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71 comments to “More Lohan Tweeting!”

  1. 1

    she's more literate than i thought she'd be. still a loser addict. raised by wolves, apparently…

  2. losky says – reply to this


    this makes me sick. that whole family, the only way to save them is to stop giving them the possibilities to do this in public. stop airing lindsay lohan, stop showing her mother, stop showing her distrubed father. It is one of the saddest things in the world to see exactly why LL is the way she is. If she had responsible parents who honestly were parental figures in her life she would still have a good career. But BOTH her parents are fame whores. They would sell LL to a whore house as long as it was funding their fun. The saddest thing that could happen from this all, and if something isnt done soon will DEFLY happen, is LL dying. That would be so tragic over these two stupid parents.

  3. 3

    She looks good, in a slutty way!

  4. lya says – reply to this


    I feel sorry for her. I can't even imagine how it is to have her parents. yes she's a wreck but I would be too in her case. When I don't want to talk to someone I just turn off my phone, in her case her father is everywhere!!And when we forget about her for a moment (a few minutes), her father comes in and starts it all again.

  5. 5

    Wow, I can actually feel her pain. Stop bring me down Lindsay! If this isn't a cry for help, I don't know what is. Sad.

  6. 6

    Someone should tweet her and tell her to stfu already….get help psycho.

  7. 7

    your a delusional asshole! Police dont and wont go into anyones house without proably cause! They have proably cause with all the video and picture evidence of you stumbling out of clubs in the early hours of the morning and now they have your incoherent tweets! Your "mommy" is nothing more then a piece of shit party girl! If she was a real parent she would be doing something to save either one of her kids but she aint so she isnt!And all her little supporters are just as delusional and pathetic as she is!

  8. 8

    Oh and LMFAO who is home schooling ALi? This fucking nitwit who can barely string two words togeather?? HAHAHAHA THATS FUNNY!

  9. 9

    it shouldn't matter what "Mommy & Daddy" did…she's a grown ass woman..let her live her life…

  10. 10

    This guy obviously cares only about her well being. Look…he is not getting off on talking to Harvey Levin…this is unfortunately the only way he can reach his daughter. She is a major mess and is completely brainwashed into thinking she can handle this lifestyle. The guy was only in jail because of his children in the first place…and paying child support and alimony to support a lifestyle that Dina Lohan feels she has some entitlement to is ridiculous…the girl needs rehab and Michael Lohan is willing to whatever it takes to get her there…this isn't living…it isn't real, and she will die or lose whatever career she has in her future….she obviously cannot handle it.

  11. 11

    if i were Lindsay or Ali I would be pissed even more. it's terrible that her sick father can make such a thing with POLICE help. it's horryfying that this psychol can walk into her apartament at any time. but i'm affraid that all her tweets and all that mess is what he wants.he will do anything for publicity.

  12. 12

    okay seriously……I realize her father is a douchebag but she only makes her self look worse when she tweets about him or reacts to what he does..If he is truly out of your life than don't acknowledge him!! Everyone knows he is trying to get his 15 minutes…and all this girl does when she response is lose more of hers… Take the high road girl..get your career back on track and forget him…seriously I think he is jealous of his own daughter…sad, very sad!!

  13. 13

    STFU LINDSAY!!! Stop partying, Stop Drinking, Stop Drugging and get HELP already. The only reason you are going on these rants about your father is because you have absolutely NOTHING going on in your life.
    Your career is basically OVER, and you are so desperate for attention that you will do ANYTHING to get it. If you just ignored your crazy father, he would stop. She is just enabling him. You are an ALCOLHOLIC Miss Lohan, go to AA, get help, or you will soon be joining Anna Nicole, Heath, Corey, and Brittany. Help yourself before it is too late!!!

  14. 14

    home schooling does not work for someone like Alianna Lohan and Lindsay's the biggest fool for thinking anyone would believe she does home schooling. Dina is like one of those parents that lets the kids get high/drunk at home, that way they're "under her roof and not running the streets"…….any parent that uses this as an excuse, is a horrible excuse for a parent and never deserved the children that God blessed them with to begin with.
    Obviously Lindsay never went to school - she can't even spell ridiculous……..
    Also, Lindsay is an adult and while the support may be in arrears - he wouldn't own anything on her after she turned 18………which was years ago…..the entire family should just drop dead…….

  15. 15

    tell them lindsay,people seriously need to mind their own buisness you never know whats really going on behind closed doors

  16. 16

    Re: Douche Hunter – exactly! Im sure he feels this is the only way to get thru to her! She LIVES her life in the media, she craves the attention with out it she is nothing! Stupid people just dont realize it they are suckered into feeling bad for this waste of space!

  17. 17

    I really do feel for her but she's not doing herself any favours by 'tweeting' about it.

  18. 18

    No one caaaaaaares. She's just happy to have a way of getting in the media. Could she be more of a famewhore? Get over yourself lindsey…The rest of us were after Herbie. Why don't you go drink yourself into a stupor some more.

  19. 19

    SHES GOT A POINT GET HER FATHER AWAY FROM THEM!! the judge needs to issue a restraining order from t he fame whor father, protect those girls!!

  20. 20

    Team Lindsey

  21. dd says – reply to this


    She needs to stfu about it and not add more fuel to the fire.

  22. 22

    God damn. Shes so fucked up becasue of her parents. I can see her commiting suicied.. Shes going insane… thats show biz kids.

    YOu are what you make of yourself, you choose how others effect you. If she disowed her father.. then why doesnt she get over it. Liek she doing alllll thsi to herself. YOu get what you ask for its pretty clear adn simple

  23. 23

    Maybe if she changes her ways and really turns her life around then maybe all this Bullshit with the tabloids, and the gossip tv shows will go away.
    But if she really cared about herself and her family she would clean herself up. But I dont see it, what I see is her untimely demise. All this shit is her fault and she is the only one who can change it. Clean yourself up and get a real job, instead of being a unemployed actress.

  24. 24

    She looks like a street walker in that outfit!

  25. 25

    good lord her body looks great.
    i wonder what she's eating..

    lindsay needs to stop relying on her pathetic parents.
    they're BOTH bad influences on her
    and she's gonna screw with ali's life too!

    pammie8 & douche hunter - u guys obviously haven't been following the stories that long. if you have, you would see michael lohan is just a famewhore

  26. chiro says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but lidsay needs help!!! Why isn't Ali at home with her mom?! Anyone that's crazy enough to let her stay with Lindsay needs help themselves!!! The WHOLE FAMILY needs help! Dina needs her kids taken away!

  27. 27

    Re: tamzin – you think that is literate??? I can hardly understand what she is trying to say!! It looks like the attempt at typing when someone is completely wasted and on the verge of passing out. So pathetic

  28. SS18 says – reply to this


    A little bit of respect has risen up for her.
    Sticking up for herself and her sister. Good for her.

  29. 29

    TWO THIngs about this story.
    1]Why is Lindsay's mother letting a 16 year old visit her sister and even if she does have a guardian, the mother should be going with her.
    2] Why is Lindsay's father airing his dirty laundry for everyone to see? He is just sinking his daughter's career even worse and the only reason we know this family is because of the daughter. He should be protecting the career and not sinking it further.

  30. 30

    Re: Douche Hunter – Yea right. Her dad is such a fame whore money hungry loser, he is busy trying to find an angle to control her estate= money by creating drama and stalking her. SO SAD. Dude is a major asshole loser leech. Im going to be so happy when she can get a restraining order on this piece of shit. He wishes it was him goin out and having fun with all the movies money and fame! He is obsessed with Lindseys fame and wishes it was his. Him exploiting her for his own nasty selfish money chasing ways is discusting. I hope I never see this guy in public.

  31. 31

    Lohan you are the liar….. drug addict.. and theft. Home school my ass. Ali doesn't do a home base schooling. You are your father and mother….. At least your father is trying to help you. Your Orange Oprah that you have for a mother is just like you and more….. Go and get help LOSER……….

  32. 32

    Re: DebDebs – @ 24 - she's not far off from being one either, it appears…….

  33. 33

    Her tweets are poorly written, NOT AT ALL NEWSWORTHY, and she prattles on ad nauseum, adding fuel to the media driven maelstrom. Lindsey need to truly STFU already, but doing so implies some semblance of intellect. There's no such thing happening here, people.

  34. 34

    btw, SOMEHOW, Lindsay looks pretty in this pic. I wondering WHO is giving her money to keep up the lifestyle…????

  35. 35

    CALLING DR. DREW! He's the only sane one in this story.

    I would so love to see Lindsay turn out okay. She was one very good little actress!

  36. 36

    Re: MoonlightMassage – you are clueless.

  37. 37

    Very well said-Lindsay may be crazy but shes not stupid!I feel sympathetic for Lindsay-being raised by these 2 nitwits.Hey Michael Lohan-get the hint. You are NOT a celebrity-your daughter is-not because of you-but in spite of you. Your 15 minutes of fame is way over-please GO AWAY!!

  38. 38

    Re: poosie – You don't get it

  39. 39

    I'm on her side for once.

  40. 40

    Can we just adopt a "just don't look" attitude w/ Michael Lohan? I find him so repulsive (not in a good way). Lindsay is as a grown woman, for better or worse. If he really cared he'd try to have some class for the sake of his daughter's career.

  41. 41

    Wholy crap! She seems more literate that I would have thought. Her dad sounds like a kook and famewhore. Not sure about Mom. I am surprised that her parents or Aunt, grandmother, distant cousin etc. have not stepped in like Brittney's dad did. Do they not even give a crap? She is messed up.

  42. 42

    Love that crazy bitch ! keep the rants coming girl !

  43. 43

    I'm sure she did a line or two after she tweeted to take the edge off… or maybe that's what started it..

  44. Coqi says – reply to this


    For someone who begs to have her privacy respected, she sure does talk as much as she can to the press and public.

  45. 45

    She looks like a cheap prostitute. Can she please drop dead soon so we stop having to hear about her?

  46. 46

    Boy I bet this ho is a real JOY to be around.

  47. WoMC says – reply to this


    So this is what the local white trash trailer court is all about….is this even news? Is she even relevant at all?

  48. 48

    We do NOT know the details of Ali's homeschooling or her progress. We do NOT know for sure what Lindsay's health is or the extent of any substance abuse problems she may or may not have. We DO know that Ali has stayed with Lindsay on and off since 2009 and has not been seen once publicly drunk or in any serious trouble and for Michael to make this a pretense to invade his daughter's apartment is despicable. Lindsay makes an attempt here to communicate her point of view as her father is very vocal in communicating his. Hopefully, LIndsay is being honest about Ali's guardian, I have heard that there is a team of people that see to Ali's well-being when she visits/works with her sister.

  49. 49

    Ali is allowed to visit her sister for those that keep asking why she is with Lindsay. She goes there from time to time and spends a few weeks. What many may not realize is the girl is working with Lindsay. They did a photoshoot back in January for Lindsay's line and an actress friend of LIndsay stated that Ali and her are working on a show together. It's not all fun and games and shopping and going to music festivals with the Lohan sisters.

  50. 50


  51. 51

    This whole family is fucked. Lindsay needs to stop tweeting and go to rehab to get her shit together, and Orange Oprah and her dad need to just fuck off somewhere….like to a third world country or something.

  52. 52

    She really needs to actually read her own words. All the answers she needs are right there:
    "my mother is AMAZING! not ANYTHING like what Michael is saying. W/out her, i wouldn't of been able to follow my dreams and be as strong as i am today"
    Her Mother is indeed the reason she's where she is right now, a drunken waste of space. Dump that enabling bitch from your life and you just might get yourself together again. And do it quickly before you ruin another life (your sister) by dragging her down with you.

  53. 53

    I know people on this site are biased against Lindsay, but as a girl who has grown up in a similar situation (except different parent situation), I can relate to her. Her dad is obviously trying to defame her in really personal ways. What Lindsay does in public (if it's even as bad as the media make it out to be), is her own problem to deal with and I', sure she realized that very well. But this terrible excuse for a father is truly trying to destroy her in every possible way including emotionally. This is called emotional abuse, stalking, slandering, lying, vindictive behavior and it's terrible. He's trying to regain a relationship with his daughters and going about it in possibly the worst way ever. For Dr. Drew to endorse this kind of "intervention" as he puts it, really shows how credible he is as a doctor. Didn't Dr. Phil do this too? What's with men and wanting to try to help Lindsay Lohan? Dina may be a crazy Lady, but she obviously wants her daughter to succeed and she stands by her like any real mother would. All I say to readers who hate Lindsay Lohan, she may be troubled (if gossip sites are to be believed), but what Michael Lohan is doing is blatant, obvious and actually happening in front of out own eyes. I have a feeling her Dad may be the biggest danger to her life.

  54. 54


  55. 55

    Too bad, she is a beautiful girl..but she looks so trashy now..her outfit is awful and she looks kind of dirty. Hopefully she will get her act together. She is talented, young and beautiful. She could do so much with her life. Hopefully she will see the light and turn her life around.

  56. 56

    the entire lot of them are trash! Why doesnt she just ignore him - when she responds to anything he does or says, she's giving him just what he wants! I'm not defending her craziness in any way, but it must really suck to have a dad that wants attention as much as you do. What a trailer trash acting family!

  57. 57

    holy shit, really? put on some fucking clothes. that's the least you could do to improve your reputation.

  58. 58

    Re: Douche Hunter – yea got it had it. its over your head retard.

  59. 59

    Re: Unbelievable! – Like you live with em. Get off your high horse. Her shit for brains was on tv yesterday and has an agenda the size of south america. He doesnt have parental rights over Ali not to mention he wants conserveratorship over Linds estate. He is tryin to create drama and illusion to gratify his own financial greed. Boy if I had a dad like him…I would be working with top security, the authorities, and courts to shut his ass OUT where he clearly belongs.

  60. 60

    i think she looks cute and adorable. yall hating are just jealous you couldnt look as good as she does in this outfit/pic. lose some weight and stop your displaced moaning and bitching!

  61. 61

    OMG! Stop giving her press!! She'll get her ish together if she's not in the limelight… Retire Lohan!!!

  62. 62

    way to air out your dirty laundry for the whole world to see.. no one cares

  63. 63

    This is all VERY sad but VERY entertaining

  64. 64

    I make an effort not to hate on people i don't know. But i can't help it, i despise michael lohan. What kind of father airs his familys dirty laundry in front of the whole world? He is such a friken fame whore. He will do anything to stay in the gossip mags, even if it means fucking over his family. Lindsay would be a lot better off if he stayed the fuck out of her life. He says he wants to help her get better, yet he only makes it worse. I don't think there is even anything wrong with her, he just makes out that there is for the publicity. What a fucked up piece of crap.

  65. 65

    who really cares let this idiot self destrust .. who gives a fuck about saving lindsey lohan her parents are both kooks and she hasnt acted in about 10 yrs shes off the radar other then the fact that she shows up at hollywood parties and stays in the spotlight by letting the paparazzi follow her around she actually growing up to be exactly like her dad.

  66. 66

    Re: poosie – Well I will say the only reason she's as thin as she is isss because she's a drug addict addicted to popping pills and cocaine and whatever else gets her high. Trust me it's not because she puts in a healthy amount of 30 minute cardio three times a week. lmao~! I can't even respond to these post anymore because it's a neverending desire of mine to want to help her, but I can't. It's her life….it's her choice. And as for her father, at first I was like why is he humiliating her? But I do see why, it's because he feels he can't get through to Dina and her so what else would you do? It's 3 vs 1 and I'm sure it breaks your heart when you see all the people you care about fall into darkness.

  67. 67

    this comment has to do with the alec baldwin painting…my brother happened to sell his paintings for a boat load of money in galleries all over the world. some for $75,000. he was in the new york expo twice. my profile pic is an image of one of his paintings. he has thousands of them all over the world. portraits weren't his favorite thing to do but people like them and so artists do them. he has a ten year old daughter who no longer has a father. you see, he is no longer with us and to see all the crap written about something her dad painted broke her heart. i know that people who gossip and tear others down don't care about feelings. but one of you has a seven year old. i'm sure some of you have siblings. i'm protective of family and dean just happened to also be my best friend. that painting may not have done his work justice but he was a talent like no other and very blessed. so, maybe some will hear what i'm saying and maybe not. we are all human, do we have to be so quick to point fingers as if we know what we are talking about. none of us do. we are all here looking for the same things. if that seven year old can paint better than dean, he should be developing that talent. i'm fairly certain that was a just a sarcastic remark. i'm pretty sure if you couldn't paint that painting, you would have already. so, whatever…just had to say something. it made me mad and it hurt not just me but his daughter.

  68. 68

    maybe it's the mirror we should look into before we laugh at something we know nothing about. unfortunately, none of you ever got to meet dean. he was a friend to everyone he ever met. and if you saw any of his paintings up close you wouldn't be laughing.

  69. 69

    it seriously seems to me like she is being brainwashed by her own mother…everything she is saying here we have been listening to from Dina for years! He doesn't pay child support blah blah blah…shut up already! You want money from the man you constantly say you hate and you never want to see again…cant have it both ways

  70. 70

    looking somewhat good lindsey~
    just get a new stylist please!
    and do some good movies, im begging.

  71. 71

    That man's behaviour is so obscenely inappropriate! I wonder why Lindsay doesn't press charges, get a restraining order? He harasses her more than the press and, considering she's a celeb, that's saying something! I don't blame her one bit wanting nothing to do with him. It's too bad you can't change your DNA :(