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Actor Sues The Oscars For False Imprisonment!

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Hollywood newbie Michael Avmen, who has a role in the upcoming Straw Dogs, claims he was invited to this year's Oscars with his wife as "tentatively confirmed" guests, but were then held against their will for SIX hours in the Academy's "detention center!"

The two of them faced an interrogation about how they were able to get on the red carpet without tickets and accused of lying and trespassing. Avmen says that he expected the tickets to be held for him at the event, which is not uncommon for the Oscars.

After the 6 hour interrogation he and his wife were taken by the LAPD down to the station where no charges were filed. Apparently the officer apologized to them for how they had been treated by Academy officials.

Avmen is now suing for false imprisonment citing that he and his wife were "injured in health, strength and activity" and "sustained injury to his and her body and shock and injury to their nervous system" as well as suffering "humiliation, mental anguish and emotional and physical distress."

Avmen says in a statement:

"If I or some 'REGULAR' individual acted as the Academy did, we would be in prison right now. I will show that these people aren't above the law. Security is one thing, but this was outside the realm of excessive. My wife and I have suffered, and there has been a great injustice enforced."

Sounds terrible! Who is he again?

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “Actor Sues The Oscars For False Imprisonment!”

  1. 1

    I hope he wins. 6 hours is ridiculous. If you couldn't sort that out in 15 minutes you have no business being in charge of "security." Seriously.

  2. 2

    boring story. i'm just trying to comment first lmao

  3. 3

    i read this on HuffPo this morning. All I can say is, HE DESERVES IT FOR BEING IN A REMAKE OF STRAW MUTHAFUCKIN' DOGS.
    jokes, jokes. it is pretty insane. it's probably worse than disney jail, but with just as many ridiculous characters. especially since he thought it was going to be a fun night for he and the wife. the oscars = night-ruiners. my night too. this year's oscars were long, the movies were meh, the winners were predictable, and that dance sequence thing was shiiiit. hopefully, they pay up. he may never work again and he'll obviously never get nominated for anything at the Oscars, so it's all a lose-lose situation for an actor: nervous system damage is common in hollywood though.

  4. 4

    Prolly not good on the Academy's part in terms of time, but if you check his IMBD he isn't credited on Straw Dogs; he's a generic football fan. There's no way he was actually invited to the Oscars, so it IS a security risk that he got on the red carpet.

  5. missB says – reply to this


  6. 6

    I think the estates of the dead actors who were not properly recognized by the Academy should sue also. Like Farrah Fawcett etc.

  7. 7

    It doesn't matter who he is. "False Imprisonment" is a serious charge. And, he's right, if anyone else but the Academy had done that they would have been arrested immediately.

  8. 8

    It does not matter "who is he again?" you fat fuck.
    No one should be treated like that!
    If he was a Gay man you would be the first howling for blood. Perez is a hypocrite.

  9. JCPR says – reply to this


    i'm trying to google his name and there's nothing about him! LOLs poor little thing!

  10. 10

    No one should be treated with such obvious disrespect. That's a nightmare. I hope he gets a shit load of money.

  11. 11

    WOW/…. let Me chime In/// Contact me and and I will speak On your Show…

    The whole Story will come out.


  12. 12

    if You have Family In Puerto Rico, My aunt used to have a TV show down there a in the 70's and 80's called El SHOW of TI-TI Chagua. or Aunti Chagua.. it was the Mr Rogers of the Latin World…. Please Forgive me for comming out in the Media this way I had No other Choice. Im sure My Publicist us going to kill me for this but I need to Communicate.

  13. 13

    stupid. people are actually suffering in the world and he wants to make a couple mill from having to sit in a (probably cushy) detention center for a few hours for an awards show they may not have even been invited to anyway?? Americans are so fucking ridiculous. Any discomfort is an opportunity to sue someone and make more money.

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    Why would he allow himself to be held anywhere that wasn't LAPD for six hours? Get to know your rights, people. Something tells me they (might) have waited for the first couple hoping for confirmed access to the awards, but after that, they should have walked out and gone home. People that aren't police can't 'hold' anybody against their will.

  15. 15

    1. Broken Blade (2010) (in production) …. Derrick Yu
    2. Straw Dogs (2011) (post-production) (uncredited) …. Football fan
    3. Battle: Los Angeles (2011) (post-production) (uncredited) …. LAPD Officer

    Miscellaneous Crew:

    1. Battle: Los Angeles (2011) (post-production) (stand-in)


    With "credits" like these, the Academy should invite ME to every Oscar Night. At least I know how and when to suck some Academy dick.

    "(Uncredited) football fan???

    What is that? Like eating a hotdog behind the boom guy?

    And his vanity web site is even better.

    But he got his name on the big sites. And any publicity is good publicity (so they say in the show biz).

  16. 16

    No. It is NOT common for Oscar tickets to be waiting at the event. There is no "Will Call" at the Oscars for event tickets. They have to be picked up in person at the Academy offices beforehand. He's lying. Plain & simple. They thought they could bluff their way in & got caught. Individuals caught without tickets are considered trespassers.

  17. 17

    Let's say he did lie and tried to sneak in. Why didn't they just kick him out? Isn't that what security is for? He crashed a stupid awards show, not a UN conference of world leaders.

    I don't see any mention that he had a gun, a box cutter, or even matches hidden in his shoe.

    However, suing (a civil matter) the academy isn't going to win him any points with casting directors. The police should have investigated and arrested the individual persons responsible for kidnapping, a criminal charge.

  18. 18

    Michael WHO?