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Akon Slams Xtina!

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Oh, snap! Akon be talking some mad shiz!

The singerr felt the need to drop his two cents on a debate floating around pitting Lady GaGa versus Christina Aguilera.

Akon told VIBE that there was no competition because Christina gets "too much credit"!


He says:

“She always had her cool little look and way about how she went about things. But soon as Gaga came out everything switched up. Christina stepped out of her own shell to become something different. And the crazy thing is Christina is really talented. She has unlimited range when it comes to singing. Her voice is out of here. I just think she just needs to believe in herself more. I think sometimes she gets insecure because of all of the success Gaga has had not realizing that she was already successful before Gaga came out … I miss the old Christina Aguilera. I like the old one better than the new one. Honestly, Gaga and Christina could probably get together and do something that’s amazing. But that’s impossible if they are both trying to do the same exact thing musically.”


What do U think????

[Image via WENN.]


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137 comments to “Akon Slams Xtina!”

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  1. 1

    Christina does have the better voice though. The girl can let it rip!

  2. 2

    other than blond hair, i don't understand the similarities causing ppl to compare the two…….

  3. 3

    Seriously Akon needs to shut up! GaGa is her own person and so is Christina!
    Christina is going back to her roots of pop with an urban edge, i am a fan of both women and do not think that Not Myself Tonight is like anything GAGA has done. It does remind me of something Britney would do, but not GAGA!
    This is the Britney vs. Christina thing all over again!!

  4. Paty says – reply to this


    And he is right!!!!

  5. 5

    I'd be more interested if they did a gay porn together. Blarg.

  6. 6

    Sorry, I so love gaga but, Xtina was doing what Gaga is doing loong before we knew what Lady Gaga was all about. Also, Xtina is far mjore superior in the voice level than gaga, and again, I love Gaga.. Maybe becoming a mom changed her and she is toning it down a tad bit..

  7. 7

    Team Christina! She's WAY more talented than Gaga. -but I'll agree she needs t believe in herself more: Christina, don't try to be a derivative of Gaga. You are superior to her in every aspect.

  8. 8

    Um didn't Akon discover Lady Gaga? Of course he's gonna back her up. Honestly, Christina is probably very much aware of the Gaga-comparisons. Christina, unlike Lady Gaga can actually reinvent herself like Madonna and do something totally different everytime she comes out. I doubt Lady Gaga can reinvent herself in that way…Most would get bored by her. Oh well, Xtina will be here long after Lady Gaga has had her 15 minutes.

  9. 9

    I'm a big xtina fan but he has a point she doesn't need to dumb down to sell records but we he didn't mention is that xtina was working on this new image before gaga became popular. since xtina takes years to bring out a cd unlike other artist who bag out cds every other minute, it looks like she is "copying" other artist but she really isn't. akon needs to focus on his own image!

  10. 10

    HAHAH oh man, i use to like Akon but damn. if it wasnt for the fact that he signed gaga then he wouldnt be saying shit.
    its nothing new that Christina hasnt used her voice right…shes already admitted that - many times.
    he needs to shut up.

  11. 11

    Anyone else hate to be pigeon holed? I know If someone told me to be the same thing over and over with every record, look and style, I would hate it.

    If AKON is such an artist, he should know this. Then again, when you are a black man, there aren't too many things you can change up, so I guess I can let him pass on this one.

  12. 12

    any way to get that ugly bitches name in a post you will butt bandit

  13. 13

    AKON is full of shit. Hes telling people whos in and who isnt? His album has flopped so poorly! Christina's career does not revolve on what lady gaga is doing. get over yourself AKON! Christina has been doing music for over 10 yrs. Christina is always hated on. Shes like the beautiful girl in high school that all they ugly girls hate. Christina let them hate! U keep laughing your ass all the way to the bank and grammy awards!

    All there is to say about Gaga:

    Thank you for prepping us for electropop while the real diva stepped up her electro game. You can leave now…the real vocals and talent are back.

  14. 14

    they are all versions of the same formula, young, blonde….its all just a formula, the illuminati formula of mind control slaves.

  15. 15

    akon is so stupid and has no clue. lady gaga is the biggest mimic in ages, she has ripped off grace jones, madonna, roisin murphy and dale bozzio. lady gaga is not being herself at all she's trying to be like grace jones. christina aguilera has always been edgy with a sense of fashion. take a look at her music videos like fighter, dirty, lady marmalade and her early photoshoots

  16. 16

    Akon hun? Ummm… singer, writer, producer, "mogul," etc. Does this sound familiar? It's the same as at least 45 or so other black singers, writers, producers, "moguls," etc. So you can talk about someone changing it up when you are sort of the molasses cookie cutter of same old same old. Yawn.

  17. 17


  18. 18

    true true, i also miss the "old" xtina…rmbr her stripped album? That was the bomb….

  19. 19

    Christina is more talented; and just bc the two of them have blonde hair and sing in the same musical genre does not mean that they are copying on another

  20. 20

    I'm not sure about the comparisons either, one being a biological female and all.

  21. 21

    Now, who would listen to this prick? Xtina rocks!

  22. 22

    Christina is one of the greatest vocalist ever and is one of the best this generation!!!! She is incredible! WTF is Akon talking about?

  23. 23

    Uh, stand Christina up next to Gaga and have them both sing…THOUGHT SO!

  24. 24

    okay i agree. Christina TRIES to be more like gaga and its annoying like chill get your OWN look (: kbyee

  25. 25

    Oh, come now. They really aren't trying to do the same thing. Lady GaGa is much more pop-tastic. She's very creative in a performance art kind of way, where Christina is classically talented with a bit of an edge. They're just both blond. That's about it.

    However, I would think that if they collaborated it would be fucking awesome!!! With Xtina's incredible vocals and GaGa's, well, whatever it is she has, they would make a gruesome twosome.

  26. 26

    Christina came out with a recod label behind her, telling her what to do, say, dress and sing, afet she stepped out with strpped, GaGa did it her own way from the very begining just like Madonna did in the 80's that's the difference, GaGa had an artistic education, While Chritina had to learn during her career

  27. 27


    Christina was much better during her Back To Basics album. She was so classy and beautiful, and her musical style provided a perfect platform to put the focus on her vocals. Now she seems to be all about the extra craziness that every single other pop stars are doling out now to compete with Lady Gaga.

    It's shallow and it's ruining her career.

  28. Heh says – reply to this


    Ummm…hold on asshole …youve been on the scene for two minutes so shut the fuck up and not that Im a huge Xtina fan, I mean I like her but even I know that she represents herself differently in every album like most artists do, remember before Gaga came out and she did the 40's thing? this is no different so go molest a 14 year old fan at your show tonight and forget about it

  29. 29

    if there are christina references, she knows what she's doing. In order to sell albums you need something commercial and such. Akon is just worried about his cash cow cause really thats all he cares about hence his comment "Gaga has made me soo much money i could retire" he cares nothing about her real success and ofcoarse he wants christina to do less commercial so there is more room for Gaga. Oh well, we as pop music fans ARE the only reason that this new single is even out there, and i am sure the rest of Bionic is AMAZING!!!! and will have multiple sides to christina, not a one trick pony like gaga

  30. 30

    well said AKON :) FYI BETCHES : before lady gag gag went main stream and was still a Nobody little xtina was talking crazy stuff about her in a mag saying she looked like a man/didnt know her/ and was COPYING her style… funny how lady gag gag got BIG after that n then xtina went M.I.A for abit… then after lady gag gags huge success in pop she came back with a more "edgy" look… which I believe they both rock in there own ways but akons speaking what im thinkin so KUDOS PLAYA

  31. 31

    Wasnt Xtina in the studio before Lady Caca was relevant? Plus Xtina always switches up her music after every album..

  32. Dale says – reply to this


    can someone please explain to me how christina is being like gaga?? if your talking about crazy hair, christina did it first, if your talking about sound, please let me know what song it is that sounds similar? if your talking about strange videos, dont you remember FiGHTER?? i dont get the comparison what so ever and no one seems to point out exactly what it is that she is copying. Christina has been slutty, classy, weird, latin, rock n roll, pop! if anything Lady gaga seemed to tap into a version of christina and stuck with it! guess that makes GAGA the copy cat!

  33. 33

    oh please Xtina is way talented than gaga…ok baby wannabe Madonna will get a rude awaking when in 1 year or so from now no one will care…those
    crazy outfits could only be fun for sooo long…ra ra ga ga oh la la

  34. 34

    Christina is not my cup of tea but she is 100 times more talented than this fugly tranny who has been famous for 15 minutes. He talks about Christina ripping off Gaga but he fails to mention that Gaga has ripped off just about everyone else. Anyways as far as I am concerned Akon should not be allowed to speak since he is a fucking idiot. Its time he went off and bought some growth hormones, it might help the midget.

  35. 35

    Akon, ur an idiot!! Ur bashing Christina and ur giving her mad compliments, make up ur mind yeah?

    First off, their is no reason anyone should even be comparing the two. They are so different and are both are talented. But i will always and forever be a ChRiStiNa AguiLeRa FAN!!!! She sings about real life issues and things that are important to society. And her voice is simply AMAZING!

    Second, u obviously don't know anything about Christina. She always changes her image up, she makes it fun for the fans. She's not trying to be Gaga, this is the new image that she's showing to her devoted fans. Her music, style, and life always change and she's letting it be known!

    Love u CHristina and can't wait for ur new album!!

  36. 36


  37. 37


  38. 38

    Christina is so pathetic. I dont know why everyone thinks she's talented. Her voice is beyond annoying, Gaga wins in my book.

  39. 39

    Well, let's remember Xtina copied GaGa's look for "Keeps getting better" before la Gagalupe went famous, when la Gaga made it big, Xtina had to step back and re-think things… just saying

  40. 40

    Re: TasteMyRainbow – omg ur an idiot, when christina said she didnt know gaga, NO ONE KNEW WHO GAGA WAS! lol and come on, if u just heard the name Lady Gaga, what would you think, there are soooooooo many drag queens with the word Lady in them and christina has been referred to drag queens so what else was she to expect, she isnt sitting around all day like apparently some of us are lol so she isnt exposed to half of the BS that we are lol leave the girl alone and wait til you see whats on the album before you judge

  41. 41

    didn't sound like a slam to me

  42. 42

    doesnt make sense really. gaga didnt blow up until after 'back to basics' by then christina had tried every look.

  43. 43

    What an idiot Akan't is…… Christina has always changed her look and image and reinvented herself with every album. Who else was doing the retro thing in 2006? Who else wore chaps in 2002 and sported the two-toned hair extensions? What other pop start dyed their hair BLACK and sported a darker, edgier image in 2003? Oh yeah….NO ONE. Specially not that hermie saggy bawled Larry Gagme…err, I mean Lady Caca.

    Akon - go back to mining blood diamonds on your home contient, 'foo! You obviously haven't used your royalty checks to EDUCATE yourself on topics before FLAPPING YOUR HIDEOUS GUMS.

    That is all.

  44. 44

    Contrary to her subsequent outré style, the New York Post described her early look as like "a refugee from Jersey Shore(think Snooki)" with "big black hair, heavy eye makeup and tight, revealing clothes." "She was a very suburban, preppy, friendly, social party girl," says a former dorm-mate, who was friends with members of her former jam band. "There was nothing that would tip you off that she had this Warhol-esque, ‘new art’ extremism." Another acquaintance noted that her 'crazy' outfits at the time, "was putting suspenders on her jeans. GAGA is a POSER!

  45. 45

    ,woahh akon…plz dont ever compare christina to gaga…she has always been and will always be better. gagas getting on my last nerve i swear…..

  46. 46

    I agree with Akon for once…it makes Christina look like a copy cat….I would be embarrassed if I were her

  47. 47

    LMAO Christina didn't copy Gaga for Keeps Getting Better…Christina sported bangs on several of occasions. Larry Saggy Bawled Gagme did NOT CREATE BANGZ YOU IDIOTS

  48. 48

    so im pretty pissed about this. i hate the music industry because everyone wants to make comparisions to other people. first it was christina vs britney and now its christina vs gaga. can everyone get a fucking life and shut up? especially akon. and obvs he'll back up gaga. christina in no way shape or form has done anything like gaga. look at beyonce and rihanna. look at how they present themselves now. where are those comparisons? im sorry xtina has been busy living the married life and taking care of her son. she has a new album coming out and all anyone wants to do is shit talk because shes been out of the spotlight for 4 years. and for akon to say that shes insecure? shut the fuck up. you dont know shit.

  49. 49

    Why would he say anything different …. what would he say "I discovered an idiot and Xtina is better" Gimme a break !

  50. 50


  51. 51

    perez - you started the comparisons, dont try to act innocen.t
    and im not getting the whole christina gets "too much credit" idea form this.
    the bottom line is that christina is a better singer and she said about her new futuristic direction in 2006, before gaga existed.
    wheres the comparison? if anything gaga copied christina by doing something she had been planning for years then branding it as "original"

  52. 52

    fuck u perez

  53. Charr says – reply to this


    Well of course Akon is goin to say shit like this, He SIGNED GaGa. Thats all thats need to be known.

  54. 54

    Christina can sing circles around that man Gaga. They've both had majorly catchy songs, but hands down, Xtina is the much better vocalist.

  55. 55

    Akon didnt "slam" anyone.What hese saying is true.

  56. 56

    Agree with Akon 100%

  57. 57

    Of course he's gonna say this! GaGa probably wanted him to! Anybody else notice how mad she's looked in pap pics lately ever since BIONIC promoton/campaign begun? All this is and quite frankly is getting old for Christina comes around once in a blue moon (take note Gaga) is Gaga and her fans using xtina for promotional gain! Perez and her did the same thing when Christina performed Genie 2.0 @ 2008 vmas. Gaga has admitted to that putting her on the map in a way and that she should send her flowers! I agree with the above user that when asked about her she was thinking a drag queen I did not even know who she was. This is bullshit and maybe Gaga will rethink releasing that third album once BIONIC comes out. She should otherwise she will have what is known as "britney syndrome" releasing new material every year, touring get exhausted have a breakdown and make a small comeback and still be ok but nothing like she used to be. TIME OUT BITCH! SIT DOWN AND LEARN SOMETHING!

  58. 58

    yeah let's see Larry Gagme croak his, I mean her way to High E above Middle C. Oh yeah…..she can't! The adam's apple gets in her way. So sadddd :( .


  59. 59

    Re: rayboule09 – heres one, why dont you choke on my dick n balls? hows that for stupid :)

  60. 60

    Truth teller and Ms cherie are idiots. Just saying.

  61. 61

    Re: rayboule09 – aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnndddddddddd obviously your the worlds biggest hyprocrit on account YOU ARE ON A FUCKIN BLOG SITE JUDGING STRANGERS YOU DONT FKIN KNOW YET TELLING ME NOT TO? Im sure your parents are proud… idiot

  62. 62

    well he's kinda right… on all aspects

  63. 63

    I like Christina as an artist, but she seems more like a follower than a trendsetter. She went away during a time in music where everything changed, and just like happened to J.LO, Christina's music doesn't seem current. Whether we like it or not, Gaga upped the ante visually and artistically and what Akon is trying to see is that Xtina should do her own thing, which is belt great songs.

  64. 64

    perez! akon said this a year ago on a interview i heard on a chicago station. this is actually really old news about the way he feels. a year ago he said xtina had even changed her look to be more like gaga. I LOVE GAGA and I love you too! listen to you every morning on B96 chicago!

  65. 65

    BTW, Madonna's fashion evolution seemed effortless. Madonna set the trend, just like Gaga and the Hair Bows, weird sunglasses, etc. Christina just changes her image for her next CD, it seems so corporate, so gimmicky and not organic.

    Plus, Xtina's singing is on the verge of wailing like a banshee.

  66. 66

    I completely understand what he is saying. Christina is know for changing her look up all the time, but her new single, and her new look is trying too hard to compete with Gaga, and her style of music. I love Christina and I love Gaga, but I like that they are two different artists…until now I guess.

  67. 67

    WHY do people compare Lady GaGa and Christina? They are way different. Besides, Christina has been on the scene since 1999 and GaGa has only be around since 2008. Christina has just been reinventing herself again and again. I love Christina. She is amazingly talented, when it comes to voice ability alone, Christina blows Lady Gaga out of the water and thats just the facts. Everyone can like them both..stop trying to compare.

  68. bbz89 says – reply to this


    BAHAHAH! definitely agree with akon it's so true!!!

  69. 69

    i dont see ANY shit talking on here he said nothing negative about christina aguleira…i think if Gaga and Xtina made music together shit would b FIRE!!!! i love it

  70. 70

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind – what the fuck does being black have to do with ANYTHING??

  71. 71

    once again everybody! if you see resemblance of gaga in this new christina promo, its NO COINCIDENCE, and all of this discussion is really working to her advantage

  72. 72

    Re: a1alliebabe – i def agree wit u

  73. 73

    im more for Lady Gaga then Christina but i will come to her defence to this….when she came out with keeps getting better she was not copying off of gaga she was imitating the black cat from some comic book..she did have the bangs and the longer hair right around the same time gaga came out, but it wasnt to copy. I give them both credit they are both VERY talented

  74. 74

    Re: YummyBoogs – um actually she can

  75. 75

    Is he saying its beneath Christina doing dance music because of her vocal talent and Isn't that a diss to Gaga….IF YOU WANT TO SEE CHRISTINA COPYING GAGA STYLE IN 2003 GO TO YOUTUBE AND SEARCH CHRISTINA EMA 2003 PART 2 OF 6.

  76. 76

    christina is copying lady gaga every body can tell

  77. 77

    mm i kind of agree. i don't like the pop dance route that christina is going down. i prefer and love her old stuff like beautiful. she should leave the pop to lady gaga, cause no one can do it like she can nowadays

  78. 78

    wtf, compareing gaga to xtina is like compareing whitney to madonna. you cant, they are completely diffrent!

  79. 79

    Seriously Akon? First of all to say that Christina Aguilera started stepping out of her shell after Gaga came is ridiculous. What do you call the transformation she went through from her first album to Stripped. In fact, some of the outfits she wore in her "Fighter" video are actually weird and crazy before Gaga. And if I'm not mistaken Christina was talking about Bionic and the change in her sound before or just around the time that Lady Gaga came out. And to Christina's credit she got on the map without the crazy fashion. Whereas Lady Gaga tried so long to get signed and when she was finally signed she got dropped. Then she went through her "radical transformatin," changed her sound from rock to dance beats and only then did she make it. Seriously I'm so sick of everything being compared to her. I like Gaga, but all this focus on her is making me sick and actually making me like her less.

  80. 80

    Akon is an idiot.

  81. 81

  82. 82

    Re: April 20th – SAME! Christina has never been trying to copy GaGa, she even said she was going futuristic back in 2007, before 'GaGa' was even heard of

  83. 83

    Uhmmm Christina changed her look/image and music style WAAAY before Gagwhore came along. Akon, STFU you're no longer relevant unless you're dry humping under aged girls at your concerts. kthnxbye

  84. 84


  85. 85

    Christina is always trying to bite someone's style. First Britney, then Pink, now our precious Gaga. She needs to stick to what she does best, which is sing and find her own style.

    Seriously, she's been riding on peoples coat tails from the get-go.

  86. 86

    umm, well, i'm completely a christina fan and have been for the longest time now yet i completely agree with what he said. i feel like she's almost trying too hard to be "hiPsterr!!1" now. and i'm not feelin' it at all… sorry christina, leave that to lady gaga. we DEFINITELY only need one gaga, one is even too much tbh…

  87. ximon says – reply to this



  88. 88

    Yes Christina is far more talented musically than Lady Caca poo but LCC has the weird factor that people are mistaking for talent- when in fact it is just outlandish crap- I agree Christina should be herself and do something truly unique…Lady Ca Ca ain't anything to aspire to…

  89. 89

    Akon needs to STFU. Christina is simply one of the greatest vocalists of all time. First she had to deal with the Brit Brit comparisons, then people claimed she was ripping off Gwen Stefani's look and now Lady GaGa. GaGa is good but she's just stealing ideas from Madonna's playbook from 20 years ago. Take away the crazy outfits and she just makes catchy dance songs with meaningless lyrics for the most part…..X-tina proved she's a pretty great singer/artist with Stripped and Back to Basics (which would have been a huge Grammy contender if it was a single disc instead 2 cds full of filler). I like GaGa but Christina is still a true DIVA…GaGa and her quick success (partially b/c Brit Brit, Madonna, Beyonce, Christina and the others haven't released new albums for awhile) has dominated the radio easily…who else is GaGa's competition for airplay right now…Ke$ha. I hope X-tina comes back strong and dominatates the radio

  90. 90

    Okay, Christina's New Album is "Bionic", basically stating that she is undistructable no matter what's out there….For Example, like a SuperHero that will always kick ass no matter what any Villan has in store for her. The song "Keeps Getting Better" has a double meaning to it's lyrics…I am pretty sure you "The Public" can figure it out. Christina Aguilera is an overall GRAMMY -Award Winning Performer, that can sing her ass off! Lady Gaga is still young and growing maybe one day she can reach X-tina's status, but for now she still has a long way….but she can give a good freak show.

  91. 91

    Xtina's new album is going to ruin her…she was amazing too..so sad..

  92. 92

    C'mon! Seriously, Xtina's way better, she's always changing that's why we love her, Akon should shup up and so u perez, stop posting this kind of crap! NOT MYSELF TONIGHT is doin' so fuckin' great now N° 6 on Itunes USA, N° 1 in Mexico, N° 9 Uk, N° 7 Canada, N° 5 spain, into the Top 10 World Wide without promotion, she's back! lol!

  93. 93

    this isn't really "slamming" at all

  94. 94

    I agree 100 percent with akon!

  95. 95

    gaga writes her own shit, christina dont. i like gaga's muzik better…

  96. 96

    well Xtina is always reinventing her self, she has done it before…… so.. its just her way… despite comparisons… she is THE BEST

  97. 97

    which is THE OLD Christina??.. she is always doing something different….

  98. 98

    Akon is right, but I don't see how he's 'slamming' Christina.

  99. 99

    Re: madamking – Xtina does too… read her credits

  100. 100

    omg music rivalry i go with xtina gaga is conceited but xtina wants to be better than gaga wich she is better than that

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