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Look Who Got A Boob Job!!

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Do you think you'll snag more gents this way, you sneaky little maneater?!

Kate Hudson has clearly gone under the knife at some point in the last month or so, because she debuted a noticably fuller bust poolside in Miami this week!

A source says:

"Kate makes jokes about her boobs, but her chest has always been one of her biggest insecurities."

We actually are impressed that she used some restraint when picking the size of her new tittays!

The world does not need another Real Heidi Doll!

What do U think?? Does the boobjob make Kate look less fug than usual??

[Images via Fame Pictures and Mavrix Online.]

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164 comments to “Look Who Got A Boob Job!!”

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  1. 101

    maybe they are just cutlets!?!?!

  2. 102

    Not a bad boob job, she didn't go over board with it like some. In fact she can get away with it with out asking questions. Still don't like her though, never did.

  3. 103

    I don't think she got breast implants… I have a similar figure with a small chest but I can make them look bigger with a bra and tight top, just like she is wearing in the second photo.

  4. 104

    She needed them DESPERATELY. The name Kate Hudson will only go so far in a relationship when a guy has nothing to PLAY with.

  5. 105

    Boob jobs are meant for women like Kate, who are almost or completely flat-chested. Unfortunately, woman with normal sized breasts are getting implants for vanity reasons. Plastic surgery is supposed to fix nature's mistakes, not to make you look like a porn star.

  6. 106

    Perez, I am ashamed. I am a big fan of yours but this post made me quite upset. Kate Hudson is beautiful, big boobs or not. I usually agree 100% with all of yours posts but this one I strongly disagree with. I am a member of the itty bitty titty commitee and its difficult being a girl this day in age when only large boobs are considered sexy. Its comments like this one you made in this post "What do U think?? Does the boobjob make Kate look less fug than usual??" that makes girls not confident with themselves because they are small chested. I really hope she didn't get breast implants because she looks great either way and I really look up to her for not going with the "norm". Next time, please think before you say something that can hurt millions of girls around the world.

  7. 107

    at least now, her boobs are bigger than her belly

  8. 108

    She actually looks like she gained weight in the second picture, so maybe some of it went to her tatas. Could just be the angle and lighting though. Who knows.

  9. 109

    I've gained a smidgeon of respect for whorish Kate - she didn't overdo it with the breast size. Looks naturally beautiful. Way to go, Kate! People are tired of the Heidi Montag's in Hollywood!!! Not beautiful.

  10. 110

    not a push up, that top has no support. I feel bad, she's about my size now but I always felt small and she was kind of my role model, I was like "she can get guys, she's considered hot by men, I can be too!" even though shirts don't always look right or dont fit me.

  11. 111

    when are you gonna report on Paris' new boobies?

  12. 112

    it's called a PUSH UP bra perez not a boob job!

  13. 113

    I dunno… I think I agree more with the "put on a little weight" thing, and… I think I see little cutlets popping out of the top helping her look fuller…

  14. 114

    I think it just looks like she actually has a bit of meat on her bones, which would help the FLATNESS…

  15. 115

    she needs to go a little bigger, like maybe a C cup?

  16. 116

    Um, Perez, Kate Hudson is beautiful. She always has been. And she's talented as well (think Almost Famous). I hate that you call all these women ugly and fug etc. It's truly awful. Even though I am not a fan of women getting their breasts enlarged, I think that the new size works for her. She's gorgeous.

  17. 117

    i dont think she has taken silicons, maybe shes wearing just push up bras, and heidi looks ridiculous but kate looks good, and i think that A fits her better than b!

  18. 118

    Thank goodness! I've been waiting for her to get a boob job for years, she was completely flat before!

  19. 119

    They look natural. She doesn't look fugly at all! Just shut up, fat boy.

  20. 120

    I don't think she got a boobjob. In the 2nd picture she has to be around 10 lbs more.

  21. 121

    I think that on the second picture she just became thicker

  22. 122

    wow are you serious? i have a girlfriend with small boobs who looks exactly like that in a bikini and then looks fuller once u get a push up and a tight shirt on pfffttttttt ud think she would have gotten a boob job by now if it was ever gonna happen u dont know anything about boobs anyway perez

  23. Lucas says – reply to this


    I personally don't think that's a boob job. Why bother going so tiny? I betcha it's a combo of PMS where your breasts swell and a lifting bikini top. Just my opinion.

  24. 124

    She's the one person who I always thought looked good with virtually no boobs. It works(worked) for her. I don't like the new ones. They make her look fat.

  25. 125

    you should buy yourself a bra and see what a difference it will make with your boobs

  26. 126

    who cares?!? its probably just a push up bra.

  27. Bree says – reply to this


    Kate Hudson has always been beautiful. We get that you are overly critical on females, but vut the girl some slack. She is definitely pretty. And if indeed it is a boob job. she did good!!!

  28. 128

    Re: Hitwoman – I completely agree… She looks softer, less muscular. I think she gained a few pounds.

  29. 129

    Hahahhahhahaa Perez Hilton calling someone ELSE fug?Dude have you looked in the mirror recently? geez
    Kate Hudson is beautiful, and her boobies look great!

  30. 130

    um perez kate hudson is NOT fug…want to see fug? look in a mirror. you are such a nasty person.

  31. 131

    boobs look better - i mean whatever if you wanna get a boob job, it's your own personal decision, but FINALLY a woman who made a SMART choice on the size - it looks natural!

  32. Dita says – reply to this


    That's no push up bra people - there's no underwire or anything and she had nothing to push up to begin with. She either gained some weight and/or she's preggers OR she purchased some B's.

  33. 133

    Don't listen to that bs Kate. Pnasty is just envious bc you're gorgeous plus he's jealous u were with Arod. I personally don't think it's anything but a few extra lbs and big freegin whip de doo! Kate H is HOT!!!!

  34. 134

    I don't think she had a boob job. It looks like she gained some weight (especially seeing those pics of her sitting in a bikini eating chicken wings the other day) and is maybe wearing a water bra. Water bras work wonders.

  35. 135

    Why the hell has she waited all these years???

  36. 136

    Just looks like a better top with a few pounds of weight gain. Breast implants are totally unnecessary on anyone other than women who have lost their breasts to cancer, or some other unfortunate thing like that! They aren't a fucking FASHION ACCESSORY!!

  37. 137

    Its called a bra, you idiot!

  38. 138

    I think she looks great, good on her!

  39. 139


  40. 140

    That is most defiantly NOT a boob job. And if she were so insecure about her breast size, she wouldn't have gone topless in movies and walked around in front of papps bra-less for the past 10 years. Not every woman bases their worth on their breast size idiots.

  41. 141

    shes just getting fat P

  42. 142

    yeah she does look fuller.
    but it's subtle.

  43. 143

    I love miss Hudson, and if she really did get a boob job, it looks pretty good. She was uncomfortable with her body, and I applaud her for being subtle.

  44. 144

    Yeah, I doubt she had anything done and I bet she's laughing her ass off that people are suspecting such. She looks heavier in the pic on the right and when you pack on a few much needed pounds, you may increase in your bust size. But if she did get them done, who cares; at least she didnt' get the watermelon freak show kind like Heidi Montag. Anyway, is cute no matter what:)

  45. 145

    OMG I think Kate Hudson is beautiful…I think more and more that you're just a resentful asshole…

    and if she DID go under the knife…it totally looks natural and I'm so glad that she didn't try to pull off a Heidi Montag kinda deal…

  46. Jaded says – reply to this


    If you've seen the other pictures of her on the beach sitting down you would see that she has also clearly gained some weight. Maybe the boobs are a by product of that, and not necessarily a boob job. Besides even if she did get her boobs done who cares? It's not like half of Los Angeles doesn't have them done. At this point I think there are more boob jobs in LA than their is fake hair or nails.

  47. 147

    she didn't get a boob job! She just gained weight… that is what happens

  48. 148

    Good upgrade, realistic at least

  49. 149

    as if she's fug, she coulda got a man either way!

  50. 150


    I no longer have to Photoshop boobs on her pictures that are taped all over my walls and ceilings in my darkroom in the basement.

    Perhaps I've said too much.

  51. 151

    She did it well. Hated her flat tits.

  52. 152

    It doesn't look like a job to me. It looks like she finally ate something- she's much fuller all around if you look at the pictures.

  53. 153

    she looks stunning and i applaud her for going up to a reasonable size instead of going crazy. her boobs look lovely

  54. 154

    Less fug than usual? You are a pole smoker in every sense of the word if you think KH is fug. She may not have the most pleasant personality, but chick is smokin MF hot.

  55. 155

    That definitely looks like a push up or enhancement bra. Still looks amazing though :]

  56. 156

    When I see that bitch I see desperation and std's. She is sooo hoe'd out… and has a child. So sad she thinks its OK. No man will want her long term.

  57. 157

    Re: Screamer77 – Fergie puts this bitch to shame. Fergie is hot, cute, talented with out help from her parents, and is married and not a hoe with a kid in tow!

  58. 158

    dont be a bitch perez!!! why are you mean to people who have done nothing wrong? gaga wouldnt be pleased with this. why dont we try to END hate, shall we?

  59. Hun says – reply to this


    Love ya perez and i think your hilarious …. but Kate is soooo not fug! What the …. nice work kate. whateva makes you happy!

  60. 160

    Not a boob job. It's obvious she gained a little weight. Look at the difference in her arms in both pics. That and a possible push up bra in the bathing suit! Geez

  61. 161

    I'm sad :( I loved her because she looked confident with what she had. As a small chested girl, I love my body, wish she felt the same.

  62. 162

    Are you sure she got a boob job? She looks like she's just too skinny in the first pic and that she just lost her boobs…now she looks like a healthier, more fit weight and I think her boobs were happy to grow because she's probably taking in more cals.

  63. 163

    I think she looks fine. It could actually be natural though. They still look pretty small and normal to me. My boobs jumped a cup when I went on birth control, and they can get a bit larger if you gain weight, so it's possible that she didn't go under the knife.

  64. 164

    She went from flat to something worth looking at. I say if it looks good on her, do it. Heidi on the other hand, (still missing Heidi version 1.0) over did it. way to much going on upstairs…. I dont even think you could hug her without those "things" getting it the way.

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