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Mimoo's Not Hiding It Very Well, Is She?

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jcla042410a_022.jpg jcla042410a_033.jpg

Okay now she's just teasing us!

Mariah Carey, wearing a pink maternity dress shares a little PDA with hubby Nick Cannon while out to lunch at the Beverly Glen Deli in Beverly Hills, CA.

Is she preggers or just enjoying life?

What do U think??

[Image via GSI Media.]

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368 comments to “Mimoo's Not Hiding It Very Well, Is She?”

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  1. vlm says – reply to this


    that's a gunt!

  2. 202

    Omg Perez, that's her vagina. Lol. I would say she's enjoying life. I'm surprised by these comments. She's been up and down for years. She's not an actress so she could let loose once in a while.

  3. 203

    Or, does she have a wang?

  4. 204

    let her live her life!!! she has a fortune to enjoy, what's wrong about letting oneself go?!

  5. 205

    she looks HIDEOUS! shes not fucking pregnant

  6. 206

    definitely not prego! I see no evidence of a baby bump.

  7. 207


  8. 208

    What is up with her knees?

  9. 209

    She just likes food…and her tacky wardrobe continues, just in larger sizes.

  10. 210

    she's just fat. and can she please straighten her hair? lord.

  11. 211


  12. 212

    i dont think she is pregnant, but then again what do i know.lol

  13. 213

    danm once more she gainned weight! that is so unhealthy to loose and gain weight all the time !!! plus all the interventions !!! take care of what you eat and dont starve and then gain again ! and shes not pregnat

  14. 214

    woah… fat.. >_>

  15. 215

    Mariah girl, you look awful:(((( She always took care of herself so she's obviously going through something. Hopefully, IVF. Otherwise, so sad that she would let herself go like this. God Be with you, girl.

  16. 216

    I hope all you people making these nasty comments are perfectly beautiful because you'll need something to make up for those ugly personalities. She appears perfectly happy so unless you're concerned for her health, which I doubt, you should keep quiet and mind your own business. And that includes Perez who has had his own issues with weight.

  17. 217

    Hey Gary78…is that your idol? Hahahahahahahahaha. All you lambs should buy more of her discounted CDs so she can afford to go to the fat farm. Looks like she's spending all her money on Cheetos.

  18. 218

    Um…fat! I don't see a 'baby bump'. Just lumpy:) Poor Mimoo….moooo

  19. 219

    People, don't call her a cow. It's an insult to the cows.

  20. 220

    Her outfit is horrible! Makes her look huge!

  21. 221

    she is fat

  22. 222


  23. 223

    That is a HUGE fupa!

  24. 224

    that is obviously a straight-up tranny mess. she looks hideous…or whatever IT is. tape back the wang mariah…

  25. 225

    OHMYGOD she is FRICKEN OBESE! She looks TERRIBLE like a light skinned version of that girl from Precious!!!

  26. 226

    Perez you're totally pointing out her gunt.

  27. 227


  28. 228

    omgd she looks fucking HORRIBLE!

  29. 229

    Walking Pig!

  30. 230

    She's just getting fat build up in her pubic area. Happens to the best of us. She needs to spend more time on the exercise bike and less time being boring. Wish she'd go back to making good music like she did when she was married to Tommy Matola.

  31. 231

    That look like a dick to me…

  32. 232

    Oh god, girls gained some weight. FUPA alert! That does NOT look like pregnancy, more like she's enjoying life a lil too much. Btw, outfit does NOT flatter her in anyway.

  33. 233

    shes just FAT

  34. 234

    It just looks like she has a fat muff!!!

  35. 235

    Re: Eezeebreezee – lol thats so funny. That is going to be in my vocab now!

  36. 236

    That my friend, is not a baby, but a GUNT.

  37. 237

    she is probably just wearing cuz she has packed on the pounds from her excessive drinking habit and cant fit into non-maternity clothes….AHAHAHA!

  38. 238

    LOL go back to school and learn anatomy!!

  39. 239

    I doubt she's pregnant. Looks like too many lunches out with hubby. She is just fat.

  40. 240

    She's another "beyounce" thick frame, she must of decided to stop starving herself to death.Take notice how much happier she looks when shes thick.
    She not pregnant and she not "fat",she curvy.Can you imagine her in a bathing suite,with all that thickness hanging out,no man is gonna go"Yuck she looks fat",they gonna say "Godd damm she phat"!

  41. 241


  42. 242

    She looks good you fat ASS! It's just a bad photo, she's walking and her panties are tight and showing a slight bulge. You of all pigs should not talk at fucking all!!

  43. 243

    she looks great, but that's a hideous looking dress.

  44. 244

    aretha franklin , what you doing with nick cannon ??

  45. 245

    how can she have a camel toe in a dress???

  46. 246

    I think she just got fat. The pic don't look like she's preggers to me, just fat.

  47. 247

    Perez, I hate to tell ya, but that is her vagina.

  48. 248

    it looks like she has a dick.

  49. 249

    …..i hope shes pregnant, she looks it.

  50. 250

    Holy shit! I thought the picture was of Divine!! Ouch! And Mimoo, your man looks like a street N*****. Dress him better and yourself too love.

  51. 251

    She is so not pregnant! She's just going through one of her phases: she gains weight, and then loses it and comes back looking all amazing.

  52. 252

    She is auditioning for Cloverfield II.

  53. 253

    You pointed to her vagina. That's sometimes where females get a little puffy after having lipo

  54. 254


  55. 255

    LOL she looks happy, leave her alone, none of us are perfect.. she prob has the munchies a lot

  56. 256

    I personally think she's probably taking fertility drugs. Having taken them in the past I know from experience that they plump up your body while mass producing eggs. Haven't seen pictures of her sipping bubbly lately. Has anybody seen or heard anything about her boozing?

  57. 257

    You don't get pregnant in your pubic bone. It's higher up where the uterus is located. She's just really, really meaty. Ha. It looks kinda gross actually.

  58. 258

    she's lovely.If i had her money i wouldnt torure myself with diets,life's too short.Enjoy it.

  59. 259

    Nope, just fat - by her own standards, that is! I have no idea how she can let herself go like that over and over and over again. But if she's happy, then what the heck. AT least she's not unhealthy.

  60. 260

    Is that Nick's hand secretly reaching in & grabbing some cash out of Mariah's purse?

  61. 261

    Miss Piggy and Dave Chapelle are dating?

  62. 262

    What the f***ity f*** is that??? Miss Piggy come to life. She really should see how she looks right now. Nick is sure earning his keep.

  63. 263

    she is just fat can't u tell from looking at her legs and the only fat "bump" i see on here is where her dress is clinging to her hooha. this pic could only be more gross if she had a camel toe tucked in that fat nasty thing

  64. 264


  65. 265

    umm thats not a preggers belly you're pointing at.. its a chubby(fat,phat) coochie :x

  66. SS18 says – reply to this


    You know what, even though she's a raging bitch, I think that her and Cannon will make a great child together. They seem like a couple that don't care about their social lives and will pay attention 24/7 to the child, and only to the child.

  67. 267

    That's not a pooch, that's her cooch!

  68. 268

    She's enjoying life and her younger husband. However, she's NOT young anymore and doesn't burn calories like bofore … so … girl is just getting fat! And that dress … bad … bad … bad choice. She could be mistaken and have her picture in "People of Walmart". It's just not complimentary at all … ewww

  69. 269

    She looks bad… the hair, the clothes… usually, she looks amazing and having a curvy body works to her advantage but there she just looks like shit.

  70. 270

    did anyone else notice her great gaping VAGINA? I think she's the queen of camel toe.

  71. 271

    Britney is looking pretty THICK herself.. I don't see everybody talkin shit on her..

  72. 272

    shes not preggos…he just forgot to tuck. still love her

  73. 273

    Mimoo's looks more like a mix between a Hipo and miss piggy.

  74. 274

    C'mon, she is not pregnant….well, not unless the baby is growing in her pubic bone! She is horrible looking. Totally bloated and pale. Damn fug! The funny thing is that she still thinks she is HOT? She needs a stylist and a mirror!

  75. 275

    She needs a BRA too!

  76. 276

    one carries a fetus in the uterus, not in the fatty parts of the who-who…..

  77. 277

    That's not a baby bump. That's her vag.

  78. 278

    Re: Party_it_up – WOW I didn't really pay much attn to Nick in the pick (I was too busy looking at the fatty) but HE DOES look like he could be her son!! So funny!!

  79. 279

    Re: TheGenYgirl – Fat Upper Pubic Area….. she DEF has it!!

  80. 280

    I think it is sweet that Nick is being such a great hubby & carrying snacks in his pockets for her!! Buah ha ha!!!!!

  81. 281

    She's officially just Fat Perez, sorry! :D

  82. 282


  83. 283

    Maybe he's just been wearing that shit out and the skin is all loose now??

  84. 284

    !@#$%#@#$#@#$——————HER SPANX IS MUSHING HER COOCHIE INTO ONE BIG FAT COOCHIE LUMP————————-!@#!@#$@#$%#$%#%##$$#$%%

  85. 285

    she looks so different! i didn't even recognize her in the first picture!

  86. 286

    either her outfit makes her look fat or she is preggers but either weay if she made the babibe it will look ugly as hell dont convert a black baby with curly hair.

  87. 287


  88. 288

    i ment converted to reborn again. sorry

  89. 289

    Re: ShoeWhore – Oh yeah…… all white peeps are thin! Your comment is a joke! I see why you're in *sshole Canada and not the USA! Get a life biatch!

  90. 290

    Im pregnant and Im offended to even be in the same category as her. she is NOT pregnant, just FAT. her VAG looks swollen or something. ew i dont like her

  91. 291

    she looks like catwoman in the first picture
    she is so ugly

  92. 292

    lol. Does perez not understand basic female anatomy at all?

  93. Low says – reply to this


    That woman is NOT aging well…

  94. 294

    I wonder if she can still hit those amazing high notes she used to back in the day. I noticed she does not in her newest songs anymore. Has anyone seen her concert and could let me know. Personally, I don't care what a singer looks like. I just want to like their song.

  95. 295

    shes just a fat cow. thats all

  96. 296

    she gained weight again~

  97. 297

    that's just a moose knuckle.

  98. 298

    Fat and happy, good for her, I mean when is the last time we saw that woman rockin her natural hair, she is very secure in her marriage, I'm glad to see her in a good place, but a baby would be icing on cake, come on do it for the fans!

  99. rev3 says – reply to this


    at least now her body matches her filled face

  100. 300

    She is not pregnant, just fat and I thought it was called a GUNT not a FOOPA

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