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Kate's "Depressed", No One Cares

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Oh boo fucking hoo!

Kate Gosselin is trying to rake in those pity votes following another shiteous night on Dancing With The Stars.

The sometimes mother of 8 spewed the same ol' shiz after getting reamed by the judges. Kate said:

"I had fun, and they didn't seem to notice. It's starting to creep in a little bit. Tonight, I was trying to hold back horrible emotions … probably not on live TV should I be standing there crying in front of the judges … It's getting a little difficult. I'm depressed, sort of."

Oh shut the hell up, Kate!

Having fun isn't good enough. You suck, now admit it!

[Image via A. Miller/WENN.]

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109 comments to “Kate's "Depressed", No One Cares”

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  1. 1

    So go watch some of those 8 kids you just had to have (through science). Funny, all she talks about is "loving and doing everything for her kids blah blah blah". I don't remember my mom ever getting french manicures, tanning and hair extensions benefitting me. Just as bad as her fat turd husband. Two fame wh0res who have 0 integrity, talent or personality.

  2. 2

    i'm voting for kate…. ok not literally cause i'm too lazy but in my head i vote for her lmao

  3. 3

    Does she not have f'ing CLUE? She treated her husband like complete dog shit on t.v. (and YES, I do realize he's turned into a big dickhead now). And, she can't dance and has survived on the show for way too long. She is a cold, ungrateful, miserable, critical bitch. PERIOD.

  4. 4

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  5. JoeyW says – reply to this


    You really know how to take things out of context, don't you Mario?! You're such a fucking loser.

  6. 6

    I cannot stand her. She is a mean spirited bitch. She is completely and totally unlikable. She will get voted off tonight!

  7. 7

    Boot her out!! Its unfair to boot out another pair who actually wants to be there, puts in the effort, and has fun!!

    Kate does Not put in the effort! She Is Not having fun dancing! And does Not want to ve there!! Kate out of there!!!

  8. 8

    You are right. No one really cares. SHe is more into being a want to be celebrity then she is a mother. She is the one that had the 8 kids and I am sure she had a little help with that number medically speaking. Now we are all suppose to feel sorry for her because she was an ass to her husband and he walked out on her? Pullleaseeeeeee.. I have no sympathy for kate what so ever… She made her bed and ran her husband off…….. I will call in and vote for some one else every single time just so that some one else has more votes then her….. She is not a star… I still don't get how she got on that show unless the show was just looking for something COMICAL !!! I have never seen a worse dancer with a bad attitude then her.

  9. 9

    Plus her dancing is Horrible! Bruno was right! Tony wouldve been better off dancing with a coat hanger! She has no moves, shes merely glading through and she isnt taking the judges criticism because week after week its the same sh*t! Shes lucky to have survived this long but eventually (hopefully sooner than later) she'll be booted off.

  10. 10

    She was Horrific.
    If ABC keeps her on, this is brutally unfair to all the others who are actually trying, practicing, etc. Sick.
    ABC - you are toying with what was once a good show. If Shopping Kart Kate makes it through this week, everyone will know it was a set-up and the idea of "competition" is lost - hopefully forever if you keep this horrible woman on.
    I did a scan of other sites - anti-Kate comments are a about 95% of what is out there.

  11. 11

    I am happy she is doing this, but come on! depressed? she is getting PAID (LOTS!) for learning how to dance and do this on TV. Who wouldn't want this job. If they want a mom that has never been on tv before, or isn't a singer, dancer, ec. they can sign me up next year and I will do it for "only" $10,000 a week since most of them are getting triple that!

  12. 12

    shut up mario, 'sometime mother'. okay, so Angelina is a sometime mother, cause I only see pics of her with brad or maybe one or two kids at a time. NEVER ALL SIX. So never call her a full time mother. and all those on DWTS-better not call them full time parents if you are call Kate a part time parent. Oh, and Kate knows she can't dance. She has admitted it all along. And that Nicole person, she isn't she a dancer to begin with? seems a little unfair. Would love to see you out there, but WAIT, YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE POPULAR ENOUGH TO MAKE THE SHOW, AND YOU ARE NOT!!!!!!

  13. 13

    Re: Lulu-2 – I agree with you absolutely. Let her disappear, she has made more money than most of us will ever see in our lifetimes. Surely that is enough to bring up the kids and be there for them!!

  14. 14

    go take care of your fucking kids you dumb bitch

  15. 15

    When Kate first had the kids (prior to getting a TV show) she said the state "owed" her to care for the kids (free round the clock nurses) because "science is what caused the multiples"
    WHAT A LIE. She took drugs to make her over-ovulate, and her request for multiples was REFUSED by the original OBGyn - who she dropped of course.
    She had to be taken to court and FORCED (not by choice) to arrange for a trust fund for the kids - 15%.
    That said, Kate was able to lump all the kids together for that 15% - meaning each kid gets 1.8% of the revenues from TV.
    Kate & Jon? They get 85%.
    Again, she had to be taken to court and forced to give each kid 1.8%.
    For any remaining Kate supporters, honestly, that should reveal this woman to you.

  16. 16

    I'd feel like the biggest, most idiotic moron in America if Pamela Anderson could quickly pick up and carry out a dance routine while I could hardly clap my two hands to a beat……

  17. 17

    I say getting punched wasnt good enough. Maybe you are the one who should shut the hell up fatboy

  18. 18

    All they did was tell her the truth, if she can't take it then leave. Do us all a favor. Yesterday was the first time I actually watched it and every single person on the show is better than her. What Kari Ann said about her was both true and hilarious; her dancing is like the Charlie Brown teachers. You're not there to show them you're having fun, you're there to show them you're mastering the dances.

  19. 19

    Depressed? She's getting paid to perform on a Dance competition just because she's famous. Boo-fuck!ng-hoo

  20. 20

    Whatever the bitch was feeling, it didn't stop her from exploiting her children again last night by appealing to the audience for votes because the kids want her to continue DWTS. This. woman. makes. me. ill
    With that soap opera guy being eliminated last week, the Gosselin bitch is the only bad dancer left on DWTS. It would be a real shame to see someone like Niecy Nash or Jake eliminated because people are voting for this hideous brood mare.

  21. 21


  22. 22

    kate "manipulator" gosselin

    unfortunately this gets votes

  23. 23

    Kate, I guess you don't understand the concept of the show. Each week you are suppose to become a better dancer. It's time for you to leave.

  24. 24

    Oh poor Kate, being busy running around the planet while all those high priced lawyers who do your legal bidding are busy with that monster ex you created. I guess it really is tough when you get extensions, tans, mani-pedis, class hotels and transportation, clothes, etc. Get down on your knees woman and thank God that your eight little money machines are not suffering from some horrible childhood illness, that they have all their functioning limbs, senses and mentality, that the million-plus dollar roof over your heads was pretty much handed to you, and besides all of that you have a pretty damn nice payday because of your uterus. You don't know how lucky you are or how good you have it. You have the nerve to be depressed? You have the nerve to have a pity party? Grow the fuck up you self centered piece of white-trash-with-money.

  25. 25

    She has to GO TONIGHT already dammit!!!!!!! Her dancing is horrible! I cannot believe she's lasted this long. Who the fk is voting for her? All she probably gets is pity votes because it sure isn't for her dancing. The rest of them are in it to win it and it shows.

  26. 26

    It's all for show.. She is a fucking bitch. You can tell she got mad when the judges critisize her… does she actually think she is GOOD? Does she think she is the Bell of the BALL? She is there for jokes only…

  27. 27

    Do any of you Katehaters get it YET??????? DWTS is doing this on PURPOSE!!!! everyone else whines, but Kate gets ratings. YOU IDIOTS that complain about her, YOU ARE THE ONES THAT ARE KEEPING HER ON TV. YOU IDIOTS ARE THE ONES KEEPING HER ON THE COVERS OF MAGAZINES. Controversey, that is what keeps things going, just look at the gov't right now. All of you are jealous of her. A person who took fertility drugs and had a bunch of kids. don't seem all high and mighty- she can stay home and be a nurse and take care of the kids. Bull. Y'all take the money. a few weeks and earn what a nurse earns in 2 YEARS. NO, I WILL WORK HELLISH HOURS, SEE MY KIDS EVERY FEW DAYS AND WORK MY ASS OFF, BACK PROBLEMS, MENTAL ABUSE, ETC, AS A NURSE, INSTEAD OF EARNING A FEW HUNDRED THOUSAND IN A FEW WEEKS ON TV. BULLSHIT!

  28. 28

    Fuck you, you fucking woe is me loser.. YOU CRY on TV ALL THE TIME. The Today show, and every other fucking show that pays you to cry on. WE all know your a fake and a fraud. GO HOME. NO ONE wants your nasty ugly ass on tv. Go take care of your kids. Oh that right you dont do that either.. YOUR NANNIES DO

  29. 29

    The fact that she's still on the show is depressing. And I'm suppose to feel sorry for her? She should feel sorry for me for having to watch her cloddish efforts on the dance floor.

  30. 30

    If you're depressed, take your azz back home because its only going to get worse on ya! I'll bet she gets another pass! who the hell keeps voting for this dead azz corpse?

  31. tori says – reply to this


    Re: msloriga – Couldn't have said it better! And thank God Perez (a former Kate a** kisser) has finally seen the light. I just wish some other TV hosts and reporters would open their eyes, too. Kate gets a free pass from every softball throwing interviewer. ThanK you Bruno!! Thank you Maks!! People who are not afraid to speak the truth. I would say this despicable woman belongs at home taking care of her kids. But that just seems such a cruel thing to have them endure. I hope their dad (the one Kate and Tony slammed last week on DWTS for the kids and all the world to see) gets full custody.

  32. 32

    Who gives a Fuck!!! She is horrible on the dance floor. Her attitude sucks! It's about having a good time you attention whore!! Give me a break! Please DO NOT vote for Kate!!

  33. 33

    THE FIX IS IN!!!!!

  34. 34

    please kate…everyone on that show at least tries every single one including 80 year old buzz aldrin tried harder than you every week what's your excuse are your retarded?..you are too busy being on every show on the planet you want to skate by on pity votes..vote her off she is just getting painful to watch.

  35. 35

    Unfortunately, sending her "home" from DWTS isn't going to send her back to her kids. I think she truly has an aversion to her children. At the top of Kate's list is Kate. It was evident tht she didn't even like her children during the years she spent at home with a film crew, only putting on a show when she felt it necessary and even then she acted about as well as she danced. Like her or hate her, the truth seems to be that Kate is one of those people who have either sold their souls to the devil or just happen to live a charmed life. Kate is the only thing in Kate's world, eveything else is window dressing.

  36. 36

    Re: justtfax – I do get it. However, I think ABC has gone too far — no one will ever again believe its a "competition."
    In a way, I really think doing DWTS was a poor move on the part of Kate and her PR team — before, only a few really knew about Kate.
    Now, due to ABC keeping her on, the TRUE story of Kate Gosselin is coming out ~

  37. 37

    I can no longer watch DWTS because it's rigged. has to be, or Kate would have been the first to go home. They keep her around for the ratings! She's a horrible mother and a horrible person. If she stopped buying fancy clothes and food and move into a modest home she could live on the money she's already made for the rest of her life. She doesn't do things for her kids, she does them for HER. If it were for her kids she'd move, change her name and try to save them from the crazy childhood that they are living in. I would protect my children from ANYTHING, not pimp them out so I could have the finer things in life. BITCH, get a life.

  38. 38

    Re: justtfax – Ummmm getting the start treatment 3-5 days a week, dancing on television and signing a book on the same weekend she was "supposedly" with her kids isn't HELLISH as you put it.
    Granted YOU would do whatever it took (as would I) which includes selling free swag on eBay to get stuff for my baby. I've done it time and time again and am not ashamed of it. Kate wears all her crap and demands more.
    Oh yeah and google it. She had a TWO book signings in LA when she was visited by her kids last weekend. So she straight up lied about being tired "because of them".

  39. 39

    WAH WAH cry me a river go home and be the mom you pretend to be think of your kids instead of being the MEDIA WHORE you are

  40. 40

    Re: ArmyWife2002 – Thank Army Wife. Moms like you are the jewels of this country.

  41. 41

    I don't have any strong feelings either way for or about Kate Gosselin. It's not for me to judge her parenting skills because I don't have eight children, and therefore I don't have to worry about or be responsible for feeding and housing them. Say what you will, it's not like her douchebag ex is supporting them, so if she feels compelled to look for big paydays, it's her choice.
    She is not a natural dancer; that much is extremely clear. But she is, whether you love her or hate her, the embodiment of what DWTS is SUPPOSED to be about: take a "celeb" who can't/doesn't dance, and teach him/her. I think it's grossly unfair that someone like Nicole is on; she's a trained dancer, and the playing field is too unlevel with her there. Is Gosselin improving? Marginally. But I'd find it hard to do what she's doing and get pummeled by the judges in front of millions of people; especially with a ringer or two in the cast. Yeah, she's getting a nice payday. But still. And Parasite, you suck and have for a very long time. While you're demanding that others admit it, you need to do it too. Asshole.

  42. 42

    Leave Kate the fuck alone bitches. Yes she's stern so what? That's who she is. She's had multiple kids since she was how old? 23? 24? And look at her douche of an ex-husband. She had him so under wraps that at one time, we were all feeling sorry for his ugly, fat, balding ass. We should love her just because she kept his douchy side hidden from us for that long. You want Kate to stay home with her kids, but who the F is gonna pay the bills and for the lifestyle her kids are used too? Any advice? Assholes.

  43. 43

    Why does everyone call Kate a "part-time" parent for going on this show, but the other contestants and professional dancers (past and present) who have kids are just doing a job? Puhlease. The media and you haters find anything to comment on. I disliked Kate during their reality show because of her obvious disregard for Jon's feelings, but she's obviously trying to find ways to make money now that their lucrative show is off the air. What is she going to do now.. go back to nursing?? She'd still need the nannies then, too. Would people then still call her a "part-time" parent??

    Also, she has polycystic ovarian disease and couldn't conceive naturally, so she turned to fertility drugs, as MANY WOMEN DO! She's no octomom… so, unless you've gone through a situation like infertility… shut the fuck up.

    Get off your fucking high horses.

  44. 44

    Why do I even know this twit's name? Used to be anyone on tv was either a reporter, an entertainer or an athlete. WTF has happened….

  45. 45

    Re: nezzia – Exactly.

  46. 46

    Why aren't her parents in the audience? Are they dead?
    No friend or relative?
    No one?
    Pretty astounding really.

  47. 47

    She really is a horrible dancer. I think her partner deserves a month long paid vacation somewhere tropical after putting up with her sorry ass for this long. The guy must have nerves of steel. He should sue the people who paired him with her! I hope she goes away.

  48. 48

    This woman is SO annoying. She's famous for having a bunch of kids and bitching about it. So what, there are thousands of mothers around the planet that have as many or more kids than her. And THEY don't have nannies and assistants following them around all day, taking them to their teeth-whitening appointments and dance classes and ball-gown fittings. Stupid. I don't get what the fascination with her is all about.

  49. 49

    Re: JulesGules – Oh, but she IS Octomom - she was so, so envious of the McCaughey Septuplets (Kate's mother has acknowleged this) and the free house & furnishing they got, she did EVERYTHING should could to have multiples.
    She was shopping for a show before they were EVEN born.

  50. 50

    I care! I love her! but she definitely can't dance, I've lost all hope! =/

  51. 51

    she is a manipulator and a horrible example to her kids! She does not give her best. She was on every talk show last week and not practicing. hopes she goes tonight.

  52. 52

    Re: luvstotango – She's estranged from her minister father and mother. Her Dad asked his congregation to donate items for the kids. Kate was FURIOUS that her Dad thought she's accept used, unmatched cribs. FURIOUS because she wanted CASH.
    Again, she was obsessed with all the nice things the McCaughey septulets got initially (who, by the way, only give an interview every year or two to Ladies Home Journal and Dateline - they've turned down everything else).
    Kate did not grow up rich, and she WANTED those nice, pretty things.
    And with that, she cut her parents out of her - and the kids - lives. Sick, considering it was her parents who took care of the twins while she was on bedrest.
    But, after the crib, donation from the congregation incident, suddenly gone were the grandparents from the twins lives.
    THAT is the kind of woman Kate Gosselin is.

  53. 53

    you suck more than she does tho' Mario!

  54. 54

    Now of course it's the kids fault or should I say her "8 little visitors" who are to blame. As anyone with a TV knows she was busy all week on every talk show crying poor mouth, poor me and promoting her book, that's why she wasn't practicing. The kids didn't arrive until Saturday but as usual she never accepts any responsibility for her actions. Why doesn't she go home with her 21k per month and the millions she has already made and take care of her own kids. I have never listened to anyone bitch so much about what a tough life they have and how much they have sacrificed for their kids. Most of us just do it. As a real working divorced mother who actually cares for her own children without complaining I find her totally offensive. God help those poor kids. She is pathetic.

  55. 55

    Let's not forget: This woman intentionally had multiples - intentionally. This was NOT a situation where, for religious reasons she wouldn't reduce the number (though she LIES that it is).
    And . . . how often do some of the multiples have health problems???? That didn't matter to Horrible Mother Kate - her GREED (she SO wanted all those new things that people were REQUIRED to give her) and getting attention for herself is all that mattered.

  56. 56

    When is someone going to off this worthless bitch? Off DWTS, off my t.v., off of the front page, off to oblivion. She is the most disgusting human being ever. And those feeble minded middle america trailer trash bottom feeders love her. Those are her people. Kate - go to them, it's where you belong. No grace, no style, no talent, no class, no clue. What a kunt.

  57. 57

    I think you suck, Perez-you're mean to everyone!~

  58. 58

    Who gives a shit, who gives a fuck.

  59. 59

    She's depressed…LMFAO. It's a shame that those 8 kids have two absent parents. You know that you're shit for a mother when Octomom spends more time with her kids than you do.

  60. 60

    Wow-that "dance' was the worst-and literally painful to watch. If she doesnt get eliminated 2nite-its definitely a fix.

  61. 61

    An employee of Kate & Jon has said that Kate has the habit of drinking a bottle of wine a night.

    That said, her bloated appearance last night, the fact she looked truly hung-over in one of the pre-show interviews - I have to wonder . . . .

  62. 62

    All she does is whine about hard she has had it and how she is "working" to support her kids. How many people out there with big families don't get a ton of money to be on TV? WTF bitch!? I never watched J&K+8 so I actually felt a little sorry for her during the 1st couple weeks of DWTS…I'm over it.

  63. 63

    At this point I am inclined to believe this is false. Perez has posted so many things as news and turned out not to be true. Maybe she is depressed ove being on this show in order to make money for her kids. They did an estimate and said she will need over 2 million to raise her kids. So why not take on hihprofile gigs that pays well. How many of you have had to do something you do not like or work someplace you hate and stayed because you have no choice. You have to pay bills.. Long and short, take what Mario and other gosip mags with a grain of salt. Nobody can be as angry, bitchy or depressed as they portray her to be. And I to was one of those people who felt ba for Jon when I watched Jon and Kate. And most likely most of you never watched the show, just going off of what you hear. Anyways, i did feel for him and thought Kate was a bitch. His actions once they split shows me why she was on his ass… Just saying..

  64. 64

    Sorry - one more: Kate has actually gained weight, not lost any - I have to again wonder about the whole bottle of wine (more?) at night that she uses to deal with stress.

  65. 65

    Considering that she should have been eliminated the first freakin' day, she's got nothing to cry about this far into the game. It's a joke that she even still on that show.

  66. 66

    Re: Lulu-2 – Haha… it's laughable that you buy into stuff like that. It's easy to believe the negative if that's the only thing you're looking for, right? Do you also watch Entertainment Tonight religiously??

  67. 67

    Re: Lulu-2 – Did you get this out of a tabloid? LOL. Good for you for buying into their bullshit. Would you ever consider this not to be true? No, because you have chosen to search for the negative. Unless you were there when this all went down, you have no credibility. Find something else to discuss… you're obsession with Kate and her brood is weird. Not everyone has to agree with you.

  68. 68

    Re: msloriga – sounds like you know her or are you just commenting on the bs you read and hear about? and her husband didn't all of a sudden turn into a ****head, he always was one!!!

  69. 69


  70. 70

    God why won't that woman go away??? It's time she goes back home and at least pretend to be a mother. Oh wait, she could go into acting cuz god knows she can turn on the tears on cue.

  71. 71

    Go the fuck home and take care of your eight damn kids

  72. 72

    Re: JulesGules – No, but I'll have to look for the publicantin - it was way back — any employees now are required to sign a non-disclosure statement, and Kate really has no friends, so there's no one talking. And, she's smart enough to keep it at home.
    I'll look to see who said it and where it was quoted . .. .

  73. 73

    US Magazine - BUT, employee is not named. But, but . . . its not unusual at all for someone with Kate's mental history (OCD - she's acknowledged this) to drink as a means of self-medicating.
    "A former employee for the couple divulged: "By the end of the day after the kids were settled, Kate would drink a bottle of wine by herself. This happened several nights a week."

  74. 74

    Re: Lulu-2 – @ 64 - not sure at what point in time your basing the comment of "ate has actually gained weight, not lost any". she may have gained some weight back but she is a whole person thinner than she was before……..how she lost the weight is, however, another story for another day…………

  75. 75

    I cannot believe how self involved she is. She indulges her own drama. Her poor kids.

  76. 76

    Re: JulesGules – True ! Blatant, narcissistic liars like Kate Gosselin really do get under my skin !

  77. 77

    Re: JulesGules – oh, and yeah, I do know about her because my parents lived in her old neighborhood.

  78. 78

    No one cares - because everyone knows she's not depressed :) This is just another sympathy ploy for her voting begathon. She's making a lot of cash for her appearances and I do vote for her - even though I will not and cannot watch that stupid reality show she's dancing on. Or any reality show. I never watched J&K+8, either. I got to know about them from Jon's year in the tabloids. After that, I'll vote for Kate's endeavors wherever they take her.

  79. 79

    Re: Lulu-2
    Like who wouldn't need a bottle of wine afther hanging out with 8 KIDS all day?

  80. 80

    She needs to go home and be with her kids a while. Relax some. She is the worst dancer, it's painful to watch.

  81. 81

    Re: PatriciaB – Yeah, and truthfully, she'd hardly be the first person with OCD to self-medicate. I just knew of her propensity to drink for stress, and was wondering if that had something to do with her appearance.

  82. 82

    What a stupid bitch!! Cant stand her. Cant think of ANYONE less deserving of all this attention.Kate you dont have us fooled. You are an evil bitch!!

  83. 83

    Re: boozette – Seriously?! She's a bad mother because she gets her nails and hair done and tans?! WOW!!

  84. 84

    WOW! I don't ppl realize how difficult Kate has it now. I'd be pissed off and a royal bitch too if one day my husband up and left and I was left to raise EIGHT fucking kids on my own!!! HELLOOOOO ppl!!! Kate had EIGHT kids and I am sure it wasn't with the intention of raising them on her own! I have ONE child and sometimes I don't know how to cope w/that! Being a single mother IS VERY DIFFICULT!! And why shouldn't she work to support her children?! If she doesn't, who will…..WE WILL…the taxpayers! That douche' John sure isn't pulling his weight, so Kate…you do what you have to! Fuck what anyone else thinks! You worry about you & your kids & FUCK EVERYONE ELSE!! Ppl are idiots to think you should be @ home w/your children and not on DWTS! It's a job!!!! It's supporting those children! DUH PPL!!!!

  85. 85

    Hey admit you suck first then maybe she'll admit it Perez lay off.

  86. 86

    Re: Dani0824 – It is not in dispute that she receives 21k per month from Jon and has made at least 50k x116 episodes from her show. That should be more than sufficient to raise 8 kids with. I think we could all manage quite nicely. She needs to stop complaining and just care for her kids like most normal parents do. Everyone is sick of her whining.

  87. 87

    Waaaaa, Waaaaaa, Waaaaaaa……STFU. You are not having fun, you are not even trying to dance (walking around on the dance floor is not dancing!!). Stop acting like you deserve to be there just bc you have so many kids. You should earn your spot, anyone else would kill to have the opportunities that you have and would at least try hard and give it their all. You are a lazy a$$ biotch who thinks you deserve it all bc of your 8 kids. You should apperciate these opportunities and be much nicer than you are bc all this won't last especially with a ungrateful person as yourself.

  88. 88

    Re: Dani0824 – Dani0824 - Either you are Kate, or you've missed quite a bit of info on this woman.

  89. @v@ says – reply to this


    I'm depressed, too. Her dancing is awful, but they keep voting people off instead of her. Quit voting for this two left footed dance floor robot. I don't dislike her, but vote on the dance ability, please.

  90. 90


    NOW. . .NOT SO MUCH!!!

  91. 91

    kate is more annoying than her douchebag ex. I just feel bad for their children.

  92. 92

    i like how she said,

    i'm depressed, sort of

  93. 93

    Wow she cant even tell if she is depressed or not. Kate im over you. sorry

  94. 94

    She's gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now she can go home and bake all those cookies she has been dying to make

  95. 95

    Late, not a spoiler - Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead.

  96. 96


  97. 97

    Who's mario????????????????

  98. 98

    Maybe now she'll stay home and take care of her brats.

  99. 99

    Re: boozette – Maybe if your mom had some time for herself you wouldn't be that mean spirited bitch you are now.

  100. 100

    Oh my god. She is the most annoying person on this f-ing planet. I rather hear about Snooki's cameltoe than her stupid bullshit

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