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Kate Gosselin Hawks Her Book

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What could she possible have to say that's worth anything?!

After being almost half an hour late, Kate Gosselin signed copies of her book I Just Want You To Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family at Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica on Friday.

The book may be about the kids but, uh, where are they?! And when was the last time she saw them?!

Just saying.

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99 comments to “Kate Gosselin Hawks Her Book”

  1. 1

    And there was ONLY about 20 people there!!! IS that worth it Kate to stay away from your 8 kids for over a week, oh that's right you have to put food on the table for your teenage babysitters to serve your kids, how about letting their father do that, control freak not a mom!!! I plan the media outlets that feel this Monster, if you would stop reporting on her every move then and only then she will disappear!!!

  2. 2

    Oh Perez, get your facts straight. She flies back and forth between episodes. All her focus is on her kids. It could be why the other contestants are calling her mean cuz she isn't there for them or herself. All the money she gets from the show is being put back in a trust fund set up for them. She even practices at home before heading back to the studio. So please know what the hell you are talking about before spewing bullshit.

  3. 3

    Almost a half hour late?! OMG she was 20 minutes late!?!?! What a HUGE fucking deal!! Seriously? I know this woman is probably a bitch but selling this book means making money to take care of her kids. God knows she's not getting anything from her douche bag ex-husband. Give her a fucking break.

  4. 4

    I'd like to know why everyone makes such a big stink about Kate's kids never being around and her "never" seeing them????!?!?!!!!?!??? . . . . What about all the other celebrities out there who work a lot and you never see there kids?!?!?!?! Why is it they never have all there kids around them 24/7 and its ok yet when she does it its blasphemy?!?!?! I think it's pretty stupid!!! what about the real people out there who work 12 or more hours a day? Do you think they see their children a lot? should we call them down and call them neglectful? NO. You do what you have to do to provide for the ones you love and Kate has a wonderful oppurtunity to be apart of your "world" and to make good money for her kids so whats the harm in it? She may be acting like a diva but how many other celebs do????? I think everyone is just being very disrespectful and its got to stop! you and all these gossip blogs have found something pointless to gossip and make a big deal about and its ridiculous!!!

  5. 5

    Are you serious give this woman a break she is doing the best she can to suppourt her children!!! Jon like doesn't have a job to pay child suppourt she is doing the best she can! There are many other parents out there today that leave too so seriously give Kate a BREAK!!!

  6. 6

    Letters to her kids…… Hey why not just give the letters to your eight kids.

    Nope, she's gotta package them into a cheesy book and make another buck off their backs. What a freakin' fame whore.

    She's way more in ♥ with money and fame than she is with her kids….period!

  7. 7

    I hope she tells the part when she ann Jon had a threesome with another women!And the casting couch with a old producer!to get a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 8

    who the f…would listen to anything she had to say and boo-hoo she can't afford to take care of all her kids so who the f…told her to have a BROOD if she could not afford it and in my opinion she already made plenty of money pimping them and i bet it's not all in their college fund you know a mother has to do what she has to do like hair extensions boob job lipo oh please i could vomit.

  9. 9

    Kudos to her. She is really feeding oFf the whole 'mom' thing. Its funny how gullible people believe her whole 'single mom' persona. She is so fake. But time will pass and once those kids are grown up, she will have Nothing else to talk about unless she finds another way to depict how dysfunctional her family is.

  10. 10

    Like she said on The tonight show, she works to put food on the table, would you rather have her not working?!
    Perez and his ghost writers can be such idiots…

  11. 11

    She should title it "How to make a quick buck writing stupid shit down that the stupid sheeple will buy"

  12. 12

    At least it's not a "How to Dance" book!

  13. 13

    Starting with the headline, so what if she hawks her book - YOU DID. And a lot of people probably said you couldn't possibly have anything worthwhile to say. AND almost a half hour late is not that late. Weren't ever that late when hawking your book? Even once, almost a half hour late?

  14. 14

    Actually less than 50 people showed up and Steve manhandled a woman reporter who was asking the Queen a question about the child labor laws. I agree that Jon is a tool but why don't you Perez be one of the first media people to call Kate out on her lies. It is not in dispute that she receives 21k from him each month and made at least 50k per episode for over 100 episodes. This should be more than sufficient to raise 8, count em 8 kids. No one ever asks her hard questions because then she could not justify her own desire to stay in the limelight. She does not represent those of us who really are hard working Moms and I find her totally offensive. All she does is cry poor me and how much she sacrifices for the kids. It's always all for the kids!! She spends all her time complaining about how difficult her life is but she doesn't even care for the kids herself her nannies do. Let her try being a real mom for a change then tell us how tough it is. I find her totally pathetic.

  15. 15

    Re: kottonkandy555 – She became famous because once a upon a time there was a show called jon and kate Plus eight!! She is not known for being an actress!!! She became famous because of HER eight kids!!! Of course people are expecting to see her kids because thats how she became famous!!!

    And why is it ok or Not a big deal when she like a diva when she isnt even talented!!! She is Not talented nor has she had any successful accomplishments shes recognized for besides being on a hit show which she should thank her Kids for!!! She is No diva so she shouldnt act like one!!!

  16. 16

    someone has to support her 8 kids. her douchebag ex isnt helping so obvi mama gota work hard for her money. give her break!

  17. 17

    Re: Starlit – Wrong! She is on Dancing with the Stars and is being accused of being an absentee mother. Maybe she should leave her book tour and Tonight Show appearances to another time. The woman has a right to make money for her family, but DWTS is a huge commitment and all the other activities should wait!

  18. 18

    Where's a drive by when you need one?

  19. 19

    She looks good, but I'm wondering how much of it is real? Those of you who have followed Kate (i've never seen a Kate and Eight episode), please tell me how much plastic she's had attached to her body.

  20. 20

    Sick, phony, famewhore.
    PLEASE, spare me — she hasn't raised those kids in YEARS.
    I'm waiting for the "mommie horror" books the kids will be writing years from now.
    And let's not forget - Jon is there as much as that whore will allow him when she ISN'T - which is most of the time.
    That's why Jon wants custody. He loves those kids. Shrew-faced Kate could care less - except, of course, for the Money she makes off "those" kids.

  21. 21

    Re: emschick – Agree entirely.

  22. 22

    perez i swear you loved this check a couple months ago.
    anyways..i cant stand her…or her hair..blah.

  23. 23

    god kate just shut the hell up already!! nobody gives a damn about what you have to say!!! you don't do shit for your kids and you just use the media so people can feel sorry for you!!!! go get a real job already!! you give hard working moms a bad name!!!

  24. Coqi says – reply to this


    Give her a break! My mother was working 12 and sometimes 16 hour shifts as a nurse when I was growing up. I was left on my own at home as young as 8 years old to cook dinner for myself, do my homework and put myself to bed. My mother busted her ass to put food on the table and guess what - I have turned out ok! If anything it taught me responsibility.
    Kate has said it herself. If she went back to nursing she would NEVER see her kids. Nurses work brutal double shifts and overtime and make squat in comparison to what she does now. She has 8 kids to care for and a mortgage to pay. Jon isn't doing jack SHIT to help her.
    I don't like the woman personally but in no way can I fault her for taking this opportunity to earn money to set her kids up for life. My mother would have.

  25. 25

    UUGGGG, this doumb bitch… Your Kids are not Meal tickets. You have no talent and the only reason you are in the spotlight is because of them. Probably the reason you had them in the first place. Just don't understand why you feel you're obligated to have fame. Go away Please.

  26. 26

    haha signed copies i wana know who are the mental cases buying this book .. ya why dont u write ur kids a letter about how u pawned them off on america too rake in a few bucks and exploiting them in the process before they could even reach the age of reason to understand what a complete douchebags of parents they have.

  27. 27

    Re: cheerioko – Ummmm when did I say she wasn't on DWTS? She is accused by 'who'? By Jon? Ya well if so then every parents should sue for full custody if the other parents fails to stay home 24/7 instead of working to provide. She is getting paid ALOT for the book deal-part of that means hawking it. Who's to say she doesn't have her brood in a hotel room waiting a couple hrs while mommy makes money for them. And if you are gonna call me wrong then you need to explain why instead of talking about other things that have nothing to do with what I was talking about. Her money from DWTS is going into a trust fund and she does fly home and practice at home between show tapings. Apparently you dont know what u are talking about either.

  28. 28

    Re: devildoglover – I like your name !

  29. 29

    a better question would be! What could you possible have to say that's worth anything?! you put out two useless pointless books that no one bought and yet you criticize someone else that is doing the same crap as you. you are a class act perez. bitch, bitch and bitch about it and you do it all the same. you are true ass hole.

  30. 30

    I think they are better off with the hired help. She acts like she hates them. I have never seen her act like they are a joy to be with. It must be sad to feel like a burden. :(

  31. 31

    The title of Kate's book should be "I Just Want You to Know How to Pimp Your Kids Too"
    She is shameless and pathetic!

  32. SeeMe says – reply to this


    Can't stand her.

  33. JoeyW says – reply to this


    Erm, I think you're the last person on earth to criticize ANYONE for publishing a book, Mario! You were whoring out yours just a few months ago, begging people to come to your signings. You also have NO insight whatsoever into Kate's personal life so how the hell can you be so sure she never sees her kids? And may I add that you never blame Angelina Jolie for traveling around the world without her kids?!
    YOu're such a biased hypocrite!!

  34. 34

    Re: cheerioko
    Kate needs to go home and be a mother, not a "star" of any kind. ALL she has ever done is pop out eight kids and be a biatch to her husband and everyone else around her! She is infamous, not famous! She pimps her kids for money and lies to everyone about being a good mother. The sad thing is that she believes her own hype!

  35. 35

    Re: Coqi – I understand, but she has PLENTY of money from the books alone - enough for a comfortable lifestyle.
    But, then Shrew-Face Kate would NOT be in the spotlight enough.
    She should considering selling the million dollar mansion she lives in (did you grow up in an 8,000 sq. ft. house? Did you have 5 nannies, 2 housekeepers, gardner, pool boy, etc??)
    And she is considering selling it - in order to move to L.A. Why? The paps don't hang out in no-where PA where she lives. She HAS to have the attention, and then has the balls to whine about it.

  36. 36

    Kate will hawk her kids spit if it would sell. Who knows when was the last time she saw her spawn. I know her book is not on the best selling list thank goodness.

  37. 37

    Re: Starlit – Maggie and moving forward and this one are fanatics to a scary extent on ROL. Kate is an escort at night a bad one at that but nevertheless.lol

  38. 38

    Re: Starlit – You said, ALL HER FOCUS IS ON HER KIDS. If ALL of her focus was on her kids, then she would concentrate on DWTS, go home to her kids, and leave the book tour and Tonight Show, etc. to another time. This woman is not solely focused on her kids!

  39. 39

    i have absolutley zero pity for this women any hardships this lady has was all brought on by her own stupidity i dont feel sorry for this idiot one bit. ive seen crackheads take care of there kids better then this lady has.

  40. 40

    Re: Kammified – Agreed. Except for the Roll Tide part. ;)

  41. 41

    Re: Sweetness24 – I knwo she became famous from jon and kate plus 8!!!! . . . . sure the kids helped but a lot of people tuned in to wacth her too!!! . .. . and you dont need to be a celeb to act like a diva there are plenty of people out there who work 9-5 jobs and act like f**king divas!!!! I agree she's a very controlling woman and thats part of being a "diva" thats what control freaks are just big dumb diva's . . . . . BUT it doesnt excuse everyone from calling her down all the time . . . . . if someone's else kids got famous and raked in a bunch of money i am SURE AS HELL that the parents would be taking a cut of the money too . . . . . . y'all act so wholesome when really if you had the oppurtunity like Kate too you would definitely take it!

  42. 42

    Re: Starlit – And you know this? How??

  43. 43


  44. 44

    Re: boogiedownjen – You are hilarious !!!! Love it !
    You: "Kate will hawk her kids spit if it would sell."

  45. 45

    FFS, why isnt it ok for Kate to work? Why is it ok for the man to go everywhere he has to so he can earn a buck to provide for his family but when the mother does it shes somehow unfit? Perez stop dumping on her and take a leap into the new century and forget your archaic views about motherhood. Shes a person, a mother and shes bringing home the bacon. Good for her. And by the way, people accept your lifestyle, now return the favour. Ass.

  46. 46

    How Kate differs from the "celebrities" from spending time with her children is that Kate is selling books and items on how to parent and be a good mom. The celebrities that are missing spending time with their children aren't going on tv and talking about what good parents they are. Kate should have enough money saved up from the shows and books that she doesn't have to go everywhere and if she truly wanted to spend time with her kids, she could. IMHO, she has gotten addicted to the fame and wants to be a celebrity more than a mom.

  47. 47

    Re: Starlit

    Kate says she goes home right after dancing but she was in CA when she said it on the various shows: Jay Leno, Access Hollywood, etc. And they were all taped on WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY. She also was at a book signing in Santa Monica on Friday.

  48. 48

    There had to be a ghost writer on the project, because when would she have had the time to write between the kids, the fame whoring, and such. Id love to see the demographics as to what type of people (if any) would buy this thing.

  49. 49

    does she not know her hair looks ridiculous? looks like a fucking wig

  50. 50

    Re: marymeass

    Perez wrote two books????????!!!!! I never knew that.

  51. 51

    Wake up and smell the coffee, people!! She does NOT have to work to put food on the table!!!!!! They made millions from the t.v. show (yes, FACT, over 2 million). She made millions more from the sales of her first two books. They received over a quarter of a million dollars in free merchandise, food, travel, haircuts, clothes, you name it. She lives in an 8,000 square foot home on several acres, and with an in ground pool. She employs a body guard, cleaning lady, chef and several nannies. She drives a Land Rover. Her children's college is taken care of thanks to the good people of PA. Stop buying the lies she and TLC think you are too stupid to figure out. They think if they say it enough, it makes it true and it just isn't.ARGGH!! I can't beleive that there are still fans of hers who buy into her lies.

  52. 52

    Re: Kammified

    Are you serious? Are you saying Kate's only purpose in life is to take care of her kids? She has a right to make a career for herself. Keep in mind the money she is making is going where? Oh that's right, to help support her CHILDREN.

    "All she has ever done is pop out eight kids…"

    First off, it's not like she chose to have eight kids. It just turned out that way. Second, stop minimizing it like that isn't huge. Let's see YOU give birth to eight kids, raise them, and handle the stress of it better than Kate.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman in today's society wanting to explore other venues besides that of being a mother. Stop being sexist and try to have understanding towards this woman's situation.

  53. 53

    Re: Worldywise

    Perez Hilton, people working for the entertainment channels, Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Jon Gosselin, herself, her eight kids, and Octo-mom.

  54. 54

    By the time she gets back home in Pennsyltucky her kids will be in college.

  55. 55

    Re: BubbaKeg – What. Is she buying golden nuggets?

  56. 56

    Kate is the worst mom on the planet!

  57. 57

    I would read her book before i read perez's

  58. 58

    waste of paper.

  59. 59

    Demographics of a Kate book buyer? Me - M.A. in Counseling; raised 5 kids; have 6 grandkids; conservative worldview. I admire Kate for owning her mistakes, grieving her loses, counting her blessings, making the best of her situation, problem solving how to do what she has to do to get her and her kids where she wants to be, and leaving the baggage behind (including Jon). Go girl!!

  60. 60

    Oh Perez, I love you, but you have no room to talk because you certainly never say anything. You wrote books about what, hollywood and fashion and shit like that? And then didn't do jack shit at promoting them? And wow, she was 20 minutes late, that totally makes the girl a bitch right? This woman needs to support her kids and even if she's aware that she is making an ass of herself, she still has to do it on her own without any help from their dad. So get your damn facts straight. First i hear stories about how she blows of dance practice to be with her kids then you say how neglectful she is, make up your mind.

  61. 61

    Damn Perez You really do not like women - its starting to really bug me! Why do you hate on this one so much? A huge majority of the celebs have children and they are gone away from them for months and I never see any negative remarks about them! Look I give this women credit- if she was'nt a strong women, everyone would be criticising her for that also. Ihave two sets of twins and I can't even imagine what this lady has gone through. At least give her credit for trying to make money and not being a welfare mom!

  62. 62

    Sweater- BP. nordstrom. i have the same one……

  63. 63

    Umm. No. She is not "working" & "away" from her kids to "provide" for them. Puhleasse! She is away from them and fame-whoring herself and her kids to MAINTAIN that lavish lifestyle she's got going on- million $$$ mansion, PA's, nannies, cooks, cleaners, landscapers, gardeners, etc. This has Nothing to do with her kids and Everything to do with her own selfish, greedy needs! She's a shitastic human being as well as a shitastic mother! She could sell that million-$$$ home, downsize her whole lifestlye, get a "regular" job and be able to "provide" for her kids, but she chooses NOT to- that speaks Volumes as to her true and real motives! She's Vile! Other families of multiples get by without fame-whoring themselves or their families, she could to if she actually chose to!

  64. 64


  65. 65


  66. 66

    Re: cheesecake – I love you!!!!! Finally someone who sees the light. Why can't Oprah call her on her lies???

  67. 67

    i dont understand why she keeps saying i gotta put food on the table i need to take care of my kids. bitch please, you made bank off jon and kate plus 8…you didnt HAVE to do dwts. you're kids would still b e able to eat if y ou hadnt, and eat lavish meals not just mac and cheese and cheap stuff like the real people who struggle to feed their kids. i cant stand these fucking idiots anymore. its absolutely rediculous…they have moreee than enough money to take care of those children..

  68. 68

    I see that Kate has treated herself to the replacement wedding/engagement rings she said that she would get when she could afford it. The tacky mega ring on her right hand I expect is the large diamond (signifying "mother" Kate) and the eight little pearls surrounding it, one for each of her EIGHT LITTLE MONEYMAKERS.

  69. 69

    Re: backfire – Kate also has a lazy eye. I guess she didn't have that fixed. She felt the fake boobs, Botox, lamineered teeth, liposuction, fake hair and tan, etc. were enough.

  70. 70

    I hate this fakeass bitch

  71. 71

    Spelling error in the first line - you mean possibly :)

  72. 72

    yea, i really dont think that you have any idea what her schedule is like and when the last time she really saw her kids was. I really think that you need to stop trashing her. She is working to provide for her kids. She is between a rock and a hard place, so what is she supposed to do?? Not promote her book so that it doesnt sell and she doesnt make any money?? oh ok. that makes sense. Shut up Perez.

  73. 73

    the more important question that nobody is asking is: When does she see Tony D from dancing with the stars so she can practice and improve her dancing skills? I've seen her all over the place this week, except coming out of rehearsal. So now we will be subjected to another week of horrendous, shitty dancing from this hag!

  74. 74

    Oh for chrissakes………Jon pays $21k/mo and TLC pays $100k/mo
    AND YOU CAN'T LIVE ON THAT????????????

  75. 75

    Who cares what she does between episodes? Why does anyone care about this woman? And before anyone says "why do you care enough to post?"….it's because this woman has NO redeeming qualities whatsoever. So she had a bunch of kids….so WHAT? She has no "star" qualities at all. All you tools who think she is so wonderful and will go buy her book, remember….you're helping pay her bills. Shitty dancer, crappy personality, bitch, crappy mother and person altogether.

  76. 76

    Kate, every single mom who has to take care of their little ones under stands how much you love them and how you have to work when you don't have the support of someone else. That goes for a mom of one to a mother of 8 or more.

  77. 77

    Re: emschick – Well said. I have been kind of on the fence about her but reading this puts things out there very cleary. She is all about being a celebrity, she must have a great PR team behind her though, she is very wooden any time I see her "working" on tv!

  78. 78

    Let's try and put this into some real perspective, shall we? I mean, come on what more do you want from her? She is trying to be the mom her kids need her to be right now while she can actually bank some cash. she is there, she is a mom, she is a stretched out mom of 8! LEAVE HER ALONE!

  79. 79


  80. 80

    She needs to support her kids - yes - but here's the HUGE difference: She wants to support them in a multi million dollar home, grandiose lifestyle, etc. There isn't anything wrong w that, however - for example - I work a part time job so I can be home w/ my kids more often. Sure, I could accept a full time job - affording me a nicer car, home, etc. but that would mean less time w/ my kids and in the long run - knowing how fast kids grow up - for me… it's just not worth it. Don't kid yourself - she's making hundred$ of thousand$ on TV episodes, not to mention all of the residuals she and Jon will split from their former episodes of Jon & Kate + 8. Sacrifices have to be made and she is sacrificing quality time w/ her kids. I say, it's her choice… it goes along with her domineering personality - it just wouldn't be my choice.

  81. 81


  82. 82

    Re: I like turtles. – Agree entirely.

  83. 83

    Her other 2 books were on the BEST SELLER LIST and this may be also. Kate has fans.

  84. 84

    nice to see kate here posting defending her pitiful actions-aka kotoncandy

  85. cbon9 says – reply to this


    People really need to lay off this woman. I would say that when you compare how often "celebrities" see their kids, she is probably does so the most. She is in PA 4 days and in CA 3 days out of the week. SO yeah Perez, love you but please get your facts straight. What the hell is wrong with her doing publicity for her book? She should!!

  86. 86

    Re: the sex was SPECTACULAHHH – LOL I think you meant people. There's a lot of dumbasses who believe this bullshit

  87. 87

    Re: sweet-pea – Exactly. There are a lot of idiots out here. It's not about the money. She loves the attention

  88. 88

    No one wants to read that tripe.

  89. 89

    W O W Perez, give our Kate a break !!!!! She has fought very hard to try and maintain a living for her children. I happen to be one of those people that had watched this family from the beginning. I saw almost everyday what a chicken shit Jon was from the beginning.

    I know that Kate is taking all the heat for the way that she treated Jon so badly. But, I saw how passive-aggressive he "ALWAYS" was with her. He NEVER would show any kind of love or caring toward Kate or the 6 little ones. He only wanted the twins and made that very clear. Kate had 9 kids, not 8 because Jon was the biggest one of all. He made it very clear how selfish he was even at the beginning.

    Yes, Kate needs this book and anything else that she can put into place to take care of her children. All she has got is herself to put out there to provide for her family. All Jon has done is try and take the food right out of his family's mouth and is STILL trying to do it so that he can sit on his ass and hook up with any current whore that he can find for the momment.

    This man needs to have his STUBBY dick cut off. Can't wait until Hailey Glassman kicks the shit out of him in court for ripping her off for the $200,000. Not that it could not have happened to a better person.

  90. 90

    Re: cheesecake – Sounds like you are jealous. Kate is not lying about anything. Kate is going to have just a certain amount of time to make big bucks Pal. A life time is a long me to provide for yourself and 8 children. Yes, she is really making big bucks now and she has worked hard for it. She will need to continue to work hard to build a wonderful nest egg for her children and herself. If YOU had a chance to make big bucks and continue to do so, you would do it too. Get off her ass!

  91. 91

    Re: Doziem – So, why did you? You had to double click to get here. You took the time to read and comment. No one ask you to. Move on goof if you don't like it !

  92. 92

    Re: Lulu-2Re: Lulu-2 – You are so right that Jon is around NOW! The dirty Rat Bastard has no other place to go to. He wants to move back over the garage because all of HIS whores have kicked him to the curb. He spent all of his money on the whores and their money too. Let's not forget how he fucked one of his whores right there with his kids right there. He also went in the bank and stole all of the money, which the court MADE him put it back. Yea Sister, he is one caring Son of a Bitch. Every child's dream for a dad.

  93. 93

    I give her props for being an excellent manipulator as it's evident in all you idiots who say, "give her a break she's just trying to support her kids!" Since when does supporting 8 children mean you have to live in a mansion and make millions of dollars? Oh yeah, it doesn't. She's just trying to ride out her fame as long as possible and does so by creating pity for herself. Can't stand the psycho bitch.

  94. 94

    oh shut up perez. you have a dick, you are a guy. you have no right to speak to a mom of 8 who is working her ass off to support them. unlike her ex. what about every other single mother in America who hardly see their kids because they are working their asses off in shit jobs across this country? get a grip.

  95. 95

    Re: Lulu-2 – He loves those kids so much that he doesn't even live in Pennsylvania

  96. 96

    Re: BabyBumbleBee – the marriage was over in Oct. (Kate told him so - I'm guessing that's when he began living over the garage). Kate has admitted on tape that she had decided the marriage was over the previous Fall.
    Jon did not start catting around under the late Dec - or Jan ? - of the folllowing year.
    Jon spends a good amount of time with the kids in PA, but Kate kept the house. he's actually there more than she is, but she is still fighthing to allow him to see the kids more. — doesn't want the kids to by any more attached to Jon then they already are - and that's pretty sick.
    A good site, sponsored by folks who lived/live near them is GOSSELINS WITHOUT PITY. It was started by neighbors out of concern for the kids and Kate's unstable behavior.

  97. 97

    Starlit - check your facts. Her book signing schedule can easily be found. She has not been home since the Saturday before Easter. And before that, she was home about 1.5 days. Just because she mentioned once the she heads home on the Tuesday red eye after the show, doesn't mean it true. The week before Easter she spend extra days in NYC taping the Today Show. No one cares, other than her kids, that she's never home, but why does she need to lie about it. I bet DWTS is pissed at the money they wasted on setting up the at home dance floor for all the use it's gotten. For the few hours a weeks she's in PA, they could rent a studio on an hourly basis. She could be there when the kids are in school or once they are in bed.

  98. 98

    Re: BabyBumbleBee – The kids don't care a rats butt what house they live in. The million dollar house is all hers. I'm sure they rather have a mother, than a prima dona. They don't need private schools, multiple cars.

  99. 99

    It's filled with recipes for placenta punch and foreskin stew.