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Amanda Seyfried's Take On Lindsanity!

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Ha! You have more faith in her than anyone else does at this point, bb!

Amanda Seyfried, who co-starred with Lindsanity in Mean Girls back when she wasn't such a D-lister, said she thinks Lindsanity may bounce back!

Seyfried claims:

"People can fall out of line and fall back into it. I think it just takes some time. Clearly, people go through things and they deal with them differently. You've just got to be positive about it."


We'd love to hear what Seyfried says when she doesn't have a camera or mic in her face.


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34 comments to “Amanda Seyfried's Take On Lindsanity!”

  1. 1

    Why do you hate Amanda Seyfried? ohh wait i think that i know. She has a hot boyfriend, a promising career, and you don't

  2. 2

    Seyfried seems like the kind of person that wouldn't say anything bad about anyone.

  3. 3

    I can't believe how healthy Lohan looked back then. Now she looks like a prostitute on Hollywood Blvd. Amanda S. has waaaay too much class to publicly denounce the loser Lohan. She doesn't air her opinions so openly unlike Blowhan and her disgusting family. It's A-list compared to D-list. Lindsay sucks.

  4. 4

    This photo was taken before Lindsay starting flashing her bald, rubber-looking, freckled, loose Firecrotch. That is the ugliest snatch I've even seen.

  5. 5

    wow thats a pretty positive and uplifting thing to say about her,I hope lindsay picks herself up too.Its not been to much fun watching her look like she"s in a drug fueled coma these last few years!

  6. 6

    i mean no one thought you could loose all that fucking fat perez and you kinda did… youre still a pig though… but i have faith in lindsay

  7. 7

    WTF happened to Linds ? ! Oh, yeah …….

  8. 8

    MMM look at how nice and plump lindsays legs look compared to NOW.

  9. 9

    Can you believe she was a pleasant, innocent little girl at one time… ? Now, after having slept with half of HollyWood, and providing for 39% of Columbia's Gross Domestic Export , she looks soooooooooooooooooooooooo worn out and used. It just ain't pretty !

  10. 10

    She's not slagging her off - where's the biggie? She trying to be supportive - and that's bad because???

  11. 11

    sad…Linsday could have her career right now and those movie roles if she would have played her cards right.

  12. 12

    Lindsay is incredible and when she gets her act together she is gonna be unstoppable!!! www.myspace.com/ozonnamusic

  13. 13

    wow i wonder what Lindsay has to say to that.
    Amanda Seyfried is so adorable.
    She's like one of the very few in hollywood that have a SOUL

  14. 14

    Shut the fuck up you jealous hag.

  15. 15

    That's Lindsay? Wow look how healthy and beautiful she looked. Fresh faced pretty girl. Get your shit together girl, you can do it. That wasn't too long ago.

  16. 16

    Perez, you are such a fucking hypocritical dirtbag. You really DO NOT care about Lindsay at all. You make money off running stories about her and then you say "Girl needs help"…Lindsay is richer than you, she's more famous than you, she can actually have natural intercourse with any man she wants, she can do anything she wants IF SHE WANTED TO. Get over yourself Perez. The more postings I read from you, the more I actually think you are a 33 year old, virgin LOSER with a penchant for little boys. Please, before you start judging people. take a good look at all you've achieved in your incredible career as a blogger. 90% of Hollywood hates you, the other 10% are not even real celebrities who fame whore themselves out to you. The only reason Lady Gaga is your friend and keep you close is because she needs you keep spinning positive stories to balance out the hundreds of other negative stories. I can't wait until you get yours. I don't wish death, but perhaps a slap on the face on public television by Jennifer Aniston would do the trick. The only thing is that she's way too classy to ever dignify your existence.

  17. 17

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind – You have way to much time on your hands….

  18. 18

    Okay she wasn't going to completely bash the girl. In my opinion Amanda showed class and don't you usually commend other celebrities for showing class on answering such questions

  19. 19

    who cares what she thinks? she's not even from this planet.

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Thoughts, huh? Weeelll, you, like any other hypocrite, have your own agenda. After I hear YOUR REAL THOUGHTS, I'LL TELL YOU MINE, you FAT ASS motherfucker!!!

  22. 22

    holey crap. I didn't know that that was amanda that played that part in mean girls!! Man she looks different there

  23. 23

    I've always loved Amanda! She's always seemed like a sweetheart!

  24. 24

    don't talk crap about Amanda; she's just being a polite and kind human being.

  25. 25

    Wow sucks to get old Linds –remember when u were wholesome & pretty.

    Oh yeah, you're no old. Bummer.

  26. 26

    i wish that more people ( take note , perez) could have the idea of helping instead of shouting to help

  27. 27

    I feel bd for her.I hope she gets well soon and I DO think she will bounce back if she tries. She is actually a good actress. Her parents are awful. She came out ok but we have to stillhave to ride it out. You love Brittney but have no sympathy for Lohan?

  28. 28

    Re: flnsgrl – Well said I don't see her as that kind of person…not everyone is spiteful hateful and backstabbing as you Perez.

  29. 29

    "Amanda Seyfried, who co-starred with Lindsanity in Mean Girls back when she wasn't such a D-lister"

    Uh, last time I checked Amanda has become MORE known these days. Not back in the early 2000's when she did Mean girls. I knew who she was by her looks but I didn't even know her name. Now I do. So if anything, she was a D-lister back then and now she's maybe a B-lister. Although I could give two fucks less about "lists" I also don't understand how you're so hypocritical. If you haven't noticed, Perez you are SO ridiculously sexist against woman but you hate anyone who is against gay rights. It seems fucked to judge someone because they're a woman, just like you wouldn't want to be judged because you're gay.

  30. 30

    Amanda is an amazing actress, so what if she doesn't want to diss Lohan?

  31. 31

    She is only saying that because she can't find anything nice (and true) to sday about Lindsanity !

  32. 32

    Re: ScreamVengeance – he didnt' mean amanda was a d-lister. He said back when LINDSAY wasn't such a d-lister. You moron. Learn to read

  33. 33

    Re: cinnamon_rae – Shove it. I made one fucking mistake.

  34. 34

    Re: ScreamVengeance – Dude, is when Linds wasnt a D lister