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Completely Gratuitous

| Filed under: Justin Bieber


This one's for the tweens!

Check out these adorable shots of singing sensation Justin Bieber in Teen Vogue. He's looking very dashing with that little bow-tie!


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143 comments to “Completely Gratuitous”

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  1. 1

    dear teen vouge,
    what did you do with my boys swag?
    love, kay

  2. 2

    He's just a baby! He doesn't even look like he's hit puberty yet….

  3. 3

    Adorable ! as always ! Bieber looking finer than ever

  4. jaan says – reply to this


    lol. its the kid from problem child!

  5. 5

    his official age (via wiki) and so forth states he is 16. this is startling because I know for a fact this kid is 12 years old. why must the media always lie?

  6. 6

    MARK MY WORDS: This kid will not grow up and be HOT, he will always be just cute, like a puppy or some shyt…

  7. yohan says – reply to this


    Perez, you're starting to really give off the PEDOPHILE vibe…

    Ease off on the teens, will you?

  8. 8

    don't fuck up my new car stereo buzz you cvnt…

  9. 9

    and now i say: 'oh baby baby baby ohhh'
    baby face

  10. 10

    my God, don't mean too, but i think i may be interpreting this the wrong way.he is a teenage boy and you are a man. referring to him as addorable…..well it sound a little scary

    i may be wrong though, i mean i 'm trying my best to picture my brothers or my male freinds reffering to a male teen as adorabel and i just don't see tht happening.

  11. 11

    Seriously, I am DYING to brush his stupid hair back.

  12. 12

    Re: TasteMyRainbow – hes already hot

  13. 13

    Who's this girl??

  14. 14

    He just looks like a little brat you just wanna smack..

  15. 15

    he looks like an idiot. don't see where the big fuss is over this guy. he can't even sing

  16. 16

    His outfit is ridiculous. Frilly shirt with a bow tie, frumpy grandpa pants and sneakers do NOT go together. These days "style" measn slapping any non-matching/meshing materials together. He look dumb.

  17. 17

    I never knew that Samantha Ronson had a baby bull dyke sister???

  18. 18

    suuure, keep pretending it's for the tweens… you know it's for yourself perez.

  19. 19

    Re: imabandit – errrrrrrrrrrm listen I'm not a tween or a huge fan but I live 20 mins away from where this kid grew up and I watched him sing on ths street years back, his age is his real age, he ain't fackin 12 honey. hard to believe I know but….

  20. 20

    Such a fine head of hair — *whispers* I want to scalp him and hang it off a stick in my front yard for the crows to peck away at.

  21. Laury says – reply to this


    He's a freaking BABY, you creep! How can a baby be dashing???

  22. 22

    —- with a butter knife –

  23. 23

    Isn't he super tiny for a 16 years old dude?

  24. 24

    i think it looks pretty corny to dress a child like that and then have him pose with a skateboard. sort of like when someone puts a sweater, hat, bandana and glasses one their dog.

  25. 25

    CUTE? not. He was terrable on Sat night live, had to turn down the sound.Hes a flash in the pan celeb…..

  26. 26

    so over it, don't get it, don't want it, blah !

  27. 27

    its funny when you lambast the catholic church every chance you get…but at the same time jizz in your pants every time you see this kid….

  28. 28

    he is so GAY!!!!

  29. 29

    PEREZ: STOP! PLEASE!! How much is his management paying you to promote?!?

  30. 30

    This is getting as bad as Lady GaGa. How much they paying you or do they send you pics of him?

  31. 31

    Seriously… something didnt quite "develop" correctly. He's 16????

  32. 32

    And i thought he couldn't get anymore toolish.
    It looks like he was dressed by his mommy.
    Soon he will hit puberty, realize he's gay and then we wont have to see him anymore!!

  33. 33

    Re: G0 Ask Alice – butter knives NEVER get the credit they ought in regards to stabbing/slashing/scalping…it's all in the execution (so to speak)

  34. 34

    Vomit! Vomit Vomit!

  35. 35

    hes soo yummy i know alot of you hate him but i find that cockyness sexy. f*%ckble. im not old only 23 so i dont think his parents would mind…. much lol

  36. 36

    Perez, your obsession with this child is getting a little creepy…

  37. 37

    Aww, he's such a cutie.

  38. 38

    WOW, look at that MASSIVE EGO coming through. This kid is ill-equipped to handle his success.
    Seriously, he'll be pimpin' ho's and doing crack before we know it.
    He's a middle-class kid from a white-bread tourist town. The music industry will destroy him.

  39. 39

    Re: BlahBlah Blah – LOL.He needs a haircut

  40. 40

    Re: G0 Ask Alice
    Twisted, but LMAO.

  41. 41

    Sorry, he looks like he is needing a pacifier, and I am sure Perez would happily volunteer it and cradle the fetus.. Boy, when you post on this newborn, you really go all out.. Sick Perez.."adorable" or "Cute" are words that should never come out fo the mouth of a 30 year old to describe an underage teen.. Just wrong..

  42. tasha says – reply to this


    Now talk about looking majorly CORNY!!!!!

  43. 43

    "Completely Gratuitous"….um nope, more like Completely Suspect

    Mario…pedophile much

  44. 44


  45. 45

    Yeah right. 16, going on 12

  46. 46

    He needs a stylist. He's cute though.

  47. 47

    Please stop the tourture for the parents of pre-teen girls…no more Bieber!

  48. 48

    he looks a lot like a girl contestant from tila tequila a shot at love :) ))))

  49. 49

    i cant take him seriously,he is just a kid!give it 5 years and he will be embarassed by the music he is making now..

  50. 50


  51. 51

    Awwweeehh hes adorable

  52. 52

    YES! that is what he is going to wear when we go to prom

  53. 53

    can i go to prom with u ??? plz plz plz plz plz (doggie face)

  54. 54

    STOP HATING on this kid. He's a sweetheart. Stop putting him and his music down cuz guess what? He's gonna have money and fans reguardless.

  55. 55

    aww soo cute!

  56. 56

    Stop posting pictures of this child. Stop saying ridiculous statements such as "he´s looking very dashing". HE´S A CHILD!!!! The people writing this blog are in their 30´s!! This is why society is so sick. You make it happen, like all those priests. If Bieber´s parents are so atrocious they don´t care about exposing their son to predators, you should because I´ve read that you´re against pedophilia.

  57. 57

    OMG!, Iloveyou(':
    and I wanna know you:( someday?

  58. 58

    Aww…so cute…lols

  59. 59

    u pedo… wow look he dressed up for u like a 5 year old, happy?

  60. 60

    heyyyy. (: i think yuhr cute :) lol with your pants and stuff. love your style. im not obsessed like some girls are.. but your cute. :D hah

  61. 61

    LMAO is that his golfing outfit? CUTE (:

  62. 62

    are you kidding? vvv
    lmao if you dont like him then get off his pictures and such.
    leave him alone, hes adorable & is an amazing performer (:
    so suck one!

  63. 63

    Wanna go with you? please
    Loveyou(: Followme @Rosee17

  64. 64


  65. 65



    There's really nothing else I can say about your obsession with this child. So did you start giving this kid some jesus juice at your birthday party, pedo?

  66. 66

    I LOVE these pics! (: JB is sooo hot!

  67. 67

    I Love the pics ! Hes so cute ! LIKE ALWAYS !

  68. 68

    are you guys serious ? vv lmao.
    if you dont like him then stop taking the time out of your lives to say mean stuff about him, just because hes succesfull doesnt mean you can bag on him.
    he doesn't look nor sound like he's 12 so get over it. girls around the world love him, he's a true performer and people like you need too back it up.

  69. 69

    Cuter than ever :]

  70. 70

    SO CUTEEEE!! though not liking to much the plaid

  71. 71

    i likke it.he looks so hot. justin will u take me 2 prom

  72. 72

    WOW, you lot are soo harsh
    give the kid a break
    hes doing what he loves, hes only 16, and very succesfull.
    you dont realyhave to be that narsty toward someone you dont know!
    I think the boy is really good, not ashamed to say! music is good, lyrics are wicked. and justin you gots stylee mann!
    Keep doing your thing, All these haters will only make you stronger!
    Peace Bruv! :D

  73. 73

    I cant believe you people are all insulting him and saying he hasent hit puberty yet grow up!! He is an amazingly gorgeous guy and he has a lot of talent he's not one of those built up stars from disney

    So what perez is justins friend no need to say hes a pedophile
    Anyway I love Justin and fk haters

  74. 74

    Re: Amirra – so wat hes still VERY hot

  75. 75

    luv him but….the middle one where he is just standing there he looks stupid the other too r good!

  76. 76

    wow he is SEXY!!!! shows his butt in the first one lol!!!! :) but whats with the plaid he looks way betta casual :/

  77. 77

    He is an amazing guy and he is amazingly dashin indeed ;)

    If you guys dont like him stop hatin on this cause this boy in working rlly hard for his carreer and he doesnt need ppl shitting on him on internet cause we all know you wouldnt say it in real life

    thank you good bye
    Love you Justin (L)

  78. 78

    I LOVE Justin Bieber ;)

  79. 79

    if ur seriously gonna make fun of him at least get ur facts straight

  80. 80

    Justin Bieber is 16 years old. The average boy goes through puberty at 13. Justin has probably gone through puberty by now.

  81. 81

    El es tan perfecto *-*

  82. 82

    woah, what did you do to him?
    he went from swag to drag.
    not okay.

  83. 83

    lol I'll go to prom with you cutieee(: aha

  84. 84

    take me to prom babe

  85. 85

    Aw; I'd be your date any day(:
    Justin Bieber is adorablee.
    and to the haters your just jealous, because hes talented, famous, cute and amazing..

  86. 86

    guys! give him a break already!! hes a great singer and has so many supportin fans!! hes already performed 4 the president TWICE, sang at Madison Square Garden (btw, the tickets were sold out in a hour!) presented at the Grammies! wats next?! winnin an Oscar?! hes a awesome singer!! now, i understand ur opinion on him cuz not all the people likes him! i dont like taylor lautner, but im not gonna diss him! BUT! if u r dissin him like crazy, thats when us beliebers get MAD!! so leave him ALONE! hes doin fine 4 a 16 year old!! keep doin wat ur doin justin! luv ya!
    -lots of luv from rachel

  87. 87

    He reminds me of the little kid that wore the bowtie on Problem Child. Kid wore the bowtie because he looked up to "the bowtie killer". lol Funny movie.

  88. 88

    okay so usally that outfit wouldnt work AT ALL but he makes it work he could make any outfit work hes just that amazing:)

  89. 89

    woah, what did you do to him?
    he went from swag to drag.
    not okay.

  90. 90

    Not only he does NOT look hot,
    he is trying to skate.
    You already ruined the music industry, don't
    ruin skating too.

  91. 91

    my god, @justinbieber u are perfect, one fay i will fly to canada and i will sex u hahah

  92. 92

    Hes hot!! And u ppl are jus Hatting on him!! so shut the fuck up!!

  93. 93

    Gosh, even in nerd pants hes beyond sexy (: that boy is dreamier than it gets (: your amazing Justin! (:

  94. 94

    Justin Bieber is amazing.
    All of the people leaving hate comments are just jealous. :)

  95. 95

    he's very cute in here …
    take me to the prom, justin .. haha :)

  96. 96

    Re: justinbieberluver – its really great how highly you respect him, and i totally agree, people dont have to comment so rudely, they should keep the disrespecfulness to themself!

  97. 97

    :)… Love the pic cutie

  98. 98

    he's so hotttt.(:
    i love him in the vintage-y look.

  99. 99

    Nice (':

  100. 100

    plaid is hawttt on himmmm

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