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Another Celebrity Hoarder?!

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Oh no, not you, too!!

It's only funny when it's a publicity-seeking Lindsanity!!

Lisa Kudrow is the latest to come forward and admit that she is a celebrity hoarder!! And girlfriend ain't ashamed, either!!

The actress claims that she holds on to old documents, like faxes and business diaries, because it's all part of her history and who she is now today!

She says:

"It's the intimate details of these stories that personalize history and adds to the impact. I used to feel bad about holding on to things from my past like my day planners from the '80s, and faxes and stuff. I'm not going to feel bad about that anymore because those are all, at some point, potentially important family documents about what I was thinking or feeling at the time. It turns out that everything is a clue when you're trying to piece together a life from a few hundred years ago."

We understand it's nice to be sentimental about your past, but you have to let it go and move forward, bb! We doubt that your receipts for groceries from 1983 are going to turn out to be 'potentially important family documents!'

We hope Niecy Nash doesn't have to come and intervene!!

[Image via WENN.]

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24 comments to “Another Celebrity Hoarder?!”

  1. 1

    thats crazy !

  2. 2

    leave her alone she is great!

  3. 3

    omg wall meet lisa, lisa meet wall

  4. 4

    She's not a hoarder!! WTF are you talking about?
    Because you don't have any past (and probably any future) doen't make it bad or crasy to keep many souvenirs from the past. That is, sometimes, the only way to remember correctly a fact, a feeling, a person.
    God Mario is stupid!

  5. 5

    if her house is horrible looking and a safety hazard then she has a problem. if not then she isnt a true hoarder…. i'd like to see her house, bet its better than most of ours lol

  6. 6

    …and why does she have to let it go?

    what is your reason exactly?

    PeeWee has spoken again. Try to make sense of this guy's remarks without proper explanation and motive for what he is saying.

  7. 7

    Look, some of her family died in the holocaust and there was very little information on them other than how they died. I can see why she feels her diaries, faxes, and other personal papers are important to future generations of her family. I don't see anything wrong with what she's doing and it's certainly not hoarding.

  8. 8

    this doesn't make her a hoarder you moron

  9. 9

    And why should we give a shit.Go run your(gym) It's only 250,000 a month membership for special celeberties only!

  10. ass says – reply to this


    Hey, moron, she said OLD FAXES and BUSINESS DIARIES, not grocery receipts. And what she's doing is not hoarding, it's called keeping potentially important documents, which is smart (so I understand why you think it's stupid), so quit trying to make stories out of nothing. Fuck you're an idiot Perez.

  11. 11

    Hey Lisa,
    You're NO George Washington. Burn that stupid shit.

  12. 12

    Looks like she pulled her outfit together from some sort of hoarding pile of clothes.

    All that money and she dresses worse than your average AARP member. why so?

  13. 13

    funny. faxes of less than 10 years are hard to read as the ink tends to dissapear. i wonder how she knows what are those about if are not readable anymore!?

  14. 14

    She's got a sort of "Grey Gardens thing going on there.

  15. 15

    but what if you needed to return that carton of milk from 1983 and you didn't have your receipt?

  16. 16

    so who's the other celebrity hoarder??

    and i agree with backstreetboysarethebest

  17. 17

    I just lost my 80 yr old mom and it's been fascinating for me to find old records like receipts and grocery budgets ($8/week) etc. These things have given me insight into what life was like for my mom and dad all those years ago. It's given me a real sense of family history in a very tangible way. I think Lisa has the right idea.

  18. 18

    She thinks she's Charlie Chaplin.

  19. 19

    She wanted until age 31 to lose her virginity on her wedding night. That's the ultimate hoard!

  20. 20

    I used to work for someone even less famous than Lisa in Hollywood, who kept all her "historical documents" including shopping lists for holiday parties… balloon strings, etc. It was ludicrous. She had several 4 drawer file cabinets in her garage full of her "life story" — which I think she felt would someday be of interest to the world. NOT. No one is going to write a movie of your life, Lisa. Learn to edit your trash

  21. 21

    In her position ,it's not hording
    it's being smart

  22. 22

    I love the show Hoarders. Everytime I watch it, I clean my house and throw stuff out. Remember: When In Doubt, Throw It Out!" ……..My husband's next.

  23. 23

    More interesting than this story….I heard her say a long time ago in an interview that she saved herself until she was married… and that wasn't until she was like 30! Must have been a hell of a Honeymoon!

  24. 24

    I don't think she's a hoarder!!!! It's all how you store the things that you want to keep. I have all my old diaries, old papers I wrote for school and old calendars. These things remind me of my past, where I've come from and what I was doing.