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New Eclipse Pics!

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Hey Twi-hards!

Look here!

New promo pics for Eclipse have just been released and R-Patz and Tay-Tay are looking super hot!

We even think KStew looks pretty!


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139 comments to “New Eclipse Pics!”

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  1. 101

    i don't care wat u all thing i LOVE The Twilight saga.. Team Edward!!!

  2. 102

    Edward looks like his action-figure!!!

  3. 103

    Re: luvstotango – Good. My work here is done. Now, go clean your room.

  4. 104

    their faces look so photoshopped… it's ugly! rpatz is way hotter 'au naturel' without all the airbrushing and crap!

  5. 105

    Re: h8terboi – WOW, you are really good at describing yourself.
    Grow up girl and stop writing pathetic comments.
    She is not a crack whore, she has been seen doing drugs on one pic and we still don't know if it really was drugs. My grand far used to have a pipe like that when he was alive and it wasn't dangerous.
    Kristen is beautiful without photo shop, maybe not on all of the pictures she is in but who really is?

  6. 106

    Re: alwaysthelovesongs – She is pretty at pictures that isn't photoshopped too, watch them and you will see it, maybe not all of them (who is) but most of them.

  7. 107

    Re: LandyRay – No she is not, she is a very beautiful girl and far away from being fugly. Maybe you are but she isn't fugly.

  8. 108

    KSTEW is sooooo ugly! im so not gonna see Wanted 2 if shes casted for angies part! angelina = sexy badass… NOT KRISTEN!!! shes so fugly and plain jane-ish

    and lets be real, if somebody had r-patz babies, they WONT be cute AT ALL! ur gonna have to take ur kiddies to get a major brow wax to make them look somewhat presentable hahahahaha

  9. 109

    I love the way Edward and Bella are standing in the same position. :-)

  10. 110

    edward looks gorgeous and so does jacob, but i prefer rob and taylor pics. is it me or are they putting a little too much makeup on edward now? he looks nothing like he did in the first one. and i hope taylor keeps that body after they finish making all the movies.

  11. 111

    the boys look HOT as usual!!!!! KStew looks like KStew (just OK)..
    the photoshop sucks!!!! ps: can't wait to see them on the big screen

  12. 112

    He's a redhead these days? And his hair sure is thick! Her locks look like she could be in a shampoo commercial! I wanted to set Robert Pattinson as my Favorite star on my Profile, but his name didn't even appear in the list of choices! :-o

  13. 113

    go back to original make-up artist!!!!

  14. 114

    Re: K-StewFan – on the contrary, i believe it was POT

  15. 115

    i find it sad but I think the wig looks better than her actually hair…hah

  16. 116

    Im sorry. But Edward Cullen keeps looking more and more like Johnny Depps Mad hatter

  17. 117

    American Eagle…idiots

  18. 118

    Re: FaeRae – agreed. I hate hollister.

  19. 119

    a little to graphic lol :)

  20. Zefie says – reply to this


    Hate them all.
    Its been a year and a half now, cant everyone just get over this lame-ass series?!

  21. 121

    Rob looks overly photoshopped and like total crap. Kristen, who is usually fugly, looks nice.

  22. SS18 says – reply to this


    The usual

  23. 123

    Re: Lauren Finn Design – YES!! Thats the first thing I said! haha. Bellas hair looks like the copied, pasted, and rotated it to make it fuller too haha. Whoever did these pics needs to revisit a beginning photoshop class. They didnt hid anything well

  24. 124

    Yeah…. not excited….

  25. 125

    Too much photoshop for my taste…they do not look like themselves. Sorry, Perez! But , after the trailer number 2 , Iam a little bit more excited to see the movie!

  26. 126


  27. 127

    Re: Zefie

    Agreed. Twilight is beyond stupid. >.

  28. 128

    That Taylor Lautner is someone from another world. He is pretty and sexy. Just perfect for me.

  29. 129

    this is the worst photoshop job i've ever seen

  30. 130

    hell yeah eclipse is going to be awesome.
    plus Robert pattinson look hella hot!

  31. 131

    omg these are great r looks his usual hot self he is looking more mature and hot as hades k looks really pretty and t tooo yummy i can not wait till this movie comes out i really am holding out for breaking dawn more sexxxxxx

  32. 132

    "…even kstew looks pretty".
    thats called the magic of retouching! but no amount of technology could lower that damn eyebrow of hers!

  33. 133

    Kristens hair looks Stoooopid.

    IT looks like Rob has gotten broader up top. YUM

  34. 134

    umm… I am getting less and less excited about this movie

  35. 135

    Twilight: one girl's decision between necrophilia and bestiality. Great motivational poster!

  36. 136

    i dont understand why everyone puts her "bella" down. i personally think i could have played her part with a little more passion and couple of other things but she is a pretty girl and who cares where she shops???? i have got designer clother from goodwill does that make me a ugly person? i think in this day and age it makes me a smart shopper and thrifty. you dont have to spend a million dollars to look like. she also played her part really well in the "panic room" with jodie foster…….i like her.

  37. 137

    oh and for the person that said they need to make a rated r with sex scenes….well not everyone are perves….you want sex rent a porno….its nice to know my 7 year old can watch a "scary movie" and to a 7 year old it is scary together as a family. not everything in this world has to be around sex. apparently you dont have a satisfying sex life……i know i do! that is why i dont need nor want to see a bunch of sex scenes. they can play a sex scene in a move in a tasteful way that does not actually show it but yet leaves it to your imagination…….that is called "class". if you dont like the movie get off this site or dont watch it and go rent your porn.

  38. 138

    those are horrible pics, its pretty damn funny how hollister is selling their product with her though haha, these pics and movie is dumb as fuck, also you can totally tell thats shes wearing a wig. i loved the books, the movies butchered them, thanks again hollywood!

  39. 139

    I LOVE the saga but these pictures are just redunkulous.God i think i had a bigger budget for my lunch today.They look like theyv been drawn-badly.Cannot wail till eclipse tho hooooooorah!!

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