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Elegance Is Learned!

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Kim Zolciak is NOT going to be happy!

Just listen to the GROUNDBREAKING new single from The Real Housewives of NYC's very own Countess LuAnn, called Money Can't Buy You ClASS!

It's as if Auto Tune became a cognizant, free-thinking entity and unleashed on this track!

Check out the song below.


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285 comments to “Elegance Is Learned!”

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  1. 201

    W T F ? ? ?

  2. bov says – reply to this


    this is a joke right???

  3. 203

    sounds like a sad tranny anthem.

  4. 204

    what a fucking nerd in an ill fitting bodice

  5. 205

    This bitch can't sing for shit.

    After seeing and listening to Luann, I think at one point in her life she was a man.

    Damn, what a gruff voice.

  6. 206

    Both these shows the Housewives of Atlanta and New York, neither of these girls can sing.
    As for these girls being friends it seems as soon as they leave they talk about one another and not in a positive way.
    I believe they need to change the title of the show Divorced housewives aren't all of them getting a divorce except for Jill and Ramona? and the other girls are single. I guess I do not know the true meaning of housewife!!!

  7. 207


  8. 208

    I seriously thought this was a photo of Judge Judy's early years. . . ;) LOL!!!

  9. 209

    WOW…Jesus Christ, really? I'm speechless.

  10. 210

    I guess that distortion effect is used when your voice sounds like crap..only Cher can use it!

  11. 211

    Wow-this song sucks. She is right. She must be looking at the mirror singing this. I wouldn't say Kim will be jealous. I'd be worried about her NY Housewive buddy 'Jill'. Even if it's bad-she'll still be jealous.

  12. 212

    Between ex-housewife Jo, Kim and now the Countess Luann then we'll always have something to look foward to. What next? Caroline from NJ trying to sing for a lil bit of attention. We all know how much a party pooper she is with a stick up her but yet she can lay groundbreaking judgement on anyone outside the 'Thick of Theives' family. Trash!

  13. cyndi says – reply to this


    Money can't buy you a voice, money can't buy you a voice……

  14. 214

    wow. i liked her on the show but now…
    that was just awful. why does everyone think they can sing?
    come on people up your standards

  15. 215


  16. 216

    Sounds like Ru Paul singing…..

  17. 217

    WOW.. it says so much… it makes me wanna cry..its the new song of my life….


    .Countess u should be ashamed… for your family….WHEN U SAY MY FRIENDS AND OH YEAH… MONEY CANT BUY U CLASS…..


    .but money can buy you music classes…..still… MONEY CANT MAKE U CHER!…

  18. 218

    This is just really so sad…She had to marry a title which she was always desperately clinging to, and she really thinks that she is classy- omg. does she watch her own show? This reminds me of the drag queens in Pricilla Queen of the Desert. Money can't buy you reality either, I guess…

  19. Mogan says – reply to this


    Tardy for the Party is waaaaaaay less shitty than this!

  20. 220

    wow, mind-blowingly awful, I am embarassed for her.

  21. 221

    What the fuck is wrong with this woman? She's so embarrassing, her kids must be mortified.

  22. 222

    Doing this song proves she has none!

  23. 223

    I agree with everyone saying this sounds like a drag queen… actually she sounds like RuPaul

  24. 224

    I think I just threw up in my mouth!! apparently money cant buy you enough Auto Tune either!!

  25. 225

    this song is horrible!! can she even sing??

  26. 226

    Lesson learned, Countess Luann could TOTALLY win RuPaul's Drag Race, if she wanted to.

  27. 227

    She should know. She's a classless cun*t.

  28. 228

    WOW is this a joke?? i guess anyone can make a record these days huh? Sounds so processed u cant even tell its her… kinda sounds like Cher… anyway after 10 sec i stopped.. too painful to hear the whole thing

  29. 229

    Wow, this is just AWFUL.

  30. 230

    this was ridiculous…horrible..it sounded like she was just pretty much talking throughout the song..and the chorus..auto-tune much??

  31. 231

    this is a joke, right?
    Like William Hung's album?
    ….please tell me this is a joke. The alternative is too depressing.

  32. 232

    WOW…. Play that for 100 people and see how many people say it's a man singing that.. And the one's (if their are any) that say its a woman must be deaf!

  33. 233

    I have never been more convinced that she is a tranny.

  34. 234

    …countless….and "K"lassy LOL

  35. 235

    my ears are bleeding

  36. 236

    my ears are bleeding..that was horrid

  37. 237

    whats with the bump on her back?

  38. 238

    Money can't buy you talent either, sweetheart! She's a whacky Native American broad who's been trying for the last several years to channel herself into being European aristocracy! Yeah, RIGHT! And maybe pigs will one day fly! Strange, VERY strange! Perhaps her psychic is advising her on what to think, say, and do and is coming up with all of these weird-ass ideas that are helping her to make such an ass of herself?

  39. 239

    Tardy for the Party was fun, quirky and Kim didn't take herself too seriously. What the hell is this garbage? My friends! LOL Wow. Someone needs to get a clue.

  40. 240

    sounds like a drag queen and the music is 90's gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  41. 241

    Wow! I saw that she was singing in the previews for this weeks housewives episode, I figured they'd put more auto tone and she's actually be singing more… Not quite what I'd call a dance tune, and I think she needs to heed her own words! No that great. Why do so many people that are on TV think they can sing????

  42. 242


  43. 243

    sounds dragalicious!

  44. 244

    Vote for my lantina cute baby

  45. 245


  46. 246

    …my ears are bleeding.

  47. 247

    This woman is delusional. She thinks she has money and class? She was left out to dry up by her husband that could not stand her. Who in their right mind would subject their children to this abuse? She must be the laughing stock… Dear Countess, you are from Connecticut you are not from Royal blood lines!!!!!!! Give it up and disappear. You are making an ass of yourself and your children. If you had any money and class you would not have been booted from you UES home. This is a wakeup call and you need to go away… Please BRAVO replace this ostrich and put someone with real money and class in this show. This is not what NYC is about…

  48. 248

    What the fuck? This totally sucks, all those skanky housewives should be shit on, spit on, and shot. One of her boobs is smaller than the other and she's got some kind of lipoma or hunch on her side or mid back! Sadly, there are so many uneducated, low class losers out there that will probably buy or download the single and make it popular.

  49. 249

    Tpain App gone wrong!

  50. 250

    Id show her up in a contest! Jamilyn Mason. Country singin the way it should be….myspace

  51. 251

    Yikes! shes sounds like a drag queen! theres another single that did not need to be released what the hell was she thinking?

  52. 252

    I am so embarrassed for this woman. I would feel like such an idiot and hide under the covers. It goes to show that people who have money think they are great at everything. BTW- as far as I know she is divorced from the Count so technically she is not a "Countess" anymore. Countless sounds more appropriate. . . . .

  53. 253

    Shes not even singing! Its horrific. Money cant buy you a voice either

  54. 254

    that may be the worst song that i've ever heard..

  55. 255

    Oh i just cant!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 256

    She can't even talk in tune. And is it my imagination or did the photo retoucher leave some kind of lunp un her back when he or she nipped in the waist? Another thought, what's the difference between a frog with a microphone and the Countess with a microphone? The frog might be able to sing.

  57. 257

    Sounds as good as Lady Gaga! You must love it P!!

  58. 258

    Sounds like she farted into the auto tune.

  59. 259

    She sounds like a man

  60. 260

    I would not say this song is "Groun Breaking" … There's a hint of Eartha Kitt but the song leaves you saying "Is That All You Can Come Up With?" This song does not make her a true musical artist since her chorus is completely synthed and the vocal is spoken .. Where's the talent in that?

  61. 261

    She sounds like a brain-damaged Rex Harrison.

  62. 262

    she should be singing to the dead–fulltime — way to go BRAVO you sure know how to make them look stupid, sound stupid and act stupid ( five stars for BRAVO)

  63. 263

    This is so bad. I am just embarrassed for her!!

  64. 264

    Oh wow! Even in auto tone she sounds like a dude. Sounds like a tranny Madonna. Agree with beth-anne olsen below.

  65. 265

    OMG! This is just soooooooo wrong. Thanks for the laugh. It's better than the people of Walmart photos.

  66. 266

    this has striking similarities to the monster mash…

  67. 267

    Re: heatherrr – thats EXACTLY what the hell I thought….

  68. 268

    Barf. Money apparently can however buy you an auto-tuner and a recording deal even if you have no talent. She sounds like a drag queen, and not in a good way…

  69. 269

    …..i just threw up…..

  70. 270

    LOVE IT!

  71. 271

    OMG, A Granny rapping…..thats just bad….'Texting on a d8, don't make a lady w8…' P L E A S E S T O P! @ least a real tranny granny would have some rythem and work it out a bit… soooo robotic LuAnn!

    Betty White should totally make fun of this on SNL.

  72. 272

    lol was a little catchy foy like a second then it it starting grinding my last nerve and now I acyually cant hear! hope its temporary

  73. 273

    hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha. OMG horrible horrible horribile. Her whole album is going to have to be auto tune. And why does she think she is so classy. On the show shes constantly starting trouble with people and poking her nose in things that arnt her buisness. FUCKIN YENTA

  74. 274

    HAHAHAHAHAHA XD I admit I like the beat though.

  75. 275

    is she trying to sound like rupaul and failing miserably?

  76. 276


  77. 277

    This is the worst thing I have ever heard in my life. You can't even call it a song. She should be embarrassed!!

  78. 278

    this song sucks asssss

  79. 279

    Re: I like turtles. – holy crap!!
    lol it kinda does!!

  80. 280

    Re: buttfuckfacefucko – ROFL!
    AGREED!! 100%!!

  81. 281

    Looks like she is riding the Sybian from Howard Stern's show in this pic. Now that would be a great thing for her to do, go on Stern. He could verbally bitch slap her ass back to home so she never come out again.
    /Money Can't Buy You ClASS!/
    /go suck an assssssss/
    /your a piece of trassssh/
    /you look like ur passing gasssssss/
    /your hubby put you lasssst/
    /your 15min passssst/
    Bitch Please……

  82. 282

    But it could buy you some singing lessons, MY FRIEND!

  83. 283

    Ha she should know considering that's what she did. The only reason why the medapausal bitch is ragging up a storm and making everyone pay for unhappiness is because she lost her "countess" tittle…not her husband!!! Btw, did she switch to the other team because apparently she's making jill her new hubby. ha!

  84. 284

    clearly money can't buy you a voice, either.

  85. 285

    Do you belive in Elegance after Elegance? This is classic. This is so drag. Love it. I love this show. This gets better and better the more everyone reaches for a new level of exposure. If she is serious, that is awesome, but if she is cheeky about it, all the better. They must know this, right? With enough people that you surround yourself with that encourage you -whatever it is in life- you have to start believing you are good at whatever it is… this is just a new genre of entertainment/music. It is not bad, it is however a new genre and I will take it as such. It is rather Cher-ish in its strong woman -autotune- semi talking/singing thing.

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