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Mimoo's Not Hiding It Very Well, Is She?

| Filed under: Baby BlabberMariah CareyNick Cannon

jcla042410a_022.jpg jcla042410a_033.jpg

Okay now she's just teasing us!

Mariah Carey, wearing a pink maternity dress shares a little PDA with hubby Nick Cannon while out to lunch at the Beverly Glen Deli in Beverly Hills, CA.

Is she preggers or just enjoying life?

What do U think??

[Image via GSI Media.]

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368 comments to “Mimoo's Not Hiding It Very Well, Is She?”

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  1. 101

    Fatty…yes an excuse for all married women..right? You get married you get fat…that why men cheat u fat asses…take care of yourself it is nasty…I gather it was all the FAT married women who answered she is NOT FAT?Shows all the Cds have been photoshopped…

  2. 102

    are you sure that's mariah carey and not miss piggy?

  3. 103

    why is your arrow pointing at her vajayjay? u need an anatomy lesson

  4. 104

    She just looks FAT and that's a FUPA!

  5. 105


    Mimi has a serious FUPA.

  6. 106

    She's fat. At least she isnt squeezed into a sausage casing dress like she usually is, that's 4 sizes too small.

  7. 107

    Does she own a mirror?

  8. 108

    I would say she is preggers

  9. 109

    I've never heard of anyone being pregnant in the mons.

  10. 110

    all of you are so awful. she is probably a million times better looking than anyone that posts on this board. i say, even if she put on some weight…she's a gorgeous lady!

  11. meme says – reply to this


    She's just fat. I think they are selling that dress at Lane Bryant right now.

  12. 112

    not preggers, just a little fat and a terrible outfit.

  13. 113

    somebody forgot to put on her SPANX with that outfit. I think she just is endulging to much or not excercising to stave off the good food. that dress is not flattering at all and that is no where near where she would be showing if she was pregnant

  14. 114

    Whoo, that dont look like a preggers person to me. She looks, ahh, bloated and biggums….ALmost puffy like….

  15. 115

    She was pretty 15 years ago.

  16. 116

    I think she's just put on alot of weight. She needs to find a treadmill and quick.

  17. 117

    Re: njmomma – thank you

  18. 118

    shes fat your just catching on

  19. 119

    old nick better get himself an electric cattle prod

  20. 6one9 says – reply to this


    If she's not preggers “ then the bitch is “““““` FAT!! Why did you let yourself GO Minoo? I have 4 kids and look 100 times better than “` THIS!! Time to DIET and exercise M!! Do it for your health!!

  21. 121

    you know what it is a a girls pouch basically you pelivic bone at just in that dress you can def see it without a doubt not pregnant she the just shows her pouch more

  22. 122

    Re: ttowngal – Ah ha ha ha! Agreed!

  23. 123

    leave her alone! shes been around forever, plus shes getting older!! not all women can stay thin when they get older, thats the way it goes for most NORMAL people. plus shes married + happy. LET IT GO, PEREZ!!!!

  24. 124

    she's filling out thats for sure

  25. 125

    Boy she sure looks like she let herself go a bit.. She needs a bit of work. But hell I guess thats what marriage will do to ya.

  26. 126


    You are the problem with women/girls today. I don't even like MiMi but I sure as hell am not gonna tear another woman down over her weight! You all wouldn't last a day in hollyweird under the scrutiny of jerks like yourselves.

  27. 127

    really mimi you need to drop at least 15-20lbs.Not a good look at all.

  28. 128

    She looks like she put on a couple pounds..

  29. 129

    lol, one arrow is pointing at her vagina, jealous perez? lol

    so shes fat….and rich….why is this shocking to any one?

  30. 130

    I hate to say it, but her secret looks like she's smuggling a peen!

  31. 131

    Thats MC? has she gained weight? Cause I refuse to believe that's her

  32. 132

    Looks more like a drag queen who doesn't know how to hide the candy.

  33. 133

    Re: TheGenYgirl – Fat Upper Public Area…hope that helps! (well, helps you…- it probably won't help Mariah in this situation!) :)

  34. 134

    When did we go back to the 90's? .. Oh we didn't?! Then why is her hair like that !

  35. 135

    I'll go with fat, ugly, and need's a bra.

  36. 136

    jeez, she looks like sh*t

  37. 137

    Re: proloz32
    Theres a difference between fat and obese. She's clearly not obese. shut it.

  38. 138

    Re: pareidolia – Only a fat person would say that.

  39. 139

    Oh good lord….

  40. 140

    As if that COW couldnt get any BIGGER.

  41. 141

    She has always been a yo-yo dieter. She's been thick and she's been thinner. It happens. She looks happy.

  42. 142

    Looks like a big dick in her dress- not a baby.

  43. 143

    Umm….That doesn't look like a pregnant belly, it looks like a fat vagina!!!! She just chunky everywhere!

  44. 144

    So either she's carrying a baby lower than any woman ever has OR she's got her a little fat pocket there. Few sit-ups should do the trick!

  45. 145

    That's just a nasty fupah. And a muffin top. The dreaded one-two punch.

  46. 146


  47. 147

    that's a FUPA not a pregnant belly.

  48. 148

    She's not prego …… It's just her Bun between her legs showing …… :0)

  49. 149

    I think they call that a camel toe not pregnancy if i recall right :)

  50. 150

    ah there aint nothing wrong with a little junk,Id still fuck the hell out of her,its just I thought she was part african american,in these pictures she looks like a full albino,but even then Id still hammer that ass as hard as I could fucking a right!

  51. 151

    wow it looks like she has gained some weight

  52. 152

    She's just really flabby - no kids.

  53. 153

    wEIGHT GAIL, NO PREGGERS - check out Kate Gosselins' eaqully huse legs, bellyl.

  54. 154

    yeah, she's pregnant alright. with a fucking food baby.

  55. SaraT says – reply to this


    she looks like a troll:/

  56. 156

    no that's just her dick bulge

  57. 157

    At first I didn't believe it was really Mariah…..looked like a drag queen.

  58. 158

    I thought for a minute, Mariah had eaten her husband, but he is in the picture…soooooooooooo……what the hell happened????

  59. 159

    Mariah has been destined to balloon and that time has finally come. Her husband looks half her age.

  60. 160

    LOL! That arrow is pointing to her freaking cooch. Learn anatomy.

  61. 161

    i wanna see their sex tape.

  62. 162

    sorry, she's fat!

  63. 163

    She doesn't look pregnant. She just looks like she getting fat as a pig!

  64. 164

    Oh Mariah. Your always eating. No wonder your close to 300lbs. Stop eating girl. It will help your career.

  65. 165

    ewww…fat, flabby cooch…..

  66. 166

    You know what guys? She looks pretty damned happy - happier than most of us who are posting such negative comments here. If she's happy and her hubby's happy then the rest of us should shut the heck up - and enjoy the notion there is more to life than being a stick figure.

  67. 167

    that doesnt even look like a baby bump…lol she's probably just gainin a little weight. and who cares. if nick likes it then i love it. lol she doesnt have to answer to neone but herself…and her husband she robbed from a cradle somewhere.

  68. 168

    My god she looks like a pig in the first pic. Im serious look at her nose and face gross. She is really nasty without make-up lol n Nick looks like a little boy not a man. I can't believe these 2 r a couple.

  69. 169

    i think it looks more like a dick

  70. 170

    Kids must be making these fat comments. Wait til you're older cuz believe me, it WILL happen to you too. I think Mimi looks cute and is enjoying life.

  71. 171

    Nothing is flattering about the picture. Her hair is awful! Clothes are ugly. I don't think she is pregnant…just gained weight.

  72. 172

    i see a pig nose in the first pic. fitting. drivin' miss p

  73. 173

    Big deal she gained wieght. She's enjoying herself, She wears it well. She will lose it when SHE is ready to lose it..

  74. 174

    Re: madonna n1 – Just like you and your whore of a mother !

  75. 175

    Re: madonna n1 – It could be worse she could look like the crypt keeper Madonna. Atleast Mariah can gain weight, Madonna drink 6 Ensure a day and can't gain any. It's because she's in the winter of her horrid life and wasting away. She looks like a a Gremlin !!

  76. 176

    Perez have you looked in a mirror?!?! You can't say shit about anyone, ugly ass mofo !!!

  77. 177

    That's fat. Preggers would be showing up higher. She's just missing her foundation garments.

  78. 178

    Not preggers. And first off you're pointing to her crotch fat. I don't think she's obese or anything. A bit overweight. But people need to DRESS FOR THEIR SIZE! I wouldn't be caught dead in a dress/skirt/shorts/bikini until I got thinner. For this reason. People will look at you in disgust.

  79. 179

    She might be pregnant.

  80. missB says – reply to this


    She's just chubby

  81. 181

    Is that Mariah or Bessy the Cow coming down from the pasture to be milked?

  82. 182

    Can u imagine if Mimoooo had to do a grueling concert tour like Madonna does? The bloated loser would have a heart attack or need to sit down winded on a lawn chair between songs! And her gay gold-digging husband looks like he's homeless!

  83. 183

    "Is she preggers or just enjoying life?" Neither- She's a FAT COW! Poor Nick; he's thinking "Please Gawd let me have a hit record or a FAT TV contract, or PLEASE LET ME BE IN MARIAH'S WILL!"

  84. 184

    I had a FUPA….until I started EXERCISING!!!

  85. 185

    She's fat, always has been. Her boobs are blubbery gross! Nothing svelte about moomoo.

  86. 186

    She just looks fat to me. A pregnant belly doesn't hang down limp on your vajajay.

  87. 187

    Mariah's drinking will destroy her and she will end up in the homeless SRO for washed up Grammy winners; Whitney will live in the room next to her!

  88. losky says – reply to this


    holy shitbatman! she isnt carrying a baby, she ate one. or two. or three. what was she thinking when she went out in public with that curtain on her? yuck

  89. 189

    How in the world was she ever considered hot?? I would rather look at that mouth piece Nick Cannon's man pleaser than her. I tried to rub one out but could not even get started. Foul.

  90. 190

    Mariah's packing a THICK EIGHT INCHER, and Nick is jealous!

  91. 191

    i simply love her. GO Mariah, you are beautiful. my #1 singer. my soulmate.

  92. 192

    If she were pregnant, she would have an expanded abdomen! We realize you are a gay guy, but even you should be able to tell when a woman is pregnant!

  93. 193

    she needs spandex and the full body one, please someone help her.

  94. rpt23 says – reply to this


    for one she has gotten really fat.. and i know not for the normal average non celeb woman.. but for a celeb she is a big woman.. and second.. only morons use a word like preggers. grow up and respect pregnant woman.

  95. 195

    Most of you are probably too young to remember when Mariah first came out. She was super thin! But she was young. She's getting older and she's NOT fat. Someone on here said to me that there was a difference between being fat and obese. No sh!t. But she's neither obese, or fat. She's gotten a little pudgy–so what…why does everyone care so much? Plus add a few pounds of weight gain with an unfortunate outfit and there you go. BTW, I'm not fat or obese. I just think that many here must just get a rise out of being faceless on here and calling people that they'll never know fat. Makes their own little life feel better. Sad. I bet those same people claim to be "Christians" too.

  96. 196

    can someone explain to me what FUPA means? (I get that it's referring to the chubby vagina but what do the letters stand for?)

  97. 197

    She's a fucking sight!

  98. 198

    oh lord! hahaha girl does not look good. i mean she could be pregnant? although there is no reason for her to hide it..probably just losing herself. and i have no idea why your arrow is pointing to her vag.

  99. 199

    FUPA = fat upper pubic area.

  100. 200

    She's not fat at all you fucking prick.

    Also learn about the body. You're pointing towards her crotch, the only reason its looks humongous is because her dress is pushing against it with the wind.

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