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Want To See Johnny Depp, The Rock Star??

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Johnny Depp is apparently going to fulfill his dreams of rock stardom this summer by touring with the British band Babybird as their guitarist!

The group apparently was originally hesitant to have him, because of the crazy fandom that no doubt will ensue, but sources are now confirming that two former members of the special armed forces will be present to make sure no one gets too crazy!

The insider says:

"These guys are experts in restraint. They don't mess about and can handle any situation."

Wow! We wonder if Johnny will be able to keep up! He'll be playing gigs and festivals with the group during June and July!

What do U think?? Would U want to see Johnny break it down with Babybird??

[Image via AP Images.]

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31 comments to “Want To See Johnny Depp, The Rock Star??”

  1. 1

    HELL YES!!!

  2. xara says – reply to this


    por supuestoooo..donde?? yo voy!!!!!

  3. 3

    Go now to www.whatisyourrevenge.com , you have to check out this new trailer!

  4. 4

    This jerkoff is a bore. Mr "I hate Americans" is nothing more than a grasping, groping ego trip who is greedy as hell.

  5. 5

    PEREZ!! please please let us know the very second you know dates/locations/ticket info!!!!!!

  6. 6

    Hey. If that is what he wants to do, then bully for him, but I would not pay to see him play. He is probably mediocre at best or he would already be a guitarist. Stick to pirate movies and you will be better off mate.

    Did they ever find out what's eating Gilbert Grape? Maybe a sequel to that to clear that issue up would be better than Rock Stardome.

  7. 7

    wow! i would!
    make you sure post the vid up of him playing, perez!!!!

  8. 8

    omg yess!!!

  9. 9

    i want dates perez !!

  10. 10

    How can he be touring in June and July when that's when he's going to be filming POTC4. I call BS on this story.

  11. 11

    He probably sucks but it doesn't matter because he's so hot, I'd let him go ass to mouth.

  12. 12

    He is so awsome!!

  13. 13

    i'm so over this asshole. he defended polanski. who cares what he does or says about anything anymore.

  14. Laury says – reply to this


    You bet your ass I'd like to see it! Johnny the actor is already hot, I can only imagine how hot Johnny the rock star would be!

  15. 15

    who the fuck is babybird ?

  16. 16

    What do you mean "band"? Babybird is just one guy plus he sucks. he sounds just like Coldplay and sucks just like them.

  17. 17

    um, YES.

  18. 18

    Ah, heck yeah!

  19. 19

    i'd do it.
    have sex with him i mean.
    oh yeah a band…that's cool too…

  20. 20

    Johnny is a great actor who sounds as if he is having a little bit of a mid-life crisis…great news for all you groupies out there!!

  21. 21

    i wanna see i wanna see!

  22. 22

    This summer i'd LOVE to see The Libertines!!!! and Johnny Depp with Babybird would be cool too.

  23. 23

    Johnny Depp? Guitar? Guitar? Johnny Depp? JOHNNY DEPP?! GUITAR???! I think i've made my point…..

  24. 24

    Well, of course! He's my favorite actor in Hollywood, everything he does I would approve. I don't even care whether he'd suck or not (though I'm sure he'd be good since he's a versatile and hardworking man).
    Plus, it's great to see that he finally reaches his dream of being a guitarist. This guy just deserves everything.

  25. 25


  26. 26


  27. Fia says – reply to this


    Yes, Yes, YES!!!!!!!!!! It was what he originally came to Hollywood to do!

  28. 28

    Johnny Depp…Sex God,Pirate now GUITAR GODD !!!!!

  29. 29

    this isn't new, hes been playing guitar forever, he played with oasis, he plays on some of his soundtracks, he's been doing charity concerts with his old band for a while, they were on this site. he's pretty good.

    to whoever said he must suck otherwise he'd be a rock star…you must not understand the business. there are tons of really talented musicians who never make it. talent doesn't always equal success, unfortunately.

  30. 30


  31. 31

    He was in a band before he ever started acting so HELL TO THE YES