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Heidi Montag Alleges Sexual Assault From Hills Creator!

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They must be trying really hard to completely severe their relationship with MTV!

This is about to burn some bridges!

Multiple sources close to Heidi Montag reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that the reality star is alleging that she has been touched inappropriate by the creator and executive producer of The Hills, Adam Divello.

"Tension on the set of The Hills has truly escalated in the last few weeks and Spencer and Heidi are very close to bringing legal action against the show," an insider tells me.

The alleged sexual assault happened after Montag's recent multiple cosmetic procedures, they claim. And, the inappropriateness included Divello repeatedly touching Montag's "ass cheeks and lower back." That would be very uncool!

Whispers have plagued Divello for years about the nature of his relationship with The Hills' former heroine, Lauren Conrad and inappropriateness there.

Those close to Heidi say that Adam's inappropriateness towards her is one of the reasons why she has had a large number of security people with her while filming recently.

A Montag source says, "Adam can get away with that with the Audrinas and Kristins of reality TV but not with Heidi! He is a pervert and a creep. The other girls dont feel they can't defend themselves because they are afraid they will lose their job if they talk about the man's workplace behavior. Heidi will not tolerate sexual assault in the workplace!"

These are some very serious allegations!

We have reached out to Adam Divello and look forward to hearing his side of the story.

Update: We have received the following statement from Adam's side:

"Mr. Divello denies the allegations and refers to the following statement issued by MTV: "We have looked into this matter and the allegations made against Adam Divello are completely false and without merit. Adam not only created 'The Hills' and 'The City,' launching the careers of several cast members, but has worked diligently to maintain a respectful and appropriate production environment."

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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54 comments to “Heidi Montag Alleges Sexual Assault From Hills Creator!”

  1. 1

    Complete bullshit. Adam Divello would not inappropriately touch cast. I worked on the show and that could not be further from the fucking truth. Speidi is insane.

  2. 2

    speidi's just looking for a quick buck…………if heidi didn't promote herself as a whore, maybe ppl wouldn't treat her like one………….

  3. 3

    ew. sick. he's fug. LC could do a tad better.

  4. 4

    "a source close to heidi" lmao ok, as if we're to believe the source close to heidi isn't actually heidi herself. Braindead Heidi and Psycho Spencer obviously made this up themselves.

  5. 5

    This is coming from the same hoe who married Spencer. and who dreams of being the next Cat Lady. Crazy bitch

  6. 6

    Re: thegraceland – They say this started after the surgery maybe he just wanted to know how silicone feels like, lol. But doing that in front of someone's husband is tacky,

  7. 7

    I wonder how many people have pounded LC?

  8. 8

    Ummm…Technically it's not really Heidi's ass cheeks or lower back after all of that plastic surgery. So, the allegations must be "false"

  9. 9

    Oh PUH-LEAZE! So right after her husband is banned from the set for being out of control she is trying to come back and say that somebody harrassed her? Funny, how it is supposed to have happened AFTER she had the surgeries, and yet it's been widely reported that she showed up back to the set and had either her husband with her, and after he was banned, she had her own set of body guards. So just when was she supposed to have been harrassed? This is such a B.S. threat to try to blackmail her hubby back on the set. The girl has lost it.

  10. 10

    lauren conrad is a dumb whore and her having an inappropriate relationship with the creator of her stupid ass show she shouldn't have gotten in the first place is a little less than shocking

  11. 11

    didn't you post something about heidi getting death threats and THAT is why she had the extra security? and IF he was the reason, why more than one person? why did they supposedly push the female producer around? why didn't she pose with the cast? they all grabbing her too? don't know what Church heidi goes to, but, all the christian churches have something about lying and treating people about how you want people to treat you. Speidi should become a set on sunday hypocritical preachers on tv. They spread it as good as some of them and lie as much.

  12. 12

    Um, interesting that all of this is coming out NOW! It didn't bother her enough do something about it at the time, but now that the paycheck is ending she brings it up.

  13. 13

    Dust off the pink wig and the baseball bat and get ready to hand it to Heidi. The crazy train is rolling down the tracks. This is going to be fun!

  14. 14

    Heidi delusional, like always.

  15. 15



  16. 16

    They know theyre 15 minutes are soooo fucking up!! They will have to beg for jobs after this!! So now they are just trying to cash in!! FUCKTARDS!

  17. 17

    Re: cameroncrazyRe: cameroncrazy

    Still Id like to ground and pound her

  18. 18

    Sorry, don't believe it Heidi! You are waaaaaay too full of yourself!

  19. 19

    why is there heidi news everyday? NO ONE CARES PEREZ!! he probably wanted to see how plastic she was

  20. 20

    NOOooooooo, not the CREATOR of the Hills, neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

  21. 21

    he has a vajayjay in the middle of his face….looks like the guy from Jackass

  22. 22

    This girl is a mess. I believe they know the show is ending so why not make up fake stories for more media attention. Spencer and Heidi were made for each other, both whack jobs!!

  23. 23

    well look at that, what a surprise, nobody believes you, plastic face. because you and your moron ugly husband do nothing but LIE LIE LIE constantly.
    ever hear the story of the boy who cried wolf?
    nobody will ever believe a word out of your mouth, heidi. get used to it.

  24. 24

    All that SILICONE has gone to her BRAIN !
    To much SILICONE makes a person Delusional !
    She has to be the CENTER of ATTENTION !
    Makes up stuff to STAY in the NEWS !

  25. 25

    If he were going to hit on her, it would have been when she was beautiful… not after she became Frankentarded

  26. 26

    . . .touched "inappropriately," you dumb fuck. Get a grammar book, moron.

  27. 27

    haha their only claim to fame is being retarded. Next week it'll be something new and ridiculous. The only person who reports on them is perez, anyway.

  28. 28

    NOT his fault, he probably thought he was feeling up a fake ass plastic blow up doll….

  29. 29

    She just turned herself into a fuck doll and she's surprised that men want to grab her tits? They are the world's biggest liars and she'd better watch out because these antics will get her blacklisted from other shows - nobody wants to work with a chick that accuses the producer of sexual assault (whether it's true or not). Sorry, it may not get her fired (that would be illegal) but it's certainly not going to help her get the Tomb Raider role she dreaming of…Who the fuck brings a security team with them on the set? If I had been the producer, I'd have told them to take a hike!

  30. 30

    yeah im so sure…..coming from the people who admitted to making up the sex tape scandals to Perez himself. Now they're saying this is a Perezhilton.com exclusive. Sounds like the same damn bull crap! Seriously,
    these two have some MAJOR mental issues!

  31. 31

    Actually it wouldn't surprise me.

  32. 32

    If she were assaulted then why not go to the police! This sounds like a BS made up story for attention. They are really pathetic!

  33. 33

    BULL SHIT!! Adam Divello would never do such a thing. I worked on the show for years. Heidi has more fucking issues than anyone in this world. I hate her and Spencer so much…even before this bullshit. Some one needs to put Heidi in line. QUICK.

  34. 34

    LIE LIE LIE!!! I know Adam Divello and I know he did not do that. And I have NEVER heard anything about a relationship with Lauren. Everything Speidi does or says is about getting press. They don't care who they damage in the process. Heidi has some serious mental issues.
    I think the other girls on the show should speak up for Adam. They owe him that. He helped make them famous!

  35. 35

    LIE LIE LIE!!! I know Adam Divello and I know he did not do that. And I have NEVER heard anything about a relationship with Lauren. Everything Speidi does or says is about getting press. They don't care who they damage in the process. Heidi has some serious mental issues.
    I think the other girls on the show should speak up for Adam. They owe him that. He helped make them famous!

  36. 36

    Basically, dumb-cun*t Heidi blew all of her money on her FAILED CD and multiple plastic surgeries. So she, like Lohan, is doing whatever they can to make money. Worthless trash.

  37. 37

    I think hes hot

  38. 38

    this dumb ugly bitch is just trying to get moeny so she can go fuck her face up more lol

  39. 39

    @LoBosworth I'll repeat it: no one is/has ever been assaulted during filming of our show. hey spiedi, do you know the definition of slander? NOT OKAY.

    The cast of The Hills is clearly behind Adam, Speidi is nutty.

  40. 40

    IF he was inappropriate, he should be smacked down as hard as possible. If not, Frankenspeidi need to be smacked. Bringing false allegations about any abuse should not be tolerated. It only serves to discredit real victims. Remember when she was on Seacrest or whoever's show she was on after Al Roker? She said she wanted to warn other women out there to not be alone with him. Something tells me Roker isn't a stalker. What a couple of frauds.

  41. npc25 says – reply to this


    this is beyond bullshit. i know adam and he has no interest.
    spencer and heidi were literally plucked out of obscurity and he single handedly made them famous. now that the show is over and none of their crap pitch ideas have come to fruition they are looking for another way to stay in the press.
    how about spencer threatening to kill a producer…wheres that news perez.

  42. 42

    what as ASSOLE. poor lc, audrina AND kristen- i will be praying for heidi!!!

  43. 43

    its heidi, the biggest liar in reality tv…i hope he sues her crazy ass!… like spencer would let anyone touch her…

  44. @v@ says – reply to this


    Are Speidi running out of money?

  45. 45

    It's Hollywood. You have to be willing to be sexually harassed just to get in.

  46. 46

    Honestly , how can you believe anything the two of those idiots say? Even if it did happen , they make up so much bullshit just for publicity, who would believe them now? I'm so tired of seeing them - she's disgusting!!

  47. 47

    I highly doubt that. Just looking for more attention.

  48. 48

    well hopefully it's not bullshit.
    sexual assault/harrassment shouldn't be taken lightly.

  49. 49

    Heidi is too full of herself and is such a fame whore that I find this hard to believe.

  50. 50

    Nice reporting, you loser. Maybe you should get the facts straight before posting shit like this. Obviously you didn't learn much at NYU journalism school since you were probably crying in your dorm room with a gun in your mouth because nobody would touch your fat pig body and down's syndrome face. Hopefully Heidi gets the AIDS that you gave Spencer when he sucked your dick to post this garbage.

  51. 51

    Heidi's just jealous that Nicolette Sheridan's case is getting so much attention. I call bullshit.

  52. 52

    Puh-lease! "Multiple sources" "An insider" "Those close to Heidi" "Montag source"!?!???!!! Hmmm?? Does your source rhyme with CENSOR? Like you should have done dipshit perez.

    Your dick might think so but Spencer's mouth and his ass don't count as multiple "sources".

    I personally know that this is steaming hot crap on a plate. Heidi, why don't you take Spencer's hand out of your plastic surgeried ass and stop letting him move your mouth for you. You've actually managed to reach the lower than anyone could have even imagined! Unbelievable. Ps… that show paid for those balloons on your chest and that maxipad stuffed in your forehead. Now what?

  53. 53


  54. 54

    the utter BS to keep getting 15 mins of fame