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122 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Has AIDS?????”

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  1. 1

    Jebus…. well hiv positive might explain her fatalistic attitude towards life. how much more general humiliation can this girl take? i would not be able to hold up under this strain.

  2. 2

    WOW! Too sad and scary.

  3. 3

    omg omg omg I hope someone pulls a Will.I.Am on his ass but with a weapon of some type. NO FATHER should ever, ever say something like that. I feel so bad for her. Why doesn't he just shut up or keep it in the family? And how the Hell would he know she has HIV? I doubt she would have told him something like this.

  4. 4

    That man is evil. Does he want his daughter to kill herself?

  5. 5

    I hope he's wrong, about both things. Very sad if it's true.

  6. 6

    motola emotionally abused mariah, but would he have sex with an underage girl, not sure.

    no i dont think lindsey has HIV that would have come out along time ago, and ex bf and gf would have caught it and spilt the beans.

    mr lohan is a class A prick

  7. 7

    True or not, he has no right. He's supposed to he her FATHER. Jesus H. Christ, with parents like this, is it any wonder that this girl is a fucking mess? God, what limp dicked muthafucka this guy is. Old and ugly to boot. Toolbox.

  8. 8

    I can't stand Lindsey Lohan but how HORRIBLE of you to repeat that nonsense. True or not. Nobody should ever discuss someone's HIV status unless they themselves have opened it up for discussion. Not to mention that I'd think you as a gay man and I assume somewhat active in the gay community would know that there is a difference between HIV and AIDS.

  9. 9

    oh boy.

  10. 10

    This is absolutely disgusting!!! No matter what is true the fact that a grown man would publicly do this to his daughter is completely unforgivable. This poor girl, if all this stuff is true or not he is single handedly fu*king her life up! I don't care if she is a celebrity or not, she's still a person and doesn't deserve her father putting stuff like this on the internet. I hope to god she gets help and is able to get this douche out of her life for good!

  11. 11

    I honestly wouldn't be suprised. At least then she'd have an excuse for looking like a train wreck.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    HIV is not funny in any circumstance. even IF this is true…her father should never be the one to tell the world. fucking scumbag.

  14. 14

    I just went to his page and didn't find any of those posts. Can you delete your own tweets?

  15. 15

    Thats fucked up.. if she does or doesnt its really messed up that her own father would do that to her.. what a fuckin scumbag.. i feel bad for lindsay shes had it rough

  16. 16

    Whoa who saw that coming?????

  17. 17

    While I hate the scum that is Mr. Lohan, I have a strange feeling this wasnt done by him. I wouldnt put anything past him, accept for this. Saying his daughter has HIV is low even for him. BUT if he did infact type this shit, and it is not some sort of hack, I think he ought to be taken out and shot. If he did write this I agree with an above poster in that he must really want his daughter to end her life. That is disgusting.

  18. 18

    He's a disgusting creature - I'm no fan of Lindsay but as her father, he should have her best interests at heart - making her personal affairs public is not in her best interest. How utterly lame of him.

  19. 19


    all U are doing is feeding the hype. these people are NOBODIES.

    the only thing this guy is "famous" for is bein "lindsey lohans dad"

    just QUUUUUUIT already. im so sick of hearing about this poor excuse of a family. keep ur fam sh*t private u fame wh*res

  20. 20

    Good god how sad no wonder she is the way she is

  21. 21

    K-just checked my own tweets. You can delete them. Why would he post them and then delete them. This guy is nuts. Lindsay should ask the judge (when she gets a restraining order against his ass) that he be barred from tweeting about her or talking to the media about his kids or Dina. That'll stop his ass.

  22. 22

    Whoa who saw that coming

  23. 23

    Does anyone know if she really is HIV positive? It might explain why she is contstantly trying to numb herself and doesn't give a shit about her career anymore.

  24. 24

    Micheal Lohan is a sick fuck, picking on and humiliating a young girl, his own daughter for his own benefit. I would suck his dick
    Also LOfuckingL at him using a bible verse

  25. 25

    Why would she sleep with Tommy Mottola

  26. 26

    Ah, his account was probably hacked.

  27. Gigi7 says – reply to this


    I hope it's not true, but maybe if it's why she starting dating girls instead. Who knows ?
    All I can say is Good Luck Lindsay !

  28. 28

    True or not, what kind of sick fuck for a father would do that to his child.

  29. 29

    and I wonder how many others have HIV in Hollyweird?

  30. 30

    I thank God everyday that my daughter's father is a good and decent parent. As a husband he was a douche but I give him kudo's for his parenting.

  31. 31

    If it is true… Then shame on Michael for spilling that. He's a pathetic, disgusting disgrace. What a poor excuse for a "father." The man should be sterilized.

    Whether she is hiv positive or not, Lindsay needs our support.

  32. 32

    im sure she doesnt have hiv, there would be certain tell tale signs for sure, apart from the fact that she wouldnt be able to handle all her hard partying.

  33. 33

    Perez should seriously take this post down. You know that chick is broke and lawsuit happy. How "professionally" damaging to have that statement posted as the headline on one of the worlds largest gossip websites. He would have done better to post "Poppa LOLhan makes MORE bizarre comments".

  34. 34

    well i guess that just about does it for his grab at conservatorship. no judge in his right mind would hand over that responsibility to a man who would do that to his own child.
    if firecrotch and her mom put a hit out on this bastard i doubt there's a jury out there that would convict them.
    no daughter deserves to be treated this way.

  35. 35

    first of all there is a difference between being hiv-infected and having aids - right?!

  36. 36

    Oh mylanta.

  37. 37

    Ok, Perez!! You as a gay man should not be so ignorant to mistake having AIDS with being HIV+. Having AIDS means that you are showing the symptoms of a serioulsy debilitated immune system as a result of being HIV+.
    Most people who are HIV+ and are under treatment do not develop AIDS for many years. In some cases more than 20 years.

  38. 38

    First of all i wanna say that both Perez and Michael are SICK! firstly michael because if it turns out Lindsay does have HIV why would a father tell the whole world about it? and if he's talking about a 17yr old having an affair with Tommi Matola why didnt he or dina stop it?!? oh yeah coz theyre both shit parents!
    Perez is sick for printing this crap and i know that hes sat at home praying that its true so that he can post something relevant for the first time in ages.
    Even if Lindsay does have HIV (which i highly doubt) that doesnt make her a bad person it makes her a person who slept with the wrong guy who shouldnt have been putting a girl in that position.

  39. 39

    I'd belive it, but this family is full of idiots, so who know, or CARES!!!

  40. 40

    uh oh. Maybe he's hitting the bottle again? I was almost on his side for awhile, b/c well, Lindsey is pretty psycho and needs help…but that's too much.

    I doubt it's true. Seems like a drunken post he made or some post made in a manic state.

  41. Gigi7 says – reply to this


    Re: elenina001 – You're wrong about that. There are absolutely no "tell tale signs" if somebody has HIV they can seem and look perfectly healthy for years.

  42. 42

    Here, you are stigmatizing AIDS.
    You are so horrible.

  43. 43

    Shame on you Perez!
    You as a gay male should know that there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between being HIV + and having AIDS. I am sad that you would stoop to that level and use that as a headline just to grab people's attention.

  44. 44

    you think Sam knows?

  45. 45

    And you wonder why this girl is such a wreck. Who cares if it is true or not…that man is a pig and she should have him shut down.

  46. 46

    Would not surprise me. Lindsay looks like death warmed over due to all the drugging and drinking.

  47. 47

    Wonder what Sammy has to say about this…

  48. Dcort says – reply to this




  49. 49


  50. 50

    It's Mottola's response we should look out for. Michael Lohan just accused him of statutory rape. If it's false, that's straight-up defamation and Mottola will file a lawsuit within days. Of course, Michael Lohan defamed Lindsay too. But, taking everything that's said about the Lohan saga at face value, she'll probably interpret this as an invitation to sue him for defamation and thus put her into continuous contact with him. Besides, whether or not he's right, she'll deny everything. Really, the test of whether or not there's any truth in these accusations is how Mottola will respond to them.

  51. 51

    Micheal Lohan, go kill yourself
    And Mario, learn the difference between being HIV+ and having AIDS

  52. 52

    of course she doesnt have AIDS! that guy manages to plumb new depths of depravity AND achieve new heights of insanity at the same time!
    you really shouldnt be reporting this - its gone beyond the point where its gossip its really awful, painful to watch a man try to destroy his children like this. the point of all this for him is to gain attention and if something happened to lindsay or her family because of this the people who helped get his attention would be partly to blame.

  53. 53

    The writing style isn't like Michael Lohan at all. It's very likely a hack. Michael has now stated that it is an imposter. This will blow over.

  54. 54

    Here come the defamation lawsuits. Doesn't matter if you took the posts right down Michael! You cannot make bogus claims about someone having HIV. You are now probably going to get sued by Mattola. Hopefully that will make you go away.

  55. 55

    fuck michael lohan. he should deal with family things between the family. what a douche. obs his family hates him. just leave them alone. no wonder he is friends with jon minus kate.

  56. 56

    Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the stupefyingly perturbed, relentlessly self-serving, publicity-starved whore Michael "Joe Jackson Jr." Lohan, a douchebag for the ages!!!!!!!! My sympathies are with Linds, HIV or no HIV, no one deserves this crap. This guy deserves to be run over by a truck full of fertilizer (and then be buried in it).

  57. 57


  58. 58

    The whole family is a mess, and not worth the press they get. He's a loser with an agenda, Lindsay is a loser with no self control, and her mother is a loser who milks her kids for all they're worth. There are times I've wondered if they're not all in on it together to keep the attention-level up; the Lohans might be as stupid as Perez and think that all press is good press.
    Parasite, there is a difference between gossip and posting something malicious. It's well past the time you learned that. Lindsay Lohan isn't a child, and is responsible for her own actions … as are YOU. Just because you've read something doesn't mean you have to jump on it and post it. I'm against censorship, but there IS such a thing as DISCRETION. It's clear that you're lazy and veer toward the sensationalistic these days; is it getting you support or respect? Have you no conscience?

  59. 59

    wow… not his place to tell anyone her medical business for sure… but the whole family needs help, every single one of them.

  60. 60

    Vote for my lantina cute baby

  61. 61

    Why has it taken this long to get out? Not sure if I believe this one, Perez.

  62. 62

    Ohhhh….my god……….This entire charade needs to stop. This is so ridiculous. All of them are complete fame-whores just starving for public attention, and we're all pathetic just to feed into it.

  63. 63

    Michael Lohan is a disgusting excuse for a human being, let alone father. How could he write these terrible things about his daughter, true or not. I totally despise him. I feel so sad for Lindsey, she really has no one in her corner.

  64. 64

    HIV is NOT AIDS. They are two separate diseases, HIV is much less severe and easily kept under control if you get treatment, but can lead to AIDS if you do not treat it over the years.

    This is absolutely evil of him to post this about his daughter! If I were her I would never forgive him and cut all ties, regardless if they are true or not. I would not be able to hold up the way she has under all of this nonsense. Lindsay is a sweet girl with a tragic life and surrounded by leeches and evil people. If somebody does not get her help she will be one of those classic Hollywood cases that ends all too soon.

    & Perez. This is NOT cool. Please delete this news post ASAP, this is Lindsay's business and NOBODY elses. I don't care how famous she is, leave her ALONE. It's not funny anymore, it's not cool. It's evil to take advantage of such serious matters for the sake of your own career. Someone's life is NOT a toy for you to play with.

    As for the rest of the people who have posted, I'm glad to see there has been some support and some of you do recognize right from wrong. We need to support people when they go through hard times, Lindsay may have her issues but she is still a human being like the rest of us and deserves our support and well wishes, not the hate and disrespect that everyone dishes to her.

  65. 65

    No wonder this girl is screwed in the head….you got a father that tells all you peronal business and you have a mother who has blinders on…I don't know who is worst out the two…someone needs to help this girl.

  66. 66

    uhm.. if this is false info she should totally sue him for defamation.. this is going a little far

  67. 67

    ugh, im so sick and tired of hearing about these people!

  68. 68

    In the USA we have laws that protect people privacy when it comes to medical information. They are federal laws. I hope Lindsay takes APPROPRIATE actions.
    No one deserves to have their private medical info broadcast on the internet.
    Sue his ass off, Lindsay!!!!!!!

  69. 69

    i cant decide how to feel about lindsay and her situation:
    - kinda feel bad that her life if just spiriling out of control and no one really seems to be making a difference
    -but, she kinda got herself into this mess in one way or another
    she definately needs help or else she probably wont see next year, as sad as that is

  70. 70

    Father Lohan better have a good lawyer….he's in deep shit making these accusations about his daughter's HIV status (BTW, the heading of the article is misleading!! there's a difference between HIV and AIDS - which is the last stage when the body's defenses are weakened, i.e., a person can be HIV positive for many years and not have AIDS!) and for alleging statutory rape. What a disgusting father - he shouldn't have been allowed to become a father in the first place !

  71. 71

    He is a sick, sick man! I have no words to say to this type of person. He is not a father, not a human, he is a sorry excuse for one of God's creatures.

  72. 72

    Wow. I look at that smug face of yours on the top of the screen and I remember when WillIam beat the shit out of you. I know for a fact that if you Perez Mario whatever died- It would be on the news for 2 minutes- And then NO ONE WILL CARE- you are not as important as you think you are. And you are not and will never be infamous- NO one will care when you die. I GUARANTEE! I have seen you a couple times in person and I cant stand you. You are so fake and annoying, but it is true that you are part of the Hollywood crowd, even though nobody likes you. About Lohan, I think it is possibly true, her dad cant shut his mouth and I feel there is some truth in all the things he says, all though he is delusional and mental illness can clearly be seen in the family. HIV status is VERY personal. Its the same as outing someone, or telling someones serious business. It is fucking wrong. You are no saint perez. Everyone still knows you go on manhunt and PNP on meth- remember-google it. think people forgot about your dirty shit? You act like when you are an advocate when you are a piece of shit. Sooooo ignorant to claim someone has Aids. Aids and HIV two different things. If you gonna wave a gay pride flag every chance you get- how can you be so ignorant and stupid to issues such as HIV to headline something like that

  73. 73

    . Also some of the comments people are saying are so ignorant. Would you really be able to tell if someone you slept with was HIV +. I think not. And if you sleep with someone that has HIV it does not mean you have HIV. Grow up people, its 2010- things are not as black and white as they use to be. There is no distinct face of HIV. EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE EACHOTHER

  74. 74

    that explains everything

  75. Kibs says – reply to this


    wow it wouldn't suprise me if she did! What a terribly messed up family each one is crazier and more pathetic than the last…atleast we can see where she gets her crazy from!

  76. jham says – reply to this


    If he truly posted that, then this man is SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK. True/Untrue - it makes no difference. How DARE he reveal that information publically. How DARE any person publically reveal such personal information about another, let alone a father about his own flesh and blood. And how DARE he quote the Bible. That passage refers to an individual's truth and being honest with yourself. NOT disclosing confidential medical information of another person on a public forum that is COMPLETELY immaterial to any concerns the public at large may have. But then, to do it in order to redeem one's own shallow public persona? To irrevocably HURT his own daughter so that he can change the public's opinion of HIMSELF? If that man in fact posted that information then he is one SERIOUSLY disturbed individual and needs MAJOR help.

  77. 77

    She does not have AIDS. People should know the difference between HIV and AIDS. I am HIV positive and never had AIDS. Perez,being a gay male you should know this and how it is a sore subject with people.

  78. 78

    This, coming from the man who stuffs the crotch of his pants with rolled up socks. Piece of shit of a human being.

  79. 79

    i hope she sues yours & whoever made up this sick lie asses!! this has gone too far…are people trying to push her over the edge? what exactly has she done that's so bad to deserve all this?

  80. 80

    who knows anymore so this is what I will say : RIP LINDSAY

  81. 81

    well of course that could definitely explain her crazy-ass attitude, but still, her entire family is a total mess.

  82. 82

    Makes Joe Jackson look like Mother Theresa.

  83. 83

    Crap! What a father.

  84. 84

    Perez, you seem like a pretty smart guy, and should know that HIV is NOT AIDS. Cmon man!

  85. 85

    Be glad YOU dont have HIV Perez, from your fudgepacking lifestyle.

  86. 86

    This has to be the most digusting cry for attention that I have ever seen in hollywood history. I can't believe that this man would take his own child's trials and tribulations; that he is majorly responsible for during her development from a child to an adult;and exploit it in such a manner that he is ready to smear her image completely. Lindsay Lohan should be commended for keep it together as long as she did, with a father like that, she was bound to crack sometime, and I can't blame her. She has had a no good example of what a man is, so how is she supposed to find one for herself? Everyone has either manipulated her and used her for something to benefit themselves, maybe if she has a stable sane father to protect her from those sort of people, she may have not turned out like this. Aids or no Aids, she has the potiental to be more than she is, and if she was nutured properly maybe she wouldnt have to go through these experiences (THAT NO ONE ELSE GOES THROUGH BUT HER, BEING IN THE LIME LIGHT) to realize that shes worth more than this bullshit, and her bullshit father.

  87. 87

    This should help her get a PRO. Seriously, Mr. Lohan is not a nice person. Who would do this to his own flesh and blood? I think he needs psycological help. He seems to need a lot of attention. And he can't seem to stop talking. He needs a therapist, not press.

  88. 88

    I doubt she has AIDS, but I bet she has crabs.

  89. 89

    I am tired hearing about this dysfunctional worthless family. They need to put on an island with each other far far away from the rest of the world.

  90. 90

    then that'd mean that saMAN has HIV too!

  91. 91

    For the first time I am really feeling scared and hurt for Lindsey!
    I have alwyas thought she was a joke, but this would explain a lot of things!
    Gosh, I hope this is not true!

  92. 92

    You don't know the difference between HIV and AIDS?

    Pretty damn ignorant.

  93. 93

    No wonder she is such a mess with a family like this…Someone shut that man up already!!!

  94. 94

    Re: TheBat – Kudos to you! Some people still don't realize that HIV is now considered a "manageable disease". It's no longer the death sentence it was in the 80's. You are awesome for being so honest.

  95. 95

    I agree with everyone else. You totally crossed the line with this one. You should remove your post and apologize to her. She obviously has issues with substance abuse. I agree she needs to get help, but you need to realize that publicly embarrassing her is just going to make her want to self heal more with drugs and alcohol. Please just leave this girl alone.

  96. 96

    Re: kissmyassobama – Yeah because being gay automatically gives you HIV. You are such a moron it amazes me.

  97. Gigi7 says – reply to this


    Re: Diorella – No, it would NOT mean that. Wow…people are still so ignorant about that disease, even though there is so much information out there.

  98. 98

    White trash never changes in color.

  99. 99

    The more I see of Michael Lohan, the harder I find it to criticize or condemn Lindsay in any way. That poor child.

  100. 100

    So unbelievably sad. Poor kid.

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