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115 comments to “Spencer Pratt Continues Twitter Attacks!”

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  1. 1

    This person is such a fucking cock. Stop reporting about him and the little twat will fade away into insignificance whence he came.

  2. 2

    Who is this asshole and why write about him?

  3. 3

    well spencer - the rest of the world wonders why you're such an egotistical idiot who won't stop spewing his ignorance……….

  4. 4

    What an ass. He keeps it up, he'll never work in that town again.
    Doesn't he know that Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have a lot of friends?? Stupid.

  5. 5

    Who the fuck is this loser anyway?? And I hope to GOD Snickers Sues his ass for threatening her… FUCKING DOUCHE BAG LOSER. And he only wishes that his loser wife had a tenth of an ounce of talent that Kate Hudson does. PISS OFF SPENDICK

  6. 6

    this world needs a purge and we need to start with this dbag and his wife. when Heidi said she was the modern day mother Teresa im surprised she didn't get struck down on the spot. its amazing who we consider to be famous these days

  7. 7

    Oh, I know he did'nt talk about Kate Hudson! Hey, at least she works. Maybe she loves herself just the way she is. That's frankly none of your damn business. Focus on your own wife. Oh, and Snooki will kick your arse!

    This arse needs to shut the fuck up and just tweet about his own wife who has issues. What a creep!

  8. 8

    I always thought Heidi looked classy and now she looks so trashy. That glittery bargain basement bathing suit was awful. The implants were bad enough.

  9. 9

    You and your girl are LOOOOHOOOSERS….

  10. 10

    Kate Hudson's new boobs are the BEST - and more realistic of all celebrity boob jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos Kate!

  11. 11

    Someone has got to put this psycho on some damn medication and fast.

  12. 12

    u know for this GUY…violence is the answer…some knock the shit out of him…WHY HASN'T that happen yet

  13. 13


  14. 14

    this world needs a purge and we need to start with this dbag and his wife. when Heidi said she was the modern day mother Teresa im surprised she didn't get struck down on the spot. its amazing who we consider to be famous these daysRe: chicaloca – "perez" was posting about that (wo)man for about 2 months, do you really think there going to stop posting this nonsense, come on

  15. 15

    How is it possible for him to attack Kate Hudson???? She is an amazing actress, A- Lister celebrity and really beautiful!!! Not like Heidi who looks terrible and has no respect for her, her family friends and people in general and got married to the worst people on the planet!

  16. chang says – reply to this


    doesn't he know he is the number one douche bag!

  17. 17

    Don't worry everyone he will fade just as quickly as the Hills got canceled only 2 seasons after Kristen C took the place of LC. He is desperate for the attention because he knows his time is limited.

  18. 18

    I wish Spencer AND Snooki would drop off the planet. If you keep talking about him he won't go away!!! Also, I agree about Kate Hudson. If she DID get a boob job it wasn't very good (I don't think she got one at all)

  19. 19

    may be its all that moose on his hair? may be its that rock making him go crazy???

  20. 20

    the only reason why he does this is to get press, and obviously you are the only one buying into his little plan.

  21. MP says – reply to this


    I'd take Kate's breasts over that Franken-monster's any day of the week.

  22. 22

    the hell with the whole lot of em! says i! Bitches

  23. 23

    Why doesn't anyone say anything back to this loser..with his little beedy eyes and creepy giant forehead.. He looks like Harry from the Hendersons..

  24. 24

    if you stop putting him on your page he may actually have to get a real job.

  25. 25

    Has he looked at his wife ? she looks like something you would, find in a horror movie. At least Kate & Snooki work (well Snooki kind of) I hope they both kick his ass.

  26. 26

    I'd choose Kate's boobs over HeiDDDDi's.

  27. 27

    Seriously, I know Heidie is now the bride of Frakenstein but this creepy looking idiot? WTF? He must have a huge cock because honestly I don't see the need for this bearded fucknut.

  28. 28

    someone has to put this dog down already

  29. 29

    Webster's could put this guys photo next to the definition of douchebag!!
    I loathe him and his $2 whore of a wife. He is so ugly inside and out. He needs to keep his mouth shut before someone sticks that crystal right up his ass!!

  30. 30

    Re: fairwindsandfollowingseas
    You have a very good point who the hell is he and why waiste the time writing about him. What the hell does he do to make money? Same goes for that stupid looking Snooki girl, who the hell is she and why write about her too. Oh and by the way, Perez I am so sick of seeing your face, go get some surgery, hell Spencer can hook you up! BITCHES

  31. 31

    He's posting these daily rants because it's his only way to stay relevant. Think about it… after the Hills is done this season, what else does he have to look forward to? More staged paparazzi shots and then some more badmouthing others? He doesn't have a talent to stay in Hollywood. Same goes for Heidi… she altered her body to stay relevant. Her "singing" career is a joke. Whomever is behind getting her studio time and any sort of deal should feel like a joke themselves.

    JUST STOP POSTING WHAT HE WRITES… HE'LL ONLY CONTINUE IF PPL READ WHAT HE WRITES AND COMMENT ABOUT HIM!!! It's his sickness he has to deal with on his own. He has no other skills to gain notoriety other than attacking others.

  32. 32

    Spencer? My grandma called. She wants her beard back.

  33. 33

    you know how when some one goes nuts people are like "I never saw it coming", totally not the case with this dude for real…seriously the guy is not all there mentally.

  34. 34

    why is he wearing his mom's jewelry? what a moron…….

  35. 35

    So Spencer, How's Heidi's new album coming again? ROTFLMAO!!! I thought her CD was supposed to be on par with Michael Jackson's Thriller? I don't even know what her CD is titled. Shut your cake hole & disappear…..Please! It pains me to see your face. Maybe YOU should get a bit of plastic surgery. I think it would actually benefit you. Get rid of the 'blonde jew fro', shave the pubes on your chin & lose that ridiculous smile. It's really sad.

  36. 36

    this guy could portray Paul Bernardo in a horror movie lol

  37. 37

    What Spencer doesn't understand is that plastic surgery actually made his girlfriend ugly - if she had stopped with the chin reduction, it would have been an improvement. But she's undergone way too many procedures for her age and she looks like a woman in her 40s trying to look like she's in her 20s rather than actually being in her 20s.

    As for her breasts - completely out of proportion and stupid in terms of the health consequences (sagging, back and shoulder pain etc).

    Whereas KATE's procedure IS actually an improvement; it might be a small one but it's definitely on the plus side.

  38. 38


  39. 39

    Re: Lucie in the Sky with Diamonds
    HAHAHA!!!! He does have PUBES on his face!

  40. 40

    Kate Hudson seems like a secure, confident woman who probably doesn't care about anyone's damn approval about anything she does, least of all THAT idiot and his opinion.

  41. 41

    Ha he should go get himself some titttys cuz he's acting like a bitch!!

  42. 42

    Spencer you are the biggest cogknocker i have ever seen!!!!!!!! you and that wife of yours are the most egotistical, idiotic, ugly mannered, learning impaired people i have ever seen

  43. 43


  44. SeeMe says – reply to this


    His wife looks like she has a $100 boob job and he is going after other women? PRICK!

  45. 45

    What a twat. I see he's moved on from attacking other z-listers to people with real careers like Kate Hudson. He's probably jealous of Snooki because she's enjoying her 15 minutes of fame while his and Heidi's is quickly fading.

  46. Hi-G says – reply to this


    I'm sure Kate is losing sleep at night over not having gained Spencer Pratt's approval of her body.

  47. 47

    spencer is such a FAKE ASS PLASTIC NO TALENT ISN"T HIS 15 MINTUES UP YET DOUCHE? Kate H is gorgeous, natural, and classy. Your frankenbride is disgusting, not even pretty at all, she does not even look human anymore, it makes me shudder to look at how vile she looks, and the scary part is, she thinks she is HOT (barf).

  48. 48

    Look at how tiny & feminine his hands are. Little hands = little cock. I also love how he criticizes an A-list actress like Kate Hudson and he's married to a complete Z-lister.

  49. 49

    why don't you go spend $20,000 more on crystals you DUMASS

  50. 50

    hey perez! I love what youre doing but let me inform you since I live in the valley and this is how we do it! when a person for instance the low life spencer, does something vile and rude like this he has no self esteem, he is calling for attention in the worst possible way. He is a negative tool! You need to stop commenting on him because you along with other gossip groups are giving him this power. The longer you all ignore him, the powerless he becomes. Honestly this guy really has nothing going for him except his ugly wife heidi. he is known as mr. heidi, he is sucking the life out of her. So get my point. I would rather have you gossip on more important things than spencer, please and thank you.

  51. 51

    He isn't an asshole. A real asshole or douche wouldn't be this obvious or extreme. No, he's situation is even worse. He's sense of self worth is so low he has to resort to acting like an extreme asshole to get the attention he needs to make himself feel relevant. People like this aren't to be called jerks, they deserve extreme pity instead.

  52. 52

    just because Kate H. doesn't look like a cheap ass hooker, like his wife?

    I guess he likes 'em trashy. Heidi get an A++ for skankness.

  53. 53


    it's not US who need to stop talking about HIM, it is him who needs to shut his piehole and quit talking smack about everyone else, dude! HE HAS NO LEGS TO STAND ON>

  54. 54

    The thing is we are giving him exactly what he wants…ATTENTION! Everyone just needs to stop talking about him & his wife, I think their 15 min of fame is up.

  55. 55

    Sister Spencer always gets it wrong. The effing moron thinks anyone that gets a boob job should look like a porn whore…..you know like Heidi ho.

    I bet he has a pastel chiffon dress (just his size) in his closet.

  56. 56

    its funny…he looks like he my 5 year old's junk costume jewelry drawer…

  57. 57

    My open letter to Spencer.

    Dear Spencer,
    For someone whos beard indicates they belong with goats, You sure have a lot to say about everyone else. Also, I thought that you and your wife were christians? That leads me to my next thought - christians do not alter the physical shape that god gives them, and they also do not rag on others. Now that the hills has been canceled I am going to suggest a few back up careers for you.
    1) Cult Leader ( this would be my number 1 choice, because if it means you will drink the kool-aid I am so for that shit)
    2)Folllowing your wife around on a hot summer day with an air conditioner so she doesn't melt.
    3) groing cultures in your beard that can cure cancer
    4)back to the first thing I said about the goats, That shit is right up your alley and it is almost like acting because you fit the part.

    What I am hoping to get with this post, is that you are on the edge of a nervous breakdown- and I want you to lose your shit and vanish. Thank you for your physco babbel bullshit. It has been great. But seemingly you are now a has-been, so your time is up.

    btw, I fucked your wife last night, I dont know how you do it man. I should have just put my shit in a tupperware container.

  58. 58


  59. 59

    Perez, you are doing exactly what he wants you to do by posting his disgusting tweets and giving him publicity. Stop caring about this douche and certainly stop putting him on your page.

  60. 60

    This dumb Ass must be stopped!!

  61. eewww says – reply to this


    Note to Spencer: Who are you and why are you trying so desperately hard for attention?

    Note to Perez: If you stop giving this asshole space on your blog, maybe, just maybe, he'll go away once and for all!

  62. 62

    HOLLA! Perez! Spencer is so delusional! His walkin freakshow wife will NEVER have the career Kate Hudson has, never… and his wife is a walking blow-up doll, dégueulasse! Oh and they are nationalist racist bastards… go back to your bible belt!!!

  63. 63

    But Heidi looks fucking disgusting!

    Well I guess that makes those two a perfect couple. Eww.

  64. 64


  65. 65

    Negative press is good press. As long as this ball sucker continues to get attention, he will do and say these things. It all amounts to getting on the rooftop and yelling 'LOOK AT ME'. Ignore this insignificant twat and he will go away. Why cant anyone seem to get that?

  66. 66

    Is he high? Is he on drugs? Is he drunk? What does he want to achieve?

  67. 67

    Spencer and his rocket scientist wife of his are dreadful and so unSTYLISH it hurts.

  68. 68

    This shithead is the last person to give advice on plastic surgery or anything else! If he cared about his wife he would have tried to stop her dangerous & dissatrous surgeries. Does he really think she looks good?? Kate Hudson didnt need a big rack to attain her celebrity. She did it the old fashioned way-with talent!!

  69. 69

    This guy is such a clown. The fact the he thinks he so far superior than everyone is ridiculous. I mean how are you even famous? Oh yea, you fucked some girl from a reality tv show and your PARENTS have money- which is the only reason she probably got involved with you to begin with. A win win for both- if thats what you would call a win.
    First, he looks like fucking Bart Simpson with pubes glued to his chin. Second, if he is going to publicly make fun of people on the internet, he should try spell check first– ignorant, uneducated prick. You look like an even bigger moron making fun of others with misspelled words. Third, way to go on brainwashing and ruining a perfectly cute girl. His disfigured wife now looks about two snips away from that freak show woman that wants to look like a cat. I mean, he is so pumped up those implants, he may as well have gotten them himself; "moob" style. Spencer, you are a waste of life, you hypocritical fame whore.

  70. 70

    Eww! He's terrible!

  71. 71

    This guy is such a clown. The fact the he thinks he so far superior than everyone is ridiculous. I mean how are you even famous? Oh yea, you fucked some girl from a reality tv show and your PARENTS have money- which is the only reason she probably got involved with you to begin with.
    First, he looks like fucking Bart Simpson with pubes glued to his chin.
    Second, if he is going to publicly make fun of people on the internet, try spell check –ignorant, uneducated prick. Half of your posts look like a second grader typed them.You look like an even bigger moron making fun of others with misspelled words.
    Third, way to go on brainwashing and ruining a perfectly cute girl. Your disfigured wife now looks about two snips away from that freak show woman that wants to look like a cat. Spencer, you are a waste of life, you hypocritical fame whore.

  72. Jaded says – reply to this


    I find it amusing how jealous he is.

    I mena just the speculation that KH got implants is way more interesting than the confirmation that his dipshit wife has become the next incarnation of the Cat Lady.

    It must be very hard on him to know that someone who has been on a reality show for all of about 6 seconds is more famous than he is and he's been on tv for how long?
    Even after having Heidi all cut up all anyone could talk about is her no one even gave shit about what he has to say about her surgeries. We all know he makes that girl feel like shit about herself so that he can keep her in check. I will not be surprised to find out later on that he beat the crap out of her during their whole relationship.
    I guess he needs to make fun of people now because the second his wife dumps him he's back to living in obscurity.

    This is the second time he's gone after someone from Jersey Shore. Clearly jealous. I can't wait till he goes after one of the guys cause you know they will get on plane to LA and kick the shit out of him.

  73. 73

    Huh. He's living life as an internet troll. How unfortunate all round.

  74. 74

    Genius. Last season of The Hills is starting and Spencer started the press around it. Not only that, but by picking on the reality stars from other shows (Jersey Shores), he is trying to create the relevance between The Hills and Jersey Shores so that one will not out do other (which JS clearly did last season).
    Great attempt on Marketing, Spencer. We know that your next gig depends on the success of The Hills and how much drama you can create around it. Good thinking on tying in other reality show!

  75. 75

    Read the article the other day about these two losers greeting Marines. Are you kidding me??? If they're so concerned about the brave soldiers giving their lives for this country, why don't they volunteer for service. They're not too old. 'Course, I don't silicon girl could pass the physical….

  76. 76

    what a waste of space. his parents should be slapped for bringing him into the world

  77. 77

    What a nobody!

  78. 78

    His beard reminds me of the color of urine soaked toilet paper lying on the bathroom floor of a swimming pool.

  79. 79

    Who is the fuck does this douche bag think he is? Karma is a bitch and so is he - I can't wait until he gets it back.
    Please, Please, Please can these 2 just die and slither away!!!!

  80. 80

    Someone should tell this bitch that his wife doesn't really have breasts either. Just over inflated silicone balls. Jesus these people are shallow

  81. 81

    why does he rip on women??? i don't get it. it's kinda like he wishes his own wife looked like any of them. because spencer, heidi is a fucking FREAK.

  82. Sane1 says – reply to this


    Pratt, you're an idiot! Why are you running your mouth? What have you ever done to deserve attention? You're just someone's husband. What have YOU ever done productively? As for Kate, she didn't need the boobs, but if they had to be done, that size is perfect.
    Perez, stop giving this idiot press!

  83. 83

    Someone needs to sock this fool in his face!!!

  84. 84

    This piece of shit LOSER has way too much time on his hands. Stop telling us what he's saying, cuz nobody cares!!!
    Sad Pathetic Loser.

  85. 85

    BAAHAHAHHAHAH. Umm because unlike Kate Hudson, she doesn't need to exploit herself to get famous because she actually has talent to give her a reasonable amount of fame. Get over it loser! stop whining because she's more famous than your fake wife

  86. 86

    *Unlike Heidi

  87. 87

    Yeah, Spencer's an ass who's this-close to telling everyone he's the second coming.
    THAT I get.
    What I DON'T get is WHAT THE FUCK is so "beloved" about a butterball alcoholic no-brain who will be dead of skin cancer in three years?

  88. @v@ says – reply to this


    Oh, now this Einstein is going after Hollywood family royalty. Smooth move, exlax. Goldie and Kurt know people who know people who know people, and so does Kate. Like I said, he should take up a sport to get rid of all his wasted testosterone, like head butting or something, before no one answers his calls.
    Just because his wife has taken some criticism after SHE put her boobs and surgery out there purpo$ely (if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen), it's no reason to go after some nice random actress who may have had some tasteful work done. Emphasis on the word tasteful.

  89. 89

    He's such a douchebag, and I don't use that word often… He really is though. Wow. You writing about him, Perez, is the reason he does it. Attention.

  90. 90

    How Spencer Pratt thinks:

    I have not been quoted in a week- what can I do, who can I attack, what can I write that will give me the attention that i so desperately need and want. If i can only stay relevant, what is the most absurd thing Heidi or I can do to stay in the limelight. Perez is our best friend, he will print anything we say or do. In a way he is our……..well you know.

  91. 91


  92. 92

    Meh, I think it's funny how much of an ass he makes of himself. Everyone in Hollywood (and the world) don't take him seriously and he IS considered a laughing stock. Remember his appearance on David Letterman?? HYSTERICAL! He is such a joke

  93. 93

    good lord that's a big ass crystal!
    why is he into that again??

  94. 94

    LOL i think paying attention to this dude is dumb. i get it its working for him, hes a scumbag an its getting him attention and money but we dont have to support it

  95. 95

    Gosh damn spencer.
    At least Kate's boobs are realistic and don't look like ridiculous stripper breasts like your wives. I mean seriously… Triple D's? How is that natural? They will be so saggy and gross in years to come. Have fun playing with em'!

  96. 96

    As if anyone cared about what he has to say…

  97. 97

    omg! this guy is ridiculous!! he needs to stop!! just because his life my sux doesn't mean he can talk crap about other people! maybe he should grow up and get out of high school!!! unbelieveably!!!

  98. 98

    i duess im the onmly one who thinks heidi looks nice? shed look hoorrible when she ages but she looks nice now =] i guess im too positive

  99. AlanP says – reply to this


    Spencer, your 15 minutes were up a while back. Please crawl back under the rock you came from.

  100. JCPR says – reply to this


    what pisses me off the most is that he's attacking women! why doesn't he go for a male celebrity? oh right cuz he knows hes gonna have his ass kicked! asshole!!!

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