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First Look! Xtina's Not Myself Tonight Video!

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Friday is the worldwide premiere of Christina Aguileria's comeback video, Not Myself Tonight. To celebrate, we thought we would give you an official peek at what's to come.

Here is the first official still from the video! (above)


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160 comments to “First Look! Xtina's Not Myself Tonight Video!”

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  1. 1

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, she is so beautiful… TY perez

  2. 2

    Songs and act is getting old for me. After her Direct TV commercials it's too sold out for my taste.

  3. 3

    Big fucking deal. She's sniffing her pit.

  4. 4

    She looks beautiful! Eeeeeek this video is going to be AMAZING, can't wait.

  5. 5

    Lets credit RCA for this pic ok lol yay FRIDAY :-)

  6. Ricki says – reply to this


    She looks so Pretty!

  7. 7


  8. 8

    im loving the hair and makeup - kinda getting an oriental feel of it
    is it a flower in her hair or just other pink stuff wrapped round it?

  9. 9

    lady gaga wore one outfit exactly like that 1 year ago…-.-

  10. 10

    I hope she doesnt try to be gaga! We loved her as xtina, she doesnt need to try so hard!

  11. Olcia says – reply to this


    She is stunning!!!!!

  12. 12

    i rather not see it i think my thought will changee for the music but i know its gonna be better than lady caca anytime

  13. Dale says – reply to this



  14. 14

    Enough said.

  15. 15

    She looks hot and trashy, so basically the same

  16. 16

    Re: Dexon1

    Yes, and we know that Gaga invented latex dresses and has them copyrighted so that nobody else can wear them….

  17. 17

    That video is going to be riddled with all sorts of symbolism, no doubt.

  18. 18

    That is such a Gaga outfit! And is that a button on her head?! There is no way she can deny that she's copying Gaga's style at least a little.

  19. 19

    GORGE! But the song is kinda blah. I'm sure there is a stronger on on the album she could have chosen.

  20. 20

    UGH.. hate to say it cuz I used to like Christina… but Lady Gaga wore that exact same outfit except the skirt was a light pink color…

  21. 21

    Sounds like a 'Keeps Gettin' Better' part TWO. I like the song, but it's nothing special and is NOT going to be the BIG hit she is hoping for nor is this album going to be. Gaga has firmly taken her place. Sad to say her relevant days are well behind her, I think. She really hasn't had a big musical impact since Stripped. I don't think she will do will in films either, her look is WAY too overdone for movies. How long until she shops a reality show????

  22. 22

    Re: Dexon1 – and rihanna wore the same outfit on her good girl gone bad tour - 1 year or so before gaga!

  23. 23

    Looks a lot like one of gaga's outfits…. Xtina is annoying.

  24. 24

    Looking GOOOOOOD!!!

  25. 25

    She's sings "Fuck You" to her fans…wow, nice.

  26. 26

    Yes! Drag these crusty ass bitches through the mud Christina. Have no mercy!

  27. 27

    STUNNING! I'm SO pumped for this damn video!
    She looks like she's about to kill a bitch! OMG!
    Love this woman so much!


  28. 28


  29. 29

    Re: Dexon1
    Oh shut up. jesus christ. I love them both, she looks nothing like GaGa here. chill out. Oh and please post the pic or link to it so we can all se wtf ur talking about.

  30. 30

    Sorry but, for talking shit on Gaga she sure does have that outfit down. Gaga's pink skirt and black bra anyone? Not feeling it. She needs to stick to not being around. She obviously failed during the late 1990s teen pop time to Britney…so why even try to come out with a comeback song when Gaga is around? Time has changed…good luck momma.

  31. 31

    Love the leather pencil skirt, hawt!

  32. 32

    Lady Gaga poser. To bad she's been around longer than Gaga and has sold more albums than Gaga but yet doesn't have Gaga's achevements.

  33. 33

    you spelled her last name wrong : )

  34. 34

    Re: klreid – it's a berret hahahaha - last time i checked buttons were flat and berrets had little bits on top (like this one)

  35. Ricki says – reply to this


    STFU! She looks nice. I'm sorry but did gaga invent the dress? are designers only allowed to sell to one person? and if u want to blame someone blame the stylists…EVERY CELEBRITY HAS ONE!

  36. 36

    meh. Her new song is LAME. She has a decent voice, but doesn't have the ability to sing good songs. That's why it's taken her what 5 years to release a new album? She can't figure out who she wants to be.

  37. 37

    She looks gorgeous!

  38. 38

    Lame! Trying too much!!

  39. 39

    oh look the gaga crue are already digging in lol
    Christina looks great and the video is gonna be amazing!
    its funnt that there are no musical similarites between christina and gaga and the whole argument is about image, gaga doesnt have an original image!
    her clothes are designed by other people and her whole style is a mish mash of those she stole frim Grace Jones, Kylie Minogue and Bjork lmao
    Whatever you cant go on any female singers youtube vids without gaga fans saying theyre ripping theyre precious idol off :P
    Ignore those losers and just realise that Christina has always had her own style since stripped, has been around longer than gaga, will be around longer than gaga and will always have a better voice than gaga! #BIONIC FTW

    p.s follow me on t w i t t e r my names FUTURESTARdelux thanks :)

  40. 40

    she looks so skinny like she used to be

  41. 41

    gaga wear an outfit like that and the pink highights remind me of the purple on gaga's hair

  42. 42

    Good God eat a freakin' sandwich!

  43. 43

    She looks tacky as always and copies Lady GaGa. And the song sucks too.

  44. 44

    didnt lady gaga wear the same outfitt?
    Im starting to dislike Christina

  45. 45

    hmm this kinda looks like something gaga wore. Christina is a great singer and artist but she is kinda try to copy gaga yet she acts like in interviews gaga is the one copying her! since those interviews shes really been getting on my nerves with her bs.

  46. 46

    Some people are just idiots lol if you see a GAGA resemblance, as i dont, its NOT NOT NOT a coincidence, especially with a song titled NOT MYSELF TONIGHT. And that is not a button on her head, its a fucking hat, get a clue

  47. 47

    Seriously why is she letting her team do this to her? She is totally copying Gaga, from the hair to pretending to be an android and now this outfit? It's the exact same outfit Gaga wore only with a black skirt instead of beige. Who cares if you've been around a decade you obviously aren't going to be much of an inspiration when all you do is jack someone elses style. This is going too far! If you want to "out-do" someone you have to be your own person and that person has to be different and out of this world!

  48. 48

    Re: Marilyn Monroe – Gaga's acheivement? gaga only has 2 #1's on hot 100, christina has 4 (and before you point out radio charts or pop charts, its all payola lol) and christina has 2 albums that reached #1, Gaga has none, and christina has 5 grammys for her vocal ability and gaga has two for dance tracks, neither of which should be accredited to her as she is not the producer of those tracks lol

  49. 49

    sorry but how can anyone say she looks lovely here? god awful

  50. 50

    Can't wait to see the video!

  51. 51

    her poise is gross, suck in the gut!!!

  52. 52

    yep gaga wore that exact outfit like a year ago, when gaga first came on the scene xtina said 'I don't really know what IT is' so why u a fan if u love gaga so much perez?!? pick a side! xtina is OVERRR

  53. 53

    you lady gaga fans are a bunch hypocrites lady gaga is the biggest mimic in the music industry right now she has been copying grace jones, madonna, roisin murphy and bjork she's nothing original. christina is not copying lady gaga so stop being a bunch of ignorant fools

  54. 54

    this song sucks and she looks awful.

  55. 55

    What a copy cat…Gaga wore that outfit ages ago! So much for being "original".

  56. 56

    Ok, so I'm not a hater, I love Christina's voice, and she is very beautiful and talented, but it is very hard for me to NOT see a GaGa resemblence here. Yes, Madonna did it in the 80's and 90's, but GaGa brought the style back with her own flare, and because her name and face is everywhere right now, it does look like Christina is trying to hop on the GaGa fashion train.

  57. 57

    I think she looks stupid.. I hope the video is better than this shot.

  58. 58

    I like how GaGa was wearing the same boots in "Telephone" that Christina has worn. GaGa even dyed her hair blonde to be like Christina. Christina is the only natural blonde out of Britney, GaGa, Madonna, etc. So sit!

  59. 59

    Ask Perez why he asked Christina to sing at his Birthday party last year? He surely didn't ask Gag Me. Christina is the HBIC!

  60. 60

    does she own a mirror? she can sing and she is talented but the yway she dresses on stage and off is just criminal

  61. 61

    TOO SKINNY! She looks awful!

  62. 62

    I love Xtina (but im a hugeeee Gaga fan) and for those who doubt Xtina copies the likes of Gaga…. Gaga wore that same skirt (in pink and that patent leather black one) with the same type of black bra like a year or so ago. So… yeah…seen it and Gaga has claimed that look (i actually bought that skirt bc of Gaga) Nice try Xtina…were on to you.

  63. 63

    Re: The Head Honcho – stole ur pic- thx

  64. Paty says – reply to this



  65. 65

    Re: rayboule09 – Christina has also been around for 10+ years while Lady Gaga hasn't.. so your argument is completely pointless.

  66. 66

    Gorgeous! You tranny ass bitches and GaGa wish y'all looked cute. Y'all look like the bottom of my Loubeetwans!!!

  67. 67

    Now onto my comment about this particular photo.. I'm the hugest Gaga fan possible and people need to stop with the comparisons.. wait until you see the final product before you make assumptions. Gaga gets her inspiration from other people, Christina has the same right, and once again judging like that over one photo is ridiculous, we'll see in the end if you people even have anything to bitch about. It's good to see Christina doing something other than the pin-up girl boring-ness again tho.. I'm still hoping the song will grow on me…

  68. 68

    I love how y'all forget about B2B and her high waist fashion trend that she started again. Y'all give GaGa way too much credit. Why'd she dye her hair, so she could be like Christina? GaGa is nothing but a poor man's version of Christina who isn't cute and can't sing. GaGa sounds like a damn donkey.

  69. 69

    will she ever come up with her own look, or just keep biting someones style

  70. 70

    And might I just add that being the huge Gaga fan that I am.. I absolutely hate it when Madonna fans etc. come and talk about another artist in posts about Gaga so to do that to someone else, I just think it's ignorant. While I agree Lady Gaga is amazing.. don't flood up Christina's posts about her.. it just makes us fans who are a little more level headed and logical about personal opinion and freedom of expression look bad. There is no way we should be jumping down Christina's throat over leaked photos.. wait for the full thing before you jump the gun.

  71. 71

    I'm Very excited to see this Video.. It has to be out of this world Hawt!!!!!!
    I Love U Christina Aguilera=)

  72. 72

    i'm just over her in general…gaga look alike or not. i'm so sick of hearing about how she's growing up and realizing things about her body that she didn't know the last time she reinvented herself…when she didn't want to be looked at has an innocent pop star she went all slutty dirty naked…and now she's like ohhh now that i've had a baby i know my body and curves so much better than i did back then…what was i thinking… i'm all grown up now…um we were ALL wondering what you were thinking back then. just shut up and go away.

  73. 73


  74. 74

    This looks like the outfit Lady Gaga wore. I find it funny how she finds nothing in common with Gaga and dissed her while she copies her style. Atta be Christina - good for you - continue to be original.

  75. 75

    she is trying to be gaga and failing dismally

  76. 76

    1. Christina is NOT a natural blonde. In fact no blonde pop-star out today is.

    2. She's trying very hard to be like Gaga. She used to be really independent when she went "dirrty" and broke the good girl image long before Britney did and then reinvented herself again with the retro pin up feel, which was amazing for her voice and new and different. Now she's come back as a Gaga clone, and her music is suffering.

    Keeps Getting Better and Not myself tonight are subpar songs when you think about "Candy Man" or "Stripped" and especially when you think about "Beautiful"

    She's throwing away her vocal talents by ripping off someone else's look.

  77. 77

    Also, if anyone she's ripping off (aside from Gaga) it'd be the fetish model mosh. Everything screams Mosh.

  78. 78



  79. 79

    She is DEFINITELY trying to pull off Gaga's outfit. The nude colored, leather pencil skirt and black bra. The bra is almost identical. How can Xtina try to deny she copies Gaga's style?!!

  80. 80

    I love Xtina and all, but Lady GaGa wore that same outfit, excet in pink.

  81. 81

    Re: Christinaaa_x – no you said christina has been around for ten years and has no where neat the acheivement of gaga, so you just contradicted yourself, they are both very very successful in their own rights so there really is no argument to be had

  82. 82

    Re: Christinaaa_x – ha some sense, people just need to love who they love and leave others alone, two fantastic women, cant we just leave it at that?

  83. 83

    christina looks soo good in this picture. People really need to stop with the comparisons to GAGA. The outfit is on point, the hair reminds me of when she was in her Genie days and always had her pink highlights, so for those of you saying it looks like GAGA, Christina had this image first.

  84. xadax says – reply to this


    Looks like Latina Xtina, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVESSSS IT!

  85. 85

    She looks like Olive Oyle (sic) from Popeye. Using sex is not sexy. Grow up Christina - be a real artist.

  86. 86

    You Gaga fans are completley deluded. Gaga didn't invent latex, or blond hair, or bangs, or anything else that you feel is purely her own invention. You can continue to diss Christina all you want, your clearly interested enough in her to do so. Everyone who has worked on Bionic has said its mindblowing… Gaga may make nice, cheap pop music but Christina is going to BLOW IT UP with BIONIC… lets see what you all say then.

  87. Sezzy says – reply to this


    mexican gaga

  88. xadax says – reply to this


    In Psych always remember, never argue with client having delusions, apply this to the Montsers haahaha

  89. xadax says – reply to this


    Re: The Head Honcho – She meant this for you.

  90. 90

    The song is crap

  91. 91

    looks like she borrowed something out of Gaga's closet.

  92. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Sorry ““““““` but HATE the outfit. Makes her look like she's got “` a lot of hips going on here, when she doesn't!!

  93. 93

    ok, i'm sorry, but lady gaga wore THE SAME OUTFIT!!! only gaga's skirt was pinkish-tan. This is NOT a good sign at all…..

  94. TheMe says – reply to this


    front page…perez finally posted the undeniable proof that christina needs to fire her unorignal, lady gaga copying, stylist!

  95. 95

    christina has never said that she was original (unlike gaga lol)
    are you really that weird to think that designers only sell to one person?
    as someone pointed out gaga wore a pair of boots which christina wore last year - as much as i dont like gaga and as much as she rips off everyone else with her "crazy" outfits, im not gonna say that she copied christina over that pair of boots because they were Louboutin boots and therefore easily accesible for the public to buy (much like this outfit christina is wearing - you could walk down the street and buy it yourself if you had the money - you know why? cause it was created by a designer and not by gaga!)
    when christina walks around in a "haus of gaga" created/inspired dress - PLEASE feel free to say that she copied her, but until then she is simply keeping in fashion with clothes that a lot of people wear (not exclusively gaga)

  96. 96

    look christina is NOT trying to copy gaga… shes too above gaga vocally and believe me SHE KNOWS IT. its sad cuz i used to like gaga but now shes becoming so fucking arrogant and taking everything to her head. look at gagas recent interviews thinking shes the shit and talks like shes been in the music industry forever with her spacey voice… plus gaga is all about the fucking ILLUMINATI! thats how she really got super famous, google that shit for yourself. christina actually busted her ass to get famous and has a decade long of experience and repertoire under her belt as well as one of the most coveted modern voices in music history and NOBODY CAN FUCKING TAKE THAT AWAY FROM HER! gaga can suck and choke on a fucking chode, point blank.

  97. 97

    The designer designs for everybody …. the outfit doesn't have GAGA's name on it
    Love GaGa but other artists can also where the clothes …

  98. 98

    look christina is NOT trying to copy gaga… shes too above gaga vocally and believe me SHE KNOWS IT. its sad cuz i used to like gaga but now shes becoming so fucking arrogant and taking everything to her head. look at gagas recent interviews thinking shes the shit and talks like shes been in the music industry forever with her spacey voice… plus gaga is all about the fucking ILLUMINATI! thats how she really got super famous, google that shit for yourself. christina actually busted her ass to get famous and has a decade long of experience and repertoire under her belt as well as one of the most coveted modern voices in music history and NOBODY CAN FUCKING TAKE THAT AWAY FROM HER! by the way, CHRISTINA IS A MILLION TIME HOTTER THAN GAG GAG! gaga can suck and choke on a fucking chode, point blank.

  99. 99

    Oh damn Christina what have you done??? This is the SAME outfit Lady GaGa has worn many times"

  100. 100

    Thanks Perez and Gaga for starting the Christina copycat crap..Not fair for and artist thats been around 11 years just not on the charts or spotlight..You have no one to blame for that Christina but youself.

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