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Orange Oprah Still In Massive Denial

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We hate to say it, but this denial is worse than ANYTHING that awful, famewhoring Michael Lohan is doing!

Dina Lohan is once again blabbing to the press about how fine her mess of a daughter, Lindsanity, is, and we can't even laugh at how delusional she is.

Says Dina of Lindsanity:

"They scared the hell out of my girls. Ali called me hysterically crying. They were hysterical and petrified of him. I spoke to the [police officer] and said, 'You don’t have a warrant, get out!' Lindsay is absolutely, 100 percent, not [a bad influence]. Ali is amazing. She loves her sister. Would I let my daughter go anywhere that's dangerous? I mean, come on, Ali and Lindsay need to be protected from their ex-father. That's the dangerous situation. He's creating a worse situation for everyone. Michael's not well. Nothing he does surprises me. He's dangerous. He's not going to be able to [intrude] again and get that close. Ali doesn't want to see him again. She has a block on her phone because she was so petrified of him. He needs to pay child support and leave his kids alone. I'm not going to sit idle and watch bad things happen to my kids."

Sorry, lady. You've been sitting by idly for years now watching bad things happen. Why would anything change now?

So sad.

[Image via WENN.]

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112 comments to “Orange Oprah Still In Massive Denial”

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  1. 1

    Ali is not amazing; sorry. She's a little prune faced troll.

  2. 2

    Why would she think Lindsey is bad influence? clearly 16 year olds staying out a night is an okay thing to Dina.

  3. 3

    Lindsay and Ali need to get far away from both Dina and Michael. They are so messed up themselves, how can they help their daughters? The girls probably couldn't find someone else that they could trust but that would be ideal. Unfortunately, they will need to straighten themselves up on their own and that is easier said than done.

  4. 4

    This women is the epitome of what it means to be a bad mother.

  5. 5

    I really feel sorry for these girls. They are stuck with a father who is nothing more than a goombah wannabe and a stage mother worse than Joan Crawford. Why would anyone call a press conference to say that they are worried about their children like this? That is why there are courts and family service agencies. How can anyone look at the behavior of someone who is legally an adult acting like this and say that everything is fine? Did we not learn anything from the tragedy of Corey Haim?

    At this rate, it is only a matter of time until something dreadful happens. I hope to God that someone competent (which leaves both parents out) steps in and gets help for both of these girls.

  6. 6

    so typical: "He needs to pay child support and leave his kids alone"
    + earn your own money you stupid b#tch

  7. 7

    shes crazzy too!! another famewhore… please save lindsay

  8. 8

    No way would my mom let me live with my wild sister when I was a teenager.
    Ali will get a jump on her hereditary craziness. Woo Hoo maybe she and Lindsay can crash and burn together! Then they could go to rehab and find religion together. They would look so cute with red string bracelets

  9. 9

    Yet everyone is saying that Lindsay is close to dying from the way she parties. Is Dina in denial or just stupid? or worst doesn't care I mean its clear to everyone that Lindsay needs help except her mother.

  10. 10

    please wake me when they're dead, thank you

  11. 11

    Shes gonna feel real stupid when Lindsay dies. Get over the denial lady!

  12. 12

    Whos a worse parent? Hard to say-but they are both horrible people!! I hope Lindsay gets better-but I cant see either of these fame whoring wack jobs being helpful.Lindsey needs a family member she can trust-aunt-grandmother-whatever or a good & true friend to help.

  13. 13

    What an idiot!! Yet she'll be the first one crying and saying "no one tried to help us" when those girls die.

  14. 14

    I'm just a D-I-C-K
    But I know C-R-A-Z-Y when I see it
    Dina Lohan is one C-R-A-Z-Y …..B-E-E-Y-U-T-C-H
    At least Michael Lohan is trying to help his Daughters
    Then again what do I know cause I'm just a D-I-C-K

  15. 15

    no one cares about ur fuckin family bitch keep ur fuckin tweets to urself whats so sad about this anyway i could care less fuck those kids and fuck this old bag.

  16. 16

    Lady — shut your yapper and get your ass on a plane and CHECK on your fucking children. WTF? It's not like you WORK or have anything to do all day other than field fucking phone calls and read news items about how your daughter has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. I would be in LA staying with my children and making sure they were alright — not listening to the long distance lies of a well-documented drug addict. I give Lindsay 6 months before she meets tragic ends i.e., overdose resulting in brain damage, crippling accident, long-term jail sentence or death. Something's gonna give and it isn't gonna be cute.

  17. 17

    they need help!! please help them!!! lindsay needs to go to rehab!!!! if you are reading thisss DINA LOHAN!!! PLEASEEE SAVER YOUR DAUGHTER SHE NEEDS YOU SO MUCH!! SHES SO UNHEALTHY AND SHES A COCAINE ADDICT …. HELP HER BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!

  18. 18

    She looks like E.T.
    I wish the whole effing family would go away.
    They arent worth looking at.

  19. 19

    Is her grandma touching her face? What is wrong with her hands?

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Why are the Lhan's allowing their 16-year-old daughter to live with her mess of a sister? Not that living wth her parents would be much better, but damn!

  22. 22

    no one gives a shit about this site anymore, do they?

  23. 23

    Well, I hope they're all happy! Lohan lost another movie role cause they can't stop airing their dirty laundry in public!

  24. 24

    Why is she across the country and not with her daughters? She needs to do the same thing like Brit's family did for Britney. DINA SHOULD be with her daughters and not letting some young girl chaperone ALi. Dina's priorities are not with her children! Ali's chaperone is just another girl to party with. This is way too much freedom for a 16 year old.
    I hope they're all happy! Lindsay lost another movie role because of them airing their dirty laundry to the whole world!

  25. 25

    Bad parents=troubled children. Airing the dirty laundry in public over and over is proof she's a bad parent.

  26. 26

    wow. this whole situation is so screwed up. for people who had normal childhoods, i don’t think you can understand what this family has been put through by Michael Lohan. things are very different when you grow up in a family that is affected by insanity. your parents are supposed to be loving caring people that suport you. but when your parent is psychotic, things are not normal. you are affected by it.

  27. 27

    . some (like lindsay) are driven to drink and do drugs to try and dull the pain of family life. lindsay is not insane, her father is, and she is having a very hard time dealing with it. the mother is also, and on top of that she is not able to express the pain that she and her kids are in over him. he is the reason lindsay has gotten into the mess her life is. this man has done this to her. he kidnapped her once, and has threatened to do so again and again. he stalks her. he uses the authorities to stalk her. the man is psychotic.

  28. 28

    he is dangerous. he threatens her, and all because he says he wants to talk to her. now he is threatening to take over her life legally. if lindsay is ever going to get herself under control, she needs to deal with the heart of the problem, her father. once he is back in prison, or she can somehow eliminate him from her life, i think we will all see a much different lindsay lohan. but for a public figure, that is hard, since he just keeps running to any media outlet he can get to listen. i think it is sad to see a father harrass and abuse his daughter publicly like this. the next time he tweets about kidnapping her or whatever, I think we should all call the police and report him.

  29. 29

    That mother is so hopeless it is sickening, and the whole family needs help really. I still can't believe one minute the crazy mother is hopping on a band wagon saying she believes that this company is portraying her daughter in a bad light by saying they are using her daughter's name when they call her a "mikaholic" and then turn around and keep saying Lindsay is doing great. Yeah right. She is wonderful, and stays out all night all the time just so she can get ice cream and cake. Dina is hopeless, and although I tend to wonder about some of Michaels motives I am more on his side right now. He might be creepy, and a not the greatest at times, but still, I think he might be a bit more on the right track right now. Dina get your head out of your butt you dim wit.

  30. 30

    she needs to fucking stop talking to the media like we all care, and ACTUALLY fix things!!!! you're all talk dina!

  31. 31

    Micheal Lohan also is on a cheare dating service,which has nude pictures of him witha hard on.It says seeking beautiful blondes between the ages of 21-30
    I'm looking for a lindsays lookalike so call lindsays father and manager for good times must be discreet.The younger the better….ML!

  32. 32

    Man look at her old hands. Jesus

  33. 33

    Are there INSANE ASYLUMS that takes ENTIRE FAMILIES?

  34. 34

    Per mom Dina: "I mean, come on"
    Exactly - that's what most of us think, too — I mean, come on, there is a PROBLEM.
    What is Ali - 16 or 17 years old? Minor? Huh?

  35. 35

    Re: kitchengoddess – Agree with you entirely -
    " No way would my mom let me live with my wild sister when I was a teenager."

  36. 36

    You know, maybe her dad is not all together, but it DOES seem like he is trying to help her.

  37. 37

    Lindsay needs to carry a gun & be prepared to shoot Michael next time he pulls this stunt.

    & the world will applaud her.

  38. 38


  39. ass says – reply to this


    And the ironic part is, you've actually been responsible for a lot of the BS that's gone on with that family Perez. So kudos to you, douchebag.

  40. 40

    Re: QUEEN FOR A KNIGHT – omg what cheap dating service?

  41. 41

    she will realize it after Lindsay dies; or maybe before her youngest follows in her sisters footsteps.

  42. 42

    you can base how good a person is off of their hands, and gosh look at those gosh awful HANDS!

  43. 43

    Re: pghmusiclover – I'm with you on that - but then again, I'm not sure. Britany's Dad came in as conservator for good reason. Somehow, I have to wonder if Lindsay looks like "cash" to daddy and he's trying to do the same.

  44. 44

    "He needs to pay child support and leave his kids alone."
    Why should he pay child support to kids who hate him and who hes not allowed to see? Stupid Orange Oprah, youre BOTH the bad parents.

  45. 45

    Re the "hands." Here's a hint Orange Oprah — you need to use the same anti-wrinkle cream you use on your face on your hands as well. That, and most face makeup has SPF 18, etc. SO, you need to use SPF hand cream, too.
    These tips - thanks to MY Mom . . . .

  46. 46

    Re: NaughtyAngel

    Please, after Lindsey dies, shes going to be claiming Michael Lohan drove her to her death. Its everyone elses fault. Im sorry, Childrens Services should be investigating Dina because not having -physical custody- in the most literal sense of your underage child, because she is with her trainwreck sister…. Is really really wrong.

  47. 47

    Agreed the HANDS are of a 100 year old… scary.

  48. 48

    This family - all members, need to get out of the biz and take care of their issues. Step away from the limelight and get help people!

  49. 49

    Since obviously her parents are irresponisble, any other relatives that are never in the spotlight need to take control of Ali and Lindsay. This relative needs to be strict, but not let any of them out of control. Then put them on an allowance of a certain amount of money, get Ali to look her age and get Lindsay back on the right track.

  50. 50

    Michael Lohan can't be conservator over Lyndsay's affairs like Britney's dad Jamie Spears is, Michael needs to be in a locked padded cell himself!

  51. 51

    Totally unrelated to this post — does anyone know if Brett Michaels is doing okay? I'm not all that much of a fan, but he seemed like a good man — I've been kind of wondering about that today over this normal miniscule stuff . . . ?

  52. 52

    if you really wanted nothing do to with him, you wouldnt ask for child support love. stop being a gold digger living off your daughters money and trying to scrounge more off your ex.
    it annoys me when people are like, OH THEY ARE TERRIBLE, I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. now give me a load of money.

  53. 53

    I'm just being obnoxious now . . .
    And Dina? To do your eyebrows properly - its called "stipiling" - and/or "dotting" — not the drawn on line.
    Thank you, I'm done with tips today . . . .

  54. 54

    Apparently, I'm not done with tips:
    ah, Dina. NEVER ever a darker lip liner, and then that pink in the center. You use a neutral as lip line, then a stain, then a touch of a neutral/very light eye pencil, WELL blended , in the center on a verticle slope down.

  55. 55

    Re: rejco100 – I SO agree with you - I was just wondering if "that" is what he has on his mind.

  56. 56

    PEREZ!! leave this poor family alone…you have nothing but negative to say which is getting really old really quickly!!! we've ALL had our issues….luckily we haven't had an asshole like you that just sits at home writing and reading about other peoples miseary and benefiting from it…it's sad and it needs to stop!!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! let them live there lives

  57. 57

    STFU you FAMEWHORENABLER ! This way, you won't bring attention to all of this, or you…Oh, wait…..that is what you want ! I blame the mother ……For Gawd's sake, will someone get this white trash family help ? !

  58. 58

    Look at how old her hands look …..

  59. 59

    Isn't it law that a minor has to be in school? They need to look more into Alli's "home-schooling" because I doubt that is happening. I think the mom may have substance abuse issues herself and that is why she is enabling her daughter's behavior.

  60. 60

    Ali entertains men from 'the valley' …pays for linds stuff, and by stuff, I mean…STUFF !

  61. 61

    Hands as old as time ….. Just say'n …..

  62. 62

    someone should take the whole family, put them on a 14' aluminum boat , and cut them loose in the middle of the atlantic. then, we'll all be better off.

  63. 63

    An idiot in denial,pop another pill and go back to being bliss in ignorance bitch.

  64. 64

    Re: TORTEZ – Lord, I feel you are correct.

  65. 65

    I am not going to defend this woman because she has made some really strange choices (reality show) but just because she makes these public comments doesn't mean she is in denial. She is simply being a good publicist for her daughter. My hope is that behind the scenes she is doing more to help but what good would it do to tell the press that her daughter was out of control. I think that publicly, she is doing the right thing for Lindsey- not sure what she is doing behind the scenes but hopefully it is more. Then again- Lindsey is an adult- she can only do so much at this point.

  66. 66


  67. 67

    BE-ATCH……is this something you know for sure to be true?? It's odd because I keep hearing that about Linds, but if they were REALLY having sex for money or drugs, don't you think that information would be out there in more of a public way?

  68. 68

    ex father?! block on her phone. child support. these three have rehearsed what they say because they are all saying the same ridiculous things. don't even try and say the truth is easy to say. if you think the older daughter is okay and not an influence on the younger (35 yrs old) and the mother is not aware of any problems the older one is having, take your head out of your ass, wash the shit off your face and open your eyes. as far as 'you don't have a warrant get out" fuck her. if the cops have a reasonable belief the 16 year old is in danger, they must enter to confirm all is well WITHOUT WARRANT.

  69. 69

    this whole family LOOKS and SOUNDS (when they open their mouths) like they are straight from the trailer park, I guess new found money don't buy you CLASS

  70. 70

    Is it any wonder that Lindsay is the f'd up mess she is? Why would any sane parent allow a minor child to live with her drug addict older sister? I really feel for these kids, it's not their fault they were born into this family.

  71. 71

    I'm starting to agree with Michael Lohan more everday. I just wish he wasn't trying to get attention for himself from this.

  72. 72

    Re: Polaris – I agree.

  73. 73

    Don't mean to argue with the theory here but there are BAD men walking around. I hope Dina can protect these girls. If she's not careful that horror could get control like Britney's Dad did. I don't blame Dina. I blame the system thats enabling LL's Dad to even get in the press. Everyone says to me to get therapy as I'm in an abusive marriage. Who's going to pay for this? We seem to live in a nation where the bad guy wins. Sad isn't it?

  74. 74

    These girls need their parents. Neither of them are there for their kids. They're both nuts and shouldn't be putting their kids business out their like that. No wonder Lindsay is the way she is. I wonder how the boys are doing. Must be so embarrassing for them too. Hope Lindsay beats this and doesn't end up dead like most people are predicting.

  75. 75

    I'm sure if the acting thing didn't happen when Lindsay was young Dina would have pimped her out at coke parties for cash. What a sad excuse for a mother.

  76. 76

    I don't exactly have any fondness for the father, but I just get the impression that Lindsay Lohan's mother created this alienation with their father. Regardless of whether he paid child support, or her feelings for him, you should never badmouth the other parent. Both parents are equally idiots in their own ways, but don't talk badly about the parent of your child, because it only hurts the kids. Especially when it's splashed all over the media. No wonder Lindsay is so effed up.

  77. 77

    yup! tranny

  78. 78

    And totally agree with #68 Bummper - It does sound rehearsed and sounds like she has them brainwashed. I've been through this, and know how it goes…

  79. Xenu says – reply to this


    Just recently Lindsay was fired from "the Other Side" which was to be her latest film because the Director is sick of putting up with her crap. Her Idol Marylin Monroe still got work when she was a hot mess because people were still willing to pay to watch her messed up ass on the screen. Lindz of the other hand is box office poison as her recent films have either been box office bombs or were released direct to video because the film would lose money in a theatrical release other wise.

    I know who killed me was a BO disaster, Labor Pains was a direct to dvd tv movie. I have not heard more about Dare to love me, which I least heard was having money problems.

    As someone said it is going to end tragically probably very soon. It is sad in the profession of opening and promoting clubs Nicole "Snooki Polizi has a better set of professionalism than Lindsay. This was the same snooks who was late for her first day at the t-shirt place on Jersey Shore.

  80. 80

    Shes petrified of him because of all the brainwashing this stupid piece of garbage and her piece of shit older daughter do! What a shame!

  81. Aero says – reply to this


    CHILD SUPPORT? To Who?? Shouldn't Dad be paying Lindsay since she is the one 'caring' for Ali?

  82. 82

    Dina, LIndsay is not "fine", as you like to say. The reason we know this is because some of us have led that party life Lindsay is leading. News flash: PEOPLE DON'T STAY UP UNTIL 5AM OR LATER UNLESS THEY'RE DRINKING OR ON SOMETHING. THEY JUST DON'T. Most of us get it out of our system when we're in college. We are usually 18-22 years old, and are considered adults, not children (as you like to think your 24-yr-old adult daughter is - just because she calls you mommy doesn't make her a child, either*)

    Why are you so afraid to get her help? Are you her mother, or her BFF?

  83. 83

    So, the day Lindsay keels over dead from an overdose or alcohol poisoning, this pathetic excuse for a mother will swear that she did all she could and can't understand what could have happened because Lindsay didn't have any problems. Keep riding that cash cow til she drops, Dina. Pathetic woman.

  84. 84

    the only logical explanation for Dina to be so incredibly blind to the reality of LiLo's situation is that she herself is also a drug addict. I mean, how, otherwise, could a mother be so incredibly irresponsible and negligent about her daughter? What parent would allow their 16 year old to live in Los Angeles with their older sister? A 16 year old needs proper structure and an authoritative figure in their household, and I'm sure deep down inside Ali feels totally neglected and rejected by her mother, like she doesn't give a shit about her. I remember having a high school friend who had way too much freedom from her single mom, and maybe she tried to show the world she was all carefree and cool, but in reality it hurt her deeply that her mother just let her do whatever she wanted.
    Shouldn't children's services be stepping in here? If only Michael Lohan wasn't such a baffoon and had done this properly, there would have been a chance ALi could be saved from this chaos. Can someone call Dr. Phil? Seriously!

  85. 85

    as a mother myself, I will never sell her out for money or fame like this so called mother. She reminds me of that pimp Kris Jenner pimping out her daughers for 20%. another pig who worries more about money and fame then the welfare of their child. what comes around goes around. karma. look at britney's trash mother.

  86. 86

    Mr. Lohan has got to be on Social Security Mental Disability or SSI; who in the world would hire him? And does he do anything?

  87. Aries says – reply to this


    bad situation…what DOES Dina do all day anyways?

  88. 88

    While we can all poke shit at Dina Lohan, I suspect that her reluctance to spill the full story on Lindsay has less to do with denial and more to do with not airing dirty Laundry like Michael does. That is clearly a one way ticket to estrangement-ville.
    Also, for Lindsay and Ali to be so vhemetly pro-Dina - I'd be surprised if claims that Michael was abusive to their mum were untrue. This is more than Dina letting a few insults slip…those guys REALLY don't like Michael. Nothing like abusing a child's same-sex parent to instill real hatred and fear.
    That being said, Dina is obviously no angel here…She can't always keep a lid on her dislike of Michael, and has almost certainly made/continues to make some seriously bad parenting decisions. The difference is that Dina seems like someone who is capable of recognizing and changing that (capable, but I didn't say "likely")…while Michael is WAY outside of what a parent should do.
    He manipulates the media to look like "the good guy", and seems either oblivious or unmoved by the damage it does to his kids. That dude has MORE than a giant creepy vibe bouncing off him and he doesn't seem to care. If he's not some type of psycho/sociopath, I'd be very surprised.
    Lastly, child support has jack-shit to do with whether your kids like you or want to speak to you. You're obligated to pay it because you MADE them - not because it's like some "family time" rental payment.

  89. 89

    SKANK mother of the year has to make her money some how and what better way then to PIMP out your kids and blab to anyone that will listen, someone with money will eventually pay. She can't be making that much money off of LiLo anymore and what do the brat sister do???? FUCK ALL

  90. maypo says – reply to this


    Writing this as the mother of 3 teenagers. This woman is a horror! She has damaged one child, probably beyond redemption. Michael Lohan may be a moron, but she is evil. Just look at those hands. Hands don't lie!!!

  91. 91

    This woman is the cause of all things bad with the Lohans.

  92. 6one9 says – reply to this


    This whole family just needs to have ONE Mediation with about 5 shrinks and get down to the nitty gritty and STOP playing out their dysfunctional lives before America.

  93. 93

    Listen, Why isnt this Ali getting an education? it's the law in california. If my kid misses 3 days in a row a truant officer calls or shows up at the door. parents that have the means and don't educate their children are disgusting. GOD I HATE THIS FAMILY. GOD PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THEM DISSAPEAR FROM THE MEDIA. PLEASE! with Soldiers dying at war overseas and families struggling to feed themselves these despicable humans are the center of attention. there has to be a better way than this for the American people.

  94. over says – reply to this


    We should call child protective services. Why is a barely 16 year not with her mother? I mean yea the dad is a loon who loves the spotlight but the mother is unfit in every sense of the word. Alli should be taken away. Dina is responsible for her until she is 18. I'm calling CPS. Right now..

  95. 95

    Re: nathalya – he is still responsible to help support them

  96. 96

    What the fuck is going on with this dumb bitch's eyebrows? Seriously, she is ugly as hell, even with all the plastic surgery. This delusional fame-whore is heading for a massive fail, just like her whore-daughters. I like to imagine her and Michael fucking, just to make myself vomit ha ha!

  97. 97

    I'd just like to see the sex tape of Dina, Lindsay and Neil Fifer - HAWT!

  98. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Harry Jenkins Fan Club – Ah, finally some wisdom.
    Re: maypo – Your hands comment is silly superstition and completely ludicrous. Are you with Michael? She has very fair hands that have been sun damaged, plus she's around 50. They look normal for her skin type.

  99. 99

    Lindsay,a good example? I want what drugs she's having !
    No,on second thought, if they make me look like she does ,then no.

  100. 100

    I saw Linsanity at Cochella. Something is wrong with that girl! Acutally, there is a lot wrong with that girl! We were in the same tent with her for over 2 hours. First, she is a complete and total bitch. We watched her argue with a server because her drink wasn't made correctly. (After a 10 minute fit - she drank it! But, was trying her best to look annoyed!) Second, anyone with any "name recognition" that walked by she tried to talk to. It was hysterical watching her get the brush off! You could tell that nobody wanted to be associated with her!

    2 guys walked away from her and were laughing calling her, "Drunken Roadkill! (My friends said the guys were some Model-types and pretty famous. I had no clue.)

    I swear she left the tent because they cut her off! One minute she was having "words" with a server - the next she was making a "Dramatic" exit every other word out of her mouth was "F*ck!"

    Honestly, if she acts this way in public it is not a suprise that nobody wants to hire her or insure her for a movie. She needs to get her act together! She needs rehab and a dose of reality!

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