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More Details On Heidi's Accusations Against The Hills Creator!!

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This is getting pretty serious!

New reports are emerging that detail what apparently went down between the Real Heidi Doll and the creator of The Hills, Adam DiVello, that sparked her sexual harassment claims!

A source claims that during the now infamous cast photo shoot:

"Adam came up to her from behind and grabbed her with one hand on her stomach and one hand directly on her butt cheek. Heidi had six bodyguards with her. They took his hand off her and moved him away from the situation. Heidi started bringing security to the set because she felt Adam was getting a little creepy. He was very touchy-feely and she insisted he wouldn't stop asking her to strip down to a bikini for scenes. Adam wasn't on set much for six seasons until Heidi got her new boobs. And now he shows up everywhere. Heidi and Spencer e-mailed the production team and asked to talk about what happened. But after three weeks they'd gotten no response other than to say Heidi was allowed to bring only one bodyguard on set. Heidi's been in tears about it and really upset because she says she doesn't feel safe. Heidi says she wanted to solve the issue behind closed doors but The Hills just wouldn't talk about it. You have to stroke his ego to get a big role on his shows."


Everyone knows Heidi and Spencer are twats, but would they be willing to slander someone to this degree just for publicity?!

We hope not.

What do U think?? Is Heidi telling the truth??

Update: We have received the following statement from Adam's side:

"Mr. Divello denies the allegations and refers to the following statement issued by MTV: "We have looked into this matter and the allegations made against Adam Divello are completely false and without merit. Adam not only created 'The Hills' and 'The City,' launching the careers of several cast members, but has worked diligently to maintain a respectful and appropriate production environment."

[Image via Getty Images.]

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139 comments to “More Details On Heidi's Accusations Against The Hills Creator!!”

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  1. 1

    I don't think she'd go through this much if it weren't true. Dealing with cases like this is too hard and uncomfortable. Most people wouldn't put themselves through this kind of pressure if it weren't true.


  2. 2

    I could see someone treating her as an object. She has fashioned herself after one, though she does NOT deserve to be harassed. I can just see where a distinction could be lost for some people. She doesn't seem real anymore…

  3. 3

    I don't believe anything Heidi and Spencer say! Seriously. they are full of shit, and silicone.

  4. 4

    okay, why would he do this in front on 6 bodyguards? if she's gonna lie, at least be good at it!

  5. 5

    you slander people on a daily basis for publicity, so why wouldn't they?

  6. 6

    putting herself out there, the way she does, its no surprise some creep gets tired of the teasing and tries to get more than what is being offered.

  7. 7

    I'm really not sure what to think. I think her new body is quite repulsive, because it looks too cartoony. She looks like a mix between Coco, Pamela Anderson, and a Barbie doll. Fake, fake, fake, and completely unproportional. Why would he want to feel silicon? But whatever, maybe this guy is into that.

    What I don't understand is why, seeing as there were bodyguards around, they didn't stop it until after he touched her. I don't really care much for Heidi, but if this is true, it's really her own fault. She's marketing herself as a sex object, and not a real human being. That being said, I also feel a little bad if it did happen to her. It's unacceptable behavior.

  8. 8

    Why not is she reporting this? Why not when it happened?

  9. 9

    Also note, Heidi and Spencer shouldn't lie about this (that's slander, he should counter-sue), however, I'm not sure if they have very high moral values, so who knows. The story doesn't add up. We'll have to see where this goes.

  10. 10

    I believe it. She's a beautiful girl, and sometimes because a girl dresses sexy, guys seem to think it's okay to touch her. NOT OKAY

  11. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Men are pigs ““““ so my guess is ““ she's telling the truth!! But “ on the other hand ““ Heidi got tits “` for men ““ not herself!! She wants attention ““` she's got it now.. DEAL!!

  12. 12

    maybe if heidi and spencer weren't such famewhores i would actually believe this…also, i can't imagine someone putting their career on the line to play grab ass with freak show heidi. she's so scary now!!! i also doubt he would touch her if there were 6 bodyguards around.

  13. 13

    This is what happens when you act a fool and then want to be taken seriously…ppl doubt you.

  14. 14

    I think they would definitely slander anyone to get press.. LC sex tape? 10 plastic surgeries? FF boobs?? come on.

  15. 15

    Plus, who would want to get near that? Besides another famewhore..

  16. 16

    1) I don't believe he did it. The whole story sounds like another fabricated tale to get more press coverage and make us pay attention to them.


    2) What kid of attention do you expect when you get size DDD boobs and walk around half naked as it is? I mean most people don't get huge boobs just so they can fill out their turtleneck sweater…

  17. 17

    Team Heidi
    Team Heidi
    Team Heidi
    Team Heidi
    Team Heidi
    Team Heidi
    Team Heidi
    Team Heidi
    Team Heidi
    Team Heidi
    Team Heidi
    Team Heidi
    Team Heidi

  18. 18

    Seems like the only thing left to stay in the spotlight - after this season is done..Like C'mon they have a book on how to be famous - scam…???

    1. Be on a show
    2. Come Out with a LAME book
    3. LipSync like Brit Brit…
    4. Become obsessed with something - Crystals / Plastic Surgery..??
    5. Scandal Scandal Scandal Darling! (poor Adam)

    6. DIVORCE SPENCER (hoping its on the list hahaha)

  19. 19

    she is copying the story from the desperate housewives..they want publicity

  20. 20

    She has six bodyguards and she is still sexually touched? I think they better start paying the help more than minimum wage or move to a South American country. Buh Bye.

  21. nizzy says – reply to this


    no. she is a fake fucking liar. piece of shit

  22. 22

    hmm.. this is completely going off the subject but i think she hasn't had ENOUGH plastic surgery :P ! go back for more Heidi, go back for more..!! maybe another chin job? or eye lift? how about finger beautifying surgery? or nostril re-shaping? oh oh ! how about liposuction? lookin' chubby these days, Heidi! haha i love playing devil..just catering to her Body Dismorphic Disorder..

  23. 23

    So let's get this straight…spencer gets suspended from the show for 6 episodes bc he goes on one of his INSANE rants….and then she has to have 6 bodyguards at her shoot because "she's sick" and now she's being sexually harrassed? Puh-lease. I don't believe it for one second….and if she really doesn't want to be treated like an object don't take photos of you in your underwear in your "valentines day sweet" and get paid to be in a bikini at a las vegas pool…and put on some damn clothes and have a little respect for yourself…she's always wearing something cheap and tacky looking.

  24. 24

    I believe her. Woman who look really hot get tons of shit from Men, that's why a lot of woman put on a lil weight, it keeps the creepos away.

  25. 25

    I CAN picture this all being a trick, they are that fame whoreish. But if's it not, hope they get this creep. No one desevres to feel violated like that. Even….. Heidi Montag.

  26. 26

    She has to be telling the truth. As much as I pray for her to grow the fuck up, I honestly do not think she would go this far without merit.

    I know first hand what being violated means and speaking from experience, I would do exactly what Heidi did, give you 1 fucking chance to come correct. One you epically fail - it's on! DO YOUR THING HEIDI. DON'T LET THAT TRAMP GET AWAY WITH IT.

  27. 27

    But, then again if the story suddenly changes, you know shes lying. But this would be partily her falut, she MAKES herslef this…. baribe doll and slut….

  28. 28

    heidi and spencer are both sociopaths. they are both so ill in the head that its painful to watch anything about them. they are sad pathetic people and it's tragic that they capitalized on their insanity which led to fame. heidi wants this kind of attention… she lives for it!!! otherwise why would she have turned herself into a blow up doll?

  29. 29

    it doesn't matter how you dress or how you act.. no one has the right to TOUCH you unless they have your permission!

  30. 30

    This just doesn't ring true. He probably put his hand on her BACK and the bodyguard moved it and now they are saying it was the butt cheek. This is a woman who in her own mind has put out a brilliant record and is a genius. She's delusional. What will she doe when she hits 30? God what a waste of space this c.u.n.t. is.

  31. 31

    Heidi and Spencer are disgusting. The show is coming to an end and what do the have? I would have to say, not much. This is what they do. I'm an avid believer in protecting women in the work place but to tell you the truth I don't consider Heidi to be a woman anymore….I'm not sure what she is.

  32. kukla says – reply to this


    Re: danger danger – TOTALY TRUE!

  33. 33

    Oh, Jesus. Seriously? She's doing this for attention. That's what you get for putting your shit out there for everyone to see, dumbass. It's really sad how insecure some people can be. Everyone knows you bought triple E tits, and whatever else, okay? We promise if you cover it up like a lady, we'll still notice that you have them. You don't need to run around in trashy outfits, because you know what that says? It says that you want the attention, even if it's negative, and you can definitely see it in everything that you do and wear. If this is true, this is what you get, stop playing the victim, and get over it. It's your own fault.

  34. 34

    just joined the posse!

  35. 35

    She's such a dirty liar. Only out for press ! Sad nobody likes her !

  36. Buzz says – reply to this


    I wouldn't be surprised if the people behind this show ARE creepy and disgusting. Look at what they make their little puppets do. They set stuff up, provoke and gossip. Spencer's a dope but he did get upset at what the producers were trying to make him do. How about that time Spencer punched that guy who was doing what the producers made him do. This whole thing is shady.

  37. Emesa says – reply to this


    If its true then he can go to hell for being a sick perv.

  38. 38

    hell no that bitch is crazy for publicity she doesn't care who she has to bring down in order to stay in the media.

  39. 39

    heidi and spencer are both jokes of life and anything they say needs to be verified by at least 3 people before it can be true!

  40. Emesa says – reply to this


    Re: gunnerbabe – I have BDD. Its really not funny.

  41. 41

    I think she is probably lying through her teeth. I think her and Spencer would do anything to get publicity. I also believe that their marriage will be over in less then 2 years. If it really did happen, then she should have a bunch of witnesses…I guarantee she is lying. They both know that after her surgery that everyone quickly started looking at her as well, more of an idiot then they previously did. So in order to get sympathy and a few more minutes of "fame" they went after this guy. I think everything about these people is fraudulent. I'd love to be a fly on their wall when no ones around.

  42. 42

    Re: SeattleSlew – I hear you. She walks, act, talk, and sing like a bimbo for money, but if she's got that many bodyguards with her

  43. 43

    i'm not sure what to think.
    Heidi and spencer are getting the 'boy who cried wolf' thing happening to them. they've been so full of shit in the past that it's just hard to believe that what they're saying is real.

  44. 44

    Okay what is she talking about if this happened I feel for the girl , but from what we see of Hedi and Spencer this is probably fake come on Nicolette from desperate housewives sue and then they come up with this they are just two media seeking whores. That guy should sue them give them a taste of their on medicine.

  45. 45

    BLAH really can not wait for the Hillls Holla!

  46. 46

    Re: melinnabbyg – Exactly what i was about to say. She had all that surgery done for no reason other than attention. Now she's getting it, sure it's a bit over bearing, but she has no one to blame but herself….and maybe Spencer too (I'm sure he was behind her decision to have all the surgeries).

  47. 47

    She's been breathing so much anesthesia I don't think she even knows what planet she is on…Look at her…she's not even human anymore…

  48. Lucas says – reply to this


    She is merely an object now that she had so much surgery. What did she get it done for if she didn't want all the attention. OMG he put his hand on her stomach and butt. I've heard much worse. Get over it Heidi, cover yourself up, and try wearing a bra.

  49. 49

    Perez, why do you continue to enable these assholes? Is the ad revenue you receive from echoing their self generated PR bullshit enough to dull the reality of the damage you're helping to inflict on people's lives? Aren't you all about respect for people, their origins, and their various lifestyles and here you trade in tearing folks down over any old thing.
    Every few days, these two come out with some more outrageous, unsubstantiated claim that purports to come from some other 'source' as if that will give the claim more credibility when it's clear that source is one or the other of them. They're fame whores and desperate to stay relevant after end of the show. It'll probably drive them crazier than they already are when they discover the public is bored of their freak show and they've burned bridges with anyone who might have actually given a damn about them.
    Reap what you sow.

  50. 50

    Heidi is gross…pooor adam!

  51. 51

    I'll b honest, I don't like them. Following that, the show ends what, this season? They have to figure out a way to live for free! And why 6 body guards? What, is she Jennifer Anniston or something (in her head, anyway). nFrom what I've feard from the DiVello crew, this is utter bullshit. Please go somewhere else - like say Minot, North Dakota. It would be interesting to see what happens to fake breasts
    at say, 0 degrees farenheit?

  52. 52

    Six bodyguards? Overkill much. Heidi and Spencer are ridiculous. And, if whatisbucket really did start harassing her after she got her boobs he's an idiot.

  53. 53

    You just called someone a 'twat'? thats not ok.

  54. 54

    I smell yet another publicity stunt…but who knows?! These two lie so much, you really don't know whether to believe them, or not… If it IS true, I HOPE she has REAL proof…if not, may she rot in hell…

  55. 55

    Um - if this so-called 'source' making these 'claims' were willing to come forward and name themselves, then maybe. At this stage - she is the ONLY one coming forward to make allegations. Until we have some names and faces on her side, she's not getting my vote.

  56. kyl75 says – reply to this


    OMG!!!Does she really think bigger boobs are that great! Shes a dumb as a post & is playing up the media. And yes i really think she would go to all this trouble just for extra publicity.

  57. 57

    Heidi is a lying self absorbed piece of shit who has no meaning in this world other than trying to attract praise from people because she has big knockers and a lean frame. She is a joke. She perpetuates the poor self image young girls have because they don't have that body. She spends money on plastic surgery to make herself an object of affection to the sleaziest of people. She has a good looking husband why isn't that enough? I hope they crucify her and her husband for being the sacks of shit they both are. Hand me a nail I am ready to hit the target!

  58. 58

    it is not possible she is ugly

  59. 59

    he does look like a creep

  60. 60

    Since when did anyone have to force heidi to get into a bikini?

  61. 61

    Can't stand this Girl but her story seems believable. I could see someone treating her like a high class piece of meat!

  62. 62

    Heidi and spencer are commently self involved and to be honest it also show how delusional they could actually be. I could bet they probably don't even realise that they are making such horrific claims to this guy.

    lets hope they are being honest because other wise i hope DiVello sues them!

  63. 63

    come on she distorted her whole body for publicity her man tries to talk sh*t aout any1 who would listen this is wat fame does to the weak eat u up n spit u out!if its true u should've left the show n handled it privately but if it isnt this is wat hungry star crazed nobodies would do to get their new fix on their 15 minutes jersey shore members look more credible than these 2 lol

  64. 64

    she is still the ugliest hills star after ALL THAT surgery…sucks for her!

  65. 65

    I believe her. I've known a lot of creeps in my day, and I certainly can't think of a single person who makes shows like that who isn't a creep. You don't need to be half as hot as her to get harassed at work, much worse than she's claiming, even.

  66. 66

    they both seem fairly insane at this point…or at least obsessed with celebrity enough to act insane all the time…

    he's most likely no angel, but i highly doubt he's doing much with 6 bodyguards around.

  67. 67

    hes probably a perve

  68. exBFF says – reply to this


    nope. Such complete liars and media whores, I don't even believe their names are Heidi and Spencer.

  69. 69

    Just because she has fake a## titties now doesn't mean everyone's out there to cop a feel!

  70. 70

    WHAT A SKANK……..

  71. 71


  72. 72

    I do not believe one word of it. Heidi and Spencer are opportunists, and this is just another scheme to keep them in the spot light. Now that the Hills is done, really, what else do they have going for them?

  73. 73

    this is a serious allegation which is completely untrue. heidi needs to grow up and realise its so false.
    theyre attempting to mess with his career.

  74. 74

    yes they absolutely would make shit up to burn someone.

    lc: hi

    heidi and spencer, speidi, frankentitties, whatever you want to call it/that/them, they're liars and fuck ups. i don't even care if it's true, her and her tit's characters are shit :o )

  75. 75

    She would do anything for publicity. This picture of her looks more like some broads' mug-shot. She ruined any natural beauty that she had, now she's nothing.

  76. 76

    When you purposely exaggerate body parts that are well known for sexually attracting people, to the point of looking like a cartoon character, you have to expect that you will receive unwanted sexual advances.

  77. 77

    Heidi is a piece of trash. I think if she is willing to make a buck by writing a book telling girls to get plastic surgery then absolutely she wouldn't mind slandering someone for more publicity. They have proven that they will do almost ANYTHING for fame, no matter how pathetic it makes them.

  78. 78

    Who would want to touch that Republican and nut case?

  79. 79

    what i find weird is… it said that she had six bodyguards with her when this happened. i thought the reason she wanted to start bringing security to the set with her because of this incident… why would security already have been there

  80. 80

    Why would anyone want to grope this ugly, talentless bitch? Delusional cun*t thinks she is some A-list celebrity. Idiot.

  81. 81

    Her boobs look like those plastic fake ones you can buy in gag gift stores. I think Heidi is going down the same road Roseanne Barr went down when she was visiting crazytown a few years back and she's getting really delusional. At least when Brit Brit went to crazytown she stayed in character.

  82. 82

    I wouldn't put ANYTHING past these two. Why didn't she report it when it happened if it was that upsetting? Sort of seems like she is making something out of nothing but if he truly did harass her then he should be dealt with. If it did happen this way it's interesting that no one else who was there (6 bodyguards and crew?!) would have corroborated the story by now.

  83. 83

    It may be true but because she had made up stories in the past it's hard to say whether or not it actually happened. I feel other cast members would have observed something. Also, didn't they wrap shooting already for the last season? What prompted her to do it right now? I don't know what to think about the situation.

  84. 84

    Spencer was kicked off the show for six episodes, and he seems like a spiteful person, so this is probably retaliation for that. Probably untrue.

  85. 85

    Are you kidding Perez?? If Adam was such a creeper, why would she still be on the show?? Heidi is sick and twisted just like her little flesh tone beard having husband. She wants to be a megastar and will never be nothing more than reality show has been. Get over yourself Heidi!! Go work for Hugh Hefner.

  86. 86

    I reckon she's full of crap if you ask me…he probably accidentally brushed up against her as her lips, boobs and butt probably took up the whole set anyway now that she's pretty much enlarged EVERYTHING possible on a body! Now that the THE HILLS is finally ending they need to stir up SOME publicity for themselves…ugh…I hate Heidi and Spencer!

  87. 87

    Come on people….Her limelight is going out and she needs to turn it up….Spencer is behind this. Heidi is to stupid to think in this much detail. I don't buy it for one second. Remember, this is the woman who thinks she's going to be a movie star. (Yeah, maybe in porn….but that's aobut it.)

  88. 88

    Re: lifesaabeach

    totally agree to both of your posts!!

  89. 89

    Um i'm sure this dude could probably close to any women he wanted. WHY would he show up to touch this plastic looking FREAKS TI*'s?? She is repulsive, as if her husband.
    if it's true…sad…and action should be taken.
    Sad thing is, we probably will never know the truth….

  90. 90

    Re: bushbabe – He doesn't want her either.

  91. 91

    She is pathetic. She thinks just because of what she's done to herself now guys want her. She is just laughing stock for the rest of the world. She's not attractive at all. I guess she has sorta nice hair. After all she went through it's pretty sad that's about all she has to her credit, good hair. HA!

  92. 92

    We all know that The Hills is over, R.I.P. to me this sudden harassment claim seems well timed…we all know “the idiots” are shopping around for the best reality deal they could get and the more noise they make around themselves the better…good or bad…noise is the noise. On the other hand, you look like a tramp do not be surprised men treat you like one. In my opinion there is no harassment case…maybe the fool made some moves on her but did he threaten her in any way, force himself on her or make any suggestions other than asking her to be more in bikini which obviously was to please the viewers and improve the ratings? Common

  93. 93

    they are probably just trying to get money out of MTV and it back fired on them. they both need to see a shrink!!

  94. 94

    Sorry, I call B.S. If she had 6 bodyguards supposedly because of this guy, then how would he have ever gotten that close to her. And to the people that say "Cases like this are too uncomfortable to go through, she wouldn't make it up" Nope, they are only uncomfortable if they are true, if you're lying it is no big deal.

  95. 95

    I hope it's all a fabrication. The last thing the world needs is spencer and heidi parading around as victims.

  96. 96

    of course they would slander someone just for publicity….THEY TELL LIES AND CREATE DRAMA TO STAY IN THE PRESS….this is nothing new for Heidi and Spencer…losers….

  97. 97

    She's lovin the publicity

  98. 98

    At least it wasn't that CREEPY Spencer touching her…YUCK!

  99. 99

    If Heidi was sexually harassed by Adam DiVello then he should be punished. It is not right for a man in his position to get away with something like that. However if news comes out that Heidi has lied, then she should be punished for slandering her boss's name. Not only will Heidi ruined her bosses life but any woman that comes forward about sexual harassment in the workplace.

  100. 100

    I just don't believe her! With 6 body guards around how was he able to do this in the first place??? I hope the end of the Hills means the end of her and fame whore husband!

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