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Eclipse Reshoots With New/Old Director???

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VanCity, be ready to be hit Twi-Hard! Robert Pattinson is coming back into town!

Sources are revealing that Summit Entertainment is ushering back the cast of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse to reshoot some pivotal scenes for the movie. Insiders claim that several fight sequences need to be polished and a Bella/Edward meadow scene needs some work.

The source claims that the studio wanted a full week to fix their mistakes, but due to scheduling conflicts with R-Patz, they can only manage 3 days. It is said that the filming will begin relatively soon, to keep the June 30th release date a definite.

The news that the film would be reshooting has also brought to light the friction between the studio and Eclipse director, David Slade. Sources say that due to David's creative differences with Summit, he is not being asked back to reshoot these scenes.

So then who will?

Possibilities include the directors of the last two Twilight films Chris Weitz and Catherine Hardwicke. Catherine is reportedly already in Vancouver for another project and if asked, she may push that project back to work on Eclipse.

Such dramaz! We blame Kristen Stewart. We're sure whatever the problem was with that meadow scene had to do with her rabbit teeth or her stoopid weave.

But at least this might mean getting a peek at R-Patz again! We've really been missing him since he went across the pond!

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56 comments to “Eclipse Reshoots With New/Old Director???”

  1. 1

    Stop picking on Kristen for no reason. She may be funny looking and annoying as fuck, but serious, NOBODY in the cast can act.

  2. 2

    Your hatred towards women that date your weekly object of obsession is really wearing thin.

  3. 3

    It's almost like you are jealous of their vaginas.

  4. 4

    stfu perez, i blame you

  5. 5

    please no hardwicke - she screwed it up bad enough the first time around. truthfully (IMO) the guy who directed new moon didn't do much better then hardwicke…..unfortunately I'm starting to believe this whole series just isn't translating onto screen very well……….like true blood for example - absolutely cannot wait for the new season…….keeping HBO simply for true blood…..

  6. 6

    rabbit teeth

  7. 7

    Not sure why u pick on Kristen. She might be a bit miserable and not a very good actress, but what has she ever done to you! I am surprised that they are worried about the quality of a few fight scenes. Those movies suck big time. They are funny to watch.

  8. 8

    Rabbit Teeth? Stoopid Weave? Someone is jealous. Fat ass. -.-

  9. 9

    Oh great. This doesn't sound promising. I hope Eclipse doesn't disappoint.

  10. 10

    hey perez,

    since you always like 2 tell how a movie bombed with someone you didnt like, what about the last bomb rpatz did called "remember me"?!
    looks like without the twilight hype rpatz is just another overrated "actor" isnt he!;)

  11. 11

    i agree with comments 1-4. he is jealous that their vajayjay's are bigger than his peanut.

  12. 12

    completely unrelated to this story - go dig out the dvd of a tv show called Bad Mothers Handbook. no idea what its about but has Robert Pattinson as a geeky boyfriend of one of the characters and he has the daftest hair! saw at HMV today and it made me lol.

  13. 13

    yuck yuck gtfo of my city

  14. 14

    Fuck you Perez. Kristen has received all-around fantastic reviews for her work in some other films, like The Runaways and Into the Wild. She is not only a great actress, she's also beautiful and GENUINE, unlike you. FAKER.

  15. 15

    Perez I'm pretty sure you were dropped when you were born.

    Kristen Stewart is beautiful, & talented. You pick on her just b/c you want to get in Robert Pattinson's pants.

  16. 16

    shut the fuck up!…. and rabbit teeth puh-lease!

  17. 17

    I don't getthe hype about these movies or the cast.I watched the 1st one on tv a couple days ago and almost hurt myself for doing so.I guess 22 is too old to understand…

  18. 18


    Please shut the fuck up

  19. 19

    you blame kstew? oh you.

    ' Robert Pattinson is coming back into town!' YAY!

  20. 20

    Any Rpatz we can get is very welcome indeed!

  21. 21

    Wow… Perez is sooo jealous of KStew….. maybe you need to schedule that Vag operation so MAYBE you can actually have a chance of getting hot guys like Rob—- Alot of straight men think she's gorgeous…. I happen to agree with THEM.

  22. 22

    Perez, your hatred towards Kristen Stewart is very boring and nobody agrees with you so give it up! She is not attention grabbing like most celebs including Z-listers like you and she's not fake like you. She hasn't gone off the rails like most of the idiots who think they are God's givin gift and she doesn't talk bull like some of them. She is genuine and i can't believe you can't see that!
    She is a great and hardworking actress and i hope only good things come for such a great actress :)

  23. 23

    Re: RussianChick – damn right sweetheart, the hype is like the movie is ridicilous.

  24. 24

    The actors are not the blame for this one, it's the director.
    Don't blame Kristen because of this and she does look good and she does not have rabbit teeth.

  25. 25

    I LOVE her teeth. For real. They're cute.
    I seriously hope Kristen fucking lowblows you back into non-existance one day.

  26. 26


  27. 27

    Perez, stop disgracing himself.

    Kristen left alone

  28. 28

    Actually Kstew does have some ugly rabit teech, open ears, a bitch face, and some really nasty attitude issues. I don't pick on ugly looking chicks in Hollywood but her personality isn't a win either. Any way we can get R-Pattz is definitely FINE with all of us.

  29. 29

    According to you everything is Kristen Stewart's fault. So obviously this must be too right?
    Back off already. The poor girl can't catch any slack and she doesn't deserve this hate just because you judge her based on the characters she plays and interviews she does.

  30. 30


  31. 31

    news was a lie

    fattest gay guy…

  32. 32

    Re: heidelberg – i totally agree with you!!

    Perez you need to stop picking on her, even though she doesnt give a shit which is why many like her cause she doesnt care about what people say and their reviews.

  33. 33

    Leave Kristen alone. Everyone is tired about the mindnumbing crap you continue to rant on about. Pathetic little bully.

  34. 34

    Why are you so jealous of her? Is it because she's slept with R-Patz, and you never, EVER will?

  35. 35

    Yay!! If they are making it better, Id even be prepared to wait an extra day - Just the one. Lol

    Ghost Writer, whoever the hell you are, just shuddup already. your constant hate on Kristen is tiresome and idiotic!!

    She is a beautiful girl and ther eis nothing wrong with her teeth.

    One wonders how beautiful and perfect you might be?

  36. 36

    Hmm, just wondering how bad those scenes must have been, seen as summit usually has no problem in turning out low quality productions, as they prefer to cut costs of the production.
    For them to have spotted some mistakes or felt a few things needed fixing, you know the scenes must have been near close to embarrassingly unwatchable.

  37. 37

    Noooooooooo, Catherine Hardwicke sucks

  38. 38

    yea just stop talking about that ugly retarded looking chick shes nothing special she cant act for shit and shes just freaking ugly she should just die along with that lohan bitch

  39. 39

    Seriously… Kristen is badass enough to kick Perez's ass. I dont like all actors but i dont sit there an knit-pick every small detail that I find wrong with them. It really is time to get over it. I think shes quirky and just hates the media. Its ok to be a working actress and not wanna be photographed every five minutes. Some people value their privacy. Put your big girl panties on….

  40. 40

    Its not kritens falt they have to redo the scenes stop hatting on her shes the best girl in the world.

  41. 41

    Seriously, get the fuck over your hate towards Kristen Stewart. You're just pushing it, like seriously what the fuck has she ever done to you? You've never met her? You seriously need to grow the fuck up, you're like what, in your 30's now? Your acting like a little fucken spoilt brat, no wonder all the celebrities hate you! And I'm sure if Robert were to ever go on your site and read the shit you write about Kristen he'd hate you as well…

  42. 42

    You are a jealous fuck Mario. I don't even know why I bother with this site. You should be ashamed of yourself you dope for picking on this beautiful and talented girl. Go fuck off somewhere

  43. 43

    You are stupid. Jealous. Insignificant. Ugly. (inside and out) Hateful. Hurtful. Mean. Rude. Hypocritical. Selfish. Disgusting. Awkward. Idiotic. Deluded.
    The spite you have for certain people is seriously sick! What has she done to you? To anyone really. She is a terrific actress. She is quite lovely actually.
    She is smart and funny and just because you desire a man she has doesnt make her any of the disgisting things that you say.
    You truly are a pathetic little C word….

  44. 44

    FYI Summit Ent. has said that David Slade is directing like he did the entire movie and None of the meadow or action scenes are being reshot.
    Fuck You Perez stop picking on Kristen! pendejo!

  45. 45


    AMEN @ April 20th — You are sooo right, These movies are just not translating on the screen very well.

  46. 46

    okay Perez maybe you should get your facts straight before you start with the insult. im just saying get your story right for once. this does worry me… this didn't happen with new moon or twilight so close to the release date. i hope they manage to get all the fix ups done in time and right. cant wit to see these guys together again!

  47. 47

    Re: Lafemme22 – This I agree with.

  48. 48

    and why the hell is everyone here saying OMG KRISTEN IS GORGEOUS STOP HATIN' PEREZ I WILL KICK YUR ASS LALALAL KSTEW. you now you guys sound really pathetic? lame ass twitards. go fuck yourselves.

  49. 49

    I think Kristen Stewart fits the part perfectly and R-Patz is far more replaceable.

  50. 50


  51. 51

    I am hysterical right now…rabit teeth!!!! I cant even watch her on screen because I am to busy wondering why she has not filed down her grill. Really really not cute at all.

  52. 52

    Ohhh…I hope they go for Chris instead of Catherine…New Moon was a million times better than Twilight!!!

  53. 53

    "her rabbit teeth or her stoopid weave." aheauheua sooo funny!!
    If you don't like the site and perez, why are you looking at it and making a comment about it??

    R-Patz: hoooot

  54. 54

    dude lay of Kristen! she is a good actress who just needs to come out of her shell a little more! God the only reason I check your page is because you have alot of good news on twilight and its a page that has yet to be blocked by the boss man! so fucking lay of her, your just pissy because she can get rpatz in bed and you cant!

  55. 55

    Too funny.. I'm bloody over Kristen's sour puss sullen moody personality and her big sticky out ears. She's just another moody, sullen pouty Aries female..very similar to another moody, sullen pouty Aries female that snagged herself a hunky Taurean Brit..Posh and Becks anyone?

  56. 56

    wow perez, you are such a hater! kristen stewart is gorgeous and a great actor, we all know you want in roberts pants but damn dude no need to blame the chick and talk shit about her like your in grade school. why dont you put on your big girl panties and stop with the stupid comments about kristen, maybe you should take another look in the mirror. :)