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102 comments to “Ice-T Tells Aimee Man To Eat A Bowl Of Dicks!”

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  1. 1

    Great comeback… Is he twelve?

  2. 2

    I think they both need to grow up

  3. 3

    Hey Mario, when you go to the movies do you ask for butter on your hot bowl of Dicks?

  4. 4

    Perez, I love you. But- why are you late on this?

  5. 5

    i think Ice T is pretty kick ass on SVU. he has some good moments

  6. 6

    She's an idiot. If she doesn't like his acting than turn off the show. That how it works hence the reason I don't own her music. I don't like it. What a dunce. Besides I blame SVU's bad shows on bad writing. I think they have officially run out of stories. Back to A-Mann…who cares if Ice-T is a mediocre actor. She's obviously a mediocre singer/song writer. Most people are pretty much mediocre when it comes to our jobs but in the end I work to live not live to work. I just wanna get paid.

  7. 7

    I've already used "Eat a Hot Bowl of Dicks" about a dozen times. It's as classic & timeless as Coco.

  8. 8

    Come on now, that lady must have KNEW something like that would be coming her way, it's Ice-Fucking-T…. Don't they tell people not to pla with fire if they don't want to get burned?

  9. 9

    Ice T has the nerve to insult Aimee Mann's music?

    someone played me something by Ice T the other day, and i laughed my ass off that people actually paid money to listen to that shit.

    I think people are brain damaged, clearly, if people like IceT can become successful and famous off of society…seriously retarded.

    I mean just look at the trash he is, and the trash he is married to. This is why people attack the American culture, its because of the crazy ass trash 'celebs' like Ice T and their skanky ugly wives who have had too much plastic surgery, and not enough education or class.

  10. 10

    holy fuckin shit!
    got em!!!

    i love that show :)

  11. 11

    hahah Ice-T, I miss that stuff. I miss how people would voice their opinions like that on a daily basis the way Ice-T just did….. Everything is so sensitive today. Good comeback Ice… Keep it up. H-U-S-T-L-E-R HUSTLERRRR…

  12. 12

    Aimee Mann is brilliant. Unbelievably gifted songwriter. But I got no problem with Ice-T. Watch out for those gangtas Aimee. Biggie, Tupac… Aimee? lol

  13. 13

    All of you guys here should eat a bowl of hot dicks!

    Just kidding, I love you guys!

    Except for people who think that Avril Lavigne is talented. You are bad people.

  14. 14

    Ice-T was great in New Jack City. I think SVU is just a bad show but New Jack City is over a decade old……………..

  15. 15

    WTF he is right. What is she worried about his career for? worry about your own. Damn.

  16. 16

    who are these people even? can u just put gossip about famous people, perez?

  17. 17


  18. 18

    What a douche. The thing is she's right so suck it Ice to the T.

  19. 19

    LOL!!! But, the thing is she is right (whoever she is). Ice-T CANNOT ACT…It is painful to watch.

  20. 20

    Why is she insulting him of all people? SVU is a decent show and he is acting is just fine. There is waaaaay worse out there and Ice fucking T, come on now.

  21. 21

    Hes just badass! Lol whatsherface is just trying to get attention because no one knows who she is!

    Whoever disagrees! Eat a bowl of d*cks!

  22. 22

    VICIOUS COMEBACK!!!! Very well done Ice T.

  23. 23

    At least Ice-T is on television, which is more than I can say for Aimee Mann.

  24. 24

    LMAO. I love Ice-T.

  25. 25

    Team ICE T all the way… Who is Aimee Mann again? She must be jealous of the fact that he's working, and no one cares about her anymore….
    SVU is an awesome show, and he's great on it!

  26. 26

    HAHAHA!!! I

  27. 27

    Aimee Mann, you idiot.

  28. 28

    I thought it was "meantime," not "mean time." Until I read his comment, I mean.

  29. 29

    i think ice-t is amazing on svu, actually as a matter of fact im watching svu as we speak - hes great! and as for this aimee bitch ive never even heard of her before today!

  30. 30

    mario dont reverse over teddy in your rush to get to the drive thru…
    *said in a whining flaming nasal squeal "Two orders of McHotBowlOfDicks Meal Deal - upsized

  31. 31

    Wow, I don't really know why these people would want to fight like this. I mean did she decide she needed to stay relevant? I guess I don't understand why artists do what they do? Then of course his gansta comes out. Can't we all just get along? I am sure I would be insulted too, but just where does one find a hot bowl of dicks.

  32. 32

    seriously? you are like a year late with this shit. lately you can't even steal shit from other sites within a decent amount of time. if it wasn't for the joy i get from reading the hilarious posts from the people that hate your disgusting ass, i would totally stop coming here to read this old ass shit

  33. 33

    oh and "Eat a hot bowl of dicks!" is a total classic….much like the other classic "Your face looks like a can of smashed assholes!"

  34. 34

    Who the flip is Aimee Mann?

  35. 35

    He's late on this because he doesn't write this blog anymore!!! Interns do. I swear, the title of this blog should be changed to, "Perez Hilton…Ten Days Later!!"

  36. 36

    so this black man is encouraging castration and cannabalism? typical.

  37. 37

    who is she? I effing love Ice-T. SVU wouldn't be the same without him.

  38. 38

    Perez eats a hot bowl of dicks every night

  39. 39

    Really mature, Ice T
    Newsflash: your a grown-ass old man who still names himself after a SUMMERTIME BEVERAGE, and your acting does suck immensely.
    And your wife is ridiculous-looking. stfu.

  40. 40

    lol… That's deliciously hardcore. Love it. Clearly her comment his a raw nerve. Too funny.

  41. 41

    Re: John Cusack fan

    completely agree. he's not gonna win any awards any time soon but lay the fuck off of him. he's not a great actor but jeez hes on SVU, cut him some slack.


  42. 42

    I saw this story already. She apologized. You don't fuck with Detective Fin be-ootch!

  43. 43

    I like that its a hot bowl of dicks.
    I mean, sure, dicks at room temp are delish.
    But a whole bowl of hot ones?
    The insult would be in the degree to which the dicks are warmed, I suppose.

  44. 44

    late as usual. this story is days old and yet you have the nerve to post it. either you or your ghost writers are way late on reading other blogs then re-posting them days behind. your site has really gone down the drain.

  45. 45

    his acting is okay but He is a foul mouthed ungentlemany he shud let it go unless he knows he is a shit actor.hate his fake ass barbie too.xoxo

  46. 46

    wankers like him make women become lesbians (among other reasons, of course). :)

  47. 47

    He's one of the reasons I still watch SVU! He brings authenticity and cred to his role. Aimee… the last decent record you made was with Till Tuesday, oh about 27 years ago, right? Your self righteous obnoxious BS is noting anyone wants to hear.

  48. 48

    Aimee Mann's music almost won a grammy… what has Ice T done lol! Listen to the Magnolia soundtrack (all Aimee's music) it's amazing :-)

  49. 49

    Re: marymeass

    for reals

  50. 50

    Who the hell is Aimee Mann? I've never even heard of her until I saw this. At least most people know who Ice T is even if they don't like him.

  51. snit says – reply to this


    she's also already tweeted an apology which ice t apparently accepted.

    catch up, mario

  52. 52

    Ice-T is the man…can you dig it?

    if you don't like his shit flip the channel..and Aimee whoever the fuck you are…i think he said it best about ur opinion so enough said.

  53. 53

    Team ICE-T

  54. 54

    nice ice t!

  55. 55

    How classy of them both!

  56. 56

    LMAO…I LOVE Ice-T!!! She started w/ the wrong guy…!!!

  57. 57

    she's right, and he's just as Klassy as he ever was…

  58. 108 says – reply to this


    ha! that was hilarious. love him!

  59. 59

    I love him on SVU, he's awesome!

  60. 60

    Bowl of dicks. HA! I prefer a bowl of fresh whipped creamed poosies!!!

  61. 61

    Well at least this will keep Ice T busy from picking on the young stars of youth today in age!!!!!! He went from bullying kids to fighting with chics! LOL

  62. 62

    He's the best damn part of SVU!!!

  63. 63

    Oh yeah, and how slow is she? He's only been on the show for like what? 8+years!!

  64. 64

    I always thought he did a pretty good job on CI.

  65. 65

    Re: crickets – Regarding Ice T — not necessarily a good thing. You ought to listen to her music, she's actually very talented.

  66. 66

    I had to Google Amimme Mann just to find out who the heck she is. (( I Know who Ice-T is and he rocks it every week on SVU. If his acting sucked he wouldn't have been on the show for this long ! ))

  67. 67

    Regular people insulting celebrities for their acting/singinging, is one thing. But celebrities insulting fellow celebrities for their acting/singing is just disrespectful. Aimee mann is just tasteless.

    I never liked Aimee's voice that's why I don't own any of her music and will never waste a dime on her.

  68. 68

    fuck all celebrities

  69. 69

    Doesn't anybody else find it ironic that Ice-T is now playing a cop AND a cop that deal with women being exploited, after his hugely controversial song Cop Killer, and being a self proclaimed Pimp? I don't mind Ice T, I just think it's a bit ironic.

  70. 70

    shes absalutely right. his acting is horrendous on svu. by the way, is her last name man because she looks like a man. she looks like freakin tom petty.

  71. 71

    This n*gger has a job because he is a n*gger (affirmative acshwan).

  72. 72

    leffing my ess off

  73. 73

    The only one who ended up looking pathetic here was Ice T… what is he doing, googling his name all day long to see if anyone mentioned him? Aimee Mann got more talent in her little finger than he got in his whole ugly body.

  74. 74

    Did he seriously say "… a hot bowl of dicks?" Seriously? Actually, she gave him great props for his acting ability because he has none. We now also know that he's not exactly a Rhodes scholar. A hot bowl of dicks? Seriously??

  75. 75

    Too bad she actually makes great music….and he still sucks at acting!!

  76. 76

    At least Aimee Mann had class and followed up her tweet with:

    "He's out there doing his job. He doesn't need any heckling from the peanut gallery. So, I am sorry, Mr. T! You get out there and DO IT!"

  77. 77


  78. 78

    she was just speaking her mind just like everyone else. she has the right to have her own opinion. what the hell does that have to do with her unquestionable talent as artist???
    ice-t is obviously not a good sport when taking criticism… and his "music" is far more questionable in all aspects than Mann's.

  79. 79

    Re: Big Black Dick – LMAO I have missed you and your friends, tell them to come back. The convo's and fights you dudes used to have had me laughing all day. This site sux without you'all.

  80. 80

    Fantastic. Somebody needs to grow up.

  81. 81

    i love him

  82. 82

    That's pretty funny.

  83. 83

    I actually agree with Mann; Ice T is a dreadful actor on SVU. He's stiff and the way he delivers most of his lines is wooden. I like the show, but find myself rolling my eyes at his acting. That said, if she had to opine, she could've been a bit more tactful. His response was, well, in line with his level of class (which is nonexistent). The day he takes the high road is the day the world ends; what he said in response is just stupid. But I guess I can't expect much from a sell-out gansta married to that pig Coco. Give me Laurence Fishburne … Louis Gossett Jr., Sidney Poitier, Morgan Freeman … Those are men with class, talent, and style.

  84. 84

    Ice T is a no talent asshole.

  85. 85

    I once ate a bowl of hot dicks and burned my tongue something fierce. The trick is to blow on them first.

  86. 86

    Re: the Period – LOL! I AGREE!

  87. 87

  88. 88

    Who is Aimee Mann? ANd why is there picture of Iggy Pop in this article?
    Team T

  89. chiro says – reply to this


    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, who's Aimee Mann?! She looks like a man and
    Ice-T is pretty darn good on SVU. She's a hater barking up the wrong tree!!!!

  90. 90

    He's an asshole, always has been and yes, he isn't a good actor either.

  91. 91

    OMG Aimee Mann…yea appropriate name she looks like man. I've been watching SVU since it first came out and when Ice-T came onto the set after Jefferies he was amazing. I think he makes the show better, he is an amazing actor on that show, she is a complete fool and needs to lay off him. He is right also, her music sucks!!!!!

  92. 92

    i love aimee mann.

  93. 93

    I think Ice-T rocks on L&O SVU. To paraphrase a line he had in a recent episode "he's the total package!".

  94. 94

    ahhh..IceT …always so eloquent and suave
    if you had actually not risen to the bait it would not have been you.Grow the fuck up

  95. 95


  96. 96

    Childish comeback but whatever

  97. 97

    Never heard of her. His acting is bad. I can't watch that show because of him

  98. 98

    Re: LetttyB – FUCK YOU IMPOSTER! Letty B is an PH Icon and you ain't her bitch!

  99. 99

    i am laughing so hard i am falling out of my chair…. cant.t type… hot bowl of dicks, i got to remember that, awesome…

  100. 100

    Please. I don't expect any of you to know who Aimee Mann is- she's an incredibly gifted musician. Go back to Applebee's. Ya'll a bunch of fat, midwestern hicks.

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