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Ke$ha Reveals How She REALLY Smells

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Ugh. We assumed she smelled RANK but this is worse than we could have ever imagined!

The swamp thing otherwise known as Ke$ha will be terrorizing Ryan Phillippe and the cast of Saturday Night Live this weekend when she 'performs' on the sketch comedy show, but she will not be pleased unless she slithers her way into one of the skits!


Worse yet, she's even got her own ideas for her first intentional comedic debut:

"I have some ideas. I don't know … it hasn't been confirmed or denied yet if I'll appear in a sketch, so I can't say for sure. But I would love to do something funny. But one idea was someone recently told me I smell like shrimp in a diaper, so I thought I could do a perfume skit about me with my eau de perfume being a shrimp in a diaper. It's very sensual."

Thanks, Ke$ha.

You have once again traumatized us beyond repair!

It must be hard to smell worse than you look, but somehow you manage!

[Image via WENN.]

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56 comments to “Ke$ha Reveals How She REALLY Smells”

  1. 1

    dude. wtf. i try to like her but that is just gross. and her shitty whiny sound sucks- sing normal, girl.

  2. 2

    What a gross mental image…

  3. 3

    Ugly talentless skank.

  4. 4

    You have absolutely no sense of humor.

  5. 5

    I figure this is probably the best place to make people mad at my opinion but what the heck is kesha even? I apologize tremendously for the mi$$pelling of her name.

    I don't under$tand how thi$ i$ even allowed to happen to our ear$. Okay, enough money symbols for me… it is tiring and even more surprisingly, not a letter.

    I will admit that she is not a terrible singer… but she is not amazing enough to be making songs that blast at me and assault me in my car at 7:40 am. I am pretty sure she made the same song twice, also. Theres nothing like two songs that feature her talking with some techno sounds behind it. geniu$. (one for the road)

    and this just in… i can barely admit to my boyfriend that I fart, let alone announce that people think i smell like seafood carcass in a diaper. what the eff.

  6. 6

    I’d do her hard all night long.

  7. 7

    And there you have it. Someone who was brave enough to smell her took one for the team.

  8. 8

    You're calling her ugly? Seriously? She may not be a model but she's 10,000 times prettier than Lady Gaga, whom you are forever calling "divine". Talk about a face that'll damage your eyes- that unfortunate-faced bag of fug is the top of the list, yuck. Ke$ha's kind of cute, esp. in comparison to ugly Gaga.

  9. 9

    Never have you tried so hard to make a story out of nothing!

  10. 10

    Re: spazster – I totally agree with everything you wrote!

  11. 11

    she should do it. that person would be like WTF!?!! HA

  12. 12

    Nasty-ass ho get on duh flo!!! Kno I'm sayin'?!?! Jack Dan-yals teeth-brushin bee-yatch! Howz abouts yu brush doze teeth wit DEE-HEEZ NUUHHH-HUUTTZZ!! BEEE-YAAAAATCH! Kno I'm sayin', ya'll?!?! DIS pimp be HAND-LAN dat shee-yat!!
    George Bush hatez black people!

  13. 13

    one word…..tweezers

  14. 14

    i think she is hot, jerk off worthy for sure

  15. 15

    LOL she is hilarious

  16. 16

    I was thinking of maybe a raccoon pelt washed in syphillitic urine. But that's just me

  17. 17


  18. 18

    uggh!! Did not need to know that.

  19. 19

    Oh please Perez, if U were straight you'd be all over this Skank. :P

  20. 20

    she's talented but, she's starting to look uglier and uglier every time i see her.
    maybe it because perez likes to bash n post her worst pics?

  21. 21

    Whatever Perez. What did she do to you? Just because she's hotter right now than Lady Gaga doesn't mean you have to hate her so much. Just like you hate Kristen Stewart, this is just another transparent fit of jealousy. Whatever, her song "Your Love is My Drug" is already gonna debut high next week and her tour with Rihanna is selling so well right now. Go ahead and hate on Ke$ha just like you hate on Rihanna. Because two girls are hotter than your precious Gaga you have to hate on it?? Hater!

  22. 22

    this girl is just fucking nasty! everything about her nasty she cant fucking sing for shit it just sounds like shes talking through the whole song she fucking sucks ass and she always looks dirty dont she take showers?

  23. 23

    Re: Lolli128 – your comment was too cute and funny! .. and i agree!

  24. 24

    Whatever Perez. Keep on hatin' and she'll keep on cashing the checks. You wanna' talk looks vs. smeels?? I'd have to wager GaGa smells something like used vagisil.

  25. 25

    Re: ionlyspeakthetruth! – Plus, she has a dog's name and it's not even a cool one, like "Fido". Woof!

  26. 26

    What a poser. Don't like this chick at all! Her music, attitude and trashy look all blow shitballs!

  27. 27

    ok, so I do think she is hotter than gaga…but I bet she smells like cheap whisky and boot cigerettes, and I bet that those two oders together Could very well be mistaken for shrimp and diapers.

  28. 28

    If you have "shrimp" in your "diaper", you need to get yourself to a gyn PRONTO …

  29. 29

    I really don't get what's her deal…

  30. 30

    LMFAO. She's ugly but you think Gaga is gorgeous? You need to get a fucking life, at least Kesha looks like a pretty girl and not a he/she hermaphrodite tranny fucking duck.

  31. 31

    OMG! fucking gross and funny as hell! just imagine what her panties look like!! hahahaha ewwww!!

  32. 32

  33. 33

    You guys are kidding me right? Go google Ke$ha with no makeup and look at all the pictures of her from the beach lmao her face is HORRIBLE, her skin is in BAD CONDITION and her body shape is absolutely ridiculous, her ass is disgusting! I'm not even exaggerating, I do like Lady Gaga but not because I think she is oh so hott.. but I will say when I saw this chick without makeup and photoshop like the maxim shoot she looked worse than I could ever have imagined lmfao

  34. 34

    do i need to buy her

  35. 35

    Anyone else notice how there are only like 20-40 posts on each thread now as opposed to 100+ a few months ago?

    The end is near for Mario.

  36. 36

    Lady GagGag smells like cock stump.

  37. 37

    why is she even famous?
    oh yeah…her connections through her parents…

    She reminds me of every wanna be hipster on Capital Hill in Seattle. She tries to pass off her, "I don't give a fuck" attitude as unique…but shes forgetting shes labeled as POP music…and may push away her target audience…

    Maybe tweens that shop at Hot Topic will adore her, but I don't see her sticking around for long.

  38. 38

    Re: theNumberOfTheBeast – Frankheidi? Ke$ha? Seems like you'd do just about anything! Congratulations.

  39. 39

    haters sorry again
    she will become bigger after the show
    maybe u're just jealous about her

  40. 40

    Re: yeah_courtney – Credit to you for your user name, though.

  41. 41

    Who is this smug, pig-fuck-ugly bitch?

  42. 42


  43. 43

    Haha, I think that would be funny. Or she could play a bum, since she already looks like one. OH! They could bring back Tracy Morgan's sewer character and she can be his bum girlfriend!!! Man, I have good ideas.

  44. 44

    Omg wtf? Do u really think YOU can get away with Making fun of her? Shes so effing cool! All her songs are diff from everyone else and they're all really clever and catchy too!! And lets be honest Perez Fugly Hilton can't get away with mocking her.. Shes hot nd he's just fat nd weird looking!! And as for you Lolli128 Wtf?! Exaclt u cant tell ur bf u fart but shes doesnt give a fuck what ppl think.. Thats how cool she is and yes she is amazing enough as her songs dont sound like all the other songs in the charts… We need some1 like her!!

  45. 45

    Someone should harness the beast and toss her back in the swamp from whence she came!

  46. 46

    I'd do her.

  47. 47

    she looks like John Travolta!


  48. 48

    So she's saying she smells fishy? Ewwww. Wash that cooch!

  49. 49

    girlfriend needs to take care of those eyebrows

  50. 50

    ya who are u and why do u look like all the other disney britney spears lady gaga american idol teeny bopper trash that are just popping up everywhere is there any such thing as originality anymore and i highly doubt being quoted as smelling like a piece of shrimp in a diaper is something u want out there as a female definatly unflattering and huge turn off.

  51. 51

    she's ugly.
    she has too many damn freckles
    and needs to do her goddamn eyebrows.
    she looks like a fucking idiot with all that glitter shit on her face

  52. 52

    I watched it and I thought it was someone making things up as she went along. It sucked and I can't believe this has a label when idol rejects just go home.

  53. 53

  54. 54

    Re: HollywoodTown
    gaga is not gorgeous anyMORE b/c of all that crap she does to her face, but if she dyed her hair brown and took off all that makeup, she'd look way better than ke$ha!

    but yes, i do agree with ke$ha looking better at her present state

  55. 55

    Re: spazster
    It shouldn't even be whether the two are pretty or not. At least LADY GAGA has TALENT!. Ke$ha in the other hand, ehh not so much. I doubt it she even writes her own lyrics, but if she does, oh ok well at least she's trying.

    And I bet the only reason Perez likes to brag about Gaga so much and how "great" she is, because he wants to be loved from all her fans. Which is not happening because he's still a douchebag in the end.

  56. 56

    oh my god please, shes kidding take a fucking joke. and idk how your saying shes ugly when shes not at all. this may be gross but your really just fishing for something to bash