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Nas Gets $LAMMED With Backed Child And Spousal Support Payments!!

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Deadbeat Dad Nas is paying what he OWES Kelis, whether he likes it or not!

The couple split at the beginning of 2009 and have been in and out of court throughout the year because apparently Nas doesn't feel like dishing out the $$$ to his babymomma in child and spousal support payments.

Yesterday, however, the judge ordered that the rapper pay girlfriend over $290,000 in backdated payments, including an immediate payment of $47,249 in child support, $40,454 in spousal support, $155,787 in Kelis' legal fees, and $48,549 in accounting costs!

If that weren't bad enough - for him! - his monthly spousal support payments were jacked up to $10,000 a MONTH!

Uh-oh! Time to cut another record, Nas!

Looks like you're wallet just got a MASSIVE dent in it!

[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “Nas Gets $LAMMED With Backed Child And Spousal Support Payments!!”

  1. 1

    Uh, why are the damned lawyers entitled to over three times what the dependents are owed??
    Sorry, but there is a definite bias here if the courts are prioritizing payment to their fellow American Bar Association (A.B.A.) members.

  2. 2

    I understand child support, but spousal support??? *rolls eyes* Maybe she should get a career and make herself useful

  3. 3

    this is just sickening. Nas is getting raped. he's been over paying since the beginning. and the fact that he has to pay her expenses is beyond stupid, home girl shouldnt be living beyong her means - i mean the girl dropped 5 grand on her hair. the spousel support is stupid too. Nas is making what he was a few years ago…and maybe Kelis should get a job if the music isnt making her enough.
    its not often i feel bad for people in divorces. but i feel damn bad for Nas.

  4. 4

    and perez, Nas is far from a deadbeat dad - the reason why he;s behind in payments is because he said he wasnt paying the orginal amount due to the fact that it was a ridiculous amount to pay and didnt agree for everything he was asked to pay for. but he was still making payments.
    but of course he's not one of your poptarts so you gotta make him look bad.

  5. 5

    Nas grow up and realize that doing this only hurts your relationship with your baby!

  6. 6


    Poor Nas, maybe u should of kept it in your Pants!
    K E L IS IS DA BOSS!!!

  7. 7



  8. 8

    Another deadbeat black male. Oh wait! Nothing new about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9

    Her milkshake brings a whole lot to the yard.

  10. 10

    Uh-oh! Time to cut another record, kelis!

  11. 11

    Hey "Perez" .. whoever you are these days. If these payments are backed why don't they just go after the backers? Ohhh you mean BACK. Silly me, for a moment there I actually thought you had English as a First Language people being "Perez Hilton". My bad.

  12. 12

    Another fuckin "has been" trying to leech off someone elses money… quit spending so much time trying to prove that you deserve all that cash and get ur ass in the recording studio, oh wait.. thats right… ur shit aint sellin. WEAK lol

  13. 13

    Nas is far from a dead beat and his payments were decreased not increased and Kelis don't deserve shit she ain't work for! Kelis has not choice but to work and instead of TRYING to be gold digger be a successful artist first…Keli sis a LOSERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 14

    While I don't condone deadbeat dads in any way, why the hell does this broad need THAT much per month? Please. It's chicks like this that give women a bad name! She's had a hit record before, why doesn't she get back to work already? I don't care what this dude did to her, show some persaverence & independence & show everyone that women do NOT need to live (& plus a ton) entirely off of men!!! I could see maybe $2,000/mo, but 10? Formula & diapers aren't that much honey…

  15. 15

    Love Nas
    Love Kelis…
    But she's entitled to half of what he makes. It's the law. Infidelities will cost you!
    I don't see anyone 'crying' about Elin Nordegren being entitled to half of what Tiger makes. People felt that she was entitled due to his infidelities.
    Cheat on a Black woman…and pay nothing!
    Cheat on a White woman..and pay EVERYTHING!

  16. 16

    Why did they separate, cause he cheated thank u very much! he should have kept it in his pants. thats right you play , you pay!!!!
    he has money, let his kid and ex live good , they deserve every penny!!

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    He though he could change his mind AFTER his baby was born? Wear an umbrella