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78 comments to “Leann Rimes Is A Dumbass!”

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    Her voice doesn't sound quite so sweet since started snatching up married men. I am surprised they have lasted this long. I figured a four day weekend at the Days Inn would have taken care of any remaining feelings.

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    HAHA, good for her.

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    I love you Perez but come on…you're so nice to Tori and Dean (who are adorable) and they did the same thing these two did. Dean had a kid and a wife and Tori was married but life happened and they wanted to be together.

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  8. MP says – reply to this


    What does ADR stand for?

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    Does she even have a career anymore???

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    guess she forgot!
    how embarrassing

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    I wonder if Deane posted this "cute" entry before of after he got his check from LeAnn. The post "female supported" is even cuter than that entry.

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    I am bummed about this. I used to like her, as I thought she was all sweet and innocent. Not anymore . . .

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    Did Deane say this before or after the check from LeAnn? Guess he thought the post was much cooler than the expression "female supported."

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    Oh whatever, her husband is a flaming homoseskcal anyway, I doubt he gave a shit anyway.

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    Good for her…..she stopped living a lie and found real happiness!

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    These two will be split up in less than two years = that is just how WHOREYWOOD works…Just say'n …

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    "What a stupid twat."

    And people say you hate women. How could anyone that uses the word twat hate women. It's such a term of respect.

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    I don't remember you calling Angelina a twat Perez when Brad was still married. In fact, I think you hailed her a saint!

  19. Eilee says – reply to this


    this is definitely not written by perez
    Your language is female and no one uses the word TW*T unless you are a female.
    who is the fraud? I say Perez?

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    Eddie Cibrian is deliciously fuckable…and WAY WAY WAY out of her league if you ask me. I fell in love with him on Third Watch. Yeah, he's a moron for cheating on his wife but I'd still hit that. She' s a lucky bitch. Evil lucky bitch, but still, lucky.

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    I wish I could hear the LIES he whispers in Leann's ears; let me guess…Leann ALWAYS PAYS!

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    First off I agree with another post on here. You refer to Angie as a "saint" when she did the SAME thing with Brad. What does it matter. See her smiling in that picture? That means she is happy! You are all for gays getting married, because love is love right? Well get over it. She made a mistake marrying her ex, and she now found happiness. Oh and I believe that you are the TWAT! I love how you pick out the celebrities that you like and claim them to be yours (when they really must hate your damn guts) but then there are celebrities that arent your favorite and you slam them like there is no tomorrow. Shame on you!

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    Re: crimson.shamrock – Crimson.shamrock, Your mouth is so filthy a pig would be way above your league. Stay in the sty.

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    Angelina has said explicitly that while she had feelings for Brad she did not act on them while he was married BECAUSE he was married. He left Jen then they got together. That is different than cheating.

    As for Tori and Dean…I don't know why Perez is cool with that because Dean left his wife in a way that almost made her lose her adopted child.

    He's a dick. You don't leave someone and then have their child almost ripped from them…especially for Admiral Akbar.

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    All that said…I think Leanne married a gay man. Not that it excuses her stealing another woman's husband, but I can see why she was unhappy in her own marriage. I hope her ex is moving on and spending her money.

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    Re: ceebeeme – FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK. How's that? Better?

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    Seems like Leann married a gay man who used her. Now she is in a relationship with a cheating man who is using her. Eddie uses all the women in his life, doens't he? Not very similar to Tori and Dean b/c Tori was with a guy who loved her and Dean is sticking around Tori b/c she's the bet $$$ he will ever make. I doubt Eddie will stick around as long as Dean. Though Dean will be leaving Tori eventually.

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    And…..I love him. That. Was. Brilliant. That ho needed a bitchslap - I'm just glad he isn't one to sit and take that shit like a bitch.

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    Re: crimson.shamrock – LOL crimson shamrock!!!!!

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    Re: ceebeeme

    Are you serious? First off all, Dean is not the bad guy because he is getting spousal support. What don't you understand about spousal support? Wel you are not married, so you don't understand this concept. Secondly, he had every right to comment, LR was afterall being insensitive. Do you think that EC and LR can go on being insensitive?

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    Re: ceebeeme
    who are to lecture anyone when you cuss at other posters and have called other posters much worse things?

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    Oh please…. she's not a twat, especially compared to people like LADY GAGA who stole a man just like Leann did, yet GAGA's situation was worse since her now-bf had a baby at the time.

    …but do you call Lady Gaga a whore?

    No, of course not, but she's even more of a whole than Ms. Leann.

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    Re: ms lisa – This is the Leann Rimes thread, so why would people be talkign about Lady Gaga. By the way, is Lady GaGa stalking the married man's wife? Is Lady Gaga obsessing over another woman's kids? Did Lady Gaga try to intimidate the married man's wife by moving into her neighborhood?

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    what a wore ! both are has beens anyway why do stories about them?

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    You forgot the rest of the story. Leann also used that unoffcial account to stalk BG.

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    Re: ms lisa – b4 u talk shit do ur homework…Lady Gaga does not have a boyfriend, and has said multiple trimes she is selibant so how does that make her a whore??

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    What about Angelina who has been a cheater on numurous occasion???????????

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    What about Angelina???

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    He is a beautiful man, can't blame anyone for trying. He is so gorgeous he makes a straight man gay…Just look at that perfect body and those lucious

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    You should be so proud!! You ruined a family, put the kids through hell, and now want to tweet that its your one year anniversary. I can't wait for karma to catch up with you, maybe give you a little heartbreak you gave to those kids. You are both trash.

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    That's behavior right out of the trailer park.

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    Good for him, take that biotch

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    That's okay homewrecker Leann…eventually it will come back to bite you HARD on the a…zz…. Ugly looking b..itch.

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    Perez, I know you don't really write the column anymore, but why do you keep going on and on about Leann Rimes? You practically kiss the ground Angelina Jolie walks on and worship her like some kind of god, and she was probably one of the biggest homewreckers in recent memory. Maybe Leann needs to go out and adopt a bunch of orphans now to make you happy. I guess her new boyfriend just isn't hot enough for you.

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    Although she's a dumbass for handling her marriage situation like she did. I couldnt help but think that her "hubby" was a queen in the first place. Come on Perez you even said it once or twice. And didnt your fave homewrecking skank do the same thing?

  49. 49

    I'm wondering which Hollywood whore he cheats on Leann with….

  50. 50

    She really thinks what she did is okay. She needs to wake up because he is going to do the same thing to her. His ex-wife was gorgeous and she is, in my opinion, very unattractive. Always walking around with that creepy grin on her face. Ewwwwww!

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    Isn't it time for everyone to let them be!? Doesn't the ex-wife have a boyfriend? If so, why so many "leaks" from her to the rags? Or are they , the tabs, making stuff up and blaming the ex as "source?"

  52. 52

    hahahahahahahaha! she is so fucking lame.

  53. chiro says – reply to this


    Isn't your mistress suppose to be hotter than your wife?! Leann is busted! Can't wait until he cheats on her!

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    Re: crimson.shamrock – crimson.shamrock, Yes, that is better - it gives us a picture of who you really are. Must be great having somebody with a mouth as foul as yours on ones side.

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    Re: excuses – excuses - Hi Gwen, What don't you understand about spousal support? If I had someone providing everything I need I don't believe I would try to make them look bad by opening my mouth and trying to tell the world. Guess Deane got hurt with what happened but he knows enough to keep his mouth shut most of the time. LeAnn loves Eddie and there is nothing wrong with showing that. I suppose that they have been put down in every way possible and one more time wont hurt. Please dont tell me they don't have restraint - most would have already laid some words on you that you would clearly understand by this time. Some of us love them and will continue to be fans.

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    who cares about this ugly shit face bitch! she is nothing but a fucking dirty pig and he is as well they are just a bunch of losers it aint gonna last they are just full of shit walking around like they did nothing wrong are u fucking kidding me??

  59. 59

    Yeah she is a dumbass, but why pick on her more than the others. What about celebs like Angelina Jolie or Tori Spelling who also hooked up with married men. They are hobags too but nobody ever criticizes their adulterous asses!

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    This is really old news

  61. 61

    I am sooo glad she left Dallas. Couldn't stand her then, can't stand her now.

  62. 62

    Re: Funsize18 – Are you referring to you or to me or to LeAnn? Kind of think it must be you since that is the only one of us you know.

  63. 63

    Re: piratecookie – Yes, I know you are glad she left Dallas. Bet you two ran into each other a lot. Ha Ha Ha Ha

  64. 64

    if she is a dumbass what are you?

  65. 65

    Re: Jennlee
    Isn't this the LR thread?

  66. 66

    Re: luvndagossip38 – Deans sexual orientation does not justify LR behavior, make what she did to him less hurtful, or make it okay for her to jump in bed with another woman's husband.

  67. 67

    Re: ceebeeme
    For some odd reason who seem to think that sleeping with another woman's husband entitles YOU to spousal and that if you can not get it, then the married man's wife doesn't deserve it either. BG and DS are entitled to spousal support and it doesn't hinge on whether or not it sits well with the married man's mistress.

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    Re: ceebeeme

    Are you serious? EC and LR are making their ownselves look bad, but then in again in your mind everything that happens to LR and EC is BG fault. BG does not owe EC a thing. If EC and LR were more considerate, then BG wouldn't be in a position where she has to speak up about their bad behavior. Where is the law that says that a woman has to play nice(ie-don't call out her husband and his mistress when they are behaving badly) because her husband is financially supporting her. Why should BG respect EC and LR, where was and is EC and LR respect for BG and DS?

  69. 69

    Re: ceebeeme

    What about LR, she hurt 4 innocent people, so she should know enough to keep her mouth shut, right? LR and EC are not the victims. So let me get this straight, it's okay for LR to tell all of her business because she "loves" EC? You can not possibly be serious, especially when you have EC whining about how he can not get any privacy. LR is not supposed to be talking point blank. It doesn't matter if she loves EC or not. You are full of excuses and double standards for TWO people who have not shown any regard for the people they hurt. What about LR actions say that she loves EC? The way she stands by his side and gloats when he breaks promises to his kids? LR is not in love with EC. LR is in love with one upping BG.

  70. 70

    Re: ceebeeme

    EC and LR get "put down" because they are wrong. Stop acting like EC and LR are the victims. Stop acting like the public is obligated to pat EC and LR on the back everytime they stage a "happy and in love" photo-op. Perhaps if EC and LR did the right thing, people wouldn't have to call them out for their bad behavior. No one loves EC and LR, hence why you spend 24/7 on these sites creating a fanbase by posting under different names and using different email accounts. If LR and EC had fans YOU would not be necessary. Everyone knows that you work for LR, you are the one who hasn't caught on yet.

  71. 71

    cbme(LR pr person)

    EC and LR get put down because they are wrong. Stop acting like EC and LR are the victims. Perhaps if EC and LR did the right thing, people wouldn't have to call them out for their bad behavior.

  72. 72

    cbme(aka LR pr person)

    No one loves EC and LR, hence why you spend 24/7 on these sites creating a fanbase by posting under different names and using different email accounts. If LR and EC had fans YOU would not be necessary. Everyone knows that you work for LR, you are the one who hasn't caught on yet.

  73. 73

    Re: rejco100

    Unfortunately Leann has paid the media/press to keep EC little affairs a secret.

  74. 74

    @ excuses…….you keep reminding us you're still married. If you slept with your new boyfriend and are still married you would be called an adulteress. Technically that is true.

  75. 75

    Re: micah3 – Thanks, Micah 3, for telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  76. 76

    Re: ceebeeme

    So what you are saying is that you can't get other posters to agree with you and have to create your very own support by posting under a different name?

  77. 77

    Re: micah3 – So what you are saying is that in your mind everything that happens to EC and LR is always BG fault?

  78. 78

    excuse - you remind you're still married to Eddie . According to the definition of adultery., if ya slept w/a bf while married that would fall under the definition of adultery. That is what you keep repeating. Who cares if you did; I could care less.