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Susan Boyle's Management Isolates Her From Her Family!!

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Oh no!

Susan Boyle's family has some serious beef with the Scottish superstar's management team, and claim that they are kept from seeing her!

Her brother, Gerry Boyle, said:

"The Boyle family has made it very clear to Susan’s management that we neither trust nor approve of them. Certain things have come to light. We are very concerned and very angry with the way she is being treated. The management who control Susan has kept her family away from her. It’s not an ideal situation.”

Apparently, they feel as though SuBo's being overworked to the point of exhaustion, and we don't doubt that for a second! Girl has had her share of public melt downs!

Give her a break, people! This is a very new lifestyle for her!

She needs the support of her family!

[Image via WENN.]

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36 comments to “Susan Boyle's Management Isolates Her From Her Family!!”

  1. 1

    yeah but susan boyle is a grown woman and she'll leave if she really wants to!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Her management ARE her family - including her neice. This brother is the toxic one who gives pretty much constant updates to the press about her and seems to be annoyed that he has lost control over her. its always about control.

  4. 4

    is her management scientology? ok that was a joke but this is NOt funny. they are totally trying to control and manipulate her. pretty soon they are goin to have her on meds and who knows what else all in the name of $$. someone better do something or someone better wake up quick!!!

  5. 5

    That'll be the brother that betrayed her confidence by selling stories to the newspapers based on private conversations he had with his sister. That leaked a private email his niece sent him him to The Daily Mail, that confirmed debunked press gossip about events he wasn't in the same continent as. I just can't imagine why she feels she has to distance herself from him.

    As for exhaustion, at present she does about one singing engagement a month.

    I assume in future you'll be treating everything Michael Lohan says with the utmost respect and as gospel truth. He is family after all.

    PS Susan Boyle released a statement on her website tonight:
    "Various statements have been made in the press recently regarding Susan’s well being and her family’s relationship with her management .

    Susan put an end to such speculation today by issuing a simple statement saying : -

    I’m perfectly fine, very happy with my management structure and no one is going anywhere. Neither, as far as I am aware, are there any family relationship problems…Having had a fantastic, but full and exhausting year,I’m taking a short break before starting work on my new album next month. "

  6. 6

    She maybe better off without her family/brother. Wasn't it poor Susan who took care of their parent while her own personal life suffered? Susan Boyle needs someone to love and care for her and look out for her……she needs boyfriend or escort to put her needs and lifestyle first. Someone needs to put her first.

  7. 7

    Since her management's in England, & Gerry's in Scotland, how are they keeping her away from "her family"? Anybody complaining except Gerry? Her PA Joanne, who is often with her, is her niece; last I heard that's also family. I wouldn't be surprised if Susan herself decided her brother can't be trusted with confidences because he shares them with the press. He can't very well say, "My sister won't tell me everything because I have a big mouth", so he blames her reserve on her management. Susan's in control now; sounds like Gerry resents the fact that he isn't.

  8. 8

    I wonder if her family was so anxious to see her when she wasn't famous and when she was taking care of her mother.

  9. 9

    Perhaps it's the other way around - the management is suspicious of the family.

  10. 10

    Just old Gerry complaining again because he isn't getting enough attention. Sheesh. You'd think he was the diva.

  11. 11

    If anyone is keeping certain members of Susan's family away from her, it's Susan herself.
    The woman can read and she knows everything the Gerry and John Boyle have said.
    They better give it up. I'm sure she'll be willing to share her fortune but they better stop trying to take control. They'll end up with nothing, as it should be.

  12. 12

    SAD. Susan just may be under tight manipulation. She is new to the biz, and an easy target. This is not looking good whether she has put a statement out or not. Under the circumstances, if she was advised to by her shady management it is no suprise. Susan will go under if this is all really happening. Not many in her personal circle to see that her best interest is at heart with the management. This is sad.

  13. 13

    Poosie, what are your accusations based on? Other than a control freak sibling with a track record of betrayal?

  14. 14

    Don't worry, Poosie. I saw her 3 weeks ago at her birthday party, and she's just fine–laughing & happy as all get-out. Others saw her in person a week ago at her home in Blackburn with her niece & PA Joanne, and they get along great. Again, Susan looks just as happy as she says she is. Susan's a grown woman capable of taking care of herself. It's her brother who needs to adjust to her fame.

  15. 15

    Let's see, the same brother who was just complaining about her team working her too hard, is now complaining that this arduous trip was cancelled? I think his problem is that his singing career never got off the ground and hers has. This guy couldn't even be bothered to watch her debut on BGT live. Boyle seems perfectly happy with things the way they are.

  16. 16

    Re: David Hughes – And who are you? Sounds like you are a little bit too bothered by THE TRUTH!!!! Really who the fuck R U? No time to hide now.

  17. brock says – reply to this


    The same brother that keeps blabbing about his sister to the press? Maybe it's a good thing she gets away from him!!!!

  18. 18

    Gerry Boyle needs to have the words, "no comment" embedded into his forehead. Get a job Gerry.

  19. 19

    I would say this is not looking good for her management, and its only going to be a matter of time before we hear them making excuses for Susan on behalf what really is their abuse. Watch. Mark my words.

  20. 20

    Follow the money trail.

  21. 21

    At the end of the day, Susan Boyle is Susan Boyle. Her management team can't force her to do nothing. They could persuade her, but persuasion is not force. You choose whether or not to be persuaded, unless your career is being blackmailed.

    It's ultimately her decision. And none of her family's business. Maybe she'd trust them more if they stopped yaking to the public

  22. rsvp says – reply to this


    Susan may have her issues, but she's no idiot. This brother has been mouthing off from the start even before the big night of BGT. He wanted her to leave Simon and the show and start on her own and only retracted after Susan said hell no. She has a huge number of brothers/sisters and we never hear anything from them. There's always one alpha male in the family. It doesn't mean they are right.

  23. 23

    That is sad about Susan Boyle. She needs a break or vacation. She needs to Free Herself from this Life, but do it in Style.

    Only at TheFreeStyleLife.com.

  24. 24

    rsvp, another brother, John, speaks out a lot too.
    Funny thing is they act like Susan's being kept a prisoner and being taken advantage of, but so far have offered no evidence of anything sinister going on.
    Initially I hoped they were just being good brothers watching out for Susan, but now it's getting pretty obvious that they want to take control of her career.
    I hope she told them both to f**k off.

  25. 25

    This is a load of tosh. Go to Susan official site (susanboylemusic.com) for a direct quote from Susan herself. It ain't so!

  26. 26

    Susan is not a child, why is she being controlled by her brother/family. This is her career. Does she has to report or get approval from her brother to do anything? That is just weird. Susan is very happy with her management team. Brother Gerry, please mind your own business and try not to be a control freak.

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    She's over twenty-one. She can and does what she ruddy well wants. After all those years caring for her parents, they're suddenly interested. Stand in line now.

  28. 28

    NOW WAIT a sec, where were all of these LOVING SUPPORTIVE RELATIVES when Susan was alone, lonely, being abused and made fun of, and CRYING for 2 years??
    I vote for her management team and she is a LADY and never responds to ANY of the jerks that are famous that say anything about her. She is having the time of her life, and she is NOT mentally challenged. She always says she's learning by taking baby steps and one day at a time, GO SUSAN WE LOVE YOU and the relatives SO MANY of them can go suck it.

  29. 29

    Oh come on. They thought her handlers would wrap her in soft down, speak softly and always smile in her presence, then oh so carefully usher her to the stage or studio to perform? They've all got some familial chromosomal deficiency if they thought she was nothing but a cash cow to anyone who could squeeze a dime out of her talent. I find it hard to believe the family didn't protect her obviously deficient mental interests from the get-go.

  30. 30


  31. 31

    The problem with Susan Boyle, is ever since her stay at The Priory, the media narrative has been fixed solid that she's a raving loon that isn't in charge of her life and has a breakdown every five minutes. And the media will fix the facts to suit this even when they're not there. Examples:

    For examples, type into Google
    "The Media Manipulates Images To Make Susan Boyle Look Weak Minded"
    "Susan Boyle Does Not Have Cancer And Not Mentally Ill"

    What's annoying is when the public buy into all this and act like they're the questioning ones with truth on their side. How about questioning those doing the reporting?

  32. 32

    i've always hated this chick

  33. 33

    I think they are protecting her from her family! Simon is surely on top of this one.

    Greed seems to rule in her family.

  34. 34

    I dont know why but Ive got a feeling her brother got a whif of all the millions of dollars coming Susans way and now wants his share. Perhaps by becoming her manager or something. Too late !

  35. 35

    Give me a break! Susan is a grown women and if she wanted to speak or see her family she would. This gal is weird!

  36. 36

    What the hell, give me a break. She hasn't done half the work the other- and way better- singers do. And isolation comes with the price of fame. Oh well, she needs to get over it.