jesus Christ - he was a human being and deserves at least a little respect at this tragic moment! And think of all the others who died along with him in that horrific catastrophe!
    As to you and your family - you are SAD, DISGUISTING people!

  77. 77

    Sorry, that was meant for MidnightPeace

  78. 78


  79. 79

    God you're LATE with this! And it wasn't only the president but many other important politicians from Poland!

  80. 80

    I am Polish, and when I heard about this, I was completely and utterly shocked, and of course truly saddened about what happened. I don't know how Poland will be able to elect a new President, and hire new members of the government quickly, however, Poland has been through many horrible situations as well, and was always able to rise above it, and succeed as a country. May Lech i Maria Kaczynski, and the rest of the government members on that plane (there 97 members) rest in peace. And, I will be praying for the families as well.
    (Also, it does not matter if people considered him as an amazing, or horrible President, he still died tragically, and in my opinion, he did care about the Polacy [Polish people, Poles]). May they rest in peace. :'-(

  81. 81

    I'm from Poland.
    It was terrible…
    Poland is a week of mourning.
    [*] :(

  82. 82

    In behalf of all Poles thank you America for your support!

  83. 83

    Wonder who arranged to get rid of virtually the entire top of their government?

  84. 84

    Re: AuntJulie
    In 1940 USSR killed the elite of our country in Smolensk, Charkow, Katyn (the director Andrzej Wajda made excellent movie about that). Over 4 000 of people was murdered, for e.g.: officers, doctors, artists, lawyers…That was one of the most awful thing which happened to my country. The president and other politicians flew to Russia yesterday because it was a 60th anniversary of that tragedy. That's why.

  85. 85

    Funny how the plane went down in the area where several thousand Polish officers were massacred by the Russian government years ago. Hum…A National Day of mourning in Russia? Do you mean Poland? The president was very conservative and anti-gay, Perez. Sad for the other folks on the plane…

  86. 86


  87. 87

    :( [*]

  88. 88

    I`m polish , and i think it`s a tragedy/ he was one of the best presidents. its suspicious though i must have beed russians who did it !!!PS.PEREZ.WHY ARE YOU NOT WRITING THAT IT WAS ANNIWERSARY OF TRAGEDY IN KATYN ??? WHERE THOUSAND OF POLISH NOBLEMANS WHERE MURDERED BY RUSSIANS ????

  89. 89

    Re: MidnightPeace – You didn't agree with his polics so it's 'okay' that he (and so many others) died? That's rather evil..

  90. L-Mom says – reply to this


    Re: sajang82 – Despite what a few dozen imbeciles say on a Hollywood Gossip website, the 300-million-plus people who make up this nation are a very giving and heartfelt country. Thank you for not allowing a handful of disgruntled, anonymous website posters to speak for you and the United States as a whole. You are in our thoughts and prayers, and that is a promise.

  91. 91

    Re: Moogle80 – I never said it's OK. It is horrible and sad but not everyone in Poland is literaly crying about it.
    All I'm saying is the fact that these people were the political elite doesn’t make them angels. Poland and the rest of the world should be able to mourn without attributing to the dead the moral or any other superiority.

  92. 92

    I strongly recommend you shut the fuck up!

  93. 93

    Another thing that I forgot to mention is that Lech Kaczynski flew over to Russia because this year is the 70th anniversary sine the Katyn Massacre occured. In WWII, the Russians killed Polish soldiers, teachers, lawyers, proffessors, and artists, and while it was completely devastating, none of the Polish knew of this. Since Poland was under the rule of Russia, they weren't allowed to know any of it until Poland became their own democratic country. In the 1990's, to be exact is when people finally learned of it. My parents learned of it after they left Poland. But what confuses me is why Perez, and other news don't tell us about the Katyn Maasacre. At school, I didn't learn of this, I learned about it 2 years ago from my sister. That occured, and now the President died. It is truly tragic, and I am honestly sad about it. He was a great president, who cared about the people. Also, it doesn't matter if he was against or for homosexuality or abortion, he died, and people should mourn, not criticize, and he was a good ruler. He tried to make sure that Poland had their own identity. May they rest in peace! :-(

  94. L-Mom says – reply to this


    Official statement from US President Barack Obama —>"Today, there are heavy hearts across America. The United States cherishes its deep and abiding bonds with the people of Poland. Those bonds are represented in the strength of our alliance, the friendships among our people, and the extraordinary contributions of Polish-Americans who have helped to shape our nation…"

    Amen to that.

  95. 95

    Re: madziuna – What a refined language ! Great representation of logical argumentation an Your manners.
    You know - I have right to express my views.
    Re: Polish_Girl – Do You LIVE in Poland ? I seriously doubt it. Where is that great ruling ? Extremely low pays for pensioners, high rate of unemployment, lack of funds in public health service, destructional changes in educational system, selling companies that used to belong to the country. I still don't get why since centuries, Polish governments try to ally with countres far away than make friends with closest neighbours. It's not like Poland never invided any other countries. Poland has been invided many times but Poland was aggressor as well.
    If it's so geat in here, why have Your parents left? Why so many young and middle-aged people fleed to live abroad ? Over two millions (!) left Poland in the last three years - in my opinnion it's quite meaningful.

  96. 96

    um, national mourning day in Russia? I think you mean Poland, Perez.

  97. 97

    Re: Polska Dupa
    Polish government has declared one week of mourning, President Dmitry Medvedev declared Monday a day of mourning in Russia, The Brazilian Government decreed an official three-day period of mourning, Lithuanian government has announced 3 days of national mourning, April 11 has been declared a Day of Mourning in Georgia, in Maldives the day of funeral of Lech Kaczyński will be a national day of mourning, etc.
    Many countries have declares day/s of mourning to commemorate the tragedy of Polish delegation in Smolensk so there's no need to correct the news written by Perez

  98. 98

    Re: MidnightPeace – Are you Polish? Do you have friends who are Polish? If so, then you should know better. If not, then do not judge. This is a time to mourn. I mean, I don't say anythinjg rude or inconsiderate about your president, so why should you to this president? You have to think before you say something, because right now is not a time to say such hurtful things about a man who tried his best, and now has died a tragic death, along with his wife.

  99. 99

    People,national mourning is in Poland for a week, but monday IS a day of national mourning in russia too, so Perez was right. but he didn't mention the polish mourning and it's sad cause for russia it wasn't such a tragical event as it's for polish nation.

  100. 100

    Re: Polish_Girl – Yes I am and I am bound to live in his country and I have to cope with consequences of govenment's decisions.
    For me this time is important. But it irritates me when I have to read tearful notes about this accident coming from politicians and private peole who used to quarrel with and about those politicians which my country lost during this flight. People calling our dead president "great" when a week ago they were laughing at him and calling him "a duck". Is it so hard to see hypocrisy ?
    The only positive is that some people will learn that there is a country called Poland and where it is situated.
    Once again - I AM SORRY that so many innocent people lost their lives and I HAVE COMPASSION for their families but I am not going to pretend that it' s the biggest tragedy for me just because it's expected.

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