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Mimoo's Not Hiding It Very Well, Is She?

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jcla042410a_022.jpg jcla042410a_033.jpg

Okay now she's just teasing us!

Mariah Carey, wearing a pink maternity dress shares a little PDA with hubby Nick Cannon while out to lunch at the Beverly Glen Deli in Beverly Hills, CA.

Is she preggers or just enjoying life?

What do U think??

[Image via GSI Media.]

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368 comments to “Mimoo's Not Hiding It Very Well, Is She?”

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  1. 301

    How would gaining weight in every place BUT her belly make you think that she was pregnant? Not that there's anything wrong with her gaining weight-that's her business and I could not care less.

  2. 302

    WOW! Such rude and mean people in this world! So so sad

  3. 303

    Re: TheGenYgirlRe: Orangina – if i am not mistaken i believe fupa means "fat upper pu**y area"… really nasty, but hilarious

  4. 304

    she is not fat. Coming from America (The fattest country in the WORLD) you'd think you would know what fat is.

  5. 305

    she looks horrible. ugh.

  6. 306

    God forbid some one famous not be perfect!!!

    Mariah is a singer, not a model. Judge her for her singing not her body.

    I personally love her, and think she looks so happy here and content. As long as she keeps making music I love I couldnt care how much weight she does or dosent gain!!

    BTW im sure she is sitting at home giving all you haters the time of day-NOT!!

  7. 307

    It really looks like she's Nicks grandma…

  8. 308

    Pregnant?! Are you kidding? (s)he looks like she's trying to hide a dick! Seriously, Mimi looks like an offensive line-man in very bad drag.

  9. 309

    she is getting fat!!! again!!!

  10. 310


  11. 311

    Oh my god that is *ucking gross. Yall know Kermit aint to happy havin to pork a porker! Im sure everyone around her is "pretending" everything is A-OK including Kermit. What a waste.

  12. 312

    wow, people are so freaking CRUEL on here! Mariah has not been super skinny since her vision of love days. We already know she fluctuates in weight, so what is the big deal here? So what if she has gained a few pounds! She is still gorgeous. I think this is just poor choice in outfit selection and a bad camera angle. And perhaps the wind made her dress take on the oddity everyone is referring to.
    Anyway, Nick and Mariah seem to be genuinely happy and in love. We are so pathetic to be logged in on this site commenting about her weight etc etc. Just let her be! I've never seen Mariah so happy and I'm thrilled to see her enjoying life. Go Mimi! we love you, big or small ;)

  13. 313

    lol all your fat, acne-faced teens are funny. "Oh Mariah is so fat".

    Yeah, so is your mom. The difference is - your mom ain't rich, she's just fat.

  14. 314

    whoa! she looks ugly and fat!!

  15. 315

    FAT and ewwwww … that dress !

  16. 316

    Maybe it's a maxi pad gone bad…

  17. Paty says – reply to this


    Oh my….she is soooo fat!!!! =O

  18. 318

    Yes I agree she is not pregnant, just a bit overweight. No big deal.
    But what I actually find pretty disturbing is all these ignorant people on here calling "fat" people "disgusting"! What's up with that? People come in different shapes and sizes, no reason to be mean.

  19. 319

    She is not pregnant, thats after baby blubber, looks like she already had a baby to me!!!!!

  20. 320

    dam, she's gotten huge since getting married. I didn't even recognize her in the first pic. time to get a tan and hit weight watchers

  21. 321

    I'm sorry but either way she looks terrible. preggers or not. She has let herself GO.

  22. 322

    What a fat ass!

  23. 323

    She's put on quite a bit of weight, and doesn't seem to care.

  24. 324

    I wish she would turn around so we could see her blowhole. Land whale!

  25. 325

    unless she's carrying twins in her thighs, she's just been enjoying the pasta. And it's no one's business but hers.

  26. 326

    holy fuck shes fattttttttttttt

  27. 327

    One would only HOPE she's got a bun in…if not…holy fuck!

  28. 328

    Re: ShoeWhore – #8….hahahaha that made me laugh!

  29. 329

    If she learned to dress properly, she would look fine. Instead she looks like a human Miss Piggy.

  30. 330

    Not preg, I think.
    She's just now officially a big girl.

  31. 331

    it's not a baby bump. it's a FUPA

  32. 332

    She just got herself into the "back that thang" look…eating more soul food prolly got her there…just sayin'…

  33. 333

    I wish everyone would get off of her ass about this weight issue. She is beautiful & not everyone can or wants to be a size zero. No matter what she can't win. If she becomes another Heidi Montag everyone would tear her to shreds as they do Heidi & if she is just allows herself to be who she is she is ripped on! I don't see how these ladies can stand the whole Hollywood scene. It's a no win situation.

  34. 334

    She's just fat….

  35. 335

    She looks horrible from head to toe! Even if she is pregnant she wouldn't need to gain so much weight so soon. Her face looks like an alien in the first photo.

  36. 336

    She has always resembled swine in her face and now she has the body (and hair) to match.

  37. 337

    she's not pregs…that's a fupa perezie

  38. 338

    Do U see how thin is Nick? I heard that Mariah eats all the food in the house….One day, she will eat him…America, we have to save our brother Nick before it's too late

  39. 339

    she`s just fat! and that`s not her tummy it`s her vajayjay! hahaha LOL :S

  40. 340

    Holy smokes she needs to start spending time in the gym. Don't know if you can exercise that phat hoo hoo gone tho!?

  41. 341

    Mariah, 27 Weeks at #1 in Brazil

    Mariah's cover of Foreigner's 1984 hit "I Want To Know What Love Is" continues to rule the Brazilian Airplay chart - now in its 27th consecutive week at #1!

  42. 342

    Yes- here body IS atrocious, but can we please talk about that hairstyle or LACK THEREOF!!! she desperately need to get some bangs and cover that big 5-head of hers- Who is telling her her hair looks good?

  43. lyse says – reply to this


    It could be autoimmune thyroid disease. I've been there before, when I gained 40 pounds in 6 months and my hair got really thin.

  44. 344

    Okay. No, she does not look pregnant. She looks really fat. What you are pointing at is not a "baby bump" but her big fat vagina! Hello? Since when do you carry your unborn babies between your legs!!???

  45. 345

    She looks like a hippo in a dress.

  46. 346

    ew that just looks like a fat pooch!

  47. 347

    I think she has had a few dozen extra cheeseburgers each day. Doesn't look pregnant to me.

  48. 348

    HOT MESS !!!! her cooter looks like its swollen…..wtf!!!! the oddest couple i have seen in a long time. Get that $$$ Nick

  49. 349

    That's one hell of a FUPA. But, she has all of the money in the world, she's happy, she's married… girl, do what you gotta do. Who cares!

  50. 350

    Um, that weight does not look anything like pregnancy weight, she's just fat.

  51. 351

    Re: ShoeWhore – fuck you, b!tch! not every black woman is overweight.

  52. 352

    Re: Eezeebreezee – lmao….how funny

  53. 353

    Wow, both of them are totally unrecognizable, until you see the really close-ups! She's Porky the Pig and SO pale! And he looks like a ghetto rat drug dealer!

  54. 354

    She just looks fat, also she still has a flat stomach… where is that bump??

  55. 355

    She looks so big and manly.

  56. mgh says – reply to this


    pregnancy is in your abdomen not vagina. she has a fat lower pelvis ugh

  57. mgh says – reply to this


    she never knew how to wear clothing that flatters her

  58. 358

    A little lunch? This fat gorf needs to go on Jenny Craig, exercise like a demon, and get lipo's to death before she lays on her husband and smothers him.

  59. 359

    Re: Lurrchetta – YOU ARE MY HERO OF THE DAY!!! Best comment on this post! You rock!

  60. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: rineybeany – fat upper pubic area

  61. Elmo says – reply to this


    I love her and I wish she was pregnant, but I´m pretty sure she´s just fat.

  62. 362

    Mariah has put on some weight, but y'all need to realize she's a grown woman, not a snot nosed teen brat.

  63. 363

    Re: proloz32 – Thank you for being a rational person!

  64. 364

    Id wonder what Slimm Shady would say if he saw this…..He's thoughts were WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING>….mariah aint like she used too, all that convincing her how she had curves and what not, WHAT FUCKN CURVES..all i see is a MANS NO CURVE's BODY with EXTRA ROLLS…oh lets not forget fat face.

  65. 365

    Re: Gary78 – madonna is face of dolce and gabanna AGAIN , PIGRIAH MAYBE WILL BE FACE OF ANIMAL PLANET OINK OINK HAHAH

  66. 366

    pigriah repulsive fat troll

  67. 367

    shes not pregnant !!! if she was pregnanat she wouldnt have splashes of champagne.. her gaining weight has everything to do with stress…

    dont stress mariah i love youu

  68. 368

    Ewwwwwwwwww she looks like a FAT PIG!

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