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Fill In The Blank

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Lindsanity Lohan is missing from the cover of the Mean Girls game for the Nintendo DS because _____________.

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230 comments to “Fill In The Blank”

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  1. 101

    she wasnt a MEAN GIRL.

  2. 102

    she would snort the other girls up her nose.

  3. 103

    How whack! Can you do a game without the main star? Lame!

  4. 104

    Oh shes there! i promise. Just passed out on the floor, out of the shot duh

  5. 105

    because this game is OLD and they didn't want to have to pay to feature her in the game. You are so slow and "stoopid" as you say…get with it P

  6. 106

    I wish we could all get along like we did in middle school. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.

  7. Nedda says – reply to this


    Because they didn't wana have to pay her?
    And because they're afraid she'll sue them?

  8. 108

    Re: xoxoleslyy – hahaha! she's evil but shes fabulous

  9. 109

    because…shes probebly on the back off the box 'cos there was no room on the front. duh.

  10. 110

    because she's too busy falling outside a nightclub. lol

  11. 111

    She wasn't missing….she just happened to be bent over snorting a line of coke up off the floor …or looking for her career….

  12. 112

    No way there's a Mean Girls GAME? I gotta get this! And poor Linds, her only hit movie as an adult BWHAHAAH

  13. SS18 says – reply to this


    She's too busy doing lines with Mario and friends.

  14. 114

    Because she's a good girl!And actually really pretty compared to those ugly chicks!

  15. 115

    no one really cares.

  16. 116

    because she was the only one to be relatively famous before then BOMBBB afterwards!!!

  17. 117

    Because she is not even relevant anymore, but everyone else is that was in the movie. Probably once she decided on that lawsuit on the poor "Lindsay" baby everyone decided they couldn't even put her picture on it at all. God what a train wreck.

  18. 118

    She would hurt sales big time. Better yet, why the hell is there even a "Mean Girls" video game in the first freaking place???

  19. 119

    she is messed up!

  20. 120

    she's a lovesick crack head.

  21. 121

    i wanna buy that game lol which means i have 2 buy a nintendo ds

  22. 122

    I think that is worthy to go in the "burn book", no?

  23. 123

    the movie is way to high standard for her at this point

  24. 124

    Wow. isnt it alittle late for this? Poor lohan =/

  25. 125

    Rachel McAdams is so pretty.

  26. 126

    because then they would have to push the games rating up to 18?…

  27. 127

    bc she can't play the game- She couldn't pay her electric bill and sold her Nintendo to buy groceries….. and baby powder/coke!

  28. 128

    shes dead

  29. 129

    She fell down when they were taking the picture!!

  30. 130

    because she wasn't a mean girl…

  31. 131

    her career is over.

  32. 132

    A) Her 'mamager' (Dina) demanded $98 million for her image to be used B) it would be morbid when she is 'no longer with us' a few weeks from now…..Just say'n.

  33. 133

    she is marketing/merchandising poison. Parents in the mid-west and Bible-belt won't buy their kids anything assoicated with HollyWood Drug/Whore Trash.

  34. Garjo says – reply to this


    She is there, you just can't see her because she is passed out on the ground.

  35. Paty says – reply to this



  36. 136

    Wow, if this isn't a slam, then I don't know what is. Maybe she could earn some money by suing the company that made the game…since it's obvious her career is over.

  37. 137

    She was there, but she found out the photog's assistant had some really good blow, and she is off in the parking lot going down on him, as ALL good strawberries would do …. LINDSAY GET HELP ! ! Dina - stop being an enabler ! Ali - yer ugly !

  38. 138

    maybe because the character she portrayed in the movie isn't in the game. And like other people have already said, she wasn't a Mean Girl.

  39. 139

    I know allot of people are saying she's missing because she was not a mean girl, but trust me marketing executives are not stupid, if Lindsay was an A list celebrity on top of her game she would be there.. period, point, blank……

  40. 140

    because she is a trashy f'n wing nut, that is a train wreak

  41. 141


  42. 142

    Because Nintendo also fears she is going to die and doesn't want the face of a tragic dead girl on their product.

  43. 143

    Because those mean girls kept her out :p

  44. Harv says – reply to this


    Because she's a drunken fucking whore.

  45. 145

    because she's actually on the floor drunk …

  46. 146

    she's there, she's just laying on the floor passed out

  47. 147

    She's a poor rolemodel for young women and children.

  48. 148

    she probably sold her ds for crack ….

  49. 149

    ds has the most fucked up stoopid games who the fuck will buy this shit i rather buy hannah montana takes a shit over this

  50. 150

    Lindsay who?

  51. 151

    because she wasnt one of the MEAN GIRLS!!
    and because she took too much space on the cover lol

  52. 152


  53. 153

    oh, thats not fair!

  54. 154

    …she's meeting up with will.I,am,to discuss kicking Mario's ass,for his big mouth!

  55. 155

    she fit so well on the SIDE of the case!

  56. 156

    she's a crackwhore

  57. 157

    ….___because she isn't one of the Mean Girls from the movie, AKA Plastics.
    C'mon Lindsay get it together. I KNOW how hard it is to get out of doldrums.

    I am still rooting for you, go get back on that long ass road towards your Oscar nominations then Award.

    Clear your life of all those negative enablers, fill your life with love positivity, and therapy.

  58. 158

    Uhm…Poor Lindsey.

  59. 159

    Because she's a scumbag loser!

  60. 160

    She is actually there, but she "fell asleep" on the floor.

  61. 161

    because they couldn't quite figure out which dumpster she was in the morning of the shoot

  62. 162

    i believe the game is called "mean girls" .. not "psycho girls"

  63. 163

    O MY GOD

  64. 164

    you tell me!

  65. 165

    because she sucked the producer for a line of coke and now his wife is dirty on him

  66. 166

    Maybe they could make an own game for Lindsay, where you are a young talented actress sent on a downward spiralling career. Drinking, doing drugs, dating all kinds of people and falling down. Then you have to make the choice of dying in a dark corner of a nightclub or going into rehab. They could call it 'Lindsay's Choice' or something.

  67. 167

    to quote Mean Girls:
    She is a Fugly Slut ;)

  68. 168

    Who in their right mind would want to associate their products with Linsanity

  69. 169

    The video game wouldn't sell if her mug is on the cover! hahahaha

  70. 170

    I highly doubt it's because Firecrotch didn't agree to having her image on it. Firstly, she will take any money she can get these days. Secondly, the other 2 actresses are A-list (Rachael McAdams and Amanda Seyfreid) and their likenesses are on it. Me thinks they had no choice in the matter and therefor Firecrotch was cut out of the picture because she is a FAILURE.

  71. 171

    because she wasn't a mean girl in the movie

  72. 172

    she is such skease.

  73. 173

    Because she wasn't one of the 3 "Mean" girls.

    Mario, always making things out to be what they aren't.

    Besides, the other three are waay hotter anyhow.

  74. 174

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn that sucks!

  75. 175

    they didn't want to scare all the kids away

  76. 176

    Because Lindsay was NEVER the star of that movie. At the time she was the biggest name, but the movie happened around her. Her charzcter was boring and not particularly well acted. The "Plastics" Tina Fey, the girl who played Janice, they were all much better and more entertaining.

  77. 177

    Re: KatievDub – What are you talking about - Regina (Rachel McAdams) is HUGE.

  78. 178

    what are you guys talking about she wasnt a mean girl? Did you even watch the movie?! She became the Queen B Mean Girl. She was most certaintly one of the plastics.

  79. 179

    Her carreer is soooooo over after this…

  80. 180

    ….she's a gap toothed bitch….lol. Not really…but that was the funniest line from the movie!

  81. 181

    she's in the powder room

  82. 182

    Because she's not pretty like before. They want people who don't look annorexic.

  83. 183

    Because Lindsay's bad reputation !

  84. 184

    Because the bitch has major issues!

  85. 185

    Besides she wasn't one of the mean girls to begin with.

  86. 186

    she's a drunk coke whore

  87. 187

    Maybe Lindsey is on the back cover??? lol they clearly just took the original poster pic and that's all that would fit on the cover and they are the "mean girls". anyway love Rachel McAdams! she's such an amazing actress, has a lot of range in acting different ages, LOVE the notebook (best nicholas sparks movie EVER) although she didn't do so well in the Time Traveler's Wife :( … anyways maybe Lindsey didn't want to be in it.

  88. 188

    Because nintendo does not promote train wrecks to kids!

  89. 189

    Re: ScreamVengeance
    bahahaa yes

  90. 190

    erm, because she wasn't actually a mean girl perhaps? Have u actually even seen the film?

  91. 191

    None for you Gretchen Weiners

  92. 192

    I know I'm the only dork for saying this but…. I wanna play th game!!!
    Lindsay is QuackHead!!! My pity for her is almost up…:-(

  93. 193

    because its lindsay lohan

  94. 194

    she's probably on the disc! duh.

  95. 195

    Because Nintendo isn't wanting to be associated with disgusting crack whores… and although the game won't sell many copies, in general…it would sell even less with her face on the cover… This should REALLY tell her she needs to clean up her act!!! (Not that she will…)

  96. 196

    Was she in that movie?

  97. 197

    Because she wasn't a mean girl asshole !!!

  98. 198

    ….because shes a fucked up twit and this was one of the most unnecesary stoopid flicks of all time. i hope they all go to hell

  99. 199

    because she took one too many valiums and slipped into a temporary coma! NO TATTOOS! YEAHHH - oh wait, Lindsay does have tattoos! BOOOOOOO!!!

  100. 200

    Because they had to crop out her alcohol induced, semi-unconscious body from the bottom of the picture. Hence not being able to see the bottom of the picture.

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