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Grace Jones vs Lady GaGa: Meow!

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Sounds to us like someone is bitter!

Grace Jones apparently thinks way too highly of herself, and said this bullshiz when asked what she thought about Lady GaGa and reports the two were collaborating:

“I really don’t think of her at all. I go about my business. I’d just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me, actually. Well, you know, I’ve seen some things she’s worn that I’ve worn, and that does kind of piss me off. I wouldn’t go to see her."


We think there's nothing sadder than an washed-up diva who has to stay relevant by criticizing someone infinitely more successful than they ever were!


[Image via WENN.]

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306 comments to “Grace Jones vs Lady GaGa: Meow!”

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  1. 101

    I agree! I love GRACE!

  2. 102

    Perez bb i love you but your obsession with gaga is starting to creep me out.
    Your constant coverage on her is so annoying.

  3. 103

    This is Lady Gaga's idol supposedly and she is ridiculing her. Ha Ha Ha No one wants to be associated with this Gaga poser. Everyone has seen the pictures of her from two years when she had black hair and dressed just like Snooki, Jersey Guidette trash! She is a manufactured product and nothing more.

  4. 104

    the fame monster flopped.

  5. 105

    Perez the sun does not shine from Lady Gagas A ss. Grace is a little bitter but she has always been a strong personality. This sets her apart from the rest. She is not coca cola advertising and little monsters loving. This is Grace Jones. She was The Original. Lady Gaga gets her kudos but she is not the second coming of anything. She is not the one.

  6. 106

    Using shock value to get media attention isn't exactly a new art form Perez. Sorry, but Jones is right.

  7. 107

    she is a carbon copy and good on grace for standing up for herself, its about time that more people call her out on her copying and "originality"

  8. 108

    Grace Jones wasnt super successful because At the time, she wasnt accepted. if she came out now (Hello Gaga) she'd be fine.

    why dont u stop acting like everything Gaga does is original an unique!

  9. 109

    Both are not original. Grace Jones, Gaga, Madonna, all these so-called original artists have copied off of someone else or something else. Trying to be original these days is pretty much impossible.

  10. ana79 says – reply to this


    Grace Jones Pha!! Lady Gaga rocks! Team Gaga all the way baby!!!!

  11. 111

    Gaga is always nice and respectful towards other artists in interviews. Gaga mentions Grace Jones as a huge inspiration and now Grace Jones is saying that she's pissed off by Gaga? I mean, how would you feel if your idol said something mean about you?
    I think Grace Jones should be thankful for inspiring other artists of this generation and mentioning her name in interviews again.
    But well, everybody's entitled to their own opinions.

  12. 112

    a powerful woman like grace jones who happens to be the same color as an eggplant didn't EVER have the same opportunities that little white chick from ny.

  13. 113

    Thoughts? Uh, yeah- Lady Gaga is a disgusting, fugly shithead who bites off everyone and you're an idiot if you don't know it. I think it's pretty obvious what the consensus here is dude: Team Grace Jones. You should probably adjust your sentiments accordingly.

  14. 114

    yep Gaga the imatator. a little bit Lauper. little bit Jones. is anyone original these days

  15. 115

    Gaga is nothing but a product. The musical industry decide to find some moderately talented girl dress her up like Roisin Murphy/Madonna/Bjork/Grace Jones and write mainstream pop tunes for her(that suspiciously sound like something Madonna and Kylie did 10 years ago) and hail her as the next "Madonna". No thanks, she is an amateur. Grace Jones is the original. Gaga is a product, nothing more. Her little lambs are all brainwashed little turds who would throw themselves of a building if Gaga said it was cool.

  16. 116

    Grace Jones is fantastic; she's so unlike that sorry little Gaga creature who tries so hard to be innovative.

  17. 117



  18. 118

    Grace Jones is slagging Gaga off but I don't believe I have ever heard Gaga slag off another artist and in the world I think people who accept others are much more respectable then those who bitch about those who are inspired by them.
    Gaga is proud to be an inspiration to people so why can't Grace Jones get off her high horse and be proud too?

  19. 119

    But its Ok for you to accused Christina Aguilera of copy Gaga when no one had heard of her at the time she did her Keeps Gettin Better performance at the VMAs…Gaga didn't invent Crazy Outfits!!!Cher,Boy George,Cyndi Lauper and Christina Aguilera all did it years before Gaga…This site has become a tired Lady Gaga Site.

  20. 120

    rihanna blatently copied grace jonese for one of her outfits for her "last girl on earth" tour. look up on the internet people. grace if you wanna attack gaga for "copying" you, then criticize Rihanna for blatently ripping you off fully!! washed up hag!!

  21. 121

    Re: xoxKatexox

    That is because Gaga is not allowed to speak, she has a proof written script she needs to follow at all times.

  22. 122

    Re: tick_tock_tick_tock
    "Lady Gaga will not have Grace Jones career when Gaga is 63 years old. The end."
    What career?

  23. 123

    GagMe isn't a pimple on the ass of Grace Jones. The problem here, for YOU, Parasite, is that Jones is RIGHT. If Jones is such a washed-up diva, why is your shiteously ugly "wifey" copying her as much as she is? I think it's hilarious that Jones disdains working with GagMe. It's about time someone spoke up and told it like it is instead of doing the PC thing. ROFL

  24. 124

    Re: zeebee1 – agreed. Grace Jones had nothing but her eccentricity. She really can't sing or play any instruments. she just gets up there with a tambourine and talks in a creepy voice and walks around. "Now… I'm a flower! Look at my naked ass while I twirl! Now… I'm a Zebra!"

  25. 125

    There's only one GRACE JONES. She was and is unique and a fabulous entertainer. Loved her in movies, her music and modeling. I don't know why she is pissed at GaGa. I thought immitation was the sincerest form of flattery.

  26. 126

    perez, it really bugs me how you feel the need to trash anyone who says anything negative about gaga. grace jones is an ICON! gaga is on her way to becoming an icon, but she is not there yet. Gaga even admits that shes inspired by bowie and grace jones so whats the big deal. Everyone knows gaga isnt "original"

  27. 127

    “Grace (Jones) is such an inspiration to me, which is why with all the rumors that have flown around over the year, I was always excited because the androgyny of the woman. It’s this kind of fascinating thing that nobody understands or wants to understand unless you’re in the beautiful subculture that is my fans and the gay community.”-Lady Gaga

    Put that in your quote of the day asshat!!

  28. 128

    I love how you bash the biggest source of inspiration Lady Gaga has.

  29. 129

    Really Poo rez? Grace IS the original.

  30. Jaded says – reply to this


    Grace Jones? Washed up? How much crack have you been smoking? You have seriously been drinking the Kool Aid haven't you? Grace Jones has already established herself and has semi-retired. She is far from washed up. You are such a sycophantic hypocrite saying she is criticizing someone infinitely more successful, one album does not a successful career make and you're entire life is built on criticizing people more successful than you. Of course Gaga's more popular than Grace Jones is today, but will anyone know who she is in 30 years? You can't even compare Gaga's attempted envelope pushing antics to previous artists because everything she has done has already been done over and over again. She is wildly successful because she has copied the formulas of a multitude of musical artists from Madonna to Grace Jones to Pink to Britney Spears to Christina Aguliara to Siouxsie Sioux, and fashion icons from Grace Jones to Betsey Johnson to Patricia Fields to Dita Von Teese to RuPaul. Hell even her bloody MTV performance had shades of Sid and Nancy. Gaga is a well planned, very deliberate, corporate version of all of the artists before her. More power to her. She needs to be everywhere right now because the one thing about being a gimmick is that the gimmick gets old.

  31. 131

    I don't know what Grace Jones did other than show up in a movie and wear weird clothes. Honestly, when I saw Lady Gaga I thought more of Madonna than Grace Jones.. She should just go back to the retirement home.

  32. losky says – reply to this


    what makes me mad about you all is how stupid you are. its like you shit so hard that your brains fell into the toilet with the shit you are. Lady Gaga has never stated she is an original. She has always said that her look her sound was inspired by David Bowie and Grace Jones. That this is her homage to them both and whoever else inspired her. She took what she saw in them and is going deeper and further with the look. She has taken what they have already started and created her own glitz and glamor revolution. Each era needs someone that is going to take music from the past and take it to higher heights. grace was her person and lady gaga is her own person. she is the grace jones of today and i think we are lucky to be apart of this era to see music grow in such a way.

  33. 133

    Ok have I been living under a rock…… Who's Grace Jones?????

  34. 134

    Perez STFU! your site should be changed to GAGADAILY seriously. Because YOU dont like Grace Jones were not supposed to? Grace Jones is ORIGINAL. EVERYTHING she said is the TRUTH piggy.

  35. 135

    grace jones is 20times more talented than gaga. gaga is NOT original. grace jones is not a washed up diva.
    Get your head out of gaga's ass and you might realise this

  36. 136

    oh HELL NO this hybrid looking drag queen woman better fuck off

  37. 137

    I would have had much more respect for Grace's "opinion" had it not sounded so small and "sour grapes". When you are right, you don't have to try to slam the upcoming. Now she just seems pathetic and jealous!! Team GaGa!!

  38. rev3 says – reply to this


    hail grace!

  39. 139

    How dare you!!! Lady Grace rules!

  40. 140

    Her name is Stefanie Geramotta …. GAGA is a made up fake.

  41. 141

    Re: Jaded
    "Of course Gaga's more popular than Grace Jones is today, but will anyone know who she is in 30 years?"
    Um, yes..whether or not her success stands the test of time is one thing, but whether or not she'll be known in 30 years is another. Do people know who the Captain and Tennille are? Cyndi Lauper? Toni Basil? Boy George? These are people who had a relatively short time as successful artists that couldn't hold on to their momentum, but are still known to people today. And all the people that you say she's copied has copied someone else in their lifetime as well.

  42. Sheer says – reply to this


    Grace Jones broke the mold. The rest are just mold (crotch mold, to be exact).

  43. 143

    STEP AWAY FROM GAGA'S TIT, PEREZ! I find her comments HILARIOUS. I can't wait until someone asks Gaga about them. I'm sure she's a big girl and will get over it. Everyone needs a little criticism she's enjoying massive success.

  44. 144

    maybe if your head wasn't so far up lady gaga's ass you'd be able to be biased about her comment and see that after all lady gaga isn't as original as you think… just a thought though

  45. 145

    I just feel sorry for Grace, Lady GaGa admires her a lot, it's sad that she didn't like gaga's music, but what it's true it's true, What Grace song reach N1? Answer: None of them, in the US "I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect for You)" peaked 69, in the UK "Slave to the Rhythm" & "Pull Up to the Bumper" peaked 12, while GaGa has 2 N1 in the US and 4 in the UK, well, again… I feel sorry for Ms. Jones… If Gaga copies you it's because she used to admire you… shame on you

  46. 146

    I love gaga and grace is a legend. Grace is speaking some truth but all in all

  47. 147

    Grace Jones RULES!
    Lady Ga Ga is soooooooooooooooooo boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 148

    I would LOVE to see Grace take Hilton in a room for about ten minutes. He would come out looking like Gaga's trashed vagina!
    Grace is a definite original!
    Sorry you tweens don't remember her.

  49. 149

    Re: LeslieLewdness – WELL OBVIOUSLY!!! LOL i guess in your case, ignorance is bliss!! grace jones was one of the original SUPERMODELS of the late seventies and eighties…who was also a very popular disco diva…who was probably the first female performer to wear couture avant garde outfits onstage…she sold milliions of records!! so she was quite accomplished as a singer…she moved on to star in such movies as Conan the Barbarian and Coming to America to name a few. Do you homework before you make such comments that display your own ignorance….

  50. oni says – reply to this


    Perez, you are such a HATER, you go out of the way to bring dowm celebs of color. what's up with that ?

  51. 151


  52. 152

    Re: Christinaaa_x – Actually, in a 2009 New York Times interview she said she was a "real artist" and that she "never sold out."

    Yet, she refused to write anything but rock music at one point (See Rob Fusari's Billboard cover story from October? 2009) and the colleagues she had while she was up-and-coming all say she had no interest in pop (Such as Lady Starlight and her former band members).

    So, she is claiming that she's the one creating this stuff and that it really is her.

  53. 153

    Grace Jones is a true original, and has maintained a consistent "outré" style for decades. Gaga has a lot of homework to do before she can even deserve to kiss Jones' stilettos.

  54. 154

    "We think there's nothing sadder than an [sic] washed-up diva who has to stay relevant by criticizing someone infinitely more successful than they ever were!" –That's you, Perez. Not Grace Jones.

  55. 155

    Grace Jones is an icon you tard. LADY GAGA is a corporate manufactured puppet.

  56. 156

    Wow. it sounds to me that Grace is jealous of Lady Gaga's success. I personally don't think Gaga is completely stealing anyones creativity. If anything she is influenced by others. It is all about jealousy because why isn't Grace going after Madonna, Rosin Murphy and anyone who wears extravagant clothing. And you can't compare them really. I never heard of Grace being kind to her fans and giving out pizza etc… maybe a punch or two but thats about it. So stfu Granny Jones. Little Monster 4 Life!

  57. 157

    I just don't understand the fascination with Lady Caca. She wears obnoxious clothing and she's ugly as a cow's rectum. How is that being original? I'll give her one more album and she'll fade away into obscurity.

  58. 158

    i love gaga but grce jones has a point!

  59. 159

    Who is Grace Jones again?

  60. 160

    Lord GoGo does copy Grace Jones and Roisin Murphy, David Bowie, Madonna, Aqua, Gwen Stefani and so many others. Only GoGo fans think she is original.

  61. 161

    She got that right.

  62. CesX says – reply to this


    Re: April 20th – hey this blog is perezhilton.com his personal site, perez can say whatever he wants, fi you don't like his personals opinions go to other web sites then.

  63. 163

    You go Grace Jones! Put that copy cat heffa back in her corner! Ain't nothing that that apestosa is doing is original that bitch is a carbon copy! And if you don't know who Grace Jones is then STFU!

  64. 164

    I agree with Grace. Lady Gag Gag is unoriginal, and boring. She will be forgotten this time next year.

  65. 165

    Since when is it unusual or somehow bitchy to call someone out for biting their style. Sorry Perez, Grace Jones is a legend and Gaga may have made infinitely more $ but as an original artist she is not more successful and certainly not as memorable. Gaga does copy other people and her music is nothing to write home….so if her image is recycled, and her music is just ok…what exactly is so special about her?

  66. 166

    Grace Jones is like Madonna. They're icons that people love and copy. On one hand, I'd be flattered that someone wanted to be just like me. On the other, I'd be pissed because I put in all this work to be original and to be who I am and then some bitch comes along, copies me and makes all this money on MY style. Lol

  67. 167

    Re: Chandler

    She was asked and she gave an honest answer. Its not like she brought it up.

  68. 168

    Re: face_time

    I guess Perez just measures success in $$.

  69. 169

    It would've been nice if you'd been more unbiased on this one, P'rez. Andy Warhol and Keith Haring thought Grace was awesome, and she's stayed awesome and never sold herself out for DECADES. I love Gaga for many reasons, but Grace has stood the test of time. Let's see if Gaga can.

  70. 170

    Re: Girlsetsfire – Nothing you just said has ANYTHING to do with what I said.. She is a real artist and she hasn't sold out.. just because the inspiration she uses for her outfits come from great and unique artists of the past doesn't mean she's sold out or she isn't herself.. so you've completely confused me with your defense here.. try again?

  71. 171

    Lady Gaga is a copycat.She copies Madonna,Cher,and Grace Jones.And her music sucks.I don't understand why she got a billion views of her videos on youtube.

  72. adt says – reply to this


    Go fuck yourself, Perez, you fat fuck. A washed-up diva? People still idolize Grace Jones, as your fucking dumbass Lady Gaga obviously does. It would take a fucking moron not to realize that Lady Gaga completely copied off of Grace Jones and many other people with actual talent. Lady Gaga doesn't actually have any fucking talent. Fuck her and fuck you, shut the fuck up.

  73. 173

    what happened??!!!! lady gaga and grace have met b4 and they were friends!! grace cut her foot or something and then lady gaga washed it for her and then said "never let your creative people be taken away from u". so i think what u posted is a lie bcos gaga wudnt lie about that nd gaga nd grace were (or possibly are) friends!

  74. 174

    Grace Jones is a legend. Someone asked her a question and she answered it.

  75. 175

    If we were using LG's theory that if you feel famous and be yourself then you are famous, Grace Jones is way more famous…. she has been true to her artistic self and not sold out like LG who just appropriates other peoples ideas anyways… Grace jones is original…

  76. 176

    Graces jones is an old Bitch i dont even know any of her songs she thinks she's better than everyone

  77. 177

    Thinking on this some more I realize that Perez and LG are both relatively young and were not around during this period of intense creativity and therefore its clear that Perez's perception has not been educated by history- maybe its time to start reading things other than people magazine for a while… like books

  78. 178

    Grace Jones copied david bowie

  79. 179

    Grace is the ultimate artist.. Andy's Warhol muse… don't compare her with trashy icons

  80. 180

    She's right. Lady Ga Ga is not an original.

  81. 181

    Re: JP Shorty – Or maybe you're just an idiot? By not even knowing a legend like Grace jones you've forfeited your right to even comment on this post.

  82. 182

    "We think there's nothing sadder than an washed-up diva who has to stay relevant by criticizing someone infinitely more successful than they ever were!"

    Then why are you still alive?? you just described yourself to a 'T', so you must really really hate yourself.

  83. 183

    ok perez…we all know how much …you be sweating gaga. but there is some truth in what Grace says…yes she's over but she was an orginator…just like Madonna…oh gaga is really orginal??? she's just brought back dance music…
    so don't hate if someone is speaking the truth…let's see in a few years…if those crazy outfits are still gonna hold water…but i do like gaga

  84. 184

    I have a deep respect for Ms. Jones´s incredible body of work. I hope it will come a time when Lady Gaga will be able to say she remained relevant, creative and interesting for thirty years. Until then, as much I love Gaga, I´ll say that Ms. Jones´s statements are legitimate. It is obvious that she has been positively influenced by Ms. Jones prolific, outstanding and great work.

  85. Benf says – reply to this


    lady gaga is not just copying grace jones. she is also copying madonna, kylie, bjork, marilyn manson, rachel stevens, peaches, david bowie…… the list is fucking long

  86. 186


  87. 187

    Washed up diva? Think again Pig-face! Grace Jones is an icon and a legend! Pull your huge pumpkin head out of Gaga's ass!

  88. 188

    Re: adt – Thank you!

  89. Brtt says – reply to this


    Grace Jones was nothing but an ass kisser of Warhol, who snorted cocaine in studio 54 and hung around the rich and famous, sung like a man who had a singing voice slightly better than Yoko Ono, dressed weird all the time, and played manly women or one-dimensional characters in most of her movies, where her acting was never taken that seriously. Hit records were far and few between, and it wasn't because she "never sold out," as people claim. If all people can talk about is what she wore rather than her music, that really isn't originality, is it? Not saying GaGa is, but I'll take her over Jones any day.

  90. 190

    That is not true, Gaga is originial and i pitty Grace Jones for not seeing Gaga's originiality and her talent, so i really hope that Gaga doesnt care about what she said because she sholdnt, she is wayy better then Grace Jones and doesnt need her!!! Gaga Monsters Forever!

  91. 191

    p.s. Grace Jones DOESNT have thousands of loyal, loving Little Monsters:D

  92. 192

    I think it is so so so disrespecful of Grace Jones to say that about GaGa, She really looked up to her and always mentioned her in interviews, GaGa must have been heart broken to hear her say that, She just shouldnt have said anything if she didnt like Lady GaGa's music or image, there was no need for it! It was so ignorant! There music and style isnt even the same

  93. 193

    Grace Jones wasnt as commercial musically as Gaga. Grace was very avant garde, NYC club/Eurodisco ..not exactly top 40 stuff (especially for the 80s where crap like Phil Collins was big). Her covers (The Police's "Demolition Man", Roxy Music's "Love Is the Drug", etc) surpass the originals.

  94. 194

    Seriously? Gaga over Grace? Just because you love gooaloo, doesn't mean you should diss those that came before her with flair! Grace is absolutely correct. If perhaps Gaga's music matched what you actually see on stage, then perhaps she would be a little more relevant and her music would persevere. All Lady Gaga is is Red One and a chick in crazy clothes.

  95. 195

    Shame on you Perez. First of all Lady Yuck Yuck as I prefer to call her is disgusting to say the least and I truly hope that my little girls never even see her or hear of her. She has no class, no taste and her style is a blatant yet Walmart cheap rip off of Grace Jones. Grace Jones has far more class thus she refuses to work with the rip off. By the way dying your hair to look like the piss of someone who's had one to many rockstars isn't fashion.

  96. 196

    Ok I'm a 21yr old boy and I definately wasn't around when Grace Jones first came out but even I know that Gaga is copying Graces style lol
    I'm not saying that I dislike Gaga or her music because her songs are catchy but I don't think she's gonna be around in ten years time.
    Songs like "poker face" & "just dance" already seem old when they come on in a club whearas when Madonna's "like a prayer" comes on people are loving it, even people who wernt alive when it was released!
    Lets get real now, Gaga likes to pain the image of herself as a disfunctional and accentric character from birth but if you look at photos from just 2 years ago she looks like any other girl.

  97. 197

    Gaga has a whole team of stylists who keep her in crazy outfits (and these outfits wernt designed by her so it isnt "her style") but the majority of her fans are to stupid, ignorant or young to realise that people like Bjork, Grace, Kylie Minogue etc have been wearing this crazy shit for DECADES!!!! It's getting annoying that whenever a woman wears anything remoteley unique they are "copying Gaga" look at christina afuilera! She has been making her album for about years (and the music sounds nothing like Gaga) and has stated many times that it has a futuristic electro theme but because she takes her time making an album and doesnt push them out one after the other to ride the fame wave like Gaga (btw Gaga fans Grace had an album called "Fame" many years ago). Can we get overit now please Gaga may be entertaining and her music catchy and she may well (co) write her songs but they are hardly full of lifechanging subject matter (pu pu pu poker face pu pu poker face) lol Perez go and wipe the shit off your nose and shut up please! GRACE WINS! p.s follow me on t w i t t e r my names FUTURESTARdelux thanks ^_^

  98. 198

    & who da hell is grace jones?

  99. 199

    HMM.. washed up Diva who has to stay relevant by criticizing someone infinitely more successful than they ever were.. Who does that that sound like??? let me think??? hmm.. OH yea. PEREZ HILTON LOL.. You do it every day !! LOL

  100. 200

    Alright I was nice before but all of you haters make me so fucking angry!!
    Gaga is not a product, she's herself and she is one of the kindest artists around today!!!! She doesn't need to have your approval because she has little monsters like me who know that she is a beautiful human being with more talent then you could ever dream to have. GRACE IS OVER! GAGA IS NOW SO YOU BETTER GET USED TO IT!!!!!

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