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DWTS Co-Star Thinks Kate Needs A Psychologist

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Ouch! Insults are one thing, but pity is worse!

Even though Kate Gosselin was FINALLY voted off of Dancing With The Stars last Tuesday, her co-stars are still talking about her!

Louis van Amstel, who's partnered with our beloved Niecy Nash, said:

"I must say, at the last minute, she showed more of herself. Too late. You'd have to break her down and then teach — what's going on, what's holding you down. She needs a psychologist, that's what it is…In the end, I felt really bad for Kate."

We have to say we agree! As awful as she is, it's easy to forget what kind of shiz she's been dealing with for the past year!

Doesn't justify her piss-poor attitude and diva antics, but it's still a factor.

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75 comments to “DWTS Co-Star Thinks Kate Needs A Psychologist”

  1. 1

    It was pretty clear that she was clincally depressed….and for someone who claims that she's a survivor, she played the victim role very well

  2. 2

    what she need is Jesus. that 's who we all need. the Psychologists needs Jesus too.

  3. 3

    I understand what she has been going thru for the past year has been difficult but this is not a new personality…she has been this way since her show aired. Do you forget how she treated John. She was so verbally abusive that I was horrified. AND she behaved that way in public and in front of those kids. If I remember correctly, TLC even sent her or both not sure, to therapy….HELLO…didn't work very well.

  4. 4

    She's a fucking bitch. She has more money for being a ball chewing, child ignoring bitch than any of you people who like her have. Kate cares about Kate. We'll be hearing about her kids in about five years and it isn't going to be pretty. At least John connects with them.

  5. 5

    I would be pretty depressed too if I had to go home to eight kids everyday..don't get me wrong I love kids but that is just too much for anyone to handle….except for maybe Octomom.

  6. 6

    Re: knitting nut – didn't watch the show; however, based on your description she must also have a personality/mood disorder along with the depression; whatever, her problem she needs help to enlighten her on why people keep "giving up" on her.

  7. 7

    I may be in the minority when I say this but I cannot understand the hostility toward and hatred for this woman. I don't follow the stories on her that closely, so maybe I don't know all that has been reported, but she doesn't seem all that awful to me. She might have a bad attitude sometimes, but who doesn't?

    And I hate hypocritical people who give her crap for being on this show because she's "not spending time with her kids." Guess what, if you had a chance to make an easy $100k to provide for your family, you will leave them behind for a few weeks and do it in a HEARTBEAT. I know I would. Many millions of people do it everyday. Moms and Dads who take on jobs that require time spent away from the family. It doesn't mean it's ideal, but it's done all the time. Over 100k for dancing for a weeks on TV (and seeing my kids a few days a week) vs. a crappy real world job where I would be away from my kids the same amount of time for a fraction of the money…sounds like an easy decision to me.

    Just my two cents. I am indifferent to her either way.

  8. 8

    I guarantee if a health care professional examined her for any length of time, she's be diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder…she exhibits most of the classic symptoms.

    Ultra Competitive, perfectionist, bullying others, expects perfection but criticizes everything anyone else does, believes the world revolves around her, and that she is destined for greatness or is entitled to special treatment above others…sounds like our girl Kate if you ask me.

  9. kis95 says – reply to this


    Please. I was raised by a single-mother who received not one red cent from my father while I was growing up. She took a job as a bank teller, and supported my brother and I by herself. Alone. No book deals, no TV shows, no giant paycheques. Before Kate Gosselin became a 'celebrity' (*snort*), how had she planned on raising the kids? On Jon's salary? I doubt it. Tell me; had TLC not come along and given them their show, just how were they going to do this? I call bullshit on this ridiculous woman. Your 15-minutes are up.

  10. 10

    I don't care about Kate Gosselin; I just hope Donny Osmond doesn't win again.

  11. 11

    I'm not a fan of either of them, but the few times I watched the show, Kate was always being mean to Jon. It always seemed like she couldn't stand him. He's not the greatest of guys, but you would think that she would try to restrain herself for the sake of her children. Those poor kids, I hope they turn out all right.
    If a psychologist were to see her, I'll bet he would diagnose her with Borderline Personality Disorder.

  12. 12

    yeah guys lets keep taking about this nobody/no talent piece of shit like she was actually relevant and a celebrity! fuckin drop it, let her fade away please

  13. 13

    What she's been going through is what she's brought upon herself. Nope, not buying it. She's had a bad attitude from the beginning.

  14. 14

    … you mean she doesn't already have one?

  15. 15

    its ur bitch mother from hell perez

  16. 16

    Don't blame her attitude on her ex. If you had watched J+K+8 you would know just how bad she treated him. He always seemed like a decent Dad and husband and she was a witch.

  17. 17

    Kate Gosselin doesn't need a psychologist !! What she needs is a good ole-fashioned ASS-FUCKING !!!

  18. 18

    Shame on you Kate. Your children need a mother. Jon is really a good parent as far as those children are concerned; he is nurtuting and (aside from the fact that he is pretty much a child himself) he gives those children a happy place. I can't imagine what it would be like to feel abandoned by my motherl; she was so totally a mother to me. My sibs and I were first, and thinking back there were huge sacrifices made so we felt that way.
    Kate .. you wanted those children, you had neighbors, church members, so many people who were ready to help you, but you sought the limelight. This is what you get. Your "precious babies" are going to act out and be right here on Perez's website in not too many years because you ignored them. Shame on you Kate.
    You make me happy I spend time every day with my children.

  19. 19

    Re: knitting nut – Agree.

  20. 20

    Re: NotTrue – If you'd watched the original show, you'd know why she is so disliked. I can certainly understand for those who didn't see it, would not know Nightmare from Elm Stree Kate.

  21. 21

    IMHO .. she got herself into this mess .. she was the one who felt like she needed a camera crew in her house to film her life, she knew it would lead to becoming semi-famous .. knowing paparazzi's are going to be taking her picture when she is out and about .. she knew everything that would come from doing her show, and yet she continued on with it, and apparently going to be doing more tv soon as well. She complains that she has to put up with paps every day, and that while she was doing DWTS that being away from the kids was a hard thing to do, well she was the one who signed up for it. I don't feel bad for her at all, and I don;t feel bad for Jon either. They signed up for this life that they now lead. She needs to sit back for a bit and re-evaluate her life, and figure out what truly is important to her. If being on tv is what is important, then quit bitching about being swarmed by people, or having your picture taken all the time .. this is the life you wanted.

  22. 22

    Re: jack schitt – oh, you have to see if you can find the episode where she shrieks at him in Toys R Us. Maybe someone posted it on you tube. One can understand why John left the way he did. Unfortunately he has made way too many choices that have been detrimental to his success. But you can really understand his downward spiral and her winning the crown for Royal B*tch!

  23. 23

    Re: kis95 – well said i agree…

  24. 24

    #1 - she "created" her "shiz" — everyone knows she manufactured kids to get FREEBIES.
    #2 What The SHREW KATE has gone through???? What about the kids??? C'mon, she saw the bright lights, Jon was no longer good enough - Kate the COW thinks she she should dating a movie star . . . pluzzzeee . . .

  25. 25

    You Tube — "Kids Reunion with Kate after 2 weeks" — this is the definitive clip — anyone who likes Kate (and for those don't ) — here's the one that definies it all.

  26. 26

    Duh. And, to stick with it. She's already seen a psychologist or some such. Just enough to take the skills she's learned and deflect responsibility for her actions, etc. on to others. Her IQ is low, too. She's a mimic.

  27. 27

    needs the big O baby

  28. 28

    Well one has to wonder why she is estranged from her brother and you have never once heard about her parents. Girl must be seriously messed up if she is estranged from her blood family, which shows in that she treats her kids like crap!

  29. 29

    Didn't she renew her nursing license ?
    What was that all about … renew it for the fuck of it ?!?
    Best she start learning how to empty and clean bed pans once more and counting pills, else resort to sucking cheesy cocks at $19.95 a pop in WeHo of all places !!!

  30. 30

    I feel bad for her as well. oh wells what can ya do

  31. 31

    Re: PENNSYLVANIA GIRL – well said! btw, you sound like a wonderful mom! :)

  32. 32

    Re: Snickers – And not to mention she has burned every single one of her friends. She has NONE of those left. Her brother and sisters dont want a fucking thing to do with her. She is a fucking bitch plain and simple. And her kids are going to grow up to HATE HER if they already dont.

  33. 33

    Re: PENNSYLVANIA GIRL – Agree. Totally.

  34. tori says – reply to this


    But you see, the thing is…..Her piss-poor attitude and diva antics is not because of what she has been going through in the past year. Her piss-poor atttitude and overall hateful personality is what got her in this situation in the first place. She had a loving husband and 8 beautiful children, but nothing was ever good enough for her. That is why there is NO family in her life now. She is estranged from her parents, her siblings, her former neighbors and friends, and of course, Jon. I think Louis hit the nail on the head.

  35. tori says – reply to this


    Re: kis95 – Great, great point!! And something that has bugged me, too. Just what if they hadn't won the lottery and landed the TV show? How in the world were they planning to support their family then?

  36. 36

    Actually, ya it is reason. She has been and is still going thru a lot.

  37. 37

    Hey Mario, when was the last time you help her pay her bills? Quit talking gas crap out of your ass concerning other ppl, you are not like the best one to talk, all you have to worry about is your mutt dog and your sorry gay ass. Give the lady some room beotch!!!!!

  38. 38

    The reason that I dispise her IS that narcissitic behavoir of hers. I think that she loves her kids but she loves herself more than anyone else on this planet and cannot understand why everyone else does not follow suit. Her shows will be fine more than likely. Because mean people evidently generate lots of publicity otherwise why would TLC keep bankrolling her. I really do hope that she has to come back down to earth. It is a total insult to any mother mainly mothers with a lot of children. To put Miss high and mighty above them all. Couldn't they at least have found someone that could at least pretend to appreciate what has been given to her. I remember reading where one of John's co-workers said that John told them once their babies were born they would never have to work again. So they pimped their babies out before they were even born if that is true. But of course Miss Khate is working now and guess who is the only one with a job. Miss Narcissit herself. Disgusting.

  39. 39

    Re: NotTrue – I agree with you. Some of the ppl that talk shit about others usually do it out of ignorance. I just laugh and let them be…. I even laugh at the idiots that said I had a bad attitude in the mornings, on a regular jos for God's sake!!!! But none of those losers ever paid my bills or child support… so you are not in the minority, there are many that agree with you.. even the ones that don't want to piss "Master Perez" LMAO…

  40. 40

    Re: New Orleans Lady – There is nothing wrong with loving yourself too, most healthy ppl do. That is how they are able to give love to others… If you say that you are a selfless lover then you are nothing but a lying ass and a hypocrite.. cause you know everyone expect something back… Take that and cuzz me all you want because I don't give a flying fuck about it and will continue living without reading your bogus b/s… peace out…

  41. 41

    This guy has no idea what it's like to raise 8 kids,put up with Jon's antics for 2 years, and commute from east to west coast every week and go with 3 hours sleep each night. Neither do you, Perez. DWTS will see less viewers next week as Kate brought in her fans that would normally not watch the half naked other gals on there. American Idol will be on top again next week.

  42. 42

    Re: NotTrue – Kate is a serious hard working mom that worried too much about her kids and over reacted because of fear of them getting hurt or ill. She was married to an immature selfish jerk that increased her stress. She went on this show to face her fears as she feared dancing in front of people and to create and income to care for the 8 kids. Her x is not working

  43. 43

    Of course she needs a shrink! She was a poor nobody, obsessed with having kids even though they had no money, became famous-was a controlling B to her husband on national tv, she's working on a 3 shows, going through a divorce and probably never even gets to see her children, who are the only reason she is even relevant! She needs to get her priorities straight, figure out and finalize her divorce and custody stuff before she goes and tlc whores it up again! Too much fame and money for a basic nobody! Anyone would need a shrink after all that too!

  44. 44

    Does it bother anyone that she had 8 kids knowing at the time that they had regular jobs and now if they aren't making movie star amounts than it ain't worth a damn. Why is it our responsibility to see that Kate stays in the limelight to make her fortune? She was downright cruel to John on the show. It is her personality! She isn't going to change. The show was successful because it was about their children. Sextuplets were rare…they are adorable. SHE ISN'T!!! I don't want to see her on tv or in a book. At this point she is giving me ocotomom creeps. If the networks feel so bad for her than give her a job behind the scenes. But for pete's sakes get her out of the public eye…she can't handle it and we can't handle her personality. Anyone interested in her is just waiting for her to crash and burn. That's not fair to anyone. ENOUGH with her and her family already.

  45. 45

    Louis?????? who the fuck r u to tell someone they need to get help? i mean ur some crappy drancer for crying out loud. go back to ur gay bar and shut up. i just dont think its ur place to say this especially since u are still a contestant and all. its rude.

  46. 46

    Re: NotTrue – i agree

  47. 47

    All you guys sound just like her ppppffffttttt

  48. 48


  49. 49

    Her kids ALREADY need a shrink. Booooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooo for poor Kate……NOT. All the Psychologists in the world cant fix her. There is NO cure for being a cold B*I*T*C*H.

  50. 50

    She was not acting like a bitch b/c of all the hell she's been through. Did you WATCH the show? She created the hell by being a complete and total bitch from day one. She is a wooden control freak who doesn't let her kids get dirty, controls their organic food intake and "creates memories" instead of freakin' interacting with her kids and then husband.

    It's a shame Jon also turned out to be a dirt bag, it's taken the focus away from the fact that Kate f'd up the whole thing.

  51. 51

    shes a spoiled controlling brat….im surprised jon was with her for that long she was never a wife or even a caring mother… and her piss poor attitude and diva shiat is nothing new

  52. 52

    Hard to feel sorry for someone who brought this on herself by her actions and choices. She has always been a shrew. She just used to use her 8 kids as the excuse. Now she uses them as the excuse to justify her need to be in the spotlight.

  53. 53

    um… where are her parents?? Family before Jon?? No sympathy. My vote is DIVA

  54. 54

    oh yeah . . . she REALLY loves being with her kids . . . NOT.
    "Two days after being booted off Dancing With the Stars, Kate Gosselin returned home Thursday.
    Wearing glasses and accompanied by her bodyguard Steve Neild, the reality TV mom, 35, popped by her $1.1 million home in Wernersville, Pa., to spend some time with her eight children.
    But she wasn't there for long.
    After a 20-minute visit, she packed her suitcase, hopped into a waiting limousine outside and took off with her bodyguard, leaving her kids with a nanny. (for an appearance on Regis & Kelly (no MONEY for this - only KATE on TV - again)
    Who on earth STILL thinks this woman is a good mother???????

  55. 55

    Re: blsdjan – I'm copying this again for you - just so you can have a chance to see the REAL Kate Gosselin . . .


    You Tube — "Kids Reunion with Kate after 2 weeks" — this is the definitive clip — anyone who likes Kate (and for those don't ) — here's the one that definies it all.

  56. 56

    Mother of God . . . . does she NOT realize there are these things knows as CAMERAS?
    She was filmed returning to PA on THURSDAY.
    But, BUT — she wrote THIS on her TLC Blog referring to the night agter (WEDNESDAY) she was dumped —
    "Gosselin made no mention of her DWTS ousting in a new TLC blog post. The night after her elimination, she claimed she "spent an exciting evening" packing her kids' school lunches using "piles of Ziploc snack bags."
    LIAR. Geez . . .

  57. 57

    Re: hamnip – HA! That is probably true!!! Best medicine for anyone in a crappy, cranky mood!!!! (and I am sure, after seeing Jon's tiny peen, that is part of the reason she was so cranky!!!) Very funny….

  58. 58

    Re: Lulu-2 – In all fairness, I have seen plenty of clips where the kids are playing with Kate and asking where daddy is, and clips of him ripping art projects out of their hands and making them cry, standing at the gates talking to reporters, smoking or on the cell phone while his kids try to get his attention. He also was playing with guns on their property, slept around with MANY women, moves to NY which is pretty darn far away (when he could commute- my brother does from about the same area) etc. I am not "Team ANYONE" …I am just pointing out that you could put together a You Tube piece representing Jon in a pretty bad light if you wanted to with John Mayer's "Daughter's" playing as an example of how to behave to set a good example if you wanted to. It is all ultimately in the editing process…

  59. 59

    Re: Natanya – You are right. There are definitely clips, photos out there of Jon ignoring the kids while on the phone, smoking.
    I just used to watch the show (it re-ran late at night when I couldn't sleep . .. it was that or "Shamwow" type stuff . . .)
    I finally couldn't watch anymore because of her behavior. Yep, isolated photo of both, but it you'd watched for a couple years like I stupidly did, I think you would, too, have noticed how she treats her children.

  60. 60

    Interesting - TLC, the channel that employs Kate Gosselin, has mysteriously removed "Cupcake-gate" and "Gum-gate" from their viewing.
    Hmmm, two of the most damning videos - from the SHOW - somehow are no longer there . . .

  61. 61

    So sick of hearing how, "she's doing it for the kids". BS, she gets 22k a month in child support. Plus her own money. If she can't live off that much money, then somethings wrong. Besides.. do you have a nannie, a body guard, get your nails done, your house cleaned, should I go on? People don't be so damn stupid, it's all about Kate. She is narcissitic and it will ALWAYS be about her. Those kids are going to be soooooo f***ed up.

  62. 62

    The shiz she's been dealing with is of her own making. Props to Louis for being HONEST and finally speaking the truth about Kate. More in the entertainment industry need to follow his example.

  63. 63

    Other woman That have gone through her same horrible situation with marriage hide out. She has stayed strong and has been making a name for herself to support those kids, she didn't have the luxury to hide out ,We got to give her credit for that. You got to put some walls up at least for a bit to stay strong for those kids and keep it all in order. Her kids are fed ,house not in foreclosure,And she is starting to get herself back on top of that. I think she needs a break and would like to see her in love and happy.

  64. 64

    Re: Lulu-2 – Lulu~ true, true…let's just say I think we are both lucky they weren't our parents???? :)

  65. 65

    Re: Lulu-2 – p.s. we fell for the late night sham wow purchase…not a bad product!!!

  66. 66

    sorry. even jon is better than kate.

  67. 67

    maybe it's possible she just didn't try at all - i.e. to dance well.. maybe she just went thru the motions to get whatever money they get from being on that show? and/or .. maybe she's just a crappy dancer - but it really appeared like she didn't try.

  68. 68

    Forget psychologist…she needs a permanent lock-up in the nut ward!
    With a mouth gaga so she can't talk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. 69

    Re: Natanya – HA ! I was watching the wrong show ! Thanks for th tip !Re: Natanyaa9 – - Agree again !

  70. 70

    I would like to know where she put Jesus and all the bible scriptures now??? She used to have them hanging in the house and they would always be talking about religion and visiting churches so where is holier than thou Kate now??

  71. 71

    This woman has no talent and should have never been put on the show except for a laugh. But they want that spotlight it has nothing to do with feeding the kids she is a RN for god sake, she can make money doing that and be with the kids more.
    Please no more Kate Gosslin, and do not put her on anymore talk shows let her go home and take care of those children.
    I am sure she has great health insurance so please get some help and take some anger management classes while you are at it.

  72. 72

    Anyone who watched her John and Eight plus eight or read her books would know she's a bully and a narcissitic pig. I don't feel sorry for her. I am furious when she tries to say that she's a big b*tch because she has to many kids. She had them and if she didn't know how much work being the mother of eight would be, she should have stopped at two. As a mother myself, I can say that I knew up front having more kids would mean I'd have to work harder. She acts put upon because she has eight kids. With her million dollar contracts and flurry of nannies, she has no idea. She needs to shut up.

  73. 73

    Re: MissPava – Kate Gosselin has said on the record she is "Too famous" to go to church, i.e., everyone bothers her.
    Hard to see that happening as Steve "the bodyguard" manhandles anyone who comes near her.

  74. 74

    you people are to much, she is a single mom of 8!! i think she is doing a fantastic job considering all of her kids are healthy and seem happy and arent running around doing crack or throwing drinks in peoples faces, lets stick to those fuck-ups and leave the hardworking hard-done-too mothers alone! christ has she not put up with enough shit the last couple of years, i dont think she is a diva i think she has learned that in this industry you have to demand what you want in order to be heard.

  75. 75

    Re: scandelishous – Seriously? You really don't know about this Monster?