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The Creators Of Hannah Montana Want Their Cash!

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Two of the creators of Hannah Montana have slapped Disney with a $5 million dollar lawsuit!


Barry O'Brien and Richard Correll filed a lawsuit on Friday with the LA Superior Court stating they're "owed millions" in "pre-negotiated percentage-based bonuses" because they have yet to receive compensation for the "created by" titles given to them by the production.

The lawsuit claims Disney has refused to cough up the extra (and deserved!) $$$$$$ and even allegedly wrongfully terminated Correll and "blackballed" him from future Disney projects.

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “The Creators Of Hannah Montana Want Their Cash!”

  1. 1

    cough it up disnaaaay. 1st! I think

  2. 2

    plus…How are they going to black list a co creater of Hannah Montana. THe $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ maker!! seriously.

  3. 3

    got 'em!!!

  4. 4

    Don't fuck with Disney! They own the world.

  5. 5

    Disney is so cheap..all she wants is 5 mill.

  6. 6

    Only $5M!?!?
    Hannah Montana made $17M from one tour!!!

    These guys are owed something more like $50M.

  7. 7

    she suckssss cant act for shit anywyas

  8. 8

    disney should go fuck them selves its only five ml

  9. 9

    Pay your dues Diney … and …. Stop producing crap like that one!

  10. 10

    thats a drop in the bucket compared to what disney makes from everything else.

  11. 11

    Mario, again, you are just reporting what is on the lawsuit. there are at least 3 sides to every story. and for blacklisting? do you know what blacklisting is? They had a disagreement with disney and disney does not want to work with them anymore. happens all over the place. BLACKLISTING WOULD BE IF DISNEY GOT TOGETHER WITH ALL THE OTHER STUDIOS AND NO ONE HIRED THEM. Look up the 1950s with Sen. McCarthy and backballing back then-actors, writers, directors, producers-they were not able to get ANYWORK. AGAIN YOU ARE A MORON

  12. 12

    oh god who the fuck cares.. perez did you die ? post something new.

  13. 13

    Hannah Montana is a cheap knock-off of Hilary Duff. If anything, they owe HER the money! She blew up, and what do they do? Make a show about it and call the bitch Hannah Montana! Only more annoying and white trashy. This "creation" isnt even worth the fuckin money it generates.

  14. 14

    Dayum Disney is %$#@ing greedy! Their franchise makes a hell of a lot of money.

  15. 15

    But…. were they not each paid with a night with Miley … ?

  16. 16

    I don't like hannah montana but for some reason, I do like miley. Too be brutally honest, miley can't sing but she is a great actress. Even though she is only famous cause of her father, u can still see her trying to step away from the daddies little girl category. If people want to sue HM for something and they have a good reason to do it, then I say do it

  17. 17

    pay the mofo money and do us ALL favors by canceling this lame ass show

  18. 18

    They'd be owed more than that, and, for a company that churns out a lotta kid-oriented movies and products, they certainly are corrupt! I'd even go so far as to say… evil.

  19. 19


  20. 20

    Re: JeffreyGaga – HAHAHA they own the USA maybe but not the world!

  21. 21


  22. 22